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Hogwarts Ex-Golden Girl by Raven claw witch
Chapter 24 : Chapter Twenty-Four
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“James, look, the photographer sent the wedding photos!” James and I had been back had Hogwarts for two weeks, it was May now. After the wedding we went to Italy for the week. It was amazing and nice and warm. Just James, I and a beach.

“Really? How do they look?” He asked as I sat down next to him on the couch in the Gryffindor common room. I opened the envelope and pulled out a few of the pictures. I grinned as I looked at a photo of James and I staring into each other’s eyes at the alter.

He put his arm around me and pulled me towards him, “They look amazing, just like you.” I smiled, “I love you.”

“I love you too James.”

“Oi! Lovebirds! Ready to study?” I looked up to see Dom, Ally, Danny, Louis, Freddie and Bradley coming through the portrait hole. N.E.W.T.S were coming up in two weeks. That meant studying all the time. In between classes, at meals, after classes, staying up all night cramming. It was annoying as hell. But we all needed great scores.

Ally was planning on being an auror, Louis a writer for the Daily Prophet, Danny wanted to be work for the ministry of magic in the magical transportation, Freddie was planning on working for his dad, Dom already had a job set in translating for the British Ministry of Magic, as long as she passed her N.E.W.Ts. She would be brilliant at it too, the girl spoke seventeen languages for Godric’s sake! Bradley was going into auror training with Ally. I, of course, was going into a healing program as long as I got the scores I needed. James told me that some scouts were coming to the final quidditch match of the season-we had won all three of our games-against Slytherin.

“Yeah, I guess.” We all gathered our books and old papers and exams and flashcards. It had been this way for the past week. I swear, these damn N.E.W.Ts are driving me bloody insane.

Six hours later, I was hanging upside down off the edge of the couch. Danny and Louis had gone to get some food from the kitchens, while the rest of us were quizzing each other. “What spell bonds two objects together?” James asked.

“Epoximise. Didn’t you already ask that one? Like, two minutes ago?”

He sighed, “I don’t know. My brain stopped functioning an hour ago.”

“Oh bloody hell,” Freddie exclaimed, “It’s nearly four in the morning.”

“Bugger. I don’t think I can even get my legs to carry me upstairs.” I said, closing my eyes from exhaustion.

“Want to sleep up in my bed?” James asked, I nodded. He laughed and picked me up. James carried me up to his room and put me down on his bed, before getting in himself. He wrapped his muscular arms around me, making me feel nice and safe and secure. “Good night, love.”

“Night night, love you.” I murmured before my eyelids shut and I finally went to sleep.


“Wake up, god damn it!” I heard someone shout before they hit me with a pillow. Oh, someone is going to lose a limb soon.

“No!” I cried before rolling over.

“Aspen! Get up! Now!” I opened my eyes to see Louis standing above me, blood covering his hands and smeared across his face. I looked to my left and saw James wasn’t beside me.

“Louis, what the bloody hell is going on?” I asked frantically, “Where’s James?”

“Would you stop asking questions, and get out of the damn bed! Come on!” I jumped out of bed and followed Louis down the stairs, on my way out I noticed that all of the boys’ beds were empty and the clock said it five in the morning. The boys should be back by now.

We reached the common room and my jaw dropped. My heart began beating fast. I was staring at my husband, Freddie and Bradley, hunched over a body that was mangled and spurting blood. My hands began shaking, “What happened?”

“Danny and I were walking back from the kitchens and I went into the bathroom. I came out a minute later and Danny was lying in the middle of the hallway like this.”

“Why the hell did you bring him here?” I questioned.

“Victorie is out at some conference or whatever. We couldn’t bring him to a teacher, they are all in the village tonight having a meeting. We sent a letter to Victorie telling
her to get back here.”

“Are they all idiots?!” I asked. “Why did the teachers think it was the best idea in the world to leave us all here alone for a few hours? Honestly, they need to get their priorities straightened out.”

“Aspen, you have to heal him.”

“Me?! What?”

James put his hands on my shoulders, “You are the only one that can do this. You are much better at healing things than any of this. Come on, A, it’s Danny.”

“I’m a bloody seventh year! I can’t do this!”

“Yes you can.” They all cried at once. I looked down at Danny’s body. We were wasting time.

I sighed, “Fine. I need you guys to pick up Danny.”

“Why?” Freddie asked.

