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Life of the Pure by Breanna_La_Sorciere
Chapter 6 : Clearing The Air
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Chapter 6 is here! I really enjoyed this. More Harry and Ron! More school! More information! 

Keep up your lovely reviews, they inspire me so much! 

As always, please excuse any grammar mistakes. I'm not always perfect. ^_^

Ps. Thank you to Britt once again ( HPFF Username: BrittJade - check her out, she is an amazing writer! ) for her idea for Professor Dippen! I always appreciate your help!

And to the rest of you,


Harry stumbled slightly as he exited the classroom; standing beside him was Cho Chang, his fourth year crush, who was laughing at Ron’s attempt at a joke. After they stopped mucking around, Harry stared into space, confused. “Hey Cho, I was just wondering, do you have any idea how to do our Dark Arts homework for Professor Dippen?” He asked. They often nicknamed Professor Dippen with an immature name – Professor Dipshit – because he was utterly useless and had no idea what he was doing half the time. “The one about centaurs, yeah of course, um, I’d be happy to help, want to meet at the library at like, 6?” She replied, pulling her bag up on her shoulders again. Harry smiled, “That’d be great. Thanks Cho, I really appreciate it.” She merely smiled at him before turning the other way for her next class. Just as he began to walk with Ron to Potions, a familiar red-head stood before him, her eyes and facial expression showing she was extremely pissed. “Excuse me?!” She half-shouted, her eyes wide as if she’d just caught him cheating. “Oh come on Gin, he just wants to have a little homework date with my next girlfriend.” Ron answered, patting Harry on the back to support him. Harry replied by elbowing Ron in the ribs, giving him a threatening stare before turning to Ginny. “She’s just helping me with my homework; don’t be so over protective, this is turning out to be exactly like when Hermione and I used to walk around to talk like best friends do and you blew up over it.” Harry replied, giving Ginny a sympathetic look. “I’m sorry?! You walk around with the only other girl you really know for hours on edge, whilst dating me, and want me to think nothing is going on?! Then you go and arrange a date with Cho freaking Chang at the library so you can do homework together!” She said, using her fingers to put up quotation marks as she said homework.

“Okay, well, see you two later…” Ron said, smiling softly at the pair before walking off, shaking his head.  “She’s helping me! Would you rather have me fail and not become an Auror? Is that how it is Ginny?!” He answered back, fed up with Ginny’s jealousy towards his friends. “Would you stop trying to turn this on me Harry, I’m only trying to do what’s best for us, for you.” She said, poking him in the chest with her finger. “What’s best for us?! You’re constantly jealous whenever I’m around someone else who isn’t you!” He said, feeling tired and fed up of the constant bickering between the two. “You’re so full of yourself Harry!” Ginny practically screamed at him. Students passing by stopped to watch the lovers quarrel. “I’m so full of myself because I want to spend time with other people?! That I want to talk to friends and have some sort of a future?!” His answer made Ginny shake with anger. “I’m so sick of this Harry! You always do this!” She screamed, throwing her hands up. “Then why are you still here?! If you’re so sick of this and me, why don’t you just leave! You’re the jealous one, not me!” He said, his voice was calm – or as calm as he could make it – but his insides were screaming and tearing with rage. “Screw you Harry! You ungrateful human being! We are so done!” She yelled, shoving him. “That’s right Ginny! Do what you did last time and go hook up with Dean, huh?! Then come back saying that you love me and whatever else, this is it Ginny, we are finished, done. Completely ended, we’re not going back. Understand that?!” He yelled, finally showing some gut. The students gasped and stared at Ginny, a few whispers went around. “She hooked up with Dean after last time?” This was going to spread like wildfire. “What kind of girl does that?” Another student whispered. “Was she cheating?” One fourth year gossiped.  Ginny just stared at him, eyes wide and on the verge of tears. “Harry… I’m so sorry.” She said, her voice cracking as she paused, a few tears gliding down her face. “No Ginny, I’m done.” He said. His voice was normal and quiet, but cold and serious all the same. He turned and walked away, leaving Ginny standing in the corridor with the crowd that had gathered slowly vanishing from sight, whispering all sorts of nonsense.

