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Secret Malfoy by GabriellaGMW
Chapter 5 : A trip down memory lane
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 A/N: So this is the chapter that everybody has been looking forward to! I hope it's up to your standards and remember to read and review

Once the two families had finished dinner, conversation filled the air; Dora was having a great time talking to Quinn about Hogwarts since they were the same age; Draco was telling Astrum how pretty her dress looked while she blushed continuously; and lastly there was Hermione, Harry and Ginny, in deep conversation about how Harry had saved the world.

“... But I couldn’t have done it without the help of my two best friend’s Ron and Hermione” he finished and Hermione felt a punch in the gut when she heard her and Ron’s name being used in the same sentence so casually. The name Ronald Weasley was forbidden in this house, ever since Hermione had moved in with Draco after she started her job in MalfoyIndustries all those years ago as his PA. That was how they had met.


15th MARCH 2000


“I really don’t know what I would do without you Hermione” Draco gushed as they walked out of the meeting room; files filling Hermione’s arms and Draco walking just a few centimetres behind her.

“Me either” she teased and he raised his eyebrows before quickening his pace so he was walking beside her.

“I’ve never really asked you this before but; why did you come to this company? You had such a great place in the Ministry”

Hermione gulped, she knew this would be coming her way soon but not this soon. She hadn’t told anyone about her break up with Ron, not even Harry and Ginny though she was sure Ron had probably told them; they had broken up eight months ago but it still felt like yesterday. She was happy that she had received this job; it gave her a new start with new people; and old people.

But she would have to tell Draco, not just because he was her boss but he was also now one of her best friends. If someone had walked up to her eight months ago and had said that she was going to be best friends with Draco Malfoy in eight months time she would have probably laughed her arse off before telling them to go to St Mungo’s to have their brain checked out.

But now he was her friend, and she didn’t want to break that friendship by telling him that she only came here to get away from Ron.

“I don’t think you will want to know” she said, shifting the files in her arms slightly. He smirked and looked at her with devilish eyes.

“Try me”

Hermione took a deep breath as they entered their office and she sat down at her chair, he lent against her desk casually, making her stomach flutter.

“Okay, well, you know I was seeing Ron after the war”

He nodded but didn’t say anything, making it even more awkward.

“Well, it was last July and I had just got back from work when I heard creaking upstairs. I went to investigate and...” she sobbed as a lone tear stroked her cheek “...and, I saw him...” she sobbed again and wiped the tears from her eyes as she continued “...with another woman in our bedroom”

She hadn’t realised that Draco had put his arms around her in a comforting fashion under she drew away and saw the mascara streaked stain on his snow white shirt. She was about to apologised when he pulled her in again, stroking her hair calmly as she cried into his shoulder. Once they had resumed their original positions Hermione tried to wipe the stain away but he caught her hand. He intertwined his fingers through hers and gazed into her chocolate brown eyes, melting under their gaze.

“Hermione...” he whined as she looked up at him; mesmerised by the moon like orbs that were his eyes.

“Yes Draco...” but she was cut off from her senses as he pulled her into a soft kiss. The minute their lips touched Hermione felt her stomach flutter and fireworks appear in her head. She pulled him closer as their kiss became stronger; her hands rose up his face and tangled themselves in his platinum blonde hair, he coiled his arms around her waist and pulled her in, destroying the gap between them as the kiss became hungrier and more passionate. Then he pulled away, leaving Hermione wanting more.

“We need to take this slow” he said and she nodded slowly, her mind still cloudy from the emotions rushing through her brain.

“You’re right”

“So...” he paused and looked up at the clock “Its quarter past twelve, how about we go and grab a bite to eat?”

She considered the idea before shaking her head “I can’t, my break isn’t until one”

He chuckled at her stupidity and lifted her chin up with the tip of his thumb

“Hermione, I’m your boss, I decide your lunch breaks and I say you have a break now” and then he kissed her sweetly before grabbing her bag off of her desk and pulling her out of the door.


8th DECEMBER 2017


The memory was the strongest in her mind, shining brighter than the others that still rested in her head.

Hermione turned to face Ginny and Harry but only to see that everyone was peering at her with great curiousness. Only Draco was smiling slightly, knowing exactly what was going through Hermione’s mind. They had been married for fifteen years and knew what the other was thinking all the time.

“Are you alright Hermione?” Harry asked but Hermione just looked up, nodding in response before pushing her chair away from the table and standing up.

“I’m fine thank you, would you like a tour of the house?” she asked, trying to break the tension. There was silence for a few minutes until Ginny too stood up and said ‘sure’. Harry followed with a nod of his head and soon the three Potter’s and the four Malfoy’s were heading out of the room, led by Hermione, and going towards the great hall to their left. This was where the picture was placed, very conveniently on a Ginny height shelf, so that the Potter’s would find it and guess who Hermione Malfoy really was.

