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Living Through 19 Years by ElloArry
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1- Pilot
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Harry, Ron and Hermione left Dumbledore’s office and stood outside it for a while.

“So you wanna go to the grounds first or do it later?” said Ron with a weary look on his face. All three of them were exhausted and really swept with overwhelming emotions surrounding the aftermath of the war.

“I think we’ll keep it in his grave and then think about what to do, right Hermione?” said Harry looking at Hermione with a questioning look on his face.

“I think that would be better… Although I do feel like I’m about to faint any second!” said Hermione with an exasperated look on her face. She closed her eyes for a second and stood there, before starting to walk at a steady and brisk pace towards the grounds.

Harry and Ron followed her, and they managed to reach Dumbledore’s Grave. “Wow, Riddle really messed the entire grave up!” said Harry, walking around the grave looking at the damage done.

“I think we’ll have to fix it before going back Harry…” said Hermione looking towards Harry. Harry replied in the affirmative before looking at Ron, and again at Hermione. They both weren’t even looking at the other’s direction. They just resorted to communicate to Harry and do whatever they were doing.

‘Oh man, now I’m going to have to deal with this…’ thought Harry as he slowly took out the Elder Wand from his pocket. He slowly pushed off the rocks lying around the entrance to the grave. There, he found Dumbledore’s body, as pale as the moon but perfectly intact.

“Bloody hell, you’d think after a year his body would decay! He’s absolutely intact!” said Ron with a look of awe on his face. Hermione replied, although not particularly to Ron, “Famous or legendary wizards who have served the Wizarding Community well before passing away are kept intact in a special grave enchanted to not let the body decay.”

The subject stopped as neither Harry nor Ron had a reply to this new piece of information given by Hermione. Harry noticed she was blushing and even snuck a look towards Ron before steadying herself slightly and looking towards Dumbledore.

Harry kept the Elder Wand between Dumbledore’s cold hands before stepping back a few steps. “Reparo!” said Harry clearly using his original and beloved wand. The marble slabs quickly went and fixed themselves exactly as they were, even the little dust particles, and sealed perfectly.

Harry walked away after looking at the fixed grave towards the castle; however Ron and Hermione kept staring at the grave for a while. “What’s with you guys?” said Harry skeptically to Ron and Hermione.
“Bloody hell Harry that fixing was so intricate mate! Like even the smallest stuff fixed in there!” said Ron with wide eyes. “Harry that would take me 15 minutes to do, but you just used a simple Reparo to fix it!” said Hermione reciprocating Ron’s looks.

“It wasn’t that tough! They just sorted themselves together!” said Harry, confused at their awe. “Harry any normal wizard would have to place the rocks correctly, then fix them in one by one, and then fill up any gaps left! You just did it with a flick!” said Hermione.

“I don’t know, sounds like I did something pretty big… Anyways, forget about it, we’ll go to the Great Hall.” said Harry. He wanted to talk about it, but his head was in a bad state so he just wanted to keep cool.

They reached the Great Hall after trudging long and hard. They saw Mrs. Weasley sitting in the corner with Mr. Weasley. The couple didn’t look in the best state, but they greeted them with a smile and readily pushed the food towards them. Mrs. Weasley had long tear streaks running down her face while Mr. Weasley had dark circles formed around his usually happy and bright eyes.

The trio sat down and put their heads into their hands for a minute. Then they got up one by one, took deep breaths before finally eating some of the omelet and bacon.

Harry felt his stomach was full, and he felt extremely exhausted, so he excused himself from the table and walked off. Hermione followed him back to the Common Room.

“Does he like me Harry? Did he ever tell you? Was it too sudden?!” said Hermione in an exasperating tone, to which Harry was a bit surprised. “I dunno, it was out of the blue, but it doesn’t matter what I think. He knows not me…” said Harry in a slow voice, carefully choosing his words. He didn’t want Hermione to have a nervous breakdown. She was very exhausted after all.

“But I don’t think I can ask him! He barely looks at me!” said Hermione before leaning her head towards the closest wall. “I think he’s feeling the same way Hermione. Maybe Fred’s… Well death might be on his mind too. Just talk to him, the more you do that the more he’ll respond.” said Harry soothingly. His own soothing voice calmed his head down, before suddenly pounding again.

“Oh man, Hermione I’m sorry but I really need to pass out somewhere and I don’t think this is the best place!” said Harry before sprinting up the stairs. His entire body screamed in pain and fatigue, and he really needed to pass out somewhere or another.

He reached to the top of the stairs and found himself staring at the Fat Lady. Harry looked at her with a pleading look to let him in as he did not have the password. She smiled and said “Anything my dear boy, after all you did save the ENTIRE Wizarding World!” and she swung open the door leading to the portrait hole.

Harry profusely thanked her before running up the stairs and jumping into the nearest bed.

Ron left 5 minutes later after eating his breakfast as he felt extremely hungry. His stomach coiled and twisted even after the meal because of the state he saw his parents in. His mind was in an extremely horrible state as he walked off towards the Common Room.

He saw Hermione sitting on the stairs with her head in her hands. At first he felt that it was awkward to call upon her, but then he decided that he couldn’t leave her alone here.

“Hermione? Hello? Are you awake?” said Ron in a soft tone. He shook her but she wasn’t moving. He knew she had passed out.
‘What should I do?! She’s passed out here and I have no one to help me!’ thought Ron desperately. He looked around him twice, before thinking ‘She better not wake up between this!’ and lifting her up in his arms and carrying her to the common room.

The Fat Lady saw the sight that came upon her. “Injured?” she said coyly. “No, she, uh, passed out on the stairs kinda, so….” said Ron sheepishly. She smiled at him before opening the door to him.

He went through the Portrait Hole before carefully laying down Hermione’s body on the sofa. He looked at her for a second before feeling fatigue rushing through him. He quickly ran up the stairs and bunked in with Harry.

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