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The Demon Within by Prongs1981
Chapter 5 : Worst Day Ever
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*Warning: Really Intense Chapter*


"Happy Halloween, Love," Will said taking a seat next to me in the library. He gently kissed my cheek. I blushed while setting down my quill. I was working on my potions essay like a good little student. Granted it was due today....


"Happy Halloween!"


"You don't have anything planned tonight, right?" he asked me curiously. To be honest, I forgot it was Halloween. With homework, Quidditch, and trying to remain a bit social, the days had flown over my head. I don't even know what weekday it is right now. Mmm..I think it may be Tuesday...or was it Thursday?


"Umm...No, not really. What did you have in mind?"


"I was thinking we could have a little date after the feast tonight," he said cheerfully.


"That sounds lovely. What kind of date did you have in mind?" This was exciting. I have never had a boyfriend during a holiday. Even though Halloween is a minor holiday, it still counts.


"It's a surprise." He kissed me one last time and strolled out of the library. Crap, now I'm too excited to focus on my potions essay. Stupid Will. Oh, goodness though. This is going to be fun.


Ugh. I have to make a deal with myself here.


No thinking of tonight until this essay is done. Deal? Deal.


Wow, I'm a real nutter. How is it that I have a boyfriend?


Irrelevant. Homework. Focus. GO!




I was just finishing my essay when my stomach gurgled. Gurgled is a bit of a nice term for what my stomach sounded like. It was like the mating call of a humpback whale. Probably should get some breakfast, shouldn't I?


I quickly stored my quill and parchment into my book bag and headed down to the Great Hall. I found my group of friends sitting in our usual spot. I plopped a spot down next to Albus.


"Morning, all," I said.


"Where were you this morning? We woke up and you weren't in the dormitory," Riley questioned. I had gotten up early to finish my essay that I had put off until today. I was in the library for about an hour and a half.


"Homework, library, you know, the gist," I shrugged scooping some oatmeal into a bowl.


"With Will?" Rose inquired. I gave her an exasperated look. Can't a girl just do homework around here and not be questioned about being with a boy.


"No, Rose, I WAS doing my homework." I took out my essay to prove it. "See!"


She looked it over for a second. "You spelled that word wrong. You forgot the 'a.'"


"Shit!" I yelled and grabbed my essay back, fixing the word.


"But on the bright side, at least she's doing homework," Albus chuckled. I gave him a death glare. Prick.


Just because I sometimes forget to do my homework means nothing.


"Don't give me that look, Mia. We all know you're not the best at being on top of things when it comes to homework," he added.


"Shut up, Al. Nobody asked you."


"A bit touchy this morning, are we?" I ignored him and dove into my food. What can I say? I like food. Probably more than anything. Especially Albus right now.





Since it was Halloween, the teachers didn't have us do much. We did our classes around Halloweeny things. It was fun to say the very least. In Transfiguration we turned things into pumpkins and in charms we carved pumpkins (COOL RIGHT?). We drank tea in Divination and "predicted" the day’s outcome and fought off Bogurts in DADA.


"Today, class, we will be making a potion, I know, shocking! But this is not just any potion, oh no! It is a special potion. You will be brewing a frightening potion. This potion, if drank, will make the drinker hallucinate for ten minutes. It's harmless really, very similar to the kind of fright muggles get with those scary talking pictures. Now, your partners are listed here. You may begin. You have one hour."


The class got up and looked at the parchment attached to the wall. I found my name and looked next to it.




Haley Larson.






"Alright, Maya, you get the ingredients and I'll start the fire." Bitch. She did that on purpose!


"Haley, it's Mia. As in ME-A!"


"Gosh, you don't have to make a scene, Meeeeah," she said mocking me. I flared my nose and turned on my heal. It was a good day until now.


It's Albus's fault. He brought her into your life. She wouldn't be so obnoxious if you weren't friends with him.


"What?" I whispered quietly. Of course I didn't think that. Where was that idea coming from? Where was this voice from? Oh gosh I'm going crazy.


I shook my head, trying to gain back some sanity.


Of course it's not Al's fault that she is a rotten bitch. She was probably smacked with the bitch stick when she was younger.


Just kidding...but seriously.



"Meeeeaaaahhhh, you're doing it wrong! It's clockwise, not counter-clockwise. Are you trying to fail or are you just that stupid?" Haley said.