“Because I bloody said so, that’s why.” I snapped. They quickly picked Danny up and we all climbed out of the portrait hole. I lead the way, as we walked swiftly down the hallway.

Finally, we reached the room of requirement. We walked through the door. I looked around, it was just what I had wanted. A magical operating room. “Put him on the table.” I ordered.

I pulled my hair back, “Okay. Let’s do this. James, hand me the bandlere potion.” He looked at me, confused. “The round bottle with the white stopper, it’s a yellowish orange color.”

After a few seconds of searching, he handed it too me. I poured it over Danny’s open wounds. It was supposed to seal them, and heal the injuries underneath. “Damn it.” I cried when it didn’t work.

“What’s wrong?” Louis asked, peering over my shoulder at Danny.

“It’s not working. The potion that should be working for Godric’s sake! What the hell did that person do to him?”

“Are you going to be able to heal him?” Louis was on the verge of tears now. I didn’t blame him, he was supposed to be with Danny, and he turned his back for one second. Sometimes, that is all it takes.

I looked down at Danny. I had known him since I was eleven years old. He had always been apart of our group of friends, but he was more of the background type. Not very outspoken. He was ordinary, had ordinary grades, an ordinary family (besides the fact that his mum was minister of magic), not exactly ordinary friends though. But ordinary people didn’t get attacked and nearly killed.

“I honestly don’t know. I’m going to try, but this would be a lot easier if I wasn’t eighteen bloody years old!” I sighed. This was insane. Okay, Aspen, you need to do this. You need to do this, for Danny. I was just thankful he was knocked out.

“Aspen, come on. You need to do this.” Bradley whispered from across the table.

I sighed, “Okay. Hand me the knife looking thing.”

James held up the scalpel, “This?” I nodded and he placed it in my hand. “Aspen, what the hell are you doing?”

“I’m going to have to cut him open.”

“WHAT?!” Bradley shouted.

“It’s okay, muggles do it all the time.”

“Doesn’t mean you should!”

I set the scalpel down and turned to Bradley and put my hand on my hip. “Listen boys, I know this isn’t ideal. None of us want our friend’s life to be in the hands of a eighteen year old girl whose hands are shaking right now. But I’ve the best you’ve got. You guys choose me to heal Danny. So stop telling me what to damn do, and don’t freak out when I make a decision. This is how it has to be. Okay?” They all nodded and took a step back. “Good.”

With the scalpel, I made a cut to get better visual. I spread his skin apart and looked into the body cavity. Merlin, I sounded like I knew what the hell I was doing. I should blame in on my dad, even though he was a surgeon, he was always watching those american hospital shows. Now I’m going to accidentally kill my friend because I think I know what the fuck I’m doing.

Okay, focus, Aspen. You can’t let your mind stray in a moment like this. “Shit.” I said, whatever spell that was had burst his appendix and he was dying. “Hand me those clamps.” I held out my hand and Louis slapped it in there. “Damn it, I’m going to have to cut out his appendix. Shit, I have no idea how to do this!”

I felt a hand on my shoulder, I turned to see James. “You can do this Aspen. We all believe in you, and you are going to be the reason Danny lives to graduation. You’re brilliant at healing, Aspen. Time to show it.”

I took a deep breath and took the scalpel and began cutting out the appendix. There was a hell of a lot of bleeding and it was scary as shit, feeling my friend’s blood run over my fingers, even if I did have gloves on.

The boys and I stood on our feet for three hours before I finally sewed Danny up. I didn’t know yet if I had done a decent job, but I thought he was going to be okay. I managed to take his appendix out, sew everything up that needed to be sewn up, and that was that. Victorie could handle the rest when she got back.

“You boys should go and get ready for class. Everyone should be getting up soon.”

“What about you?” Louis asked.

“I’m going to stay with Danny, here. I need one of you to get Professor Longbottom and bring him here. Danny should have real medical attention now.”

“Are you sure you don’t want be to stay instead?” James put his hand on top of mine.

“No, I’ll be fine. I’m a big girl, I can handle Danny for another hour or so.”

James smiled and kissed my cheek, “Good luck. Love you.”

“Love you too.”

Over the next few hours, Danny was transported to St. Mungo’s where he would be held for a week or so. He had woken up right before they took him away and made me promise that we would all come to visit him at least once.

