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A Love Like This by jessicanicole
Chapter 4 : Game On!
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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters recognizable from J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I do own the plot and the original characters.

Chapter image depicts Casey McCormac and Alyson Longbottom!

Chapter Four
stunning chapter image by idioteque at tda!

“Is he all right?”

“Rose, that was wicked!”

“I didn’t mean to hit him that hard, I swear.”

“Sure ya didn’t. You broke my best mate’s nose!”

“Shut up! I did not! Oh look, the git’s coming to.”

“Huh?” Scorpius croaked, his face aching and eyes burning as he slowly opened them. Several blurry figures came into view as he gripped his forehead. Pain seemed to be radiating from the center of his face and he couldn’t quite remember why.

“How you doin’ mate?” Albus asked, bumping into Rose while kneeling down beside the bed.

“What the bloody hell--” It all came flooding back to him and he narrowed his bloodshot eyes in Rose’s direction. “You broke my nose!” Scorpius hissed, sitting up quickly only to be pushed back down by Albus.

“Take it easy, Scorpius.”

“I didn’t mean to, I swear,” Rose mumbled quietly, hiding behind her cousin and peering over his shoulder to look at the irritated Slytherin. “I’m really sorry, really I am!”

“Everyone please quiet down, we have other guests,” Madam Boote whispered quietly while shooting a particularly nasty glare in Rose’s direction.

“Seriously, Scorpius, I think she’s truly sorry for once,” Al chuckled, biting his lip and covering his mouth after meeting eyes with the flustered healer across the room. “Bit of a girl though, come to think of it.”

“Watch it,” Scorpius hissed through gritted teeth.

If he had been completely sober, he felt that he probably wouldn’t have passed out like he had done in the common room. That being said, he hadn’t been sober and had, in fact, fallen over and fainted because of a girl punching him in the face. It had been a proper shot though, in his defense.

“Well, now that we’ve made sure he’s okay I think, I’ll go,” Rose mumbled, still fighting the embarrassed blush creeping over her face. “Come on Casey, Alyson’s probably worried sick that I got a detention or something,” she whispered.

Scorpius shot daggers in Rose’s direction as she walked away, Casey in toe.

“How long was I out?”

“Eh, a good half hour or so. Long enough for Madam Boote to mend the damage at least. I still can’t believe you fainted,” Al chuckled. His eyes were heavy with the effects of the alcohol and his lips still falling in a lazy grin.

“She punches like a man!” Scorpius defended. “And I was piss drunk, am piss drunk, whatever.” He fell back into the pillow and closed his eyes, massaging his temples gently with his fingertips while groaning quietly. “I’m gonna feel this even worse in the morning.”

“Afraid so, mate. But we’ll both be in that boat, along with a handful of others I reckon,” Albus commented through a yawn.

“I believe visiting hours are over, Mister Potter. Please leave Mister Malfoy to his rest. Merlin knows he needs it,” Madam Boote said quietly, ushering the Gryffindor toward the doors.

“See ya in the morning!” Al called out with a wave and that same lazy grin.

Scorpius smirked slightly only to discover it hurt his nose to even remotely attempt anything near a smile. He pulled the sheet up around his neck and sighed.

“Sleep tight, dear. One last potion in the morning and you should be good to go for classes bright and early,” the healer murmured. Her tone surprised Scorpius as he nodded his thanks, so used to her being anything but nurturing despite her profession.

His eyes fluttered open quickly and the blonde snapped up into a sitting position. A wave of nausea overcame him and he gripped the edges of the bed to keep the world from sliding from underneath him. The sunlight was bright, streaming through the windows of the hospital wing and directly into Scorpius’ eyes. The teen hadn’t even realized he had dozed off the previous night, or had it been earlier that morning? The soft patter of Madam Boote’s shoes echoed through the desolate wing. There was still a dull pain in his nose but for the most part he felt better.

“Am I free to go?” he sighed, raising a pale brow.

“Yes, Mister Malfoy. You’re free,” Madam Boote replied with her own brow raised slightly, irritation etched all over her face.

“Thank you," he replied, eyeing her hesitantly as he swung his legs over the edge of the bed.

Scorpius pulled the curtains around himself and changed quickly into his robes which had been laid neatly at the foot of the bed sometime during the early hours. The sinking feeling that he was going to get hell for the previous night settled in his stomach.

With a heavy sigh, he quickly slid the curtains open again and made his way to the exit with his head slightly bowed. The fewer people he had to talk to, the better. Part of him was holding tight to the idea that perhaps not everyone had seen what had gone on the previous evening...morning...whatever it turned out to be. The hours had slid past him so quickly that he could hardly make sense of things.

