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My Life Starring James Sirius Potter by Holly_Mist
Chapter 1 : First Meetings
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I opened my eyes to see my best friend Dominique “Dom” Weasley standing in front of me with her hands on her hips.

“Whatdaya want Dom?” I mumbled, squeezing my eyes shut, hoping to go back to sleep.

“Get up.”


“Because I said so dummy. Plus it’s a big today!” Dom sounded excited “Now are you going to get up or not?”

“What time is it?” I yawned

“Seven. Now get up!” She shook me hard

Why was this girl up at such ungodly hour? Bigger question is why was she annoying me? But there is no arguing with Dom. Once she wants something, she gets it. In this case it was to ruin my beauty sleep in order for me to help her in her latest Bad Idea.

Yes, the use of capitals is necessary.

You see. Dom is the middle child in the Delacour-Weasley family. So her older perfect sister Victoire always overshadowed her and Louis, who was two years younger than her, was the family’s “baby”. Not that he liked the name “baby” but there was nothing he could do about it when that’s all his mum ever called him. I don’t even know why they named him Louis. They should have just written “Baby” on his birth certificate.

Poor bloke.

I digress. Point is, most of the attention in the family went to Victoire and Louis so Dom was always neglected. So she realized that the only way to gain her parents attention was by being the bad child of the family.

And that’s what she became.

Pranks were a second nature to her now. If one day went by without playing a prank, it was a day wasted.

Michelle Chang, my other best friend, and I have tried to reason with Dom that there was other ways of getting her parents attention but she was a lost cause.
Headmistress McGonagall’s was practically her second home.

Anyway, back to the present situation where Dom was shaking me awake.
I finally sat up, rubbing sleep out of my eyes, “Okay Dom. I’m up. Now what do you want me to do?”

She smiled. “Nothing. I got up early and I was really bored so I decided to wake you up.”

I threw my pillow at her face. Well tried to anyway, it missed her face and hit the bookshelf beside her. I guess there is a reason I’m not on the Quidditch team.

“Screw off Dom. Let me sleep.” And with that I flopped back onto the bed.

Dom wasn’t fazed. Instead she jumped on my bed and started chatting. “Oh my god. So I totally have a new idea for a prank to play on my family. Do you want to hear about it?”


“Well I’ll tell you anyway!” Wow there was no shutting this girl up.

But I love her anyway.

“So, the plan is that, tonight at dinner, I’m going to charm everyone’s food on the table!”

I frowned. “Charm the food? What for? To make it tastier?”

Dom rolled her eyes. “Honestly Shay. Can you please grow an evil bone is your body?”

Well sorry for not trying to ruin people’s lives.

“Anyway” Dom continued, “I’m going to charm the food so it starts talking and everybody will get really freaked out!”

“Dom that’s reall-“

“I’m not done yet!” Dom cut across “ The point of the charmed food is that it won’t stop talking even after you eat it!”

“Dom, that is the single most stupidest idea I’ve ever heard.” I said

“No it’s not!” Dom insisted, twirling her long blonde hair around her fingers “It’s going to be fun!”

She looked gorgeous. Even in the morning with out having a bath and all the make up. Ugh stupid veela genes.

No I’m not jealous.

Okay maybe I am.

I was about to crush Dom’s dreams by telling her this idea was never going to work when Michelle Chang walked into the room.

Michelle Chang.

Daughter of Cho Chang and Michael Chang. Both of Chinese origin. I found it ridiculously fascinating when both their last names were Chang.

Michelle had long black hair, which fell down, all the way down to her hips and sparking light brown eyes, which brought out the features of her face.

Michelle was the responsible one out of the group. Always did her homework, got the top marks in class and had the brains to rival Rose Weasley, who was one of the smartest witches of our generation.
Michelle didn’t approve of Dom’s pranks and tried to keep her in check but alas, failed.
Probably why she got the prefects badge.

“Michelle!” Dom squealed as she bounded off the bed and went to hug her.

“Hi Dom!” Michelle laughed as she hugged Dom

Dom let go of her, “How you been Michelle? When did you arrive? How was your trip to China? Did you com-“

“Slow down Dom! I can only answer one question at a time!” said Michelle

“Hi Michelle. How you been?” I asked smiling, happy to see my sane best friend

Michelle came over to my bed, pulled me up and gave me a hug. “I’m fine! Jeez guys it hasn’t been that long! When did you arrive?”

“Yesterday.” Dom answered for me “And now, since both of you are here, you guys can join in the fun!”

Michelle looked confused. Looking at her expression I told her all about Dom’s rather weird prank.

After I told her Dom’s idea, Michelle raised her eyebrow, “Talking food, really? My, my Dominique. You’re losing your touch.”

How does she raise only one eyebrow? Every time I try doing that it looks like I’m having a seizure.