The only problem with that was Longbottom was pissed off at me for healing yet another student without an actual healer license. He kept going on about how parents could get mad at the school and all, because they were technically responsible. Honestly though, the only people I’ve healed have been James, Lorcan and Danny. I highly doubt that Harry and Ginny, Rolf and Luna or Allison and Yuri would sue Hogwarts. Not that I’ve actually ever met Danny’s parents, Allison and Yuri, but they can’t be too bad. Danny tells us they are quite ordinary, besides his mum being the minister of magic.

Eventually, Longbottom let me go.

A few days later, I was sitting in a window sill-they are rather large at Hogwarts-near the entrance to the Ravenclaw common room. I needed to get away from the Gryffindor common room for a bit.

It was just too, crowded, lately. I needed some space to breathe by myself. It was just that sort of day. Oh course, I could have gone into my secret room, but, well, I don’t know what. I just didn’t want too.

It was May now. The snow was off the ground, but it had been raining a lot lately, casting a dreary mood over the castle. Although, bad weather didn’t effect the students of Hogwarts much anymore.

We had barley been aloud to go outside since the killings on Valentine’s Day. Occasionally we went out in the courtyards and all that, but we hadn’t gone down to the actual grounds in a long while. All care of magical creatures lessons were being held in old classrooms. People learned about them now instead of interacting with them. I didn’t take the subject but I imagine it was quite boring now. It was the same with herbology, all non hands-on lessons.

“Aspen?” I looked over to the stairs to see James, “What are you doing all the way over here?”

“I could ask you the same thing.”

He held up an envelope, “Mum sent me something to give to Molly. So why are you here?”

“Just wanted a place to clear my head.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, do you want me to go?”

I shook my head, “Of course not.” He started walking over to me.

“I have some big news.”

“What’s that then?”

He sat down across from me, “I talked to Longbottom and he told me that we can have the quidditch finals.”

“What?” I cried, “Are you serious?” He nodded, “That’s fantastic, James. Scouts can see you in an actual game now.” When we had all been banned from going on the grounds, Longbottom made an exception for quidditch, but then some people started wandering off. Luckily, everyone was okay, but a month ago we had been banned. The nice thing was the last regular game was about two days before the banning.

James grinned, “Yeah, that’ll be nice. Although, we aren’t playing it at the quidditch pitch.”

“What do you mean? Where else are you going to play?”

“Room of requirement. In one week, Slytherin versus Gryffindor.”

I leaned over and hugged him. “I’m so happy for you.”

“Be happy for me if we win.”

“Come on James, it’s you, Louis, Athena, Freddie, Bradley, Hugo and Al. You guys are the most kick-ass quidditch team ever.”

“Do you miss quidditch?”

I nodded, “Of course I do. It was one of my favorite things, and it’s sad that I can’t play anymore. But I had to quit for my health, and I have to regrets about that.”

He sighed, “Well, I have to go deliver this to Molls, but I’ll see you at dinner, okay?”

“Yeah. Love you, make sure to get out of Ravenclaw alive!”

“If I’m not at dinner, send help!” I laughed and watched him go up the stairs.

That night, Dom, Ally, Athena-she sometimes ate with us-Louis, Freddie, Bradley, James and I sat down to a dinner of chicken pot pie. As good as the house elves’ cooking was, even they couldn’t make chicken pot pie taste good. I had opted for eating mash potatoes instead.

We were in the middle of discussing how stressful N.E.W.Ts have become and how they are proabaly going to be the end of us all when we heard a shriek and someone crying out, “FUCK MUFFINS!” Oh Hogwarts, you can’t go three days without drama, can you?

It came from down the Gryffindor table. Most specifically, Albus Severus Potter. “Al!” James cried and shot up. I ran after them and saw that Al was clutching his arm.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“No, there is something wrong with my wrist.”

“We should bring him to Victorie.” Scorpius said, and I nodded.

So a huge group of us-and I mean huge-went up to the hospital wing and gathered around Al’s bed while Victorie checked him and given him a potion. Rose, Scorpius, Lily, Al’s friend Amy, Ally, Dom, Freddie, Louis, Bradley, James and I all sat in patience. No, I’m totally kidding. We are the least patient people on earth.

“How is he?”

“Is he hurt?”

“Can he play quidditch next week?”

“Is his wrist broken?”

“How long will it take to heal?”