"Are you trying to be a bitch or are you just a soulless ghoul?"


"Five points from Gryffindor. We don't use that kind of language here, Ms. Evert," the teacher called out. Haley smirked.




"You know you're in my house, right? Those points are your points."


"Yeah, but I didn't loose the points, you did. People can blame you." She gave a wicked smile.


"What the hell is your problem?" I shot.


"Me? What ever do you mean?" she asked innocently.


"You're such a..." I glanced over to the teacher. He was in listening distance. "Mean person all the time, especially to me."


I really wanted to use some other words, but I didn't want to lose more points. I like my house....unlike some people.


Cough cough Haley the slag cough.


"I don't like you, Mia. You are a bitch and I don't like that you're friends with Albus. He's mine now so back off."


"I don't care if he's yours. I'm dating someone, so I am legit not after him. We are nothing but friends. I told you're little friend that too."


"You better be telling the truth or a lot worse will happen to you than that accident you had."


"THAT WAS YOU!?" Her eyebrows wiggled and she gave a twisted smile. "Why the hell would you attack me?"


"Don't worry about it, Mia. Just don't mess with Albus and me."


I felt a burning on my skin. The potion was burning through my robes onto my leg. She had poured it on me while I had been fuming over her attacking me awhile back ago.


I screamed. The potion was melting away my skin. I fell to the ground clutching my leg. That made it worse. The potion was now on my hands. I saw spots. The pain was starting to blind me.


"Nobody touch her. Ms. Larson, how far were you in the potion?"


"I don't know, Professor. She was doing it wrong. I think she added some things that weren't supposed to be in there." Liar!!! She probably added something! She did it to hurt me!


"I'll bring her to the Hospital Wing. Finish your potions, I'll be back soon."


I felt my body lift from the ground then everything went dark.




I woke up shortly later to a light burning on my hands and leg. I swallowed hard, crunching my face.


That little bitch has sent me to the here twice now. I'll have to think of something to get her back. I hate her.


I finally opened my eyes. The room was completely empty. I launched the blankets off me and got off the bed. I started walking towards the door when I noticed a mirror. My robes were burned significantly and I could see the bone of my leg. I looked down at my hands. They were scorched.


"No, no, Ms. Evert, you need to get back in bed. You have a pain relief potion in you and you need to rest. I need to start growing back your skin." Ouch that does not sound like a whole lot of fun.


"How long should that take? The feast is tonight and I well..." I trailed off.


"Oh don't you worry, dear, it should take no more than an hour."




That was the most painful hour of my life. And that is including Quidditch practice. It felt like my skin was on fire and was being fused together by melted metal. It itched too and I wasn't allowed to scratch. So I sat there, in agony, with nothing to do but feel like death. And feeling like death is not fun.


After that terrible hour, we repaired my robes and she sent me on my way. It was about dinner time so I headed down to the Great Hall. There was people there, but hardly any. I found our usual spot and waited for my friends to come. I didn't wait long.


"Where have you been?" Riley asked sitting down next to me.


"The Hospital Wing. Didn't you hear?"


"You were in the Hospital Wing?!!?!?!?! What happened?" Rose questioned.


"Haley, the wonderful person that she is, poured some messed up potion on me that burned through my robes and my skin. I had to then grow my skin back. Lovely, right?"


"That's terrible! Why did she do that?" Rose asked mortified.


"Because she is psychotic. She was also the person that attacked me before."


"Mia, can I talk to you?" It was Albus. He looked really angry. I nodded and got up. He led me out of the hall and into an empty classroom.


"I heard about potions," he said blankly.


"And?" I asked. Why does he look so angry? His little slag friend attacked me.


"Why did you attack Haley? She is nice and I like her."


"WHAT!? Where the HELL did you hear that?"


"She said you were jealous of her and that you attacked her. She defended herself and the potion spilled on you. She was afraid you were going to hurt her. Why would you do that, Mia?"


"Are you fucking kidding me right now? Potter, she attacked me. You gotta believe me."


"Why would she attack you?" he asked.


"Because she's a nutter. Why would I attack her? She's lying to you. She attacked me today and a couple weeks ago." He looked down at his shoes. He doesn't believe me. Why doesn't he believe me? "Why don't you believe me, Al? You're supposed to be my friend."


