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The Curse Of Love by slytherinbadgirl
Chapter 2 : A Changed Man?
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Hi Lovely readers,
Thank You so much to Tia Forbes, Lumos Nox, and Dracos Lover for your reviews. This is the second chapter and I'm currently writing the ninth thats why I am so slow with updating because I'm trying to write the chapters first, I'm so sorry for being such an aweful person and taking so long to update - I know how irritating it is. Anyway, I'm rambling now so I'll just write a few disclaimers while you can go ahead and read the chapter! Thanks again!





Disclaimer: everything you recognise belongs to the amazing JK Rowling!










Chapter 2 – A changed man?





Although Hermione was much older and a few weeks had passed, she felt just as nervous as she had when she received her first Hogwarts letter, accept now Hogwarts held many memories.





I’m going back





She sat on her bed, in her little London apartment, thinking of what her new role as Head Girl meant.





She remembered what it was like to be a first year; awaiting the sorting, wondering what house she would be in, her thoughts changed and she focused on something else – possible candidates for Head Boy. Ron? Perhaps.





She hadn’t spoken to Ron since Harry and Ginny’s wedding when he admitted he still had feelings for Lavender Brown. She pushed Ron to the back of her mind thought of more possible candidates; Terry Boot? Justin Finch-Fletchly? Zacharias Smith? Cormac McLaggen?





She ruled out so many names but still didn’t feel any closer to revealing who it was.





Finally Hermione gave up and began to pack ready for the year ahead.













Draco looked around his polished room and began to pack for Hogwarts.





His mum came in and wrapped her arms around him. She pulled back and pushed the blond hair out of his eyes ‘you’re going to make an excellent Head Boy’





All this affection confused Draco; his mother never showed him this much love before, he put it down to the fact that without his father around his mother could give him all the love she had been saving up for the last 19 years.





He planted a kiss on her forehead and forced his case shut.
















Draco and his mother stood on platform 9¾ as the Hogwarts Express came to a halt covering the station in a thick blanket of smoke.





‘Got everything?’





Narcissa straightened his tie and moved the hair out of his eyes once more. He gave a tiny nod and embraced his mother in a tight hug.





‘Goodbye Mother.’





She pulled Draco back before he could make his escape and pinned the bright green badge that read ‘Head Boy’ flashed and then read ‘Draco Malfoy’ on his jacket.





‘There’ she smoothed his jacket out and smiled, then sent him on his way.





Draco boarded the train and found an empty compartment and sat in silence until an ivory letter flew through the open window, telling Draco to report to the head compartment to meet the Head Girl.












Hermione sat with her letter in the head compartment anxiously watching trees whizz by outside.





After a few minutes the silence was broken by a set of footsteps gradually getting louder. The compartment door opened and there he stood. For the first time since the war her eyes laid on Draco Malfoy.















She looked back out the window as Malfoy sat opposite her, she looked down at the seat next to her that held a book she had started to read at the start of the journey, she picked it back up and began reading from where she left off.





‘You can’t ignore me forever.’





Hermione gave a sarcastic laugh, how could he show his face after all that his family had done.





‘I’ve changed’





Hermione had had enough.





‘Handing in a few Death Eaters doesn’t make you a changed man and doesn’t make what you or your family did right!’ Hermione hadn’t been this angry since the incident with Ron.





‘Nothing that I could ever do will make what happened right, but it could make it easier to forgive.’





Hermione shut her book and laid it next to her, she couldn’t believe that after all that had happened he would turn to Hermione for forgiveness.





‘I know what my aunt did was wrong’ Hermione winced at the memory of Bellatrix Lestrange carving Mudblood into her arm while Draco and his family stood and watched, ‘but if I had done anything she would’ve killed you and even me.’





The blood beneath Hermione’s skin began to boil much like third year but on a larger scale.





‘You! You, haven’t changed! You’re still an arrogant self-centres ferret as you were before!’





With that Hermione stormed out of the compartment and quickly found Ginny and Harry in a compartment with Luna and Neville. Hermione sat opposite Ginny, breathing quickly and heavily.





‘Are you ok ‘Mione?’





Harry had just turned to face Hermione and placed a hand on her shoulder ‘What’s the matter?’