Ron stood around the Potions table with Harry, who was abnormally quiet, probably from his fight with Ginny. “Hey mate, what happened with you and Gin?” He asked, stopping Harry from his work. “Haven’t you heard yet?” He asked, Ron replied by shaking his head. “We broke up.” He said quietly. Ron sighed, “Sorry mate. Are you alright?” Harry just nodded his head, continuing with his potion. The sopohorous bean crushed between his knife, the essence falling into the cauldron and sizzling as it settled. Ron decided not to push the subject further, if he wanted to talk, he would. So he distracted himself as well, going back to his textbook for the tenth time. They continued in silence, not noticing Hermione in the back corner, who felt sad for Harry and Ginny as she too, brewed her potion. By the end of class, the room of seventh year Gryffindor’s and Ravenclaw’s stood, waiting to be dismissed by Ms Trevelyan, the Potions teacher, as she scurried around checking each cauldron’s final work. When she was satisfied, she dismissed them, and Hermione left the room first, only to be stopped by Harry. Ron followed him, standing by his side as Hermione stopped. “Hey.” She said, smiling softly. “Hey ‘Mione.” Ron said, smiling back slightly. She knew this was hard for him, it was hard for her too, and they hadn’t spoken in months which only added to the awkwardness. “You can go ahead; I’ll meet you at lunch later, okay?” Harry said to Ron, who just nodded and walked off. “Hey Hermione, I – uh – know we haven’t spoken in ages, and I know you’re still mad at us, but I was wondering if you could do me a favour…” He started; the tiredness was clearly shown in his face. “Of course, what is it?” Hermione replied. Harry looked at her before pulling her into a hug and sighing. She squeezed him tightly, a gesture that he returned, and she was almost in tears. “I just need to talk to you, like we used to, how we would walk around for hours just to have space and talk as best friends, I just need that. Please.” He whispered softly. She sniffled slightly, before nodding her head against his shoulder. “That would be great.” She said back.

They had currently been walking around for an hour, chatting and laughing like they always used to. Together they ended up on the Quidditch pitch, sitting in the grass. They were talking about Harry’s recent break up, and Hermione was wondering if perhaps telling Harry about what had been happening to her. “…And I just turned and walked away, I left her there.” He finished, pushing up his knees to rest his arms on them. Hermione was shocked, this had only happened once before, but this sounded completely serious, he was done. “I’m sorry, Harry.” She said, leaning her head on his shoulder. He wrapped an arm around her, “Thanks.” This was her chance, probably the only time she will ever get if she wanted to tell him, it was an inside battle in her head.

“Harry, can I tell you something? But, you can’t tell Ron, or anyone, and I need you to understand that I didn’t choose this, alright? It just happened and I thought that no matter what he put me through, he didn’t deserve to die, and then he was all sweet and it was weird but really generous and how I wasn’t a muggle-born anymore and –” She was quickly cut off by Harry, who was staring at her. “You’re what? And what boy are we talking about here?” He asked, uneasy. “Well, I guess I should start with the basics… Please, please don’t be mad at me, okay?” She answered, looking sorrowful. “Okay. I promise.” Harry said, waiting for her to start the story. “Well, it all started when I found a book in the restricted section, and I heard someone say that I wasn’t a muggle-born, or something along those lines. Anyway, so I found the book, and I was looking at all the pureblood family lines when I turned to the Zabini family tree, which had Hermione-Alaire written across from Blaise’s, indicating siblings. And well, I found out that it was true. I’m a pureblood.” She said, Harry just stared, completely overwhelmed. “Wow – that’s… just wow. Bet Malfoy’s pissed now that he can’t tease you.” He replied, smiling. “Yeah, about that… Um, after that, Dra – Malfoy! I said Malfoy… – came to talk to Blaise and I, and he told me he was part Veela.” She waited for him to start bombarding her with questions. “Why did that git need to tell you?” He stopped to think for a moment, trying to process each word. “Wait, no. Hermione, don’t tell me that…” He said and she nodded slightly, causing him to go rigid. “I know! I know. I was just as freaked out as you are, and I kind of forgave him, and told him that I wasn’t going to let him die, but I wasn’t just going to accept him either. I mean, I had a small discussion about it, told him what I thought, but I, I couldn’t let him die. I know you’re mad, please don’t be. I made the choice, not anyone else.” She said, taking a deep breath at the end.

She was now looking at Harry, trying to read him in anyway so she knew if she was in for an argument. “It’s alright, I kind of understand. I mean, I hate him no matter what but I guess not even he deserves to die. I don’t like your decision, but I’m not going to fight over it with you, if you want to be in love with him or whatever, it’s your choice Hermione. No one, not even me should try and change your mind, it’s completely up to you to do what you want to, not to please everyone else. I’m glad you told me. Just please, no PDA in front of me…” He replied, hugging her tightly. She laughed, “Sometimes he just does random little gestures, and so I can’t help it if it makes you uncomfortable, his just weird like that.” He laughed along with her. “So, does this mean I’m forgiven?” He asked, and she sighed. “For now I guess, we can talk about it another day, for now, the slate is cleaned, for Ron too, if he wants…” She said, referring to the fight that had spilt the trio apart in the beginning. “Well, we should probably head to lunch. Ron’s probably waiting there, and Ginny’s probably off snogging someone or whatever she does when she isn’t around us.” He replied; standing and holding his hands out to Hermione, who used them to pull herself up.  She smiled and began walking with him, both deep in thought.

