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A Mudblood's Secret Past by Jakumo1
Chapter 3 : Next
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            “Rock-a-bye Princess from Heaven come down; sleeping so calmly you don’t hear a sound.”  I could hear someone singing and began walking down a hallway inside what looked like at least a two story house.  Fancy, yet elegant, something simple.  It felt like I was reliving a memory as I made my way down the hall, following the voice into a bedroom.  “There is a Dragon to take you away, and there you will find your Prince someday.”  A beautiful pale woman with raven black hair sang to a child no more than six years old with the same skin and hair, lying down and covered in a light pink comforter, her little arms and hands holding a long armed and legged, stuffed monkey.  ‘What a strange lullaby.’  I couldn’t help but think as I watched the older woman brush some hair off of the child’s face before getting up, walking right through me and out of the door, the scene before me dissolving right in front of my eyes.

I woke up with a start and began looking frantically around my bedroom to see that it was only a dream.  A dream that felt so incredibly real.  I got up and ready in a daze, thinking constantly about the dream that felt more like reality.  Pushing the thoughts of the dream to the back of my mind, I began getting ready and heading down to the Great Hall for breakfast.  I walked over to the Gryffindor table to find Harry, Ginny and Ron already sitting and eating their meal.

“Hey, has Draco come down yet?”  I asked sitting and beginning my meal.  “No, haven’t seen him all morning.”  Harry answered nonchalantly.  “Why?  Is there something we should know about?”  “Of course not Ronald.  I just wanted to talk to him about our potions assignment before our trip to Hogsmeade today.  Honestly, I think you’re getting paranoid over such trivial things.”  I knew where this was going.  He was thinking that Draco and I were getting too close.  What did he expect?  After all, Draco deserves a second chance; he made a mistake that’s all.

I looked over to the entrance of the Great Hall several times before I saw Draco walk through the doorway and begin to look around the room casually.  “Hey, Draco over here!”  He began to make his way over to our table after following my voice and finding us.  After Draco got seated and began eating, Pansy decided to come by and sit on the table next to Draco.  Literally on the table.

“Aw, sitting with your Mudblood again Drakie Poo?”  She was obviously faking innocence while, Draco was trying so hard to ignore her.  “I suppose you have to have someone feel sorry for you, considering how much of a failure you are.”

“Shut it Parkinson!”  I roared accidentally slamming down on the table, not really paying much attention to what I was doing.

“How dare you talk to me you filthy little Mudblood?”  She yelled back, everyone clearly getting the attention of everyone else in the room.

“I’d rather be a Mudblood than someone without a heart!”

“Without a heart?”  Pansy roared again.  “You’re just using him is all!  Another picture in the Daily Prophet is all you care about!”

“Funny I could have sworn you were talking about yourself!”  I retorted.

“I care about him!  How could a Mudblood like you possibly care for him the way that I do?  Even considering how he failed the Dark Lord so miserably!”  Draco jolted from his seat and out the doorway leading into the Great Hall as thought he were shocked with electricity.

“You’re a horrible hag!”  I yelled before running after him, well aware of everyone’s eyes following me out before they began rambling on about what they were previously talking about.  “Draco!”  I called out, but he continued walking down the hall at an even faster rate, if at all possible.  “Draco, Wait!”  He ran into the men’s bathrooms with me following close behind.  I could hear his gasping and sobbing echoing through the bathroom as I slowly and quietly began to make my way closer to him.  Draco’s heart wrenching sobs and gasps shook his body as he leaned over the sink; his tears dripping from his eyes into the porcelain dome.  “Draco.”  I whispered, feeling as though I was going to cry myself.  He slowly turned around to face me, a look of guilt and possible panic covering his face.

I slowly began to walk towards him and wipe his tears away with my thumbs, feeling the soft skin in my hands.  He continued to look guiltily at me, but this time his eyes held confusion and fear as well.  “You shouldn’t listen to Pansy, she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.”

