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The Lost Marauder Love by HPismygodson
Chapter 18 : Chapter 35 & 35
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Chapter Thirty-Five

Lily called down to the Burrow and talked to Molly. She gave her a brief version of the story and said she would explain it all when she came up. While Molly and Lily talked I gathered as many copies of the paper as I could find around the house. "Lils it looks like we don't have many papers here. I'm gonna call my mum and see if I can't borrow a few of my parents papers."
"Alright Isa. Molly should be here in a few. I'm gonna make some tea and start on breakfast."
"Ok Lils." I picked up the phone and called my mum. "Hi Mum. Lily and I are doing a project to keep ourselves busy while the boys are away. We need some papers. We don't have any muggle ones here. Do you mind?"
"It's no problem sweetheart. You're welcome to come up and pick them up."
"Alright mum I'll be there in just a few minutes." I called as I hung up, "Lily I'm heading up to my parents. My mum said it would be fine if we used their papers."
"Ok. Don't stay to long though breakfast is almost ready."
"I won't be long Lils I promise." I said as I apparated out of the house. "Hi mum." I called walking into the kitchen. "Hi Daddy. I wasn't expecting that you would be here."
"Well I should have left for work a few minutes ago, but your mum said that you were coming by and I wanted to see my little girl."
"It's great to see you Daddy. I missed you both so much. I promise I'll come by soon for dinner. Oh I almost forgot to tell you Arthur got the job at the Ministry."
"That's great dear. Tell him congratulations for us." My mum said beaming.
"I will Mum. I have to go Lily was making breakfast when I left and I promised I would be back as soon as possible." I said as I kissed my father on the cheek.
"Ok sweetheart. Just remember dinner next week ok?"
"I promise Mum. Got to go. Thanks for the papers." I said as I kissed her and apparted home. "Hi girls I'm back." I said as I walked into the kitchen. "Molly my parents said to tell Arthur Congratulations. Their so proud of him."
"I'll let him know. You're just in time. Lily just finished cooking." Molly said.
"It's smells great Lils. Here are the papers. I'm assuming Lily filled you in on the situation." I said sitting down at the table.
"Actually I didn't. I thought you should be the one to tell her what's going on. Here eat up." Lily answered placing a plate of bacon and eggs in front of me.
"Well long story short. Remus and I went on a date about a month ago. The date was wonderful. The next morning Remus told me that it wasn't fair for us to continue the relationship because it could never go anywhere. That he couldn't marry me because of what he is. Now it's just to painful to be around him. I love him like crazy, but everytime he's home it feels like someone is ripping my heart out of my chest." I said trying to fight back my tears.
"Oh Isa I had no idea things were so bad. I wish there was something I could do for you." Molly said patting my hand.
"There is Molly. I'm moving out. I need you and Lily to help me find an apartment. Please Molly."
"Of course Isa. Where are you thinking? London, here in the village, or somewhere else all together?"
"I'm not sure. I know I don't want to stay here, but I don't want to go to far away. I was thinking that it might be nice to live around muggle's being raised by muggle's I kind of miss it. So maybe a nice area of London. Somewhere with privacy so I can still use magic, but a nice community."
"Ok that's a good start. How big of a place are you wanting?" Molly said as she started making notes.
"A two bedroom at least. That way if Lily needs to spend the night while the boys are gone, she can."
"Ok so a two bedroom in a nice neighborhood. Privacy is a must. Is there anything else we need to take into consideration?"
"Somewhere near a park so you can bring the boys over to play. Maybe some great bookstores or a fantastic library. Other than that I'll know it when I see it. Oh a kitchen I have to have a great kitchen with a big dinning room that way you all can come over for dinner." I said smiling as I looked over at Lily. "You're being awfully quiet. What are you thinking Lils?"
"Well it just so happens that I know the perfect place. James's Aunt and Uncle have a place in Greenwich that is perfect. It's a three bedroom. The kitchen is beautiful his Aunt just had it redone. The dinning room is big enough for a huge table. There's a great park not far from the apartment. With his cousins grown and moved out they don't need as much space anymore. Since they own it their actually looking to rent it and since you're family they would give you a great price."
