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Unexpected Blossoming Love by Hermione and George
Chapter 4 : Flashback
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A/N I have added a flash back because some of my reviewers have asked how Allen got saved so here it is, Chapter 4.


My heart was beating like a drum, pounding against my chest. I was flying down the alleyway of Knockturn alley where I passed many dark wizarding shops. With Holly by my side I felt much safer. We stopped outside the shop ' Borgin and burkes' and covered ourselves with our best friend, Harry's invisibility cloak.

We slowly and carefully entered the store. We shakily brushed past several dark objects, keen on finding our little brother. We heard a strangled cry coming from the cellar downstairs. We follow our instincts (and our feet) and carefully trod downstairs.

We reach an opening when suddenly we hear 2 young male voices, identical male voices. We struggle to identify them until one says ďLetís go Freddie, we need to get this baby back to the Granger girls, since they are on their way."

Little did they know that we were standing right behind them listening in on their conversation. We heard another cry, but this time it wasnít a strangled one. Allen could somehow sense that Holly and I were in the room. Allen was saved.

(End of flashback)(Hermioneís POV)

I woke up, sweating. The flashback that I just had enters my dreams almost every night, they have for months. Some people think that it wasn't a big drama but I think different. We can tell that Allen has been mentally marked from Voldemort, for he cries every night.

Whenever I see George and Fred I think of how lucky I was for them to be there, they saved him. I will never be able to thank them enough. They say that it gets annoying, me always thanking them, but they donít know what they have done to help us. I will forever be grateful.

I get out of bed, needing a glass of water. I walk down to the Common room, where I get a glass of drink from the tap. I didn't realise that I was being watched closely by a boy that just exited his dormitories.
He stumbled down the stairs but I was too tired to notice. He came up behind me and coughed. I jumped but recovered quickly. He excused himself and reached for a glass of water. I suddenly realised who it was. I leaped out of the way, running back up the stairs, depositing of my glass on the way. I jump back into bed and curl up, falling asleep quickly.

The next day I slowly got out of bed because it was the weekend. On a weekday I would've been up in an instant but I couldn't be bothered. I trotted down the stairs where I was greeted by my sister, who was standing with Fred. She started another conversation with him so I walked away.

I stride over to the place were Harry, Ron and I usually sit. It wasn't a surprise to see Harry and Ron already busy with a game of chess. I sat next to Ron and watched the game. Once they finished all three of us went to breakfast. When we finished that we went down to the lake. The boys both went for a swim while I read a book.

A/N Well tell me what you think of it. Good? Bad? Please leave a review in the box below so that I can improve. Tell me what you think. You can even review if you are a guest, so get reviewing.

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