“OI! You lot! Shut up!” Victorie yelled, “Al is going to be fine, but his wrist is broken in multiple places. I can heal him, but he’ll have a splint on for two weeks, at least.”

“WHAT?!” James yelled, “Oh this is just brilliant. This is just so bloody brilliant.”

“James, bro, I’m sorry I can’t play.” Al said.

“No, it’s not your fault. I’m just pissed that I have to find another seeker within the next week.”

“Wait.” Athena stepped forward, “I can play seeker. When I was at Salem, I switched off with this other girl between chaser and seeker. If we can find another chaser, than I can take Al’s spot.”

“Okay, where are we going to find another chaser that knows how are team works within the week?” Louis spoke up.

Everyone turned and stared at me. “What? What is it?”

“Aspen, you can be the third chaser.”

I took a step back, “No. Absolutely not. I haven’t played since December, besides, I’m not allowed too.”

“Actually,” Victorie spoke up, “I can clear you.” I shot her a look. “It’s true. You’re a lot stronger than you were last month, Aspen. If you want to play one game of quidditch, than I can clear you to play.”

“So, will you do it?” Athena asked.

“If I do, Freddie and Bradley you better protect me, okay?”


“Of course.”

“Then, it’s time to break out my old uniform.” Everyone
grinned. “Well, we have a week to get me up to speed, so get rid to kick ass Gryffindor.” Oh Merlin, what was I getting myself into?


“How are you feeling?” Ally asked me a week later.

“Like I’m about to be sick.” I moaned, looking down at my toast. Even toast wasn’t cheering me up. I usually wouldn’t get so nervous before games. But I didn’t know how my strength would hold up.

“Stop worrying Aspen, you’ll do fine.” Dom said, twirling a piece of her hair carelessly. Bitch.

“What if I choke?”

“You’re not going to choke.”

“Yes I am!”

“Stop psyching yourself out. It’s just a recipe for failure.”

“Dom’s right, Aspen.”

“Of course I’m right, when am I not right?”

“Oh shut up Dom. You will be fine Aspen. You’re an amazing chaser.”

I moaned again and hung my head. “Hey, what’s wrong with her?” I heard Louis ask.

“Well, dear brother, Aspen here thinks that she is gonna choke at today’s game.”

“Aspen, that’s complete and utter bullshit.”

I sighed, “I’m just nervous.”

“You’ve played a million and one quidditch games, this one is no different.”

“Excuse me?! This one is totally different. It’s a final and I haven’t played lately.”

“Yeah, yeah. Let’s just go up to the pitch in the room of requirement. The rest of the team is already up there.”

I sighed, “Okay. Bye guys, see you after the game.” They grinned.

“Good luck!” Dom shouted after me.

“Have fun!” Ally cried.

“Yeah, I’ll be sure to do that while having a heart attack!” I heard her laughing as Louis and I walked away. “Did you visit Danny this morning?”

He nodded, “How’d you know that?”

“Sticker.” I pointed to his chest, a visitor badge had been stuck on it.

“Oh.” Louis smiled, “Yes, well, he sends his love. He’s mad that he can’t come to the game, especially because he was supposed too. I told him the healers performed another surgery on him yesterday, but he doesn’t want to hear it.”

I laughed, “That is so Danny.”

A few minutes later, we opened the doors to the room of requirement to see a huge quidditch pitch. And I mean massive. Rows upon rows of seats surrounded the grass and there was special sections and everything. At the normal pitch, we had a teacher section, a student section and a parent section.

But here, there was a section for each of the houses, along with a parent and teacher section there was a reporters section, a scout section, and a VIP section (rumor had it Danny’s mum was coming). It was amazing, it looked like a real professional stadium. The kind quidditch players only dream about playing in. There was even a jumbo tron. Damn, maybe we should play in here more often.

“Oi! You two! Come and get dressed!” Bradley yelled from the open locker room door, it was painted in Gryffindor colors. Oh yeah, this was amazing.

I walked through the boy’s locker room and into the girls. It was small, since it was only Athena and I. “You nervous?” She asked.

“A bit, you?” I asked as I changed into my quidditch robes. It felt amazing, to be back in these robes. I felt at home again.

“Not really, I don’t get that nervous before games, even if it’s the final.”

I nodded, after we had changed we went into the boys’ locker room. James was writing on the chalkboard. “Okay, everyone. Today, we are facing the Slytherin team.”

