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The Wolf With The Yellow Eyes by RavenclawGirl11
Chapter 2 : II - Nightmares
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Credits to Winterfell_Is_Coming@TDA

I lay with the wolves
Alone, it seems,
I thought I was part of you..

~ She Wolf, David Guetta

I couldn't believe my luck - James Potter and Dominique Weasley were talking to me. "So, what's your name?"
"Jessia Gr-" I stopped myself, sure that once they knew who I was, they would stop talking to me. "Jessia Grenway."

"Cool name," Dominique says, her blue eyes sparkling in delight. "What does it mean?"

"Light in dark, my Mum chose it." The moonlight reflects off of the Black Lake, and I run my hand in the water, seeing the waves that it sets in motion. "I dare you to jump in," a voice in ear says. It's James, his hazel eyes twinkling with mischief. "Come on, I'll do it with you." Dom rolls her eyes at us, but I grab James' hand and jump into the cold water of the Black Lake. The effect is instantanous: the icy cold water hits me like a thousand knives. But James is laughing next to me, and a sudden warmth is filling me.

"'Ames, 'essia, what are you 'oing?!" Professor Hagrid demands

"Sorry Uncle Hagrid! Couldn't resist, y'know!" James grins at him, and together we swim towards shore. We can't stop laughing, especially when we see Dominique's confused face.  Extremley wet and making noise whenever we walk, James and I, along with the rest of the first years make our way into the Great Hall.

I can't help but stare: there is no ceiling, just the Scottish night stars, candles are leviated into the air, and there must be hundreds of students on four different tables. "It's only enchanted, my Aunt Hermione told me." James tells me, noticing me staring at the ceiling. Dominique squeezes my hand, "I can't wait to see what house I'm in!"

"Me too!" I reply, yet inside I'm dreading it. As soon as the sorting hat calls my name, they'll know, and hate me forever. My anxiety rises as Professor Dean continues to call names of his long list. Finally he calls out, "Greyback, Jessia!" The whole hall turn and stare, and all I can do is apologise to them. The green in James' eyes have gone, and have been replaced with brown. "You, you lied to us!"

"Yes but, I had to -"

"-I hate you!"

I walked towards the hat in shame, don't even reacting as it quietly calls, "Gryffindor..."


Two days later, I try and confront him, “look James, I’m sorry!”

“Sorry? You’re sorry. I mean, why are you sorry? Your Dad is just a murdering werewolf who scratched my uncle, and bit Teddy’s Dad. You should hate him, hate yourself.”

My eyes darken, the gold inside dying and changing to brown. “Don’t you think I do?”

“Well you should. You should hate yourself so much because I hate you.” James spits, and rage fills me.

“Do you really mean that?” I growls.

The look on his face is blank as he replies, “yes, I do.”

I'm full with pain, and I want to cry. “Fine then.” I whisper and leave, watching James sink to the ground saying, "what have I done?"

The sound of laughter wakes me up, and for a minute I feel as if I’m in the Great Hall again, awaiting my Sorting. Then I remember where I am, who I am: Jessia Greyback, a loner fifth year who is hiding out in The Room of Requirement so that I don’t have to face my Dorm mates. The look on James’ face, the happiness and excitement, pains me more than ever.


I skip breakfast, knowing that anything I eat will reappear in a matter of minutes. My first lesson is Defence against the Dark Arts, just a few minutes walk from the room of requirement. When I enter my favourite classroom, it’s empty. Defence is my best subject, I’m expected to get Outstanding; I want to be an Auror when I leave Hogwarts. I sit down in my usual place: in the right hand corner, the furthest away from everyone. A tall, blue headed man comes in, with electric purple eyes. He has a large smile on his face, even though I can see the fatigue in his face: he looks exhausted

“Hi I’m Teddy Lupin and I’m going to be…” He stops suddenly, staring at me with a strange look in his eye. Then I breathe in his scent, of a dark forest, the scent of a wolf. My eyes widen, and I truly look at him. Underneath his bright features, he has dark brown hair, and golden eyes. Sure signs of being a werewolf. Faint scars cover his face and arms,  he’s thin, even though he tries to cover this up by wearing thick robes.

“You… you’re a… a…” I nod my head. “Were you bitten?” He asks, looking at me with curiosity.

“No, my father was a werewolf.” I whisper, shame filling me.

“Me too." He smiles at me sadly. "They think that the gene can’t be passed down the line.”

“They were wrong.” I say with disgust.

“Who is your father?”

I sigh, knowing that I have to tell him the truth. “Fenrir, Fenrir Greyback.”

