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A Life In Silence by swatton42
Chapter 1 : Cell Number 987
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Only those who have been through the horror of having their address changed to cell {Insert number here} - Azkaban Prison would be able to describe the true affects the place can have on the soul. That is if they managed to remain mentally stable enough to do so...

The current occupant of number 987 was sat in the corner, watching the bars at the front of his cell intently, waiting patiently for his next guest to arrive. He had been waiting like this for 4 days, 7 hours and 12 minutes, as a rough estimate of course. A long line of uneaten plates of food were slowly beginning to gather mould on the floor in front of him. Glasses of water were turning stagnant and starting to evaporate. His bones were becoming more prominent with each passing day, his lips were chapped and his skin dry, but still he refused to drink. The casual drip from the potion decanter floating above his head echoed ominously around him, bouncing off all the surfaces in the room before reaching his ears. There were times he would want a break from watching the empty corridor on the other side of his iron bar clad front door, so would turn instead to watch the droplets fall from the decanter pipe. The pipe seemingly vanished into thin air after half a metre of tubing, but in reality it continued in an invisible tube into his very veins. Those in power at the ministry had decided that death by voluntary starvation and dehydration was not an acceptable way to escape his court hearing. The potion provided just enough sustenance to keep him alive, but not enough to numb the pain of his actions against additional further nutritional intake.

Somewhere along the corridor, some of his neighbours had started arguing again. The topic of today's disagreement was which of the jail staff looked more like an over-inflated toad. Considering the nature of their residency, there was only so many normal conversations that could be held, and apparently all the events in the current daily prophet had been exhausted. Occasionally bets would be placed between the inmates, for example, regarding the outcome of quidditch matches. The winner of the bet would gain the largest share of the day's quota of toilet paper. Inevitably these bets would be followed by allegations of cheating and further arguments would ensue. It was safe to say Azkaban was not a place to form solid friendships.

Although he would listen to the delightfully eloquent conversations his accompanying inmates had, he never once joined in. His voice had not been heard since the minute the auror's arrived at his house to take him in for questioning. The auror's had been working hard since Voldemort's fall in the great battle of Hogwarts, Azkaban had quite the collection of confirmed or suspected death eaters sitting in its many chambers. The Minister Of Magic had been fair and granted every death eater the opportunity for redemption through trial, although there were very few that had been pardoned and granted their freedom.

As the temperature suddenly plummeted and the stagnant water before him turned to ice, the young man in cell number 987 allowed his facial muscles to stretch into a small twisted smile. The pitiful wails of the corridor inmates caused his sickened grin to spread. This could only mean one thing, the dementors were on their way. They only made an appearance when an inmate was being escorted through the building, any other time the jailers would make the rounds by themselves.

He expectantly rose to his feet and made the short walk from brick corner to iron. A somewhat squat attendant opened his door and within seconds skeletal, rotting hands gripped at his arms. The jail attendant gave her wand a flick in the direction of the decanter freeing his arm from the potion being fed constantly into his body and led him back down the direction from which the small group had come. As always he was escorted to meeting room 12, found on level 9. Waiting for him was the head of the department of magical law enforcement, Kingsley Shacklebolt. He allowed himself to be forced into the empty seat at the table, a single glass of water perched on the woodwork.

'Please, have a drink...' The young man merely stared at Shacklebolt's left shoulder and folded his bony arms across his emaciated chest.

'Well, as you wish then Master Malfoy. I have mentioned to you before there have been witnesses approach me, willing to support you at a hearing. They believe that you took minimal action as part of Lord Voldemort's ranks and the priori incantatum spell on your wand would appear to be in your favour. The murder toll at your personal hand still stands at zero, am I correct?'

By way of answer Draco slouched back into his chair and met Shacklebolt's gaze with his own grey and blood-shot eyes.

'We do not have enough evidence against you to hold you here any longer, you do not have to return to cell 987 today. However you will be placed under house arrest with one of our newest auror's until you agree to give a verbal statement at a hearing, the date of which is still to be confirmed. The auror you will be staying with progressed through training faster than any other student and is more than qualified to...provide for your current needs. He will explain all details of your living conditions and terms when you arrive at his home.'

The door clicked open and another man sidled into meeting room 12. Draco's eyes darted across the newcomer's features, taking in everything from the dark hair, to his muscular physique. His eyes wandered up to the man's face, studying the brilliant green eyes behind a pair of well worn rounded glasses, and up again to steal a quick glance at the slightly faded scar.

'Master Malfoy, I'm sure you recognise Master Potter. Please exercise restraint and respect whilst staying in his house, we still have plenty of empty cells here in Azkaban if you do not.'

And still Draco Malfoy said nothing.


To anyone reading my other story, I am still going with it and the next few chapters are ready to be put through validation, but this idea would not leave my brain alone so I had to write this too!

Hope you like it!

Please read and review! xxx

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