They were just walking past it and up the grand staircase when Ginny stopped in her tracks, right next to the photo.

“What the...” she paused and looked up at the group of them who had now stopped on the staircase. She kept looking back at Hermione and then turning back to the picture, she did this three or four times until they were all quite dizzy.

“Hermione” she said in a voice barely audible and Hermione’s face broke into a broad smile.

"It took you flipping long enough Gin”

Ginny’s mouth fell open and she ran at her, hugging her tightly. Hermione was so happy that she was beyond shock when Ginny pulled away and slapped her across the face.

“You bitch” she spat and it was silent as Draco ushered the children out of the hall and into the playroom.

“Wha...?” Hermione spluttered, clutching her now crimson cheek. Harry’s face was stone still but his eyes were as wide as the sea.

“You lying, cheating, slutty bitch” Ginny yelled in Hermione’s face, she aimed another slap at Hermione’s face and had to literally be pulled away from Hermione by Harry as she still stared at her with shock reflecting on her perfect face.

“What are you on about Ginny?”

“What do you think I’m on about?”

“I don’t actually know” Hermione said honestly, confusion flashing over her face.

“You cheated on him”


“Ron said...” but she was cut off as Hermione scoffed

“Ron said?” she said in surprise, and then it hit her. Cheating, lying, Ron; Ron had told Ginny and Harry that she had cheated on him, not the other way around. She felt Draco tense as he too realised what had happened. He lunged forward and grabbed Ginny’s arm, squeezing it tightly as he spat into her shining red face

“What did that Weasel say about my Hermione?”

“That Weasel is my brother ferret face” she shot back and he narrowed his eyes.

“I gave you a job and I can take it away just as quickly”

“Why you little...” Ginny said, outraged by his behaviour, she too lunged forward until she was stopped by an angry Hermione.

“What did Ron say Ginny?” she asked as calmly as she could, Ginny scoffed and glared at Hermione angrily.

“The truth”

“Which was?”

“That he came home one day and saw you in your room with another guy; never in a million years did I think it would be ferret face, that’s low Hermione, even for you”

“How dare you...” came the outraged and angry voice of a very annoyed Draco Malfoy. Hermione turned around and touched his sweating face, calming him slightly.

“Shush Draco, we need to hear her out and tell her what really happened”

“What do you mean?” Harry said; speaking for the first time since the fight began. Hermione smiled at him before replying...

“What I mean is that what Ron told you was a lie...”

“Don’t be stupid, Ron wouldn’t lie to...”

“Shut up Ginny” Harry hissed and she huffed in annoyance, then he turned to Hermione and gestured for her to continue.

“What Ron told you was a lie, I didn’t cheat on him. It was the other way around. I met Draco when I left work to get away from my lying, cheating ex-boyfriend; we became instant friends and I told him everything. Then we started going out, nothing happened before then, I promise. It was all Ron”

The words that had just erupted from Hermione’s mouth spun through Ginny’s head like a whirlwind. Now that she thought about it that seemed the obvious truth; Hermione was not one to lie and cheat whereas Ron was. She felt so stupid now, so stupid in fact that she ran forward and hugged Hermione tightly; apologising over and over again as she squeezed her.

“I’m so sorry, so very sorry that I didn’t believe you. I am never talking to Ron again”

“Don’t do that Gin” Hermione said sweetly but Ginny just smiled and crossed her arms

“Well, I’ve been meaning to not see him for a while. Now I just have a good reason not to. It was going to be that I hated his wife but now...”

“Wait, he’s married? To whom”

“Astoria Greengrass, yuck, she’s even worst that Fleur” she said rudely but Hermione wasn’t the one to react, Draco was.

“What? He’s married to Greengrass! When did this happen?”

“About fourteen years ago, why”

Anger flared inside Draco’s body, not because he wanted her back but because now he knew who she had been seeing behind his back; and for her to stoop as low as a Weasley too.

“Because, before dear Ronald Weasley cheated on our poor Hermione; I had been dating our dear Astoria Greengrass and she had been cheating on me. Now I know who to punch and I can do it for two things. For taking away my first girlfriend and for hurting my darling little Hermione’s heart; I suppose I should thank him too though, because without him being in the way I would still be stuck with slutty Astoria and I would have never met my beautiful Hermione” He held Hermione to his chest and kissed her forehead sweetly. Ginny smiled at the couple as she finally realised how in love they were. Then her eyes turned to slits as she realised why they were together. She had a bone to pick with her dear brother Ron Weasley.

A/N: Soooo? Did you like it? Read and review to tell me what you think :) 

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Secret Malfoy: A trip down memory lane


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