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Magical Encounters by beautifulweasley
Chapter 4 : Chapter Three
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A/N Hi, Readers. I will be going back to school soon so my writing/updating schedule will be out of whack again. As much as I want to I own nothing but the plot which is created from my own imagination. Please review I love feedback.

 Hermione couldn’t help but stare. She had been talking to Ginny when Blaise and Draco had walked in the store. She found herself trying to control the urge to run to Blaise and hug him. She knew why but it didn’t mean she was going to accept it. He and his friend had made her life hell for six years. That was not something you could just forgive.

She noticed him starting to walk towards her, his body shaking with the control to not run to her and hug her.

She in turn was trying to keep her arms by her side. She had the strangest urge to lift them and walk to her brother and give him a hug as well. That was unacceptable. ‘Come on Hermione. Pull yourself together. This is stupid you shouldn’t be trying to hug this person even if they are technically your twin brother. He called you names for six years.’

Suddenly she heard someone cough. Shaking off her thoughts she noticed that Blaise had stopped a few feet away from her. She blinked a few times shocked by the closeness of them. She had never been close to him before and there was a good reason why. They had never been friends. He had never given her reason to hit him unlike the ferret currently standing in the doorway.

“Would it be correct of me to assume, that because Ginny is here you are Hermione”, Blaise asked softly unsure of what was going to happen.

“Nope, our mother did such a good job at disguising me I lived as Harry Potter for the last 18 years and Ginny brought me here to teach me how to shop for girl clothes. You can only imagine how surprised I was at finding myself as a girl this morning”, Hermione said almost laughing at the look of horror on Blaise’ face, “Yes it’s Hermione you twit! Who else would it be?”

Blaise’ face had lit up at the use of sarcasm. She was so much like their father. He just wanted to pull her into a hug but managed to restrain himself.

“I don’t know. I just wanted to make sure before I made a fool out of myself, but apparently I still managed to.”

“Is that supposed to surprise me? You hang out with the ferret. Of course you can still make a fool of yourself.”

“Well I’m feeling the love back here. Blaise would you mind getting on with this”, Draco sneered behind Blaise.

“Malfoy”, Ginny said threateningly, “If you do not shut up, as soon as we get back to wizarding London I will use my bat bogey hex on you.”

“Weaselette, somehow I managed to miss you sitting there. I don’t really know how with your flaming hair and all.”

“Malfoy, I swear, if you don’t leave us alone we will not hesitate to hex you once we’re away from the muggles.”

“Hermione”, Blaise started, “I have something to tell you. You know that you’re a Zabini and that twins weren’t allowed while our grandparents were alive. What you may not know is that our mother gave you a different name. As a Zabini your name is really Aria. The Granger’s named you Hermione, not us. To me you are my sister, Aria, the girl I made fun for six years. Every time I made fun of you because of your blood I was wrong. You aren’t a mud blood; you’re my pure blood sister. I am so sorry for everything. I should have tried to get to know you before making fun of you. Please, because you are my sister, forgive me.”

“So, you’re saying that if I went with you to Zabini manner everyone would call me Aria? That’s cool I’ve always liked music. Thank you Blaise, really, your apology is much appreciated. I forgive you. You are family to me and I wouldn’t want to be even more separated than we already are. It will take me a while to truly accept this and be able to tell you I love you, but I will not let the past get in the way of the future.”

“Are we done with the love scene”, Ginny asks looking between Hermione and Blaise. “I would like to get some shopping done.”

“I don’t know about Blaise, but I have said all I need to say here and would love to go back to shopping. They could join us if they want. I’ll even be civil towards Malfoy.”

“Malfoy”, Ginny said, “Would you like to join us for shopping. I bet your mum gave you an amount of clothes to buy.”

“Well Weasley, Gran- I mean Zabini, I would be delighted to join you for shopping.”

“Well then”, Hermione said with a huge grin on her face, “What are we waiting for? We have some shopping to do!”

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