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Escaping the Friend Zone by jess94
Chapter 32 : Perfect Day
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 Chapter Thirty-Two

James apologized to everybody the next morning and seemed genuine when he said he was going to make sure not to be so self-centred anymore. Ginny seemed impressed that I’d managed to get through in one night to James what she had been trying for the past five years. Rose, Lily and Al had forgiven him but Hugo refused saying he it was too little too late as far as he was concerned; James quietly accepted this and slipped off quite early the next morning with Al as they were keen to avoid a day shopping in Diagon Alley two days before Christmas. Hugo and I were also looking to avoid that as well but we both needed to buy a few more presents for people and we both enjoyed going in the Weasley’s joke shop

“Merlin, I hate shopping” groaned Hugo as we all piled into the Potters big 4x4 car, at least it would be an eventful drive with Ginny behind the wheel. It was clear to see where Lily and James got their recklessness from “Especially this kind of shopping”

“Having to buy things for others” asked Rose “Well Hugo you should’ve done it when you had the chance. I got all my done by the end of November”

“Well then why the hell are you coming now?” asked Hugo as if Rose had just said something utterly ludicrous “If you don’t have to put yourself through it then why bother”

“I want to look at hats” shrugged Rose. Lily, who was sitting next to me, giggled into my shoulder which she was leaning on. We’d all only had a few hours’ sleep as we got in at two and Hermione and Ginny wanted to set off at nine at the latest. Jack, who’d gone to sleep at a reasonable hour, was wide awake and talking to Hugo who had cast an arm around his shoulder.

“At least you’ve done some shopping Hugo” said Lily “I’m getting everyone’s today, god knows how I’m going to manage it”

“Wait so you haven’t bought anyone anything yet?” I asked shocked “Not one person, damn Lily this is why we shouldn’t have stopped talking. No way would I have let you forget something like that”

“I didn’t forget, I just never got around to it” shrugged Lily “And don’t get on your high horse Benson, you still have to get things as well”

“For like three people” was my response

“One of them being Abi” coughed Hugo. Rose, Hermione and Ginny all looked at me with their eyes wide as eagles. Hugo and Lily were laughing to themselves whilst Jack shouted in fear as we nearly drove into a lorry as Ginny’s head was still facing in my direction

“You haven’t got Abi anything yet” said Rose looking like she had been slapped in the face “its two days before Christmas!”

“This is why you shouldn’t have a girlfriend dude” chuckled Hugo earning himself a kick in the back of the chair from Lily

“She just doesn’t tell me things like what she wants” I shrugged feeling quite guilty and scared; I really am the world’s worst boyfriend “I didn’t want to get it wrong it being our first Christmas together so I just kept putting it off hoping she’d eventually tell me what she wanted but she never did”

“You could’ve got her chocolates, or flowers, or a cute teddy” exclaimed Rose “Come on Oliver, there really is no excuse. If my boyfriend didn’t get me anything for Christmas I’d flip”

“Well for that to happen you’d actually have to get a boyfriend” said Hugo making the rest of us smirk; Rose seemed to be an eternal singleton despite being extremely pretty. Rose hit her brother over the head and turned back to me

“I would’ve done that” I continued “Except she’s diabetic, allergic to flowers and she thinks stuffed animals watch her in her sleep”

“You’re on to a winner there mate” said Hugo. I was annoyed at how funny he was finding this situation; Rose looked like she wanted to kill me whilst Hermione and Ginny were going on about ‘how I had a lot to learn’.

“I am so dumped” I moaned putting my head in my hands, Lily rubbed my back affectionately which only made the butterflies that had returned to my stomach become wild once again

“I would say so” said Hugo as Jack nodded. What did he know about women? Nothing, that’s what, he was 12, didn’t even realize Lucy was planning the seating plan at their wedding ten years from now

“Look Oliver” said Lily “You shouldn’t have put it off this long but this doesn’t have to be a disaster. There are two days until Christmas still and we’ve got a whole day in Diagon Alley we must be able to find something for Abi”. Rose and I both looked confused that Lily was offering to help me get my girlfriend a present, and avoid being dumped, when she was in loved me. Rose’s words the night before had stuck in my mind so I decided to accept Lily’s offer of help in the interests of keeping it friendly between us

Intrusting Hugo with Jack, something I was bound to regret, I went off with Lily to try and find a present for Abi. Diagon Alley was decorated for Christmas and it did look nice but it seemed like half the wizarding population of Britain had descended on the place as it was the last shopping day before Christmas. Lily dragged me from shop to shop buying all of her Christmas presents for people; it suddenly hit me whilst Lily offered to help me when I was carrying all of the bags around the Alley

“Lily, the only reason you offered to help me is so you had somebody to carry your bags around all day isn’t it?” I asked as we entered a little jewellery shop. I rolled my eyes as three second year Hufflepuff’s from school made kissy faces at me and called me ‘fit’. Lily laughed but actually looked a little jealous

“Not my fault I’m very cute” I said winking at her. She blushed and giggled before beginning to look through some necklaces as things got awkward

“So you did just bring me so I could hold your bags then?” I asked again

“Well, yeah” said Lily continuing to look through the necklaces “Do you think that Dom will like this?” I nodded as she took the necklace “I also brought you so it could be just you and me; I missed you every second of everyday”

