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A Forbidden Love Has Never Tasted This Sweet by StarryxNights
Chapter 2 : The Journey
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  The hustle and bustle of Diagon Alley was quite different than usual. Everyone was on edge due to the events of the past few months. The Minister is in denial-which I over heard Father and Mother talking-which is what the Dark Lord wants. Mother told Father that she didn't want either Draco or myself to be involved with the Death Eaters. I didn't want to be either.

I don't believe in every magical being must be a pure-blood. I have no problem with muggleborns or half-bloods. They've never done me any harm.

“Well,” my mother turned to Draco and I. “That's the last on the list. I need to go to Knockturn Alley. You two stay out of trouble.” Just like that, she walked away.

“I'll see you later,” Draco said after she was out of earshot.

“But Draco!” He was already gone. Great. I was alone in a place I knew no one. I pressed on, looking through the windows of the stores of which I hadn't been to in years. Everything was so simply beautiful. I spent my time in Gambol and Japes Wizarding Joke Shop, the ice cream parlor, and most of my time in Quality Quidditch Supplies. I wish I was able to join the quidditch team at Hogwarts, but I didn't even know how to fly on a broom.

Finally, I ran into Draco with Crabbe and Goyle. I smirked, “Aw, there's my little brother!” I pinched his cheek.

He pushed back, rubbing his face, “Shove off!”

I giggled, “Sorry, couldn't help myself.”

Crabbe looked taken back, “What are you doing here?”

I smiled walking in between Crabbe and Goyle. “Well boys,” I placed my arms around their shoulders. “We're going to be school mates!” I squeezed their shoulders.

Crabbe rolled his eyes.

“Uh...So...” Goyle stumbled over his words.. “You're going to-”

“Yes!” I started jumping up and down. “I'm pretty excited, can't you tell?”

“Please Melody!” I heard my mothers voice from behind me. I quickly turned around and straightened up. “Stop this nonsense!” She lowered her voice to a hissing whisper. “We're in public.”

“I'm sorry Mother,” I looked down at my feet. Draco smirked.

“Well, good day boys,” Mother turned to Crabbe and Goyle. “I need to get these two home. Say your good byes.”


The days passed until finally, it was time. The day I had been dreaming of for the past six years was finally a reality. I was going to ride the train to Hogwarts today.

We arrived at Platform 9 ¾ by floo powder. I glanced around, feeling as if it was my first time arriving at the station. I looked at my mother and father. My mother smiled at me. I know that she can be a bit crude sometimes, but I still loved her. I pulled her into a hug.
“I'll miss you, Mother.”

“And I will miss you too.” She kissed my forehead.

I looked at my father, breaking away from my mother.

He extended his hand as if to give me a handshake good bye.

I smirked at it, gently shoved his hand away, and wrapped my arms around his neck.

“Thank you so much, Father.” I fought back the tears of joy.

He placed his hand on my back. “I'll miss you.”

I let go of him, “I'll miss you, too.”

I smiled at them and boarded the train.

I wondered around the train for what seemed like hours, trying to find...I wasn't sure what. Maybe a familiar face? But what face would be familiar here, other that Draco and his friends? Maybe a face from my first day? No. I didn't recognize anyone. I finally found an empty compartment and decided to take it.

I sat down closest to the window, facing the direction the train was moving. I wanted to be able to see Hogwarts as soon as possible. The train ride would be the longest of my life.

I looked into my small bag and pulled out 'Hogwarts: A History.' I dare anyone who thinks they know this book better than I. I've read it so much the binding was falling apart. It was the only piece of Hogwarts I had, and I cherished it so much.

I began reading, getting lost in the pages. I don't know if any other student cared this much about Hogwarts.

It had been at least two hours when the compartment door slid open. I looked up, startled to see a tall somewhat familiar boy with flaming red hair entering and closing the door behind him.

He looked as if he was hiding from someone. He was somewhat muscular from what I could tell. His face a bit narrow, but very handsome. I heard a sigh escape his lips. I didn't think he had noticed me until he smirked. Now, there was a devilish smirk if I'd ever seen one.

