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A Rollercoaster Called Life by missclaire17
Chapter 13 : Chapter Thirteen
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“You know, you can keep trying but you’re not going to get it out of me, Ethan so you might as well give up now,” I practically snapped at Ethan as he asked me for the billionth time what happened between me and my parents.

We were sitting on a table, Rose and Scorpius off dancing, Albus magically disappeared after a slutty looking girl passed by our table, and Louis and Grace dancing since Louis was making rounds with every single girl present,

James shot Ethan a disapproving look which Ethan promptly ignored. “Okay fine. But I just want to make sure that this isn’t something big that I should know about. You and Charlie never keep secrets from me,” He said, slightly hurt.

I softened and glanced at Lucy, who was doing her best to avoid looking at Ethan. She was wearing a beautiful white dress, that was tight and embroidered till the waist where it becomes bellowing and floaty. She paired it off with spectacular gold heels that matched the design on her dress as well as her earrings.

“You’ll know soon enough. It’s just not the right time for me to tell you right now,” I said pointedly before turning to James. “So where’s Sam? I haven’t seen him at all tonight.”

James nodded towards a group of people I hadn’t noticed at all until he pointed them out. They were all sitting at a table, chattering. “He’s there, with Olivia, her parents, and her brother.”

Sure enough, I spotted Sam’s light brown hair and Olivia and Benjamin Davies’s chocolate brown hair.

“Oh hey, there’s Benjamin,” Lucy said mildly, nudging me with a smirk on her face.

I elbowed her back and glanced at James who had a tight expression on his face. “Stop it. Who cares about Benjamin?” I hissed, though loud enough for James to hear me.

Lucy tossed her hair behind her and waggled her eyebrows at me before laughing. “You did. Once. Upon a time. Or should I say twice.”

James’s expression got even more tense here so I asked Lucy, “So how’s Lysander doing? Talk to him lately?”

At my words, Lucy scowled at me and gave me the finger. “You win this time,” she grumbled, nudging me as hard as she can against my arms.

“I always win,” I grinned at her, making her even more huffy. Oh how I loved to mess with Lucy.

Lucy stood up and pouted. “You know what? I don’t want to be around you anymore. I’m going to go dance. Hart, want to come with me?”

My jaw dropped the same time as James started hacking so blatantly obvious. Ethan also looked up with a startled expression.

“What did you say?” Ethan asked incredulously, his voice cautious yet so helpfully hopeful. The entire scene made my heart swell.

Lucy rolled her eyes, though her nervous drumming fingers gave her away. “Ethan, do you want to dance with me?”

Ethan’s face broke out into the widest smile I had ever seen as he stood up in a flash. “Sure, lead the way, Lucy,” Ethan said smoothly as he held out his hand.

Lucy took his hand, though trying to suppress her grin as the two of them walked towards the dance floor, various heads of Hogwarts students turning in shock as they did.

“Did you see that?!” I squealed, turning to James with a giddy expression. “So much progress already!”

“Progress, you say?” James smirked, pulling me out of my chair and onto his lap. “So how much progress has there been?”

I gave James a serious look. I held out my pinky and said, “Promise you won’t tell Ethan. Promise me or I won’t tell you.”

James twisted his pinky around mine and grinned. “I promise. Now, what is this all about?”

I lost all seriousness as I said happily, “After that day when everyone had that huge fight at Hogsmeade, Lucy admitted that she actually really need him. Of course nothing really happened right afterwards because Lucy felt so guilty about yelling at him and all of us thought nothing would ever happen but now this happened!”

James frowned, as he used his other hand that wasn’t wrapped around my hand to twist my hair around his fingers. “I don’t get it. So… does this mean she fancies him now?”

“Weren’t you listening? She fancied him for a while now! She didn’t want to do anything because she was so sure that he didn’t fancy her anymore. But now she’s actually making a move! This means that she wants to take the next step whether he fancies her or not!” I concluded for him with a wide grin.

Comprehension dawned onto James’s face as he nodded. “But I don’t understand how she can possibly think that he doesn’t fancy her. He was pretty obvious.”