I remember that day, Ginny and I had another fight, this time over Luna. Ginny completely lost it, went all crazy and nearly hit Luna in the face but was held back by Ron before she could. Luna and I were just talking, we both took up Muggle Studies and without Hermione, I was with Ron and Luna, and it was good. We were laughing and Luna told us more about the Quibbler, and her father’s newest ideas. Then Ginny comes to the class, for no reason whatsoever, and starts yelling at me saying I was cheating on her with Luna. Even Hermione told her to shut up, and that whatever she heard was false, and that I would never be unfaithful to someone I love, which was really sweet of her to say, even if we weren’t on speaking terms then. And then she flipped out at ‘Mione, asking if she’d slept with me too, I was horrified, and demanded to know who had told her. Dean Thomas. Her guy best friend that always comes around, cuddles her, takes her on dates and kisses her cheek whenever I’m around, and she had the guts to question me about being a cheater? She was completely obsessed with Dean, hung onto every word he said, and believed it all too. He was like Pansy when she was in second year, always spreading lies and causing trouble. I remember after that, I had told her to lay off, saying that I was completely faithful to her, and loved her with all my heart, so why would she think I would do such a thing? Then she said we were over, and went outside the door, I followed her, to see her run off with Dean, holding hands and kissing. After that, she had apparently realised how stupid she was, and came back to me, begging for forgiveness. She was Ron’s sister, and Ron’s my best friend. So I stupidly gave her a second chance, something I regret, I should’ve let her go like she did with me…

When they finally reached the Great Hall, Hermione turned and gave him another hug. “Thank you Harry.” She said, letting go and brushing his hair back. “Anytime ‘Mione, and don’t be a stranger, I miss you.” He replied, entering the Hall and taking a seat next to Ron, who was stuffing his mouth with chicken.

She smiled at the pair, as her eyes directed towards Slytherin table. She scanned through the row. First years… second… blah blah… Pansy, Crabb, Goyle, Marcus Flint, Terence Higgs, Adrian Pucey, Millicent Bulstrode, Tracey Davis, Astoria Greengrass… Yet still no Draco or Blaise for that matter. She thought before turning and heading towards the Room of Requirement, in case they were there instead.

She opened the handle, “Draco? Blaise? Are you guys in here?” She asked, opening the door wider to see inside. “I’m coming in!” She half shouted, so she could be heard. “Hermione, is that you?” Came a yell from a door inside, she guessed it was Draco. “Uh, yeah it is!” She said, walking towards the door that she knew he was behind. She opened it quickly, to finally hear – was that water running? She looked around, her eyes meeting Draco’s. “Oh my god, oh my god, shit. I’m so sorry Draco.” She said, covering her eyes with her hand. “I didn’t know where you were and I just – I’m sorry.” She whispered. If wasn’t like she could see anything other than his torso, he was completely covered in the bath, the bubbles surrounded him and the fountain continued releasing all different coloured liquid soap. “It’s all right Hermione, calm down. You’re acting as if you just saw me completely nude. And you should be privileged to see my muscled torso, the shape of my hips and my toned, lean body.” He said with a wink. “Oh shut up. You love yourself way too much Malfoy.” She said, uncovering her eyes. “Are you sad that I don’t share my love enough with you? Is that your problem Granger?” He replied, smiling at her in a cheeky manner. “Precisely.” She answered sarcastically, before turning towards the door. “Hey, don’t make any plans for tomorrow night okay?” He said, and she looked around at him. “Why? Got some trick up your sleeve Malfoy?” She asked. “No, just keep it open for me. I’m planning something special.” He answered, finishing the conversation. She walked out, smiling.

She sat on the floor, in front of the fireplace, holding her hands out to feel its warmth because she was bored. Her boredom stopped as Blaise wondered in, stopping at her side. “Hey, I um, I have a surprise for you.” He said, helping her stand up. “What kind of surprise?” Hermione asked, she had always hated surprises, unless it was a quiz or something like that. But she doubted this was… “Well, since we are related, I thought it would be reasonable… If you came with me, just outside here, to McGonagall, to finally meet your real birthmother.” She gasped aloud, and stared at him, her eyes wide. She could faintly see a tall woman outside the door, her back was turned at Hermione, but her long, straight black hair lay down her back, it was one of the most beautiful things Hermione had ever seen. 

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Life of the Pure: Clearing The Air


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