“No shit, sherlock.”

“Shut it, Freddie.” Freddie just rolled his eyes.

“Their chasers are, Nick Edgecombe, Sarah Edgecombe, and Lynn Ritcher. They have a tight formation and haven’t dropped a quaffle since 2010. Beaters are Joseph Flint and Robert O’Malley. I know O’Malley is just a fourth year but he is strong for his age. They are both brutal, so Freddie and Bradley you need to be on your game. Protect Aspen if your life depends on it, we can’t have her getting her. Now, their keeper is Madeline Goldberg, she is fast but she can get distracted easily. So, we have to use that to our advantage. Finally, their seeker is Dylan Cran, he is a bit slow and his broom is really slow, so we shouldn’t have a huge problem with him.”

James ran his hand through his hair. “Okay, now that we all know that game plan. I need to tell you all something.” He smiled at us all, “Six of the eight of us,” He looked at Hugo and Al, he had been allowed to come in the locker room even though he wasn’t playing this game. “Are graduating this year. This is our last game at Hogwarts, for some of us it will be our last game ever. It has been my honor being your captain for the past two years.

“You are the best team anyone could ask for. We’ve been through a lot this year, personally and as a team. We’ve lost people in the middle of games, and made amazing comebacks. We have fought hard, and we came out undefeated. Now, it’s time to finish this. So listen up everyone, because we will come out on top. We will send the Slytherins back to the dungeons were they belong and we will be champions!” James cried.

“YEAH!” Everyone shouted.

“Put your hands in the middle.” We all did as we were told.

“GO! GO! GRYFFINDOR!” We all cried at once.

“Let’s rock this shit.” James grinned and led the way onto the grass.

Whenever I walk onto a quidditch pitch, I can only feel two things. Adrenaline and happiness. Hundreds of people were screaming and shouting, reporters’ cameras flashed nearly blinding me, I could hear the Gryffindor student section chanting,

“We’ll make you really sorry,

We’ll make you want to cry,

Because the day you mess with ole Gryffindor,

Is the day you’re gonna die.

You think you’re so good at Quidditch,

Because you’re sly all day,

But when Gryffindor stomps Slytherin,

You better start training for the ballet.”

I grinned at the chant and kept walking towards the center of the pitch, where we were to kick off. “Aspen! Aspen, sweetheart!” I turned around to see my parents waving from the stands. My heart swelled.

“I’ll be right back.” I told James.

“Where are you going?” He cried.

“It will just take a second, promise.” He sighed.

I ran over to where my parents were sitting, “Mum! Dad! What are you doing here?” I asked as I hugged them, “I thought you weren’t coming.”

“We wouldn’t miss this for the world, sweetheart.” My dad smiled.

“Thank you so much for coming. It means a lot.”

“Anything for you, darling. Now, go and play.” Mum kissed my cheek and waved me away. I sprinted across the field to my team.

“What was that about?” James asked.

I smiled, “My parents came.”

“Really?” I nodded and pointed towards them, “That’s brilliant, A. Now, let’s give them a hell of a game to watch.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, reporters and parents.” I recognized the voice of Nikki Classen, from Hufflepuff, “I would like to welcome you to the one thousandth and twenty-second Hogwarts Quidditch Cup Final!” Cue large roar of applause. “Now, it’s time to introduce our teams.”

“First up...the Gryffindor team!” I heard Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs and some Ravenclaws shouting at the top of their lungs. “Your chasers are, Louis Weasley, James Potter and the lovely Aspen Powells!” I saw Louis, James and I’s faces on the jumbo tron. Wow, that was creepy. “Gryffindor’s beaters are Fred Weasley and Bradley Finnigan!” More cheers, “The lightening fast keeper is Hugo Weasley and finally your seeker, Athena Singleton!” Nikki went on to announce the Slytherin team before we all sung the school anthem.

We all went into formation on the pitch, waiting for Madam Hooch to blow her whistle. “You ready?” James asked beside me.

“Born ready.”

He smiled, “That’s what I like to hear. Signal me if you need a break, okay?”

“James, I wouldn’t be playing if I needed a break.” I told him before I heard the shrill sound of the whistle blasted across the pitch and I pushed off of the grass. James had caught the quaffle and Louis, him and I were now speeding towards the opposite end of the pitch.

