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Fire by ohmymerlin
Chapter 1 : Fire
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The fire begins in his chest and slowly spreads to the rest of his body, leaving him panting and gasping for breath.

He closes his eyes to distract himself from the flames slowly licking his body. However, when his eyes are closed he could still see his brother’s face with the familiar arrogant smirk and cool, grey eyes. He wrenches his own eyes open but he can still see the face of his brother.


The young eleven year old sat down nervously as the old hat fell above his eyes.

“Another Black, eh?”

The boy jumped and through the movement, the hap slipped down onto his eyes and he could no longer see his older brother staring at him in pride.

In his mind, he stammered nervously, “Y-yes, I g-guess I am.”

The hat chuckled and said, “Rather different from the others, if I say so. You have the same values as your brother, but you seem to be afraid of voicing them.”

The boy shrugged his pointy little shoulders, sniffing nervously. “Do you want to be a Gryffindor like your brother?” the hat asked.

He thought about it, it would be nice to be in the same house as Sirius. But what would his parents think?

“Ah, you’re worried about your parents, I see.”

He nodded, shaking slightly. “I’m afraid they’ll remove me off the tapestry.”

The hat laughed and said, “Well, with that answer I know where you’re going.”

“Where am I going to go then?” he asked anxiously.

“It’s going to be…


The last thing Regulus saw before heading off to the green and silver clad table was his brother’s disappointment.


The screams echo in his mind. He squeezes his eyes shut and gulps the polluted air, feeling the burn in his lungs. The rancid smell of the cave makes his head spin, his fingers scrape against the rough walls closing in on him.

The fire spreads around his body and his fingers curl, trying to smother the feeling out. His knuckles turn white, a stark contrast to the black within himself.


“I can’t believe you’re doing this, Reg,” the older brother said in disgust. “Do you really think killing a bunch of innocent people will make the world better?”

Regulus raised his nose up in the air. “You’re a fool, ‘brother’. You think we’ll get out of this war alive if we don’t ally ourselves with the Dark Lord?”

“Of course we will, Reg! If you just come fight with us, we’ll have a better chance! If we get rid of Voldemort, we won’t even be in this fucking war! Isn’t that what everyone wants?!” Sirius shouted.

Regulus laughed coldly. “We want a world full of purity. Not filth.”

Sirius shook his head and went to walk away. At the last second, he turned back and said, “You aren’t my brother anymore. Just a fucking git like the rest of them.”

Regulus’ face was expressionless as Sirius apparated away.


He shrieks, clapping his hands over his ears, sobbing. The cool, crisp night does nothing to extinguish the fire that is searing his insides.

He wants it to be over.


He was proud that he finally had the Mark. He wore a cold smile the whole time the wand burnt his skin.

He didn’t give a damn that his brother hated him. He could do whatever the fuck he wanted now.

Regulus wasn’t scared anymore.


He crawls and touches the cool water that douses the fire burning his insides.

Something grabs his hand and he is jerked into the water, thinking about the things that he had done. He deserved this; he could see all the empty shells of the people he carelessly murdered. He accepts his fate.

He isn’t scared. He is doing the right thing.

He just wishes his brother knew that.


I’m so sorry, Sirius.

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Fire: Fire


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