“No I’m not!” Dom whined, “It’s going to be awesome just watch! But I need some help with the spell so we’re going to Diagon Alley today so I can visit uncle George. I’m sure he’ll help me out.”

Dom got that right. Her uncle George absolutely loved her because of all the pranks she had played in the past.

Michelle frowned “ That’s all we’re going to do?”

“We can finish buying our school stuff today as well.” I said

Dom smiled “ Sounds like a plan.”

* * *

We reached Diagon alley around noon after having a particularly heavy brunch served by Fleur Weasley. She wouldn’t let us leave until we had had at least three helpings of every item of food she had made.

I’m telling you that woman is barmy.

“I can’t walk anymore. I feel like my stomach is going to burst. I’m going to die.” I groaned dramatically wrapping my arms around my stomach pushing it in, hoping it would get rid of some of the food.

Yeah I don’t get my logic either.

Michelle looked a little queasy while Dom had a pained expression on her face.

“Shut up Fields.”

“Yeah shut your gob.”

What lovely, understanding friends I have.

We soon reached Dom’s uncle shop. We walked in and were immediately greeted by George Weasley’s son, Fred Weasley.

Fred was in our year. And let me tell you that that boy is absolutely sexy. He has dark brown hair and eyes, inherited from his mum and he inherited his white complexion from his dad.

That boy was five feet, 10 inches of pure sexiness.

Fred was Hogwarts resident prankster along with his cousin James Sirius Potter and best friend, Daniel Wood. Those three along with Dom have managed to create a right havoc in Hogwarts.

“Hey guys!” Fred greeted us, “What brings to the shop? Come here to see me?” he grinned

“Why would we want to see you? We have better things to do.” I teased

Fred put his hand on his heart in mock pain and said, “I’m hurt Fields.”

I waved my hand dismissively, “You’ll get over it.”

Fred pouted.

I sighed, “Aw Fred, don’t be mad. I’m sorry. You know I love you.”

Fred grinned. “ I know I just wanted to watch you squirm. You can’t be mean for nuts Shay.”

“Yes I can!” I cried indignantly

Michelle and Dom snorted.

Thanks for all the support guys.

Fred took their snorts as confirmation. “See I told you! Michelle and Dom think so!”

Michelle blushed at the sound of her name. Wait. Michelle blushing? That was a rare occurrence. Hmm, some interrogations needed to be done.


Before I could continue Dom interjected. “Freddie, where’s uncle George?”

“I don’t know. Must be somewhere around here.” Fred answered, then his eyes narrowed, “Why?”

“To ask him what I should eat for dinner.” Dom said, sarcasm being very evident in her voice.

“Why would you ask him that?” Fred sounded puzzled

Insert: face palm.

Dom shook her head in frustration while Michelle bit back her laughter, “You’re so thick Fred! Honestly I swear to God, uncle George dropped you as a baby! Therefore your brains being so messed up.”

Saying that, Dom walked off in search of her uncle.

“She’s got issues.” Fred muttered

Michelle laughed. “Aw, cut her some slack. Anyway will you show me around the shop?”

“Sure. After you.” Fred said, putting his arm forward, gesturing Michelle to walk forward. With that, she and Fred left.

I frowned. Since when did Michelle have the hots for Fred? I mean until last year, she had barely acknowledged the guy and now she was flirting with him?

That girl has issues.

Since both my friends had ditched me, I decided to walk towards Flourish and Botts to buy my sixth year text books. Thank god OWLS were over. To my surprise I had managed to pass most subjects, except divination. The only reason I didn’t pass was because during the palm reading part, I ended up telling the examiner that she would never get married and end up living with fifteen cats.

I think that offended her.

But at least I was able to give up the subject now, along with History of Magic and Astronomy. Hated those three. I mean, when are you ever going to look at the bloody stars and say, “ Hey look the stars are aligned today, this means Mars is going to have a storm today. Poor Martians.”

Are you ever going to say that? Yeah didn’t think so.

You’re probably going to say,” Aw this sky looks so beautiful!”

My dad really didn't care that I failed these subjects. In fact he gave me a high five. My dad was a wizard himself so he knew how annoying these subjects were.

My mum on the other hand, hit the roof. I swear she had steam coming out of ears. She started ranting at me in Hindi as to how I had disgraced the family and blah blah blah. I zoned out after a couple of minutes. Plus, my mum is a muggle so she really didn't understand much about what we were taught in school and other wizard stuff.

I am a half blood, incase you are too mentally incompetent to figure that out.

I finally reached Flourish and Botts. I stepped inside to find that there was a mega-sale on.

YES! Who doesn’t love books on sale?

Oh wait. All the books are Hogwarts textbooks.