“That’s sweet” I said as we headed towards the counter “But c’mon, you know we’re entering risky waters with talk like that Lil”

“True though” shrugged Lily as we began walking down the streets “Little things would happen during the day that I just wanted to tell you but I couldn’t, I just really missed you. But, yeah your right it’s better all-around we don’t go there”

“I just think that it’s for the best” I shrugged “I miss us just being best friends, silly stupid jokes with no awkwardness involved”

“Living the dream there babe” said Lily as we sat down in a café and ordered some coffee “But, I can be best friends again if that’s what you want. As long as you’re in my life, I lost complete perspective without you”

The next hour was quite awkward but we eventually got all of Lily’s important gifts out of the way so began to think about what I could get Abi. We tried everywhere from Flourish & Blotts to the Joke shop but I couldn’t find anything that would really please her. She was coming home a few days before New Year’s Eve now so I needed to buck my ideas up and get her something before then as she had got me an ‘amazing’ Christmas present according to her friends

“Come on Oliver think” said Lily as we headed into yet another shop “She must’ve told you something that she likes; she can’t just think that you can guess without having any information whatsoever”

“That’s the thing” I said “She likes lots but she doesn’t really love anything. She liked Quidditch for example but I’m not just gonna by her a broom because I know she wouldn’t appreciate it”

“What about clothes?” said Lily pulling me by the hand to Patel & Petal’s, the trendiest clothing shop for teenage witches run by identical twins (which amused me) “Come on, you know her measurements right?” I nodded as Lily began to shift through clothes “Just get her a top or something that’s really nice”

“I don’t know anything about clothes though” I said

“She must have a style or something” said Lily becoming distracted with a little black dress that really suited her “Man, I wish I could afford this little number” she finished and she placed the dress back with a sigh. After about half an hour I settled on a top that I wasn’t 100% sure she’d like but it would have to do, seeing I had some money left and Lily looking sad at the black dress I pretended I had left my wallet and raced back into the shop. I bought the dress for Lily without her realizing and hid it in the other bag

Lily linked her arm through mine as we reached everyone else who had about fifty bags of stuff between them. Hermione and Ginny, who had clearly decided to go bankrupt by the end of Christmas, then treated us all to tea at the Leaky Cauldron that was run by Nev’s wife Hannah. 

“I’m glad you lot came in” said Alice handing Hermione a bag “I bought you all a few little gifts, it’s nothing really but I always like to give something”. Hugo, Ginny and Hermione looked grateful however Rose and Lily did impressions of Alice who they nicknamed “little miss perfect”

“I saw you with Lily earlier today” Alice whispered to me as we got a second alone “I thought you were staying away from her when Abi wasn’t around”

“Abi can trust me” I shot back quite annoyed she was poking her nose in my business “Because that’s what relationships are built on Alice, trust. So you needn’t worry”

“It’s not you I’m worried about” said Alice indicating Lily who was talking to Jack who had slumped on her shoulder “Lily Potter can’t be trusted just you remember that”

I told Alice to mind her own business and went and sat down next to Hugo as our food arrived. We didn’t get back to the house until gone eight where Ginny decided that she and Lily might as well stay another night. I went up to get a change of shirt in Hugo’s room when we arrived at the house, looking around I noticed a letter from Abi. Eager to hear from her, I opened it

Dear Oliver,

I’ve just received a letter from Alice Longbottom. She’s informed me that you and Lily spent all day today alone in Diagon Alley together; you were walking arm in arm when she saw you. What the hell is this Oliver? I thought I made it clear I wasn’t happy about you and Lily spending too much time again over the holidays. I appreciate it’s hard but you don’t have to actively spend time with her.

I know I may be kinda out of line here but it’s for my own piece of mind. If you want this relationship to work you have to meet me halfway here or I can’t see any point in us continuing. Hate to put all this on you at Christmas but I just want to relax knowing you aren’t snogging Lily Potter all the time. We’ll speak when I get back

Merry Christmas, Abi

Who the hell did she think she was? I screwed up the letter and tossed it in the bin and as I turned around I saw Lily standing at the doorway. I slipped my shirt on as she entered the room, picked the letter out of the bin and scanned through it before throwing back into the bin.

“Wow, she’s a keeper” said Lily sarcastically I grinned despite myself “So, how are we going to go about keeping out of eachother way?”

“We’re not” I said firmly. Lily looked shocked but happy “I’m not being controlled like this, she may be my girlfriend but this is way out of order. Who the hell does she thinks he is?”

“She does have a point we’ve kissed twice since you went out” said Lily “I’m aware I initiated both of them but still…”

“That’s not the point” I said sitting down on the bed “It’s the possessiveness of it all for merlin’s sake; Abi is way out of order”

“Do you think she’ll dump you” asked Lily sounding a bit too hopeful

“Don’t know” I shrugged “Don’t really care now to be honest”. I lay down on the bed and looked up at the ceiling; for a moment I thought Lily and I were going to kiss again but she pulled away at the last second which I was grateful for; the last thing I needed now was to look like the bad guy

“You’re an amazing guy Oliver” said Lily “She needs to realize what a diamond she has in you; don’t keep thinking of it as us kissing think of it as me kissing you. There’s a difference”

Thanks for reading guys!!! Hope you enjoyed. Personally, this is my favourite chapter so far

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