However, the majority of him knew that he was never going to be that lucky.

Every eye turned to focus on him as he walked, a silence settling over the corridors every time he stepped foot into them. A grimace formed on his lips and he continued on, not bothering to turn and meet the gaze of anyone who was brave enough to keep their curious stares in his direction.

The only bit of comfort Scorpius received was that everyone seemed to be moving a little slower. Bags under the eyes decorated the faces of about every third student he passed. Most people hadn’t bothered to properly put on their uniform, and half of the male students had a serious case of bed head.

Scorpius’ hand instinctively rose to his own hair, frantically attempting to pat the uncooperative hairs down while his feet carried him down the several flights of stairs leading into the dungeon.

“About bloody time,” a familiar voice chuckled.


“You missed your first class, mate. For a second there, I thought perhaps Rosie did more damage than we thought,” chuckled Al Potter.

Scorpius rolled his eyes and pushed passed Al, stopping only once he reached the massive stone door leading into the dungeon.

“Can we not talk about this?” the blonde asked, brows furrowed in slight irritation as his jaw twitched. “Let me go grab my things right quick and you can fill me in on all I missed,” he added sarcastically.

Scorpius didn’t give Al time to respond, instead heading into the common room and shouldering the heavy door closed on the way in to drown out the sounds of protest coming from his best mate. Unfortunately, the second Scorpius took a step towards the center of the common room, questions came flooding in from every direction.

“You all right, mate?”

“Wow, what a bruise!”

“I heard you got hit by a girl!”

“I heard he got hit by five girls!”

“I heard he got into a fist fight with the girls and their boyfriends.”

“What? No!” the blonde responded bitterly. “What rubbish,” he muttered, glancing at the last person to spew out the latest gossip with disgust visible in his gaze.

Clearly rumors had spread quickly, so not everyone had witnessed the embarrassing occurrence with Rose Weasley.


Even the mere thought of her made his blood boil. The Slytherin let out a slow, shaking breath and quickly blinked away the spots he was starting to see from the anger brewing inside of him. There was no use in losing his cool. Scorpius needed to appear unfazed, calm, and collected. He needed to act like this was beneath him and anyone who had questions wasn’t worth his time.

Should be simple enough.

“Do you need anything, Scorp?” Daisy asked, squeezing through a gap in the crowd and looking up with an expectant gaze and nervous smile.

“I’m fine,” Scorpius responded with a growl, pushing through the throngs of people who were still eager to hear the story from his point of view. He hurried through the common room and made his way into his dormitory. Even with the door shut, he could still hear the constant chatter and more than once did his name emanate through the walls.

“Do you need--”

“No, Goyle. I don’t need anything from anyone,” he replied, cutting off his friend and shooting an icy glare in his direction. “What I need is to gather my books and head to class,” he continued, sighing as he tried to concentrate on breathing and calming down rather than biting off everyone’s heads.

“Oh, okay,” Erik Goyle responded awkwardly, glancing at his large and clumsy hands before walking out.

It wasn’t their fault, really. It seemed anything newsworthy at Hogwarts spread like wild fire. The Gryffindor win had been exciting, but also somewhat expected. Scorpius Malfoy getting hit in the face by Rose Weasley was out of the ordinary.

Well, it was bound to happen eventually but everyone seemed to give Rose more credit than she deserved. Scorpius knew just how fiery her personality could be and how short her temper was if all the right buttons were pushed. Apparently he was better at doing that than he had given himself credit for, which ended badly in his opinion.

Scorpius gathered his things and slid his wand into the pocket of his robes. He had no time to worry about his appearance. Perhaps the wounded angle would work for him, but he needed to make sure he didn’t milk it too much. With a final glance in the mirror, he exited the dormitories and headed back out to meet Albus.

“Rose has been bugging me about you all day. Says she didn’t mean to hit you,” Al explained, taking a bite of the apple in his hand.

“You mean, she didn’t mean to hit me that hard?” Scorpius corrected, brow rising slightly while glancing at the male through the corner of his eye.

“I’m just the messenger,” Al pointed out, returning his attention to the red apple.


Scorpius pushed his food about the plate, his appetite all but gone. It had been a very trying day. More than once he had ended up snapping at a curious student. He hadn’t the patience to deal with questions and sometimes the simplest of glances set him off. Embarrassment still lingered and the less he had to discuss it, the better.

“It’ll blow over in a couple of days. Get your knickers out of a twist,” Al chuckled, lightly nudging Scorpius in the side.