“She’s right Hermione.”  Draco’s eyes began brimming with tears again.  “I have failed in everything but making everyone’s lives absolutely miserable, including yours.  I’m sorry Hermione, I’m so so sorry-”

“You’re not a failure Draco!”  I didn’t even let him finish.  “You made a few mistakes that’s all!  But you’ve learned from them and that’s what counts.”  A look of relief crossed his face before his arms engulfed me into a big hug.  It was so hard to believe that this man was our childhood enemy; the one we spent the past seven years fighting.  When he was finally able to let go, I wiped his face with my hands again, making him presentable, before we made our way back into the Great Hall; everyone pausing until we got seated and carrying on conversation as though nothing had ever happened.

It wasn’t long after we got seated and began eating again that Harry was starting a conversation with us.  At least he was trying unlike Ronald.

“Hey ‘Mione, Ginny and I were going to grab a Butterbeer at The 3 Broomsticks later, you and Draco want to join us?”

“Sure, sounds like fun.”  I answered while, Draco gave a lopsided smile, but it faded once he realized Ronald was glaring at him.  I swear I was just about to punch the lights right out of him, but after what had already happened with Pansy I probably would have gotten expelled.

After breakfast, everyone wandered around there houses, the library or out at the Quidditch field, how like I was watching Draco and Harry neck and neck after the snitch, Ron on Harry’s team playing beater and catcher; Ginny doing the same only on Draco’s team.  If Ginny hadn’t volunteered to be on Draco’s team he would have been pitted against three players considering Ron absolutely refused to have anything to do with him.

“Yes!  That’s my Won Won!”  I heard Lavender shouting next to me; all I wanted in that moment was to punch her like I did to Draco in third year.  “Go Draco!  Show em’ how it’s done!”  I shouted at the top of my lungs, earning a dirty look from Lavender.  It felt glorious!

Harry and Draco were tied and both about to grab the snitch before a sudden chill crept through the air and ice began to form over the grassy fields.  “Oh no.”  Slipped through my lips as Lavender kept shouting “Go, Won Won!” at the top of her lungs.  “Draco!  Harry!  Stop the match!”  The ice kept creeping up closer and closer towards us as panic began to viciously thrust through my veins.  “DEMENTORS!”  I strained my throat to scream loud enough for them to hear, it seemed to do the trick seeing as both stopped and looked down at me before I looked over to the section of ice that kept itching its way over to me.

            In the not so far distance, a black gliding shadow began to appear through the haze of cold air beginning to surround us.  “ ‘Mione, get out of the way!”  Ron yelled as he began speeding his way down to me, but was soon easily past by someone else, leaving Lavender to be saved.  I saw lavender be scooped up by Ron before I looked to see my hero to be Draco and the Dementor began floating up to us, drifting the strips of cloth hanging from its arms close behind it.  “Hang on.”  Draco told me before speeding away, the Dementor following behind us.  We were beginning to get away from it when another Dementor suddenly appeared in front of us, making Draco cut a sharp turn almost into another one of them and sending me falling off of the broom and between five to ten feet onto the ground, but they didn’t want anything to do with me, it was Draco that they wanted.

            He flew strait up and made another sharp turn to get away but failed, the Dementors sucking the life right out of him.  A bright white light shot through the air and blasted the Dementors away; leaving an unconscious Draco lying sprawled out on the icy ground to be taken to the hospital wing.




            Draco’s lids began to flutter open, revealing two silvery grey eyes that looked around the room trying to find out where he was.  “Draco.”  I whispered, catching his attention.  “How are you feeling?”

            “My head is killing me for starters.”  Harry handed him a large piece of chocolate, making Draco look at him as though he were crazy.  “It’ll help.  It’s chocolate.”  “…Thanks…”  Draco took the chocolate, taking a bite and sitting up, still clad in his Quidditch uniform.