This was the first time I got a good look at Slytherins’ keeper. She was pretty small, for a sixth year. Of course, she wasn’t smaller than me, but her arms weren’t very long and I figured I could get some decent shots if I put it were she couldn’t reach.

“Catch!” Louis, who now had the quaffle, cried. I caught the ball and shot it threw the left ring. It sailed through before Goldberg even got a chance to move. I grinned and started flying to the other end of the pitch.

About half an hour in, the score was 70-50, Gryffindor. I had scored five of the goals, it was amazing, Louis and James just kept passing it to me. I was five for six. I tried to pass it to James when I could, I knew that this game was really important to him. He needed a great performance to get drafted to a team.

I had just passed James the quaffle when I saw Nick Edgecombe, Slytherin’s captain, yelling at Flint. “JUST HIT HER!” My hands began to shake, he was either talking about Athena and I. Either way, I didn’t like it.

“James!” I tried to call him over, I barley got it out before I heard a crack and pain shot through my right shoulder. I nearly fell off my broom it had been so hard. Merlin, what happened?!

“Aspen!” I heard someone cry. I think it was Louis. Or maybe James. Or Bradley. I really had no idea at this point. But I’m pretty sure it was a guy. The only thing I’m completely sure of is my shoulder hurt like hell.

I moaned and opened my eyes. I was staring up at the sky. Okay, I was on the ground now. How did I get here? Wow, that hurts. “Aspen! Aspen! Stay with us!” I saw someone with blonde hair leaning over me, I couldn’t make out their face. Everything was too blurry.

I heard Dominique’s voice shouting, “MOVE! OUT OF MY DAMN WAY ALREADY!”

Someone else spoke, “Miss, you can’t. It’s against the rules to have anyone who isn’t a player in the game.”

“Does it look like I care? That girl that just fell off her broom? She is my best friend so either move or I will make you move!” I guess whoever it was had moved because a few moments later I saw Dom standing over me. At least, I think it was Dom.

I felt someone touching me, I winced as they touched my shoulder. “How is she?”

“Her shoulder is dislocated and she is in a lot of pain.”

“Can she play?”

“No. If she does, she could damage her shoulder for forever.” I think it was Victorie. It had to be Victorie.

I moaned, “No. I have to play.”

“Aspen, you can’t. You will risk permeant damage.”

“No, it’s my last game ever.”

Victorie was being to come back into focus. “Here, take this. It will help with the pain.” I opened my mouth and she poured the potion in and I swallowed it. Merlin, it tasted vile.

My eyes fluttered shut.

I opened my eyes slowly. Blankets were covering me and I looked around the room I was in. The walls were painted white and I was lying on a cot. “W-where am I?” I asked groggily.

“Aspen, lye back down.” I felt a hand lightly pushing me down.

I repeated my question once I was lying down again.

“You’re in the medical room of the quidditch pitch. Do you remember what happened to you?”
 “I, I got hit with a bludger. It went into my shoulder.”

The person nodded, “How is your vision?”

“Everything is blurry. Who are you?”

They gave a small laugh, “I’m Victorie.”

“Oh.” I said. It was a few minutes until I spoke again, “My vision is coming back.” I told her as I saw her face.

“Great. What is your pain on a scale from one to ten?”

“Three.” I responded.

“That’s excellent. Professor Longbottom said I could if
you were feeling up to it, do you want to go watch the rest of the quidditch game?”

I looked up at her, “How much have I missed?”

“Nearly three hours.”

“They’re still playing?” I asked. Victoire nodded. “Okay, I’d like that.” Vic helped me into a wheelchair and wheeled me up a ramp to a platform on the lowest deck of the stadium, right behind the Gryffindor bench.

The game was in the middle of a timeout. James had huddled everyone up and I saw him talking to them and showing a tactic on a whiteboard. I looked up to the jumbo tron, the score was 290-200, Gryffindor. Unless we magically got ahead by 160 points, it would all be decided by the snitch.

Under the score there was a pictures of all six chasers. Under those pictures was how many points they had scored. Lynn Ritcher had scored forty, Sarah Edgecombe had scored seventy and Nick Edgecombe ninety. I had scored fifty before I left, Louis had scored forty, and..

I rubbed my eyes a bit to make sure I had seen it correctly. That was insane. James had broken a Hogwarts record. Not just broke it, shattered it. I had tied the record when I was in third year, it had been originally set by James Potter the first. The record used to be one hundred and forty points. Now, thanks to James Potter the second, it was two hundred points.

