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As The Days Grow Dark by Alwayswriting7
Chapter 3 : Drinks and Death
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Chapter 3

Savannah Wood walked into the Leaky Cauldron and looked around. It only took a couple seconds to spot the two people she was looking for at a table towards the back of the pub. She quickly hurried over, anxious to see her friends who she hadn’t seen in a while.

“Hi guys,” she said approaching the table, a giant smile on her face.

“Savannah!” Lily Potter squealed, getting up and hugging her friend.

“Hi Savannah,” Hugo Weasley said, hugging Savannah once his cousin had let go.

The three of them walked over to the bar and bought some drinks before making their way back towards their table.

“Can you believe that we’re out of Hogwarts?” Lily asked after a few minutes of casual conversation.

“No, time just flew by,” Hugo replied.

“I can’t believe it’s been five years since that dreadful quidditch game between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw,” Savannah stated.

That had been the worst game anyone had ever seen. Eleven people had been knocked out during it, including all of their siblings. It was a game so astonishing that it was talked about even five years later and probably would be for several years to come.

“If we could go back in time to the point right after everyone woke up and tell Kristen and James that five years from then they would be married with kids, what do you think they would say?” Lily asked.

“They probably would have punched us in the face or started laughing,” Hugo replied.

“That’s going to be an interesting story for them to tell their kids some day.”

The three of them laughed at that idea; it sure would be an interesting conversation. A couple seconds of quiet passed as everyone sipped their drinks.

“So how is it going with Daniel?” Lily asked Savannah.

Daniel Grant, as in Samantha’s younger brother, had been dating Savannah for a year and a half. They were considered one of the cutest couples in school. Hugo, however, found this statement to be quite nauseating. He and Savannah had briefly dated during their third and fourth year, but it hadn’t worked out. They had managed to stay good friends though. The thing that Savannah didn’t realize was that she might have given up on Hugo, but Hugo certainly hadn’t given up on her.

“It’s going well,” Savannah replied, “We don’t see each other all that often because he’s training to become an auror, but the time we do spend together is quite amazing.”

Hugo tried not to gag.

“Are you currently seeing anyone, Hugo?” Savannah asked.

“Nope, I’m currently single,” Hugo replied.

“I’m sure you’ll find someone soon.”

Hugo stayed silent. Why couldn’t she realize that the only person he wanted was her? Why did she see more in Daniel Grant, then she did in him, Hugo Weasley, son of the great Ron and Hermione Weasley?

A flash of green light flying by their table caught their attention. Hugo quickly shoved his friend and his cousin to the ground. The last thing he wanted was for the girl he loved and his best friend to be killed.

“Make sure they don’t see who you are,” Lily whispered to her friends, “If they know who we are, they’ll be more likely to attack us.”

Lily was used to her father telling her about what she should do in scenarios like this. Besides, she had watched enough muggle movies to know that the killer would be a lot more likely to go after the three of them if he knew who they were.

Another flash of green followed before the attacker sprinted out the back door. By the time everyone had gotten up, the attacker was gone. Savannah looked around the pub. It hadn’t been terribly crowded that night. Besides the three of them, only five other people, including the bar tender, were there.

“Is anyone dead?” Hugo asked.

“Considering they came here and fired a bunch of killing curses, I think there most likely are a couple corpses in here,” Savannah replied, rolling her eyes at Hugo.

A group of three young men who had gone there for a drink after a long day of work slowly rose from the floor. Lily waited for the other two people in the bar to do the same. It never happened. She walked over to the bar and stared over the counter. Lying on the floor, her eyes wide open with a glassy look, was Hannah Longbottom, the bar tender.

“Hannah Longbottom’s dead,” Lily stated, shaking a little as she turned away, unable to look at the corpse of the family friend for any longer.
Hugo rolled over the remaining body. He was surprised to recognize the face; he didn’t exactly get out much.

“Rolf Scamander’s dead too,” Hugo said, quickly flipping him back over so he wouldn’t have to see the face.

“So a man comes in here and starts firing off the killing curse, kills two people, and leaves, even though there are at least a couple other people worth killing in the pub,” Savannah noted.

“This was definitely an assassination,” Hugo agreed.

“I would say that the killer was fairly new at this. Otherwise, he would have chosen a more secluded spot to kill the two of them or killed everyone in this bar.”

“Who would want to kill Hannah and Rolf?” Lily asked, still in shock about their deaths.

“I have no clue,” Hugo replied, wishing that he had the answer.

Lily sighed pulling out the muggle cell phone she had recently bought.

“I better call my dad.”




***I hope you enjoyed that chapter :) Any guesses on who Raven and Viper are or who they will attack next? As Always, I would love it if you continued to enjoy, read, and review this story :D ***

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