"Oh Lily it sounds perfect. When can I see it?"
"I'll call James's Aunt right now and see if we can go over this afternoon." Lily said as she got up from the table. "Hi Auntie. How are you and Uncle Jim? Yeah. Oh that's wonderful. Hey Auntie are you still looking for someone to rent your apartment? Really? That's great. Well the reason I'm asking is Isabella, you remember her? No, she's mine and James's friend from Hogwarts. Yeah that one. Well she's looking for a place and when I told her about your place she loved it. We were wondering if we could come over this afternoon and see it. Really? Thanks Auntie. We'll be there around two." Lily promised as she hung up. "She said they haven't even started showing it yet and that we're welcome to come over this afternoon. Maybe we should look through the ads still just in case."
"I don't see why. Lily this place sound absolutely perfect. Beside I'm exhausted I need to take a nap before we go. Wake me around one. Ok?"
"Sure Isa. Get some sleep. We'll wake you." Molly promised before Lily could even open her mouth. "She needs her rest. Let her go." I heard Molly whisper on my way home.
An hour later I awoke to a knock at my door. "Isabella dear it's time to wake up."
"Alright Molly. I'll be up in just a minute." I walked out of my room to find the girls sitting in my kitchen. "We'll this is unusual." I said with a smile.
"I thought it might be nice to have lunch in the neighborhood. That way you can get a feel for the area." Lily explained.
"That sounds great."
We apparated to an alley a few blocks from the cafe Lily wanted to take us to. "Oh Lily it's so beautiful here." I sighed as we sat down at a patio table. "If the rest of the neighborhood is as beautiful as this block then I better get the apartment because I have to live here."
After a quick lunch we walked around the neighborhood for a little before heading to the apartment. "Lily it's so good to see you, Sweetheart. Come in come in."
"Auntie these are my friends, Molly and Isabella. Isa is the one looking for a place to live."
"It's nice to meet you girls. Well let me show you around the apartment Isa."
Lily, Molly, James's aunt, and I walked around the apartment. It was beautiful. It was even bigger then I thought it would be. Three bedrooms, two baths, a kitchen, a living room, and a library. "So Mrs. Potter please tell me what I need to do to get your apartment. I love it so much. The neighborhood is amazing and this place is perfect." I asked trying not to get my hopes up.
"Well I need to talk to my husband, but if you make an offer with how much you can afford to pay a month then I'll get back to you as soon as possible."
"Alright well here's what I can afford." I said jotting a number down on a piece of paper. "I hope to hear from you soon."
"I'll talk to you girls soon. See you all later." James's Aunt said as she showed us out.
Later that night the phone rang. "I got it," I called. "Hello. This is Isabella."
"Isabella it's James's Aunt. I talked to my husband and we've decided to offer you the apartment and we've decided to rent it to you for just 100 a month."
"Really? Thank you so much! I really appreciate this."
"It's no problem dear. If you can come over tomorrow we can sign the lease and everything."
"Sounds good. I'll see you around one then."
"See you then dear. Good night."
"Lily!" I yelled running back into the living room, "Molly! I need to talk to you guys. Let's go outside."
"Ok Isa spill. What is it?" Lily asked.
"James's Aunt called. I got the apartment. I'm going over tomorrow to sign the lease."
"Oh Isa that's wonderful. I'm so happy for you." Molly said hugging me.
"Congrats Isa. I'm gonna miss having you live here, but I understand. I'm really happy for you." Lily said wiping a tear from her eye.
"Oh Lils. Just cause I'm moving out doesn't mean I'm leaving you. You can still come over all the time." I said throwing my arms around her.
"Not to put a damper on the celebrating but when and how do you plan on telling the guys?" Molly asked.
"Well James and Remus get home tomorrow and Sirius and Peter get home on Friday. So I guess I''ll tell them on Friday. I'll cook a nice dinner and tell them after." I replied already starting to feel guilty about what I was about to dump on my best friend.
"Isa honey maybe you should tell Remus before Friday so you don't just spring this on him in front of everyone." Molly suggested.
"Molly, Isabella, Lily are you coming back in?" Arthur called.
"We're coming sweetheart." Molly yelled. 