“Right,” he repeated, poking at the shepherds pie still lingering on his plate before dropping the fork. He buried his face in his palms, the calloused skin irritating his bruised nose within seconds. “I need it to blow over now. Or,” he started, looking up quickly.

“Or?” Al asked hesitantly, his attention returning to Scorpius.

A smirk slowly danced its way onto the Slytherin’s lips while he glanced around the Great Hall. He finally spotted who he had been searching for and the smirk only widened.

“For something even more embarrassing to happen to someone else,” Scorpius answered smoothly.

“Oh, no you don’t. Rose will kill you, and probably me for that matter! No.”


“No!” Albus answered sternly. “Not her. Nor any of my family.”

“Well, there goes about half the school,” Scorpius muttered in return, rolling his eyes as he continued to focus intently on the back of Rose.

“Ha, ha. Like that hasn’t beern ursed before,” Al mumbled through a mouthful of apple. “Seriously, merte. Jerst drep et,” he added, swallowing his food and letting out a heavy sigh. “I’m only thinking of you. Imagine the retaliation,” he reasoned.

“There won’t be any retaliation, Potter,” Scorpius assured him calmly, rising to his feet and stepping over the bench. “I’ll make sure of it.”

“Somehow I don’t believe that,” he sighed, watching as Scorpius wandered off.

Scorpius didn’t bother lingering around with the rest of his house until they felt it was time to return to the common room for the night. It had been a long day, a day that he would soon like to forget.

Oh, he had to get Rose Weasley back, but how was the issue that was bothering him right now. Albus would more than likely tip her off if he did anything too over the top and it was near impossible to keep information disclosed from his best mate. Even if he did his best to keep a casual demeanor, the Gryffindor always knew when something was up.

Inspecting the already fading bruise on the bridge of his nose, Scorpius’ fingertips began to tug at his tie in frustration.

Al was right.

If he went through with this, there’d most certainly be retaliation. He silently wondered if it’d be worth it. The bruise would be mostly gone by morning, but his pride was still wounded and his anger had yet to subside.

Scorpius tossed his robes and tie onto the four poster bed before sitting on the edge of it. Bending over, he muttered to himself as he unlaced his shoes and kicked them off. He just couldn’t let it slide. Pride was something that Scorpius Malfoy had plenty of, but it never ceased to be his Achilles heel.

Casting his grey gaze to the door leading to the common room, Scorpius sighed when the sounds of heavy footsteps echoed in his ears. The last thing he wanted was to be questioned or consoled.

“Tomorrow then,” he muttered to himself, collapsing into the bed and burying his face into the pillow.

Sleep didn’t come. Eventually his lungs began to protest from the lack of air and Scorpius was forced to roll over on his side, clutching at the pillow while trying to create the façade that he was indeed sleeping. Peering through the blonde hair that fell into his eyes, he watched the shadows that danced around the room every time someone entered the dorm.

Between the harsh whispers of those he shared a dormitory with and the plans formulating in his head, his body was far too alert to drift off into sleep.

Scorpius let out a frustrated huff, rolling over once, twice, three times before deciding to sprawl out on his back, arms extending over the sides of the bed that now felt two sizes too small. His pale gaze focused on the texture of the wood above him, tracing the grooves before white spots began to blur his vision. He closed his eyes and shifted his body away from everything that was trying to distract him.


He had to think about nothing.

Well, that was easier said than done. The more he tried to think about nothing, the more he thought about Rose Weasley. The more he thought about her, the angrier he became which only caused his body to become more alert and tense.

“This is pointless,” he muttered softly, his words muffled by the pillow.

His mind began to race, struggling to concoct the perfect plan. Revenge was something that he enjoyed, but most of all, it was something he was brilliant at. Being humiliated was something that Scorpius didn’t, couldn’t for that matter, take lightly. Scorpius didn’t want to put Al and himself at odds, but there was simply no way he could bring himself to just drop it.

She was a prideful, goody-two-shoes, know-it-all. Scorpius knew that the easiest way to get her back was to tamper with her reputation. She might’ve been a right awful tease, but she was still a beacon of light in all of their professors’ eyes.

That’ll change soon enough, he thought, a smirk soon forming on his lips.

Scorpius’ mind slowly began to calm down as the realization that he knew exactly what approach to take washed over him. It would take time, but patience wasn’t something he lacked when it came to getting what he wanted.

“You’re rather quiet.”

“I’m thinking. I know it’s a strange concept for you.”

“Bugger off,” Al muttered, tossing the quaffle up and catching it moments later with his back pressed against the knotted base of the tree.

