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Learning to Shine by Porcelain
Chapter 2 : .:Two:.
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Poppy Morrison, Aged Sixteen


“No” I shifted in the gentle sunny glow of the common room, adjusting my position on the sofa by pulling my legs up under me. I was reading Alice in Wonderland for the fifty millionth time. The persistent poking, however, did not abate. I lowered my book and glanced round the common room. All the new firsties had been sent straight to bed and most had followed swiftly after. Just a handful of us littered the common room now. “Lucy” I groaned, turning my head to face the source of my annoyance, “We have just come from the feast less then an hour ago. How can you desperately need to visit the kitchens already? Take Logan!”

She pouted, a manipulative trick that had never failed so far. Merlins Beard I needed to be less of a push over, really I did. Lucy had been the first person I had met when I had finally made it to Hogwarts. Professor Clearwater had taken me to Diagon Alley, I walked round in such a daze and I don’t think that anything sunk in at all, it had all felt like a dream, then I met Lucy and she talked so certainly of everything that things just sort of slipped into place. We haven’t left each others side since.

“Logan is sleeping. I’d rather poke a dragon in the eye than wake him up! I wanted to meet Rosie Posie and Dommie,” she singsonged, her nose rumpled slightly sensing my wavering uphold, “You know I didn’t get to see them hardly at all this summer and you also know I hate going through the corridors on my own!” She’d got me there her dad had been on one this summer. He usually wasn’t too bad, this summer thought, he had got it into his head that she needed to really focus to get into the ministry. She hadn’t told him yet that she was planning on appealing to herbologists to become a sourcer. She wanted to travel the world in search of the rarer ingredients, not sit in some boring office doing boring paperwork.

I sighed, dropping by book to the floor and shrugged acting for all the world like it was the most demanding thing ever asked of anyone, before grinning. I wanted to see Dominique just as much as Luce did. I hadn’t gotten to see much of her over the holiday, she had been in France. I had missed her terribly, I thought we might have caught up on the train too, but, with her new head girl status, a fact that I had been incredibly proud of her for, she hadn’t been able to sit with us like usual. “Don’t act like you don’t want to! I know you have been dying to catch up with Dom!” Lucy tugged on my arm guessing my bluff, pulling me towards the round barrel door and out into the tunnel.

Our common room was really only just around the corner from the kitchens so there wasn’t much chance of ever getting caught sneaking out if we were hungry. That fact always abated my nerves a little. I wasn’t the adventurous type. A Hufflepuff through and through to be quite honest! Lucy was the enigma of the house. She seemed much more suited to every other of the houses than to Hufflepuff, I had always had a sneaking suspicion that she had begged the hat to put her in Hufflepuff just so that I wouldn’t be all alone. She has been looking out for me from day one right from the off when she had held my hand and pushed her trolley alongside mine to help me run through the platform wall. She’d kept hold of me the whole time so I didn’t get lost and we could sit together. I don’t know what i’d do without her.

Slipping into the kitchen, I had barely time to catch my breath before something tiny and very blonde hit me at full force, squealing and babbling in french. Whilst Dom had tried to teach me some french, I certainly wasn’t fluent by any means. Merlins Beard I had missed this girl! Laughing I extracted myself from her. “English please,” I requested, grinning from ear to ear before wrapping my arms around her again and squeezing tightly, “A Head girl badge for our little snake, I am so proud!”

I had barely noticed Rose and felt really rather rude for the fact. I wasn’t close with her, not particularly friends at all. It wasn’t that I didn’t like her, she is a really lovely person, she just ran in completely different circles to me and like Dom, was a year my elder. I had never really got to know her and to be honest, she scares me a little.

Dom was still babbling in my ear when I realised I hadn’t yet even greeted Rose. Turning to apologise, I was caught mid word, my mouth hung open. Cute, really Poppy, you look stunning like that ... not! Finally forcing myself to speak, I couldn’t keep the question from my voice, “Hi Rose, Albus?”

Now let me tell you something about Albus Potter, being perfectly honest and frank, he is a complete and utter knob head! And I don’t like to call people that! He might be the cousin of two of my best friends, but, I really can’t stand him. It isn’t particularly a mutual thing, he doesn’t even know who I am. In confirmation he opened his big fat mouth and spoke, “Nice to see you again Nora”. Nice Albus, real nice! My eyebrows quirked in an unusual show of courage, Dom burst out laughing, Lucy rolled her eyes and shook her head and Rose hit him, hard.

“It’s Poppy you dolt! Do you honestly never listen, she is all Lucy and Dom ever talk about, well her and Wood’s little brother, Logan” She shook her head and shot me an apologetic smile. “Ignore him, his head is so full of himself he hardly has room for anyone else.” Whilst Rose apologised, Albus didn’t seem at all phased by his slip up and not even the least bit upset at Rose’s assessment of him. See what I mean? Absolute knob head. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that everyone in the whole school knows who I am or what my name is, but considering that I have spent as many summers as I have around his family and him, I would have thought that he would have got my name down now.

“It really doesn’t matter” I felt the words slipping quietly from my lips, accompanied by a gentle smile my quirky defiant eyebrows settled back into their ‘understanding’ pose. I told you I was a Hufflepuff through and through. Well, this was awkward. Tightening the day worn ponytail I glanced up at the clock, it was nearing half eleven already giving me a perfect excuse. “Luce, it is getting really late, I am going to head back. We are up early tomorrow to get our timetables.” She knew it was an excuse and nodded to me anyway, “I’ll set your stuff out for you so you can just collapse into bed when you get in” I finished, before slipping back through the portrait and out into the corridor.

It was snuggled up under my covers in the familiar dorm room that I started thinking over the events of the evening. Albus Potter was an absolute knob head ... but, maybe if I stuck round for longer than five minutes when he appeared, he might actually know my name. I could feel my cheeks burning at the mere thought of earlier. As much as I really disliked the boy, I couldn’t help all those damn butterflies in my stomach when ever he looked at me.

At least tomorrow would be another day.

A/N: I really hope you like this chapter! Albus is here and is a complete moron! Such a typical boy! Just to clarify, poor little Poppy is incrdibly shy, especially when it comes to people who intimidate her. Albus definitely intimidates her!

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