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Ginny Weasley a.k.a Ginny Potter by maddylion04
Chapter 1 : Ginny Weasley a.k.a Ginny Potter
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 "Ginny this is stupid" said Ron squirming.

"Stop moving Ron, you'll mess it up."

"This is the third time this week though" he whined.

"Mum told you to play with me so now you have to play with me" she said putting her hands on her hips. Even for a five year old she was scary.

"But can’t we play something else, I don’t want to pretend to be Harry Potter anymore so that you can marry me." said Ron with a grimace.

"well too bad" said Ginny as she went back to attempting to draw a lightning bolt scar on Ron’s forehead with a washable marker.

"Hrumph" sighed Ron. Why did dad have to tell her the story of Harry Potter. Ever since she wouldn’t stop talking about him. How she was going to meet him, then eventually marry him. She even had names for their children. Just the other day at dinner she told everyone not to call her Ginny Weasley anymore but Ginny Potter. It was insane. Like the poor Weasleys would ever meet the famous Harry Potter.

"There all done." said Ginny triumphantly as she finished drawing on Ron's head.

"Do I really have to do this" he complained.

"Yes, now go stand at the end of the hallway so I can walk down the aisle. “she said as she flipped her vibrant Weasley hair over her shoulder and clumped to the opposite end to the hallway in her mother’s high heels.

Ron turned and stood at the end of the hall with his back to Ginny as he waited for her to come.

"Wait", cried Ginny, "we need Fred or George to marry us, you need to go get one of them,"

 "Why me"

 " Because I’m the bride, and I told you to."

"Fine" said Ron stomping out the  door to find the twins with no intention of coming back. But as soon as he made it out the front door he ran right into Fred and George  who were coming back inside for a snack.

"Watch where you’re going Ronniekins." said Fred

" Shut up Fred."

"Better not let Mum hear you talking like that Ron," said George but Fred had noticed the lovely scar Ginny had drawn on Rons head and a sly grin spread onto his face.

"George, I think that Ginny has turned Ron into Mr. Potter again."

"Would you look at that Fred, I think you're right,"

"Do you know what I think Fred"

"I think I do George,"

"I think that we....."

".....should attend....”

"......Ron and Ginny's wedding." They said. The twins had the annoying habit of finishing each others sentences. Ron groaned. Now he would have to go back to Ginny, the twins wouldn’t let him get away.

"Awwww, Ronnie don’t you want to be Harry Potter." said Fred in a baby voice.

"No" growled Ron.

"Poor Ronnie" said George sarcastically.

" Ron why aren't you playing with your sister like I told you to." said Mrs. Weasley as she came up behind the three arguing boys.

"I... I was...." he stuttered, “I’m going"

" Looks like Ron has to be Potter after all." whispered George. Ron glared at him.

" Why don’t you two go with Ron and play with Ginny too." said Molly

" Mum!!" wined George but Fred just glared at Ron who gave him the most innocent smile that he could.

" Run along now" all three boys looked at their mother silently pleading. "GO, Now" she said sternly.

Shoulders slumped, all three of them began to walk slowly back into the house.

" I've been waiting," said Ginny impatiently when the three returned. She now had a pink plastic tiara on her head and was wearing Molly’s bright red lipstick.

"Sorry" said Ron.

" Good you brought Fred and George,' she said, " Fred you can marry us and George can be the ring bearer."

" What!" said the twins at the same time. They didn’t want to be roped into Ginny's game too. They just came to laugh at Ron. Ginny crossed her arms and glared at them.

"Okay... okay were going.' Ginny just smiled at them.

Ron again stood at the end of the hall with his back to his sister but this time he had Fred and George standing on either side of him. All three of them could hear Ginny begin to walk down the hall because of the way the too big heels clanked against the floor every time she took a step. When she reached them Ron turned around to face her, But Ginny didn’t see her brother, she saw her hero Harry Potter standing in front of her. And she wasn't Ginny Weasley anymore, she was the beautiful Ginny Potter. But her day dream was ruined by Fred waving his hand in front of her face saying.

"Gin? Earth to Ginny."

" huh" said Ginny.

" Ok  now that  Ginny is out of La La Land we can proceed with the wedding." said George.

" Alright so, blah blah blah blah blah, I now pronounce you husband and wife." said Fred. That earned him a strong Mrs. Weasleyish glare from Ginny.

" What", said Fred defensively," I don’t know how weddings go. I've never been to one before."

"We have to do the rings first." said Ginny as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. She would have to work on them.

" Sorry, OK Ron you put the ring on Ginny’s finger." said Fred. Ginny daintily stuck out her hand so Ron could slip the plastic ring over her finger.

" Now it’s my turn" said Ginny," Hold out your hand Ron."

" Ginny!" he wailed," That ring has a heart on it, I am not wearing that."

" Yes you are!" she said angrily. " you are ruining my wedding." she said as she grabbed Rons hand and shoved the ring onto his finger.

" Ouch Ginny." Ginny just smiled sweetly at her brother.

" I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Potter, You may now kiss the bride." said Fred.

" I am not kissing her." said Ron horrified. " Not. Going . TO . Happen." he earned himself another glare from Ginny. Ginny rolled her eyes, grabbed Rons face and kissed him  loudly on the cheek. Ron looked at her shocked with a bright red lipstick mark on his cheek

" Ginny you know that this will never happen right."

" Yes it is. I will marry Harry Potter." she said confidently.

"Whatever" said Ron

" Sure" said the twins together. Then all three of them turned and walked away back down the stairs.  I'll show them, thought Ginny to herself. I will meet Harry Potter and I will marry him. she smiled smugly at her brothers back and clomped up the stairs to her room.

But the boys would soon find out how wrong they were. Ginny was determined. She would have her Harry Potter. Nothing would stop her. 

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