He finally looked up from his oh so interesting shoes.


"I am your friend."


"You're not acting like it."


"I'm sorry. Really, I am. I just don't know what to believe." He turned around and left the room, leaving me dumbfounded.


He doesn't care about you. He doesn't want to be your friend. He actually hates you. He was probably in on it with Haley and they are having a good laugh right now. You're pathetic.


The voice is back. I am loosing my mind. And Albus is helping to hurt me.


No, Albus wouldn't do that to me, would he? He is my friend. But maybe he wasn't being sincere. Maybe he just wanted to get my trust and to hurt me. It was all a lie.


But he is not that cynical. No, I don't believe it. I shook the idea out of my mind. It is utter nonsense. He is just being clouded by his feelings for Haley. Nothing more.


I went back to the hall and found my friends. They were all there now. Well, except for Albus. He was sitting with Haley. I rolled my eyes at the sight and quickly strolled over to where Scorpius, Riley, Rose and Fred sat.


"The girls just told us about Haley attacking you," Scorpius said.


"Twice!" Fred added.


How is it that they believe me but Albus doesn't at all?


"I'm glad you lot believe me," I said solemnly, my mind being elsewhere.


"Why wouldn't we believe you?" Fred asked.


"Well, Albus doesn't," I said flatly my anger still building. Both Fred and Scorp looked down the table to where he sat.


"Why the hell doesn't he believe you? Haley is a bitch and a slag and ugh just not a good person," Riley piped in.


"Dunno. He thinks I'm jealous of her and that I would attack someone."


"Mia, you might be awkward and weird and crazy and a bit food obsessed annnnd... I lost the point I was trying to make..." Fred said with his finger on his chin. "Oh yeah, you would not hurt anyone. We all know that."


"Not Potter."


"I dunno, that doesn't seem like him. I mean he really likes-"


"Haley, I know. You don't have to remind me," I snapped a bit too harshly.


"No, I wasn't going to say Haley. But never mind," Scorpius said, going after some pie.


We ate in silence. It was stupid and boring. None of my friends knew what to say. They just looked at each other, hoping someone would know what to do. It more pissed me off than anything.


Why is everyone such morons?!?!


Why am I so angry? It's not their fault. They were trying to help me. I'm not mad at them. I was mad at Albus for not being a good friend. He was associating with the enemy and taking her side.


I was also being haunted by some weird voice. I really don't like this voice. I am going crazy here. Shit! What do I do?


"Look, I'm sorry I'm so crabby. It's just Albus is just really pissing me off right now and I have a lot on my mind. I think I am just going to bed. Night," I said and got up. Rose shot me a look of apology. I gave her a telepathic 'it's okay' and walked towards the entrance. I was almost out of the hall when someone grabbed my hand.


"You ready for our date?" Will asked, giving me a kiss on the cheek. Shit. I forgot. I was just so distracted with everything that happened.


"Will, I'm not feeling so great right now. I kind of just want to go to bed," I said, trying to pull my hand away. He wouldn't let go.


"Are you sick?" he questioned.


"No, it's just with getting attacked again and Albus and yeahhh..." I trailed off. I can't tell anyone about the voice. I'd surely be committed to St. Mungo's. "I just want to go to bed."


"You got attacked again?" How is it nobody knew about it. "And what did Potter do? He's seriously not even worth your time, Mia."


"Yeah, I did. But I'm okay. He just pissed me off is all. He's a good guy he just is conversing with Haley. I really hate Haley," I explained.


"Well, let me help you forget," he said with a sly smile. I relinquished my desire to go to bed and followed him.


He brought me outside. It was a perfectly starry night. He conjured up a blanket for us to lie on. I sat next to him, looking up at the stars. I laid my head down on the ground. He wrapped an arm around me.


We lay there for awhile, not talking. It was so peaceful, so calm. It was perfect. It got my mind off the slag and her new minion.


"You know what would make this night even better?" he whispered in my ear, giving it a light kiss.


"What?" I asked. He continued kissing my ear. He slowly moved to my neck. His warm lips heated my neck. He worked his way to my lips. He forced his tongue into my mouth. The kiss was amazing. He rotated himself and was now lying on top of me. Let's just say he is a muscular dude and was a bit heavy. But I didn't mind. His hands grasped my waist. His fingers skimmed along my skin. He started to lift my shirt up. The night air hit my stomach.