Chapter Thirty-Six

The next day Lily and I went back to the apartmenyt. After signing the lease we decided to do some shopping. We ended up finding the perfect dinning room table and living room set. After shrinking the furnitur we decided to grab some lunch. "Isa what are you gonna do for bedroom furniture. Do you want to take the stuff that's in your room now or get something else?"
"As much as I love the stuff I have now I want something new. I've had that furniture for ages and I want something more grown up. Besides did you see that stunning wrought iron bed set and beautiful cherry wood dresser and side table?"
"yeah it was stunning. You should definitely get it. It's just so you."
"Lil I was thinking since the other room is gonna be yours why dont you pick out the furniture for it. My treat what ever you want."
" Isa I couldn't. That's way to much money."
"Fine then consider it an early birthday present."
"Thank you Isabella."
"Of course sweetie. I want you to be comfortable there. We still need to find me a desk and comfortable chair for the library. And we need to outfit the nursery."
"I had a thought for the desk. James and Marry have been going through the house and preparing to get rid of somethings since Mary is living with my parents now. David had a beautiful desk in his study and I'm sure if you ask James and Mary they'll be fine with you taking it. After all your family."
"Oh Merlin Lily that sounds perfect. I remember that desk it's stunning."
Lily and I spent the rest of the afternoon shopping for furniture for the new apartment. "Merlin pants Lily we need to get home and Remus should be home any time now."
"Have you decided how your going to tell him?" Lily asked as we walked to the apparition point we had picked out.
"Yeah actually if it's ok with you I'm gonna take him out to dinner tonight just the two of us. I have reservations at his favorite restaurant. I figure I'll tell him over dessert."
"Sounds perfect Isa." Lily responded as we walked into the living room.
"Remus!" I cried as I ran to throw my arms around him. "When did you get home. We wanted to be here when you got back."
"I've only been home for a few minutes." remus replied holding me close, "Hi Lily. It's great to be home."
"Hi Remus." Lily said standing up on her tiptoes to kiss his cheek. "I'm glad your home. No offense but you stink. Why don't you go take a shower while Isabella and I put away our shopping?"
"Sounds like a plan I'll see you girls in a few." Remus said shooting us both a smile.
"Lil can I store this stuff in my old room?" I asked.
"Sure thing honey. Come on let's get it all put away before James gets home. He should be back any minute. I can't wait to see him. I've missed him so much."
"Oh Merlin Lily I completely forgot that James comes home today. Hey I just had great idea. Why don't I make the reservation for four and we can all go out to dinner together? That way I can tell both the boys tonight. You knowJames always figures out when your hiding something."
"That sounds great Isa. And this way if Remus needs someone to talk to he has James."
"Alright I'll go make the call now then meet you in the living room."
Lily and I had only been chatting for a few minutes when we heard the unmistakable sound of someone apparating into the kitchen. "James!" Lily yelled running into the kitchen. "You're home." She cried as she fell into James's arms.
"I've missed you so much Lily. Hi Isa." James said smiling me over the to of Lily's head.
"Welcome home James. I'm gonna head down to the guest house and get ready for tonight. Don't forget that the reservations are for seven. So Remus and I will be up here at 6:50. I'll see you guys then."
"Ok Isa. We'll see you guys then." James called after me.
I walked into the living room just as Remus walked out of the bathroom wearing only a towel. "Ummm sorry. I thought you would still be with Lily."
"I was planning on it, but James got home so. Merlin what happened to you?" I cried realizing that Remus's arms and chest were covered in scratches.
"It's not that bad honest,"
"Nonsense. Go put some pants on and then come back in here. I'll heal you up." I said giving him my best Molly look.
I can't believe him. He's all cut up and he doesn't say a single word to me about it. Not only that but he tries to hide it from me. "ok Isabella let's get this over with."
"You should be grateful that I'm not kicking your butt for not telling me about this. Now sit down and don't complain." I said. Remus sat perfectly still while I healed the cuts all over his arms, stomach, and back. "There now isn't that much better?"
"Yeah thanks Isa. I really appreciate it."
"Don't mention it. Now we should probably get ready for dinner."