“Yeah but I mean, he could have very well said that he wanted to move on right? Just because he told her that doesn’t mean that he still does,” I explained.

“True. Very true, love, but either way, not saying anything after he said all of that made her seem like she doesn’t like him,” James pointed out, wrapping his arms around my waist.

I raised my eyebrows incredulously. “What! Is that what Ethan’s been thinking all this time? That she doesn’t fancy him?”

“Of course…” James raised his eyebrows this time as he stared back at me. “I didn’t even know until you just told me.”

“She couldn’t very well just say that she fancies him, right after she so essentially accused him of being a selfish arsehole,” I replied, furrowing my eyebrows at James and Ethan’s logic.

“Maybe. Lucy still sent out the wrong impression. If it weren’t for the fact that Ethan is still so hung up on her, then he would have moved on a long time ago,” James said before he suddenly picked me up bridal style and set me on the floor so he could stand up. “Let’s talk about Lucy and Ethan another time. I want to do something.”

“We can… say hi to Sam! I haven’t met Olivia yet!” I suggested, my eyes twinkling.

After James had told me that Sam and Olivia’s dads hadn’t killed each other yet after introducing them to each other, Lucy, Rose, Grace, and I had been hoping to meet her and be properly introduced.

James frowned before he took my hand. “That means we would have to go talk to her brother,” he said stiffly.

For a moment, I was confused why on Earth that would be such a problem until I remembered that James had seen me snogging him at the Back to School party.

“James, that was nothing. It’s not a big deal. We’re friends, acquaintances, nothing more,” I said patiently, tugging his hand towards Sam and Olivia.

He obliged to let me pull him but asked, “Then what was Lucy talking about? How you cared about him twice?”

I blushed, which was the wrong thing to do because James got really upset as his jaw locked. My eyes widened and I immediately said, “It’s not like that! It’s just…”

“Yes?” James asked expectantly. His hand tightened as he said this.

I brought his hand up and rubbed it with my other hand as I said, rather uncomfortably, “It’s nothing. Just after the party, the next day, I went to apologize to him because of how you and Ethan had been jumping on him. Then… we- er, just sort of… snogged… but then that was it! Nothing happened after that!”

Obviously my last sentence didn’t sit well with James either. “You snogged him? After what we did?” James said, narrowing his eyes.

“James! I know I shouldn’t have and I told him I shouldn’t have. He understood. It was nothing more. The only other bloke that I have snogged since then is you, and I didn’t even care about Ben. AND we weren’t together yet,” I pouted, dropping his hand and folding my arms.

Why he was being so huffy about this was beyond me.

James softened and sighed. He pulled me forward into his arms and murmured, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have gotten angry. It’s just that I consider you to be off limits after that party and the idea of you snogging him…”

I wrapped my arms around him and grinned. “It’s okay. We’re allowed to have our moments, as long as it’s within reason. Now… Olivia?”

James grinned and nodded, taking my hand and leading us towards where Sam and Olivia were. “Olivia.”

“I think she was the most brilliant person I’ve ever met,” Lucy declared the night we got back to Hogwarts.

I jumped onto my bed and grinned. “I agree. She was so down to earth, classy, and so posh! Yet she was so blunt but very nice.”

Rose, who had been hanging up her clothes back onto her wardrobe, snorted. She turned around and raised an eyebrow. “Posh? Really, posh? You’d use that word to describe Olivia? That makes her sound stuffy.”

“Not stuffy! Like she was very elegant and everything,” I defended myself.

“I agree. She was very elegant. There’s something about her persona that makes her really no nonsense but she’s just so nice to be around,” Grace agreed, resting on her own bed.

Since vacation, she had been a lot more open with us. I credit that to the fact that she spent the Holidays with Lucy, but I was very glad that Grace was getting closer and closer to us. It was almost weird, thinking that only in the beginning of the year were we nothing more than dorm mates yet now she was one of my closest friends.

“I wonder who Olivia usually hangs out with,” Lucy contemplated as she levitated her trunk back to its usual corner of her area in the dorm where it usually sat.