"Will," I gasped in between kisses. "Let's slow it down a bit, okay?"


He gave a humph.


"I thought you liked me, Mia?"


"I do. I just don't feel ready yet," I explained.


"I bet you would do it with Potter, wouldn't you?" he questioned irritably.


"Where is this coming from?" I countered.


"You can't tell me you don't notice the way he watches you. He likes you, Mia. Its obvious. I just wonder if you feel the same way."


"What? Is that what you think?"


There is no bloody way he likes me. He doesn't even believe me! So now I hate him again.


"That is exactly what I think. You've been really weird in this relationship."


"No I haven't. How have I been weird?"


"When we kiss! I can tell you're think about something else."


My mind drifted to the mystery, dream man.


"See! Even the mention of that you went away!"


"No, I was just thinking back to the times. Calm down, Will. I'm not thinking about anything else!" I defended, though it was an utter lie and he knew it.


"Yeah right! I bet it is Potter! I can't do this anymore! It may be best if we ended this, Mia. You are obviously not into me as much as I am into you."


Nobody cares about you. He's leaving you too. You're pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. Nobody wants you. He hates you, your friends hate you, Albus hates you, and even your family hates you. You are nothing.


Damn that fucking voice! It's not true! Of course they care about me. Don't they? They do!


But I'm not sure. Why would they care about me? My grandmother didn't even want me. She thought I was an abomination. Al doesn't believe me. He thinks so little of me, to be capable of such actions.


But what about my friends? They didn't know what to say to me? Maybe they were hoping I would just go away.


Nobody wants me or cares. Will cares. He wants me. Or wanted me. If it wasn't for that stupid dream I would still have him and wouldn't have to prove myself to him. If I wasn't so pathetic I would be able to do what he wanted.



Will was walking away. I had to get him back. I needed to be wanted.


"Will, wait!" I shouted. He kept going. "WILL! I do care about you! Please don't leave me! I really really like you! Please! I'll do anything."


I was desperate to make him stay. But he kept going. I stood up quickly and sprinted after him.


I finally caught him. I threw my arms around his neck and launched my mouth onto his. He pushed me off. I fell to the ground.


I'm not pathetic. I can keep him. I can do this.


"Will, I'll do it." He stopped and turned around. He faced me. He walked over to where I sat on squatted next to me. He grabbed my face and kissed me forcefully.


He was rough. He ripped my shirt and held hard onto my arms, ensuring me not to get away.





When he was finished, he dressed himself. We didn't say a word. He got up and left, leaving me alone lying on the grass.


I felt disgusted, violated. I had to do it, though, to keep him. I had to have someone want me.


I laid there for an hour, looking at the stars and hating myself. Tears stained my face.


Don't be too hard on yourself, you slut. That's what he wanted you for. That's what anybody wants you for. You're so sad.


The voice was right. It was all true. I knew it for awhile, but hearing it there made it real.


I'm not wanted.



I eventually got up and made my way back to Gryffindor Tower. The corridors were empty as I slowly walked. I didn't know what time it was, so I just kept moving.


When I finally reached the Fat Lady, she was sleeping.


I gave a little cough.


Her snores stopped.


"Wha? Who? Ms. Evert, why are you out at this hour? I've never!" she scolded.


"Sobbleweed," I whispered. My voice was so hoarse.


I stumbled through the portrait hole and tip toed up the stairs.


I found my roommates asleep in their beds, unaware what happened to me tonight. Unaware that I was going mad. Unaware of my true feelings.


I didn't even get ready for bed. I just crawled in. I casted a silencing charm and sobbed.


This was by far the worst day of my life.





Sorry for the long update wait! Life really got in the way and I got really sick. Also for some reason my internet went down. Seriously, it took ages to upload this. But yay here it is!



Okay so I know that there is a lot going on in this chapter, but stick with me. EVERYTHING will be explained sometime in the nearish future and then the real drama starts :)


Tell me what you guys think! I love reading those! Let me know how you guys are feeling with the characters because they're a bit on the bipolar side, but you gotta love them!


Thoughts, concerns, questions? I'll answer them the best I can without giving away too much :)


Thanks for reading so far!!!






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