Hermione leant on Harry and began to cry into him and between sobs and sniffles told them who was Head Boy and what he had said.





After a few minutes Harry was the first to speak ‘Maybe he has changed, I mean everyone deserves a second chance.’





‘That seems a little crazy.’ Came from a girl who hunted Crumple-Horned Snorkacks with her father.





Hermione wiped away her tears and sorted out her hair before leaving the compartment to change into her robes and patrol the train.





Along the bottom of the train she spotted Malfoy and a seventh year Slytherin in an empty compartment. She sneakily hid in the compartment next door, she rummaged around in her bag for a pair of extendable ears George had given her after the war. She placed one against the compartment wall and the other to her ear.





‘...Nevaeh, this is Hermione Granger we’re talking about – stubborn Gryffindor lioness – she’ll never forgive me: I’ve hurt her too much.’





‘Draco calm down, she just needs a little time, that’s all.’





Hermione sat back against the seat, she couldn’t believe what she was hearing, Draco Malfoy sorry for something.





The train began to slow perfect timing she thought to herself.





Being back at Hogsmeade station gave Hermione a tingling feeling home sweet home.





‘Firs’-years! Firs’-years over here!’ a familiar voice, Hermione was always pleased to hear.





‘Hagrid! Hagrid!’





She ran towards the overgrown man pushing past the sea of Hogwarts students slowly Hagrid began to turn.





‘’Ermione is that you?’ he finally spotted her ‘oh ‘Ermione I’m so ‘appy ter see yer ‘ere. Where’s ‘Arry and Ron?’





Hagrid noticed Harry just stepping off the train and called him over while noticing the change in Hermione’s mood at the mention of Ron.





‘’Ave I missed some’in ‘ere, he ain’ ert yer as he?’





Hermione noticing the panic in Hagrid’s voice reassured him telling him what had happened at the wedding and how Ron had taken a job at the Ministry of Magic, answering Hagrid’s questions.





Hagrid unwillingly said his goodbyes to Harry and Hermione before leading a group of first years to the lake while Hermione and Harry caught up the Ginny, Neville and Luna who had saved a carriage for them.





Hermione walked into the great hall linked arm-in-arm with Luna and Ginny; Ginny had mustered up her Gryffindor courage and held it together, she then thanked Hermione for persuading her to come.





Just like it use to, four house tables lead the way to the staff table. Professor McGonagall sat in the Headmistresses chair flanked by Professor Flitwick and Hagrid who looked even bigger next to them. 





Professor McGonagall stood in silence and soon the light chatting was extinguished.





‘Welcome, new and old, I would first like to start by welcoming our new Head Girl Ms. Hermione Granger.’ Hermione stood and received a tremendous cheer, McGonagall continued. ‘And secondly our Head Boy Mr. Draco Malfoy.’ Malfoy didn’t stand and didn’t receive the cheer Hermione got but instead a few boo’s and rather harsh comments, not even the professor’s clapped. McGonagall continued, betrayed by her students with the sorting of the first years. The sorting hat sang a bright and cheerful song, and was in a particularly delighted mood.





The sorting finished and Professor McGonagall gave a huge beam at her new students and began the feast. The conversations resumed from where they finished and the clinking of cutlery filled the air.





Hermione watched Malfoy who didn’t eat anything despite the pleading of Nevaeh but just sat twiddling his fork between his fingers.





Ginny had started to talk about the new Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor – Professor Trot – and asked Hermione’s opinion which she gladly gave, returning to eat her food. After the plates were cleared Hermione left Harry and Ginny to guide the first years to their common rooms.





Once she had finished she was guided to the head’s dorm and given the password by Professor McGonagall.





McGonagall left her to settle in. She had got there before Malfoy which she was very grateful for.





The common room was much like Gryffindor’s but the colours were mixtures of golds, silvers, greens and scarlet, there was a feeling of warmth and love, the wall opposite the portrait hole was covered in a gold and silver pattern and held the Slytherin, Gryffindor and Hogwarts crest. The remaining walls were covered top to bottom in books, a fire was already lit, surrounded by armchairs and sofas. The floor was hard oak but separated by red and green rugs. In a corner surrounded by books stood a little desk and chair, Hermione was sure they would become very close.