All of our dorm beds were positioned so that we each had a corner and area of the room and forming a circle so that we could easily talk whilst laying in bed.

I frowned. That was actually a great question that I didn’t know the answer to.

Rose answered, however, saying, “She has some Ravenclaw friends that she hangs out with and I think they’re her dorm mates. One of them is Aquamarine Woodley, the older sister of the new friend that Lily’s been hanging out with lately.”

“The one that Lily went to her house to get ready right?” Lucy confirmed.

Rose nodded. “Yeah, Sapphire Woodley.”

“You know, wizards have really interesting names. Aquamarine? Sapphire?” I raised my eyebrows and giggled. “And in the Muggle world we have names like Ashley, or Stephanie.”

Lucy snorted. “Either that or they’re all named after dead people. I mean, Colette f? She said her name was based after her late uncle Colin’s.”

“But we’re all the new generation after the big war,” Grace pointed out before asking, “So Lily’s been hanging out with Olivia’s friend’s younger sister? Sapphire Woodley?”

Rose nodded. “Yeah they’ve been getting really close. It’s almost weird because she hasn’t had any real female friends, except for Scarlett Finnigan. And even Lily’s not that close with Scarlett.”

“Scarlett, as in Sean Finnigan’s little sister?” I asked curiously.

Rose nodded again and climbed onto her own bed. “There’s Sean and Scarlett’s older brother, Scott, and then there’s also Scott, Sean, and Scarlett’s older sister, Sage. Scott was Fred’s roommate and I think Sage was Dom and Molly’s roommate.”

“Bloody hell, and I thought the Weasleys and Potters were a huge family!” I exclaimed. “I never knew Sean and Scarlett had another brother and sister.”

“Well they’re half Irish. Isn’t that the whole stereotype of Irish people? That they  have huge families?” Lucy asked with a frown.

I giggled. “No, Luce. That’s the Greeks.”

“No, Bella, actually, that’s the Weasleys and Potters,” Grace joked, sending me into another fit of giggles as Rose and Lucy just rolled their eyes.

“Honestly, our family’s not that big!” Rose said, picking up her hairbrush from her nightstand and brushing her hair.

Grace raised her eyebrows. “Actually, I think it is. How many families do you know have that huge of a family? And you are all just first cousins!”

I nodded in agreement. I swear the Weasleys and Potters were probably responsible for half of the baby bloom after the Second Wizarding War.

Lucy shrugged and replied, “Fair point. I’ll give you that. But I honestly can’t imagine what it had been like for our parents, having that 6 siblings.”

“I can’t imagine having 7 children,” I wrinkled my nose. “1 or 2 is too little, 3 is good, 4 is pushing it, 5 is ridiculous, and 6 or 7 is just unimaginable!”

“I bet you’re going to have at least four children,” Lucy stated with a grin

I shook my head. “I only want three actually.”

“Yeah but you’re not even out of Hogwarts and you and James are already having a child. Can you imagine you two after you get out of Hogwarts?” Rose said after she set her hairbrush back onto her night stand.

A smile crept up onto my face at the subtle mention of James and I having a family. The thought warmed me up that I was staring out into space with a goofy smile until the other snapped me back into reality.

“You okay? You completely blanked out there,” Lucy raised her eyebrows.

I nodded, a smile still playing at my lips. “Yeah I’m good. I just had a thought, that’s all.”

Rose smiled at me knowingly. “Share it then, go on!”

I stared at Lucy, Rose, and Grace, all three of them looking at me expectantly.

“It’s nothing. Just the idea of James and I having a family. It’s a… nice thought,” I said, the aforementioned goofy smile most likely returning to my face. “We never really talked about getting married, obviously, but it’s nice thinking about it.”

When January rolled by, I was feeling fantastic.

James and I were doing better than ever, I would be finding out the sex of our child in less than a month, Albus’s coming of age party was amazing, Lucy and Ethan seemed chummier than ever, and life seemed to be fantastic, even with the immense workload that the teachers loved to pile on us second term.

I had gotten into such a routine of everything that I had forgotten all about Dad, his fury with my pregnancy, and how I was essentially disowned.