“Excuse me, miss.” He sent a wink my way. “I didn't realize this was taken.”

I realized I was gawking at him. “Uh...” I couldn't find the words to say. It was as if he put a tongue tying curse on me.

His smirked continued. He could tell I was at a loss of words and he was enjoying it.

“'Mind if I join you?” He gestured towards the empty seat beside me.

A small “N-Not at all” slipped from my lips.

He was enjoying this too much. “So, why have I never seen a pretty girl like you around before?” he asked before taking a seat beside me.

“Well, uh.” I was stumbling over my words again. Why was this happening? This never happens! “I'm sort of, uh, new.”

“Well,” he positioned himself closer. “Either you are new, or you're not. We don't get many new people here.”

He had such a way of words I couldn't help but swoon. He gently placed my hand into his.

“Name's Fred Weasley,” He softly kissed my hand. “And what might yours be?”

Weasley. Oh god. A Weasley was making me swoon?! Oh, Draco would love to be seeing this to go run and tell father. Weasley's were traitors in my family's book, but not mine.

I sweetly took my hand back, “My name is Melody Malfoy.”

His jaw dropped. It was Fred's turn to gawk now.


Now he just looked adorable. So adorable that I could just- WOAH! NO! This was a Weasley. I would be dead. These thoughts need to leave my mind NOW!...Bloody Hell! It's not working.

I realized there was now a drawn out silence between his speechless and my fight with myself.

I nodded.

“Woah...” muttered Fred. “What happened to you? Where did you go?”

“Home-schooled. By my mother. My father pulled some strings with the minister.”

Fred shook his head, taking it all in. “This is bloody insane!”

Bloody insane?! How the bloody hell was it insane?!

“Excuse me?” the defense in my voice was like a dagger through a heart.

Fred quickly looked up at me, “No! Not like that! I only meant-Oh Merlin. I'm sorry.”

What was he on about? Either way, I wasn't going to stay and find out. I quickly stood up, my book falling down to the floor with a thud. I shot down to pick it up. Apparently Fred had the same idea. Our heads clashed together so hard that I was knocked onto the seat opposite him. I wasn't good with keeping balance.

“Bloody hell! I'm sorry, Melody.” Fred picked up the book, placing it beside me as I switched between rubbing my hand on my head and checking if I was bleeding or not.

“That hurt, Fred!” I didn't realize how loud I had said that until I noticed that someone else had started to enter the compartment.

He looked just like Fred. It had to be George, his twin. There was something different about him though. I didn't feel the same way towards him as I did Fred.

“Oi, Fred! What are you doing to this lovely lady?” His twin retorted.

“Nothing on purpose,” I defended Fred. “We both went to pick up my book at the same time.”

George looked at my book. “'Hogwarts: A History?' Oh Hermione's going to love this.”

“What's going to love what?” I asked puzzled.

Fred laughed, “Hermione. She's this girl that our little brother hangs out with. We swear he fancies her. She's a real book worm.”

I nodded.

“So, who's your friend, Fred?” George sat down beside Fred, now nudging his side.

I explained to George who I was. He was just as shocked as Fred was.

“You two are in Gryffindor, right?” I asked after George started to speak again.

“Our whole family has been in Gryffindor for awhile now.” George quietly spoke.

“Yea, Hermione's in it too,” said Fred.

The next few hours flew by. I was happy that I was able to spend time with someone and not feel out of place. We joked around, told stories of our pasts, and they told me about people who to stay away from at Hogwarts, including whoever the Defense Against Dark Arts teacher is, because ever since Harry Potter started school, there has always been something weird about them.

Finally, I glanced out the window and saw what I'd been waiting to see. I jumped up onto my knees and placed my hand on the window, staring at the beautiful scenery. The twins laughed at me, but understood how much it meant to me to be here in the moment. I smiled. The castle was absolutely breathtaking. I was finally about to walk through those gates again.

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