“Aspen?” I looked down to see Athena smiling up at me. “How are you feeling?”

“Better.” I told her, “I’ll feel even better if you win this thing for us.” My team grinned.

“Of course.” James said.

“By the way, nice job on the scoring.”

He smiled his lopsided dorky smile that I loved so much. “Thanks. Now, watch us win this thing.”

They all mounted their brooms and took off. I watched them fly and watched the game. For the past few months, I had hated being a spectator. The last time I was a spectator with scarlet and gold on the field was in first year.

Victorie sat down next to me and we watched together. My shoulder was still pretty stiff and I had finally noticed that my arm was in a sling. Wow, I’m the most observant person ever. Seriously, someone should give me an award for Merlin’s sake.

I cheered as James got another goal, “And that makes it three hundred to two hundred folks.” Nikki Classen said, “This truly is an amazing game. Oh, and I’ve just been alerted that Aspen Powells has woken up from that bludger she took to the shoulder three hours back. Although, she still can’t play in the game due to injuries. Still, with Gryffindor down one chaser they’ve been doing remarkably well, leading the game by one hundred points.”

Oh, wrong thing to say Nikki. Nothing pissed off the Slytherins more than others being better than them. Flint took his beater’s bat and swung a well-aimed bludger at Athena. I held my breath as the bludger speed towards Athena.

I wanted to close my eyes, to not watch. But I couldn’t look away. It’s like the first time you watch a horror movie, and it’s scary and you want to look away, but you don’t. Because you want to know what happens, you want to say you saw it. Not the second time you watch it or a rewind, you want to say you were brave enough to watch it, even if you were scared.

The bludger hurtled towards her, and she didn’t see it. I gasped as it came within inches of her, but she avoided it. I sighed and looked to Vic, I could tell she was relieved too.

The game kept dragging on, and on and on. At this rate the game could go into the night. It started at noon and it was a little after four at this point. They players must be hungry at this point, most people got to have lunch before they came to the game, but the quidditch players got to the pitch about half an hour before, so we usually had a late breakfast.

“How long do you think this is going to last?” Victorie asked me a few minutes later.

I shrugged and she nodded, “Potter scores again, making the score 370 to 200. That means if Slytherin was to catch the snitch right now, Gryffindor would still win. But it’s still not over yet folks.” Nikki said. Whoa, when did we get those seventy points? I guess I zoned out.

The game dragged on and Victorie went to get me some food from the concession stand. I wasn’t very hungry but she told me that I needed it. I watched as Sarah Edgecombe made a goal, I loved quidditch, but this was getting a bit boring. I liked the games were it came down to the snitch, even if I wasn’t a seeker.

“It looks like Dylan Cran has seen the snitch!” I watched as Athena speed after him, “I-I can’t see what’s going on! But, someone has caught it! Someone has caught the snitch! And it’s-it’s Cran! The Slytherin seeker has caught the snitch! BUT GRYFFINDOR WINS!”

My smile was so huge I was surprised that my face hadn’t split in two. I got up out of the wheelchair-even though I was still a bit dizzy-and I jumped the fence and ran out onto the pitch. The whole team was flying down to the ground. I could tell Athena was mad about not catching the snitch. But it didn’t matter. Because we won! We won our last Hogwarts quidditch game ever.

“Aspen!” James ran over to me and picked me and spun me around. I smiled in spite of myself. “We won!”

I grinned, “Thanks to you! That was the most amazing chaser performance ever James!”

“How are you feeling?”

I smiled, so happy. “Fantastic. Now, let’s go celebrate our victory.”

“Hell yes.” He whispered in my ear. He pulled back, “PARTY IN THE GRYFFINDOR COMMON ROOM!” James screamed to everyone.

Author’s Note:

Yay! Over six thousand words and a Gryffindor victory! Oh yeah! Only downside was Aspen and Danny getting hurt. I hope everyone liked the chapter, this was one of my favorites to write. I’m sorry if the quidditch part wasn’t great, I’m not the best at writing those. Unfortunately my friends, we only have two chapters left of Hogwarts Ex-Golden Girl. Although, there will be a sequel. I love you all so much for sticking with Aspen and I for this long, you’re superb. Thanks everyone for reading everyone!


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