Finally Hermione settled on the armchair closest to the fire and pulled out her book from the train journey. 





A few hours later Hermione woke up covered in a blanket. ‘What?’ she thought aloud to herself, to her surprise (a lot of that was happening resonantly) an unexpected voice replied.





‘When I got in you were curled up asleep so I covered you with a blanket, I didn’t want to wake you.’










Malfoy’s lips curled into a smirk in response. Hermione noticed the tone in his voice Malfoy had used with her; not an ounce of distaste or dislike. She folded the blanket and shut her book.





‘Thank you, but I think I’ll go back to my room.’ With enough said she climbed the white marble staircase; when she reached the top there were two doors, one with a golden lion and the other a silver serpent. She thought this was pretty clear and went into her room. Much like the common room, the walls were covered in books and there was a crackling fire.





She sat on the oak four-poster bed with golden hangings and took in the breath taking room. ‘beautiful’ she whispered under her breath. She spotted an oak door and stepped through it into a bathroom carved straight from white marble. There were two sinks and a swimming-pool sized bath with half a dozen taps sunk into the floor. She took in the sweet aroma and ran herself a bath using every tap, creating a bubble filled pool.





After her refreshing soak she changed into her nightwear and curled up in her bed and let herself be snatched away by sleep and the painful nightmares that came with it.












Sitting up realising where he was, Draco strolled over to his dresser to retrieve his clothes for the day ahead, and headed for the bathroom.





Without knocking, Draco burst into the bathroom yawning and rubbing his eyes, revealing Hermione in nothing but a towel brushing her teeth.





He hadn’t realised how much Hermione had changed, she no-longer looked like the bushy-haired-big-toothed-little-girl he use to make fun of but a beautiful young lady: her hair fell in long chocolate curls, her figure more feminine and her breasts more fulfilled.





‘Sorry’ he mumbled ‘I didn’t realise you were in here.’ Draco rushed while noticing Hermione’s cheeks flush rose pink. He turned and headed out the bathroom closing the door behind him. A light knock at the door and ‘it’s free’ from its previous occupant gave Draco the reassurance that the bathroom was face to use.





After his shower, Draco headed towards the dungeons to meet Nevaeh for he had offered to walk her to all her classes. She was stood near the Slytherin common room in a cute emerald green blouse and tight tube skirt finished off with dark black dolly shoes.





‘Good Morning’ he beamed taking hold of her books and planting a kiss on her cheek, ‘nice sleep?’ she gave a sheepish nod and he escorted her to charms. He quickly trod along to Defence Against the Dark Arts wondering what the point of learning about the dark arts after the war.





When Draco arrived the class had just begun; Hermione was sat between Ginny and Harry and had already started scribbling down notes.





Draco sat and was told to work with Blaise Zabini which Draco did not want to do as only 6 months ago he had helped with the capture of Alexander Zabini who happens to be Blaise’s Father.





It was clearly evident on Zabini’s face that he did not want to work with Draco either.





‘How dare you sit here like this you should be in Azkaban, you’re a coward, you abandoned the Dark Lord then handed over your own friends and family but won’t go yourself! Coward! You’re a Coward!’





Draco turned his back on Zabini taking his speech in his stride.















Draco turned to see Hermione catch Zabini’s wand.





‘HOW DARE YOU? YOU FILTHY MUDBLOOD!’ Draco quickly drew out his wand and held it to Zabini’s chest.





He stared intently into his eyes.





‘Mr. Zabini, 30 points from Slytherin for using foul language and Mr. Malfoy please lower your wand.’ Professor Trot spoke firmly.





Draco let out a deep breath and ran out of the classroom.





Draco headed straight to the common room ‘liquorice quill’ he demanded of the portrait before the old man in the portrait had chance to inquire.





He cut through the common room and up the marble staircase.





Throwing his books on the bed and grabbing a towel he headed for a bath.





The temperature of the water burnt against his skin. He pulled his face out the water and replayed the events in his head: Zabini had been predicted, even Trelawny would’ve predicted that, but Granger – he hadn’t seen that coming. Wasn’t this what he wanted, granger to see the new him? Surely she could see he was a changed man?  











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The Curse Of Love: A Changed Man?


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