Scorpius chuckled, glancing up through the hair that had fallen into his eyes before returning his attention to the journal in his lap. He lazily scrawled another sentence down before sighing and closing it. It had become extremely difficult to get any planning done with Al hovering so close by. It was almost as if the Gryffindor was anticipating some sort of retaliation on Scorpius’ part.

“Don’t you have homework to do or something?” Scorpius muttered.

“Tryin’ to get rid of me, eh?”

“You’re hovering.”

“Am not.”

“Yes, you are,” the Slytherin chuckled, his gaze shifting slightly to view Albus’ scrunched up facial expression out of the corner of his eye.

“Yeah, well...,” Al trailed off before huffing, gripping the quaffle tighter. “Just gotta make sure you stay out of trouble is all.”

“And what trouble would that be?” Scorpius’ brow shot up while Albus’ mouth opened and shut several times.

“You know, with Rosie,” he whispered in reply, glancing around before narrowing his eyes in Scorpius’ direction.

“For the last time, I’m not going to do anything,” Scorpius lied, his jaw twitching slightly while his fingernails dug into the tattered binding of the journal. “It’s been a week. Give it a rest.”

“I guess you’re right,” Al replied with a sigh following. He pushed himself up off the ground and dusted his palms off on his pants. “I better get going. Practice.”

“You guys’ll need it. I hear the Slytherin chaser is particularly good this year,” Scorpius chuckled. “Bloody handsome too,” he added with a nod.

“Piss off, Malfoy,” Al chuckled, tossing the quaffle in Scorpius’ direction and hitting the male square in the chest before he could react.

Groaning, Scorpius tossed the quaffle back and rubbed his chest while watching his friend hurry off towards the castle doors. A smile lingered on his lips for a moment before fading as his brow furrowed. He could feel the agitation building up inside of him, bubbling and burning in the pit of his stomach.


Smiling and laughing, it was as if nothing mattered. He silently watched her walk with Casey and Alyson, curls bouncing against her shoulders with each step.

“Won’t be smiling for long,” Scorpius muttered, fingering the cover of his journal and flipping it open.

Scrawled across the pages were notes, some scribbled so fast that he could barely make out what they said anymore. Others were neatly printed or scratched out or left unfinished as a new thought had popped into his head.

Scorpius knew that he wanted her to fall from grace, but he just couldn’t quite figure out how he could do that. All of his ideas thus far were far too elaborate and would end up with Rose wanting to chop him into little pieces or vex him into oblivion. He didn’t want her life to be miserable, but simply remind her that Scorpius Malfoy didn’t take getting punched in the face very lightly.

Can’t exactly get away with punching her, now can I? he thought, rolling his eyes before biting down on his bottom lip.

There was the simplest of answers: some sort of spell that would turn her hair lime green or cause her face to break out. It was too simple, too elementary for his tastes.

Scorpius had crossed out physical harm. An eye for an eye, or a nose for a nose in this case, seemed too much. He loathed her, but he wasn’t the type of man who wished physical harm on young women.

There were much darker possibilities, but he wanted to avoid anything too seriously.

He had to find some way to set her up so he could knock her down a few pegs.

Scorpius glanced around the grounds, eyes narrowing in the direction of Rose and her friends as they disappeared into the castle. The sun began to slowly descend behind the castle, casting shadows across the withering grass and stone structures.

A chill crept through the male and he shivered, teeth clattering together slightly while he struggled to rise to his feet. One hand quickly dusted off the dead blades clinging to the fabric of his clothing while the other clung to the journal, his feet carrying him across the path that led towards the promised warmth of the castle. There was no use lingering outside any longer for the cold only made his head hurt which inhibited him from planning his next move.

It was consuming him. Most of his thoughts went back to Rose and the humiliation he felt when he woke up in the hospital wing that next morning. Pay back wasn’t supposed to be this difficult but he was grasping at any and every idea that came to him, only to have them slip right through his fingers. Nothing fit.

Walking through the massive doors, his attention was drawn to a pair nestled in the recess of one of the windows. Their noses were touching and eyes transfixed on one another, smiles lingering on their lips as hushed words were exchanged. Scorpius rolled his eyes and continued on, only stopping when his stomach dropped.

That was it. That was what he had to do.

Scorpius Malfoy had to make one Rose Weasley fall in love with him.

"Challenge accepted."

A.N: Thank you for reading! I'm trying to give these stories another go and I hope you enjoy. Feel free to leave a review and let me know how I'm doing. Kind of rusty haha.

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