"Don't please just don't. I can't. Not tonight. Please let's just get ready for dinner. Lily and I have missed you guys so much. Let's go have a nice night together."
"Ok Isabella. Whatever you want."
We went off to our rooms and got ready for dinner. I walked back into the living room to find Remus waiting for me. "Wow Isa you look beautiful."
"Thanks Remus. You look very handsome. Let's go meet Lily and James."
"Are Molly and Arthur coming with us?"
"No they wanted a night with the kids. So it's just the four of us. Thier joining us tomorrow though. We're having a home cooked meal when the other two get home." I said as we walked up to the main house.
"Sounds like a plan. James!" Remus said on a laugh nearly launching himself at one of his best friends.
"Remus! All in one piece I see."
"Thanks to Isa. I got pretty cut up trying to get out of there."
"Dumbledore did warn us that it could be dangerous. Yeah but we always make it out alive."
"Yeah we do. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one that had to be healed up after this mission. Anyways are we already to go?" James asked.
"It looks that way. Ok we're going to St. Johns for dinner. Lily knows the apparition point so let's go." I said taking Remus's hand.
Dinner was wonderful. Everything was delicious as it always is. We laughed and ate and drank. Its so wonderful to have the boys home. After ordering dessert Lily and I excused ourselves from the table and went to the restroom. When we finished refreshing our make up Lily turned to me. "I hate to say this but I thinks it's time to ruin our perfect night. Are you ready for this?"
"Not in a million years but it's the right thing to do. I have to tell him. Just promise me somethin."
"When he freaks, send James after him and don't leave me alone."
"Honey he's not Sirius. He might be upset but he's not going to run out on you. He loves you to much to run out on you."
"I suppose your right Lily. Now come on let's get back to the table before they start to worry about us."
With that Lily and I went back to the table. "Took you girls long enough." James teased.
"Sorry. Long line. James, Remus I have something I need yo tell you guys."
"What's up Isa?" James asked.
"Well while you guys were away I came to a decision," I said not daring to look at Remus. "I've decided to move out. James I met with your aunt and uncle and they've agreed to rent me their place. I move-in in two weeks."
"You'''re moving out?"
"Remus I'm so sorry I just I need a fresh start. After everything that's happened over the last year. I just need a fresh start. Please Remus don't be angry with me."
"Is it because of me?" Remus asked sounding more hurt then I've ever seen him.
"That's part of it."
"Guys why don't you two head home. James and I will get the dessert to go and we''ll meet you there." Lily suggested.
"Ok Lily. We'll see you at home. Come on Remus."
With that Remus and I headed home. He didn't say a single word to me while we walked and he only took my hand when it was time to apparate home. "Remus please look at me. Please say something."
"I don't know what to say. I feel awful. I feel like I'm chasing you out of your own home. Especially since I'm so rarely home. I could move up to the main house or I could move in with Peter or I don't know, but you shouldn't have to leave."
"Remus stop. I told you you're only part of it. I wasn't lying when I said that this year has been tough. This house just holds to many memories. You all are welcome to come visit and Lily will have her own room so she can stay with me while James is on a mission. And this way Sirius and Peter can move back in if they want. I just need the chance to start over fresh."
"ok Isabella if this is what you really want then I fully support you. Is there anything I can do to help?"
"I'll probably need some help moving in. I might need some help doing some shopping since I have a feeling I've lost my shopping buddy while James is home."
"I can do that. Whatever you need Isabella just let me know. Oh hey guys. Thanks for taking care of dinner James."
"It was no problem Remus. Is everything ok here?"
"Yeah everything's ok now Come on let's eat that delicious smelling dessert." I said smiling at my friends.
The rest of the night passed quickly. Before long I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer. "Alright guys I'm heading to bed I can hardly keep my eyes open. I'll see you all in the morning." I said on a yawn.
"I'll walk you down. Night guys."


Authors Note:

Well folks I know I said this was going to be the last instalment of this story, but as I've been writing it it's kind of taken on a mind of it's own. So you're going to be getting a few more chapters. Just hang in there with me. I hope you all like the story and please leave me your thoughts, comments, and opinions.

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