Boo. I was really hoping to buy some muggle novels, which are sold and I all I get is a bunch of old textbooks. Fantastic.

I was looking for the 6th year books when I heard I voice behind me.

“Hey babe.”

I turned around to see that the bloke speaking to me was James Sirius Potter. Hogwarts most wanted boy in school. He was every girl’s dream. He had those dreamy hazel eyes and that messy raven black hair which was softer than a baby’s butt. He had major muscle from playing Quidditch and his abs were absolutely yummy. His hotness was enhanced by the fact that he was prankster.

James Sirius Potter was the hottest bad boy in school.

Wow I really needed to stop listening to the descriptions these bimbo girls provided, who were part of his fan club, who absolutely worshipped him. I mean they literally trailed him everywhere he went, batting their eyelashes at him, and wearing as little clothes as possible to show off their flat stomach and their (fake) boobs, hoping he would date one of them. The biggest worshipper of them all was Mandy Milligan, the president of his fan club.


This boy had never spoken to me ever since we started Hogwarts at the mere age of eleven, so why start now? I mean, even though I was Dom’s best friend he had never really acknowledged my existence.

Until today.

Was I supposed to say something? Hi? What’s up? I don’t really know the protocol for talking to boys. I mean the only reason I was able to talk to Fred was because he had been my potions partner since the third year. My lack of the ability to talk to boys was also one of the reasons why I only had one boyfriend during my time at Hogwarts. That too, in the second year. We exchanged letters via an owl and spoke to each other only when we were alone. 

It was quite a wonderful relationship, really. 

Think Shay! Say something!

My mouth simply opened and closed.

My brain was really doing a good job at thinking of a response. Great job. Remind me to never rely on you for help again.

“Uhh, I uh. Meh.”

At least I said “I”.

James gave me his trademark ‘My daddy saved the world, wanna go shag?’ smirk. “ That’s okay. I get that all the time.”

Get what? Girls stammering at him like idiots?

Yeah he probably did get that.

“Anyway,” He continued, “ I see you’re looking for your text books. Which year are you in?”

“S-Sixth.” I managed

“Same as me!” He grinned, “I guess we’ll be seeing a lot of each other. I don’t mind showing you around since you’re new and everything.”

Hold on. WHAT?

“I am not new!” I shrieked, momentarily forgetting that I was talking to a species of the opposite sex, “I have been at this school for five years Potter!”

I felt angry. Honestly the boy had to seriously ignorant if he believed that I was new to this school! I mean it took very minimal effort to know your surroundings. I had been in every single class and he has no idea who I am? We were in the same house for crying out loud! We shared the same bloody common room! Just because I wasn’t part of his stupid fan club doesn’t mean I don’t exist!

“Oh yeah? How come I’ve never seen you before?” He challenged

“How do I know? Probably because you stare at Mandy Milligan’s boobs most of the time!” I retorted

“Well, I can’t exactly ignore them when she shoves them in my face!”

Well she does do that but that’s no excuse.

“That’s not the point. The point is that you’re a prat. Now leave.” I said, pointing towards the door while pushing some books aside, looking for 6th year textbooks.

He didn’t move. Honestly, did he suddenly become deaf or something?

I felt a tap on my shoulder. “What?” I asked him, turning around.

“Look are you sure you’ve been here for the past five years? I mean you’re not making the mickey out of me or anything right?” James asked, raking his hand through his very soft looking hair.

Shit that boy was sexy.


I gave him the frostiest glare I could muster, “Yes Potter. If you don’t believe me, ask your cousin Dominique. You know, my best friend.”

“You’re Dom’s best friend? She never told me!” He said, a puzzled expression coming upon his face

“Well you would have known if you bothered to know your peers. Especially the ones who are in the same house as you are and shares the same bloody common room with you and is in all your classes!” I snapped.

Potter looked dumbstruck.

Hell yeah! I managed to silence one of the cockiest boys at Hogwarts. Five points to Shay!

I smiled smugly, “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go buy my textbooks. You can go back to ignoring me. Goodbye.”

And I meant it. I was quite content with my life without James Potter. For him to know that I existed.

So as far I was concerned, he could go shove his broomstick up his arse.

I started to walk off when he caught my arm and pulled me back. “Do you really think I’m going ignore you after today?”

“I hope so considering the fact that I didn’t enjoy talking to you at all.” I said coldly

He smirked, “ Well that’s not going to happen. Sorry babe. Get ready to see a whole load of me in your life. See you around.” Saying that he walked off.

I stared after him.

What just happened?

A/N: Hey guys! So this is my first fan fiction ever! So i'm really sorry if there are any sort of errors in here! So what do you guys think? Of Shay? James? Everything? Please let me know through a review. I'm a new writer so your feedback would help A LOT. Thanks :) 


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