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Flame by mischeifxmanaged
Chapter 2 : Inappropriate Thinking
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The meeting ends several hours later, shortly after Voldemort suggested the younger members find their way to bed as they were to return to Hogwarts the next day. Each member had gotten an assignment to work on and progress was expected by the next meeting, which would no doubt be in a few weeks’ time. Meanwhile, Voldemort’s finest were told to lay low and not draw attention to themselves, as their plans would not work quite as well out in the open since the Ministry had not been overthrown yet.

            “Ginevra, you are to stay here at Malfoy Manor and arrive at school with Draco. Narcissa will show you to your room. Your transfer to Slytherin has been accepted and the appropriate cover will be put into place,” the Dark Lord smirked. “Be cautious, as you are not yet known as an open member of my loyal forces. Please continue to spy on Potter and act as if you were a member of the Order, your information is most valuable.”

            “Yes, cousin,” Ginny replies, followed by a small bow.

            “Until the mark burns,” Voldemort closes, then he disapparates, followed shortly by all others not staying at the Manor. 

            “This way dear,” Narcissa smiles as she takes Ginny’s arm. “You will have your own suite while you are here. Don’t hesitate to ask for a thing.” The women exit the room and head for the North side of the Manor.

Draco is the first one out of the room following the women, avoiding his father as much as possible, headed for the South side of the Manor.

It’s impossible, there’s no way Ginny is related to the Dark Lord. It has to be some joke or a horrible dream. It was hard enough to keep from smirking at her the whole time they were in the meeting. That gorgeous redhead just wanted to torment him, he was sure of it.

Thoughts of Ginevra Minerva Weasley… er, Gaunt, had gotten him through many lonely nights at Malfoy Manor, and that’s where his mind drifted now. Mostly out of habit, partly because he had seen her for the first time since the summer holidays had begun. He would spend hours thinking about her. He would imagine the way her voice would coo his name as his thoughts drifted into each night. He wanted to run his pale hand through her gorgeous flame red hair, and tell her that she was all that mattered to him. It was easier to think about her tonight, now that she wasn’t a blood traitor. He wondered if she would really transfer to Slytherin now that her secret was out. It was going to be hard to hide her mark from those Gryffindor prats.

It was no secret that Voldemort had infiltrated Hogwarts, and he had many students and staff on his side from all houses, even from noble Gryffindor. It was insane really, how all of this was happening right under Potter and Dumbledore’s noses. Not even mudblood Granger had noticed it. Yet Ginny, ever so cunning, had made sure that Potter noticed nobody but her, and with the Weasley’s brainwashed to believe that their perfect angel of a daughter could do no wrong, it would be so easy for things to remain this way until the Dark Lord wished for change.

Gorgeous girl, Ginny was. She had long red hair midway down her back, strait, and firey red accompanied by piercing blue eyes and a slender form. She had curves in all the right places, and it wasn’t surprising to hear about a few school boys wanting to strip her out of her too small secondhand school uniform that just happened to hug all the right places for a clearly developed young woman.

Draco made his way to his room, lost in his thoughts of her and sat down on his bed, letting his door slam behind him. “That damned woman,” he groaned. She always found her way to his mind.

            Draco ran a hand through his silvery hair, and strode over to his closet to change into his deep green nightclothes and hung a rich black robe at his bedside. The silver accents had always been comforting to him, reminding him of school, where he belonged. He smirked, remembering he was to return tomorrow, and then crawled into bed. Most of his questions would be answered soon enough; all he had to do was be patient.

            Well, patience was never a Malfoy’s strong point. 

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