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My Name Is Juliet Black by Juliet Black
Chapter 2 : My Second Year
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My second year was rather boring compared to my first year, Fred and George still used their jokes on me, I didn’t mind to much really, I can’t say they were funny, but they weren’t always annoying. I think I once saw Professor McGonagall smile out of the corner of my eye when they were telling some of the first years their jokes. But she would never admit it. But after they tried to send one of their brothers a toilet seat from the bathroom as a Christmas present I didn’t think I’d ever see her smile again. They didn’t seem too bad though, but that might just be because they were usually the only other students in my house who would talk to me on a regular basis, even if sometimes it was just to ridicule me. But I really started to dislike them when I was the center of all their pranks.

I slowly started speaking to them less and less, until one night, when I stayed up studying in the library until almost 9 o’clock. I had realized it was passed curfew and I quickly ran back to the common room. I ran to the portrait of the Fat Lady who was sleeping, and spent 5 minutes trying to wake her up from what she called ‘beauty sleep’.

“Cornish pixies.” I said when she finally woke up, it was the password for the week, it was easy to remember because Professor Sage, the new DADA teacher of the year, had us write an essay about them. Our old teacher, Professor Spence, had been accidentally transfigured into a tea cup last year; she resigned immediately after she was transfigured back.

As the Fat Lady opened the portrait hole she scolded me for waking her up so late, but that was the last thing on my mind, because as I was walking through I saw Fred and George, who I hadn’t spoken to in almost a month, unless it was asking one of them to pass the salt while sitting in the Great Hall eating a meal. And before I knew what was happening and bucket had fallen on my head. And orange liquid which I soon realize was pumpkin juice covered me from head-to-toe. I did not see that coming, and I’m a Seer, I know these things.

“Hey George it worked!” The twin who I knew to be Fred exclaimed.

By then I had removed the bucket from my head, and just when I thought that they prank was over, I look up to see nothing by hippogriff feathers falling from the ceiling and covering my now sticky hair and robes. I heard nothing but laughing as I ran to the girls toilet in the second year girls dorm, and sobbed as I washed the pumpkin juice and feathers out of my hair. I didn’t cry because of the humiliation. I cried because I’m allergic to pumpkins. This was the day where I finally realized that Fred and George Weasley are, and will always be, complete arses, and that they should be avoided, if possible, at all times.

I did not speak to them for weeks after that, and I avoided them at all costs, until one day we were in transfiguration, there was only about 4 weeks left in the school year, and they walked up to me.

“Hey, Juliet?” George shouted from the other side of the classroom.

“What?” I replied in what I intended to be an annoyed voice, although it’s not like they would have cared. “I’m working on the assignment, unlike you two.” Which was true, we were learning how to transfigure our pets into objects; I was the only one that had moved on to the second, while they had yet to start.

“We wanted to make a bet over whether you could use your metamorpha-what-ever-you-call-it powers to grow a second head, but we both don’t think you can’t, so we were wondering if you would bet 5 sickles on it, you up for it?” Fred asked.

“It’s metamorphamagus.” I replied in an almost bossy tone.

Well I took them up on that bet. Long story short, I won, but ended up in the hospital wing for 3 weeks because I couldn’t make the other head go away. It’s quite lonely being stuck in the hospital wing for that long, but at least I had another me to talk to. Mum wasn’t very happy when Dumbledore owled her though, but look on the bright side, I ended up 5 sickles richer.

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