He looks surprised, and it takes him a few seconds to respond. “Your Dad bit my Dad.”

“Yes but...”

“…That means you’re my Blood Brother.”

“Wait what?” I ask, getting more confused by the second.

“We are related through Blood, my fathers was infected by your fathers' blood - he was his blood brother. Now I am yours, and you are mine – well, I mean you’re my blood sister.”

I nod, confused, yet, excited at the same time. James and his cousin Fred enter the classroom. The tanned skin on James’ knuckles turn white and his eyes look darker - almost black. Fred looks the complete opposite of James: honey brown hair, warm caramel eyes. His smile is wide and is the image of innocence. I have never seen Fred without a smile on his face.

“What’s this?” James asks suspiciously, his voice full of anger.

“Professor Lupin is going to give me tutoring.” I lie smoothly. “You know, so I can get outstanding in my owls and get become an Auror.” James nods, and Fred smirks.

The rest of the class comes in, so Teddy claps his hands. “Right class, my name is Teddy Lupin, Professor Lupin to you, and I’m going-“


The lesson is usual: interesting, but in partner work. I never, ever have a partner so I  do the work the work on my own. Only one thing is different; the look on James’ face. It remains, for the lesson's until lunch. Even now, he's looking at me, an expression-less look upon his face. I don't eat again at  lunchtime, so I sit on my own, at the end of the Gryffindor table. James and his friends are in their usual seats,  in the middle, laughing and joking, demanding the attention of everyone in the Great Hall. The bell signalling the end of lunch rings, so I drag myself up, and walk slowly to the potions dungeon. On the way out, James spots me, and I find myself staring into those hazel eyes that look straight through me.


I'm the first to arrive in the dungeon's and sit in the back row, no one sitting either side of me. I walk towards Professor Prince's desk, placing the large chunk of parchment on her lap. "There's my homework, I did three times the required length, so please don't say its not good enough." She nods, her large hooked nose dropping down onto the parchment and smudging the ink. Kerry Prince looks a lot like her cousin, Serveus Snape, although she hasn't got a good bone in her body. She's about, fourty, yet she looks so much older. Her pale skin is covered in wrinkles, her black eyes look as if she has no pupils. Professor Prince's mouth is always in a sneer, her hairy upper lip growing ever more prominent every time I see her. Knotted and greasy, her black hair lays limply at her shoulders. Everyone was shocked to find out that she is happily married with two young children.

The rest of the Gryffindors and Hufflepuff's arrive, and I take my seat. Every one of the Wotter's arrive, apart from James. Where is he? I'm wondering where he is, and I zone out of what Prince is saying. I keep glancing at the clock, five minutes past one, ten minutes past one, fifteen minutes past one... Finally, at twenty past, a panting James appears at the door. "Sorry, Professor, lost track of time." Prince spots him, she smirks, and her eyes flitter dangerously. “Potter.” She spits.

“Prince.” James replies, with equal hatred. Her nostrils flare, and the moustache on her upper lip appears to be thicker.

“Sit next to Greyback, unluckily for you your little Gryffindor friends are already partnered up.” He flashes daggers at Fred and Oliver, who send him an apologetic look, whilst trying to hide their laughter. Slowly, almost if he is dreading the moment he has to sit next to me, James walks over to the back of the classroom. You can definantly see that he's out of his comfort zone: usually he's the centre of attention, sitting in the middle of the classroom, mucking and joking around with his friends. Out of the corner of my eye, I can see him stealing glances at me, and when I think he's distracted, I whisper, "Legilimens," pointing my unicorn-hair wand at James.


I see myself leaving the Great Hall: James' hazel eyes following me. I hear his voice in my head, "She hates me, its certain. Why else would she look at me with so much hatred, then just walk out? She’s impossible, she’s inhuman. She always sits alone, never talks to anyone apart from professors, and that's once in a Blue Moon. She must be lonely, never having any friends. It’s as if she’s punishing herself for her father's mistakes. I used to want her to feel pain, for lying to me and Dom, for being who she is. Now I wish she would just forgive herself...

I pull myself out of James' mind long enough to hear Professor Prince's irritated voice, "Potter, Greyback, is there anything you would like to share with the class?"

"No Miss," we reply in unison.

She clicks her tongue in frustration and grits her teeth, "then let me continue my lesson. Alright class, today we’re going to be brewing the wolfsbane potion.”

No, this can't be happening...

A/N: So hello! This is the editted version of C2. I will have every chapter, except Ciara Green's chapter this way. The story line might not make sense until every one is done.

SO please review!

~ Macy x

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