That is, until the bomb dropped.

I was sitting at the Gryffindor table, piling anything and everything onto my plate as the morning mail came that morning.

“Mail!” Louis said gleefully as his own owl dropped a huge package along with a letter in front of him.

“I’ve never seen a boy so excited to get mail,” Lucy said dryly as she ripped open her own letter.

I ignored the both of them as Clio landed in front of me, holding three letters.

“Hey girl, how are you doing?” I said as I stroked her feathers, taking the letters from her. The first one was from Mum, the second one from Charlie (and Rachel), and the third, surprisingly, from Madi and Sophie, my two favorite cousins who happen to be my age and attending the same school as well. 

“Aren’t you popular?” James said from next to me as he looked over at my three letters.

I shot him a grin and said, “Don’t you know it. It’s from my mum, Charlie, and my cousins.”

With that said, I first proceeded to rip open my mum’s letter.

My dear sweet Bella,

I hope you know how pleased I was when I received your letter. Charlie had told me that you weren’t mad anymore but nothing felt better than receiving your letter. I promise upon my Burberry handbag that I will be here for you, Bella. Whether your father sees sense or not, you won’t be in this alone.

On the other hand, you also have no idea how exciting it is for me! Both of my babies growing up! Charlie with his first real girlfriend, who is a complete sweetie, and you, Bella, with your own baby! Nothing pleases me more than seeing my two children get along and grow up so beautifully.

I also apologize in advance. You must have received Madison and Sophie’s letter. The news just accidentally slipped out the other day when I was talking to your Aunt Emma, Aunt Charlotte, and Aunt Jacqueline. Emma was ecstatic and wanted to know if Ethan already knew. Charlotte, being typical Charlotte, rambled on about a baby born out of wedlock, and Jacqueline was in shock though she wants to be introduced to James straight away.

Which reminds me, I would love to have a meeting with Harry and Ginny. And James of course. Since you are obviously keeping the baby, I think a meeting is in order, don’t you agree?

I love you Bella and please take care. Watch out for Ethan for the sake of your poor Aunt Emma and Uncle Rupert.

All my love,


I furrowed my eyebrows in conclusion though my mind was slowly coming to the horrific conclusion. If Mum said that she accidentally let the news slip…

Quickly, I glanced over to Ethan, where he sat next to Sam, while reading his own letters.

My heart pounded as I quickly ripped open Madison and Sophie’s letter, ignoring the curious look from Lucy, Rose, Grace, Albus, and James.



How can you not have told us?! Just because your boarding school doesn’t allow cell phones and is stuck in the medieval ages DOESN’T mean that the both of us have to find out that you’re bloody PREGNANT from our MUMS!

We can’t believe you didn’t bloody TELL us!!!

We demand details. All of it. Every single bloody detail of that night, the dad whom I obviously assume to be your bloody fit boyfriend, and everything else in between.

Does Ethan know? Mind, he’s going to go mental when he finds out that his best mate got his cousin pregnant.

Anyways, write back quickly! Neither of us can bloody wait any longer for all the details. When is your due date?! CAN WE BE THERE?! How far along are you anyways!

Love, Madi and Soph

My mouth dropped in shock as I met eyes with Lucy and Rose who looked at me very concerned before turning to James who was watching me closely.

“Madison and Sophie found out. My extended family knows,” I said in barely a whisper to James.

James’s eyes widened as he took in what I just told him and what that meant.

It was with years of practice and the mark of true friendship that Lucy and Rose both managed to read my lips and simultaneously gasped.

It would have been hilarious and comical, really, had my attention not been diverted from Ethan who obviously had just finished reading his own letter from his mum.








A/N: I apologize for the late chapter update! 
College has been surprisingly busy and Holidays have been packed with family events. 

How did you like the Lucy and Ethan interaction? About Bella's family's letters? What do you think Ethan will do now that he found out about the baby? 

I apologize again for the cliffhanger and the shortness of the chapter but I really wanted the next chapter to stand alone. 

Please leave a review! It's chocolate to the author's soul. 


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