“Guess I owe you an apology, Potter.  Third year, the Dementors on the train.”  He took another bite of the chocolate and I could already see the color begin to return to his pale skin.

“What happened to me?”  Looking into his eyes, Draco still seemed to be in a bit of a daze as he continued to nibble on the chocolate piece.  “After you saved me and I fell off your broom, the Dementors went after you and Harry had to conjure a Patronus charm to make them leave.  Madam Pomfrey said you broke a few ribs; she gave you a potion that mends bones, but she said that it could still take a few days to heal completely.”  I sat down on the side of his bed to be eye level with him as he finished the chocolate and began to get up out of bed.

“What on earth are you doing Draco?  You’re supposed to be in bed; Madam Pomfrey is going to blow a gasket if she finds out about this!”  Harry tried to keep his voice in a whisper, but the harshness of it was that of a yelling tone.  “I’m going back to my room.  I can’t stand this place.”  “Draco wait, at least let us get Madam Pomfrey to conjure a stretcher for you.”  I tried to reason with him.  He gave a painfully deep sigh and laid back in his bed again.  “Fine.”  Harry hurried to find Madam Pomfrey and I stayed with Draco so that he wouldn’t be alone.

“Thank you.”  I began with a lump in my throat.  “For saving my life I mean.”  “I didn’t.  The Dementors were after me not you; I only put you in more danger.”  He was feeling guilty because of such a minor detail?  “That’s true… but you did try to save me and that’s what matters.  Oh, and I’m sure that Harry would appreciate it if you called him by his first name.”  I whispered the last sentence, hearing Harry and Madam Pomfrey coming into the room.  “Alright Mr. Malfoy, you can go back to your room, but you must be taken on a stretcher and cannot do anything active until you fully heal.  Your teachers have been notified of your absence for the next few days, but if don’t rest then your injuries will only become worse.  Understand?”  “Completely.”  He replied, Madam Pomfrey summoned a stretcher to put Draco on and took him up to his room to rest.

“Make sure he doesn’t move too much and help him whenever he has to walk, alright dear?”  “Yes Ma’am.  I will Madam Pomfrey.”  I replied as she left the Head’s Common Room through the portrait hole.  Once she was out, I went back to Draco’s room to see if he needed anything, only to find him trying to take off his Quidditch uniform and failing, painfully.

“Here, let me help you.”  I began helping him to remove his uniform, trying not to hurt him.  Once I helped him to remove his undershirt, I could hear a gasp escape my lips as my eyes saw the immense bruising that the fall caused him.  Purple spots so dark they were almost black, covered his chest, back and arms, the excruciatingly painful moan coming from his lips was painful even for me to hear.  His breathing was shaky and I couldn’t even bare to think about the pain that he was going through.

“You should lie down.  You need the rest.”  He eased his way down onto the bed, lied down with a groan and let loose a trapped breath once his head hit the pillow.  I went to leave, but Draco’s voice stopped me cold in my tracks.  “Don’t leave.”  His voice was barely a whisper, so I wasn’t quite sure I had really heard what I thought that I heard.  “What?”  I whispered back, looking back at him.  “Please….  I don’t want to be alone.”  “…Alright…”  I made my way to his bed, laying down next to him and feeling his hand slide into mine.  His face was so close to mine; my breath hitched in my throat.  I couldn’t understand what my problem was.  ‘Why is this happening to me?  Why do I feel this way?’  The questions kept spinning in my head as I looked into his eyes; his platinum hair falling in his face.  I brushed the strands out of his face with my free hand, before his face moved closer to mine, or maybe I was moving closer I still don’t know; and our lips swept across each other, the sparks sending shocking electricity coursing through my body.  Once separated, we were amazingly relaxed as I gently rested my head against his shoulder and fell asleep next to him.





Author's Note: I'm so sorry to all of my readers for not posting sooner. Between my internet messing up, college and family I haven't gotten the chance. I'm so so sorry!

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