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Mission Malfoy by dramionefan_Rilla
Chapter 9 : Chapter 9
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AN: Hello Everyone. I’m Back!!! *cowers behind the screen* I know it has been 2 and a half years since I updated and believe I’m so so so sorry! I honestly have no excuse except for the fact that my brain didn’t seem to want to write anything…and that there were some family issues that just preoccupied my mind…but nevertheless I’m back and the family issues still remain albeit a bit less than before…and I’d just like to say a few things before you guys read Chapter 9 (you have no idea how happy I am right now)

1: I AM NOT ABANDING THIS STORY- I will complete it. That’s a promise.
2: This Chapter was the hardest chapter I have written so far so I’m really sorry if it’s crap- I’m not entirely pleased with it either.
3: Thank you for still being here and for not giving up on me. And thank you for all the lovely reviews, new and old and welcome to all the new readers of Mission Malfoy! You are the most amazing readers anyone can ever ask for, I really missed you guys and I’m really glad to be back here on HPFF!

Cheers to a new year – Happy 2013 everyone :)

Love, Rilla

PS: Have you guys heard of ‘Ed Sheeran?’ If not, “google him, you won’t regret it” and for those of you who have, You’ll know exactly what I’m talking about :D

Chapter 9

After breakfast that morning, once they had said goodbye to Draco; Hermione and Adrian adjourned to one of the many parlous contained in the Manor.

She seated herself upon the long black sofa while Adrian chose to sit on the large recliner by the window seat. He was busily arranging his train set; which he had kept on the window seat, to ensure that it would work smoothly for the duration of the Potter’s visit.

Hermione smiled at Adrian as he talked to himself while he worked. “...there now the breaks work...and the blue one goes maybe Teddy likes the green one...” She really liked how caring and considerate he was, and how willing he was to share his toys with someone he never even met; especially at his age and being an only child. It gave her a glimpse of obviously how different Draco’s upbringing was compared to Adrian’s.

She glanced down at her ring, the facets glistened in the small stream of light filtering through the window and felt her smile waver. She thought back to the conversation between Draco and herself early this morning while they were coming down for breakfast...

“ . . . So if you could temporarily disable the wards for today, that’d be great.” Hermione finished a bit breathlessly.

Draco inwardly sighed in relief; he had been listing to her carry on for about ten minutes. “Let me get this straight; you want me to disable the wards when Potter comes with his family, correct?”

Hermione stared at him “ah, yeah.”

Draco raised an eyebrow at her, “consider it done.”

“Thanks. Hermione said. “Oh and another thing, when are we going to tell everyone about”

“-Engagement? ” Draco cut in smoothly, inwardly amused at how she stumbled over what to say.

“-Yes” she said slowly.

“I suppose you can tell your friends and family, as long as they keep quite till Saturday when we announce it officially.”

“But what will we tell my parents?” Hermione questioned worriedly.

“We?” Draco asked surprised.

“Yes, we. My parents will be suspicious if only I tell them. They’re very traditional and will already be upset that you didn’t even ask for their blessing first.”

Draco sighed wearily, “alright then we’ll go to your parents’ house by Friday.”

“Okay, but-“

“What is it now!?” Draco bit out snappishly

Hermione bit her lip, “I was just going to say, what about Adrian, when do we tell him?’

Draco groaned, he hadn’t thought of that. Trust Granger to bring up every single bloody detail, he frowned as he tried to come up with an answer, “How about tonight at supper, unless you disagree.”

Hermione shook her head ”No that’s fine.”

“Alright then,” Draco said briskly glancing at his watch, “Now if that’s all I’d like to go eat breakfast now, I’m late as it is.”

She nodded as she followed Draco to the dining room…

She traced the engraving along the band as she thought about what to tell her parents. She had continuously been trying to neglect this because she wasn’t certain how they would react. There had not been a word uttered between them in almost three weeks at this point, which wasn’t that bad as her parents traveled a lot, making good use of their retirement funds. Although they would almost definitely worry if she didn’t call them fairly soon, so Draco’s suggestion of stopping by their house this week was a bit of relief.

Her relationship with her parents was a bit strained, mostly owing to the fact of when she had Oblivated them before going to help Harry and Ron with the Hocruxes. They were still wary of her especially if she had her wand within their eyesight. They simply didn’t understand the amount of danger they could have been in. she had of course explained it to them, but they were more upset about the fact that she had used her wand on them, and caused something that was so life-changing, that they wouldn’t have any control over themselves. Which she had said was simply not true, it was for their own protection but they failed to understand that.

They still loved her but were wary of her all the same. She wondered how they would feel about the fact that she was marrying a man with a child. She had never mentioned Draco to her parents. So it made it a bit easier to lie to them about how long she had known him etc. She winced as she thought about how many lies she had probably told her parents over the years. It pained her, no wonder they didn’t trust her.

She knew how many dreams they had for her but it all went away when she stared Hogwarts, they had also thought she would end up marrying Ron and was surprised when she broke up with him. To them Ron was a kind, and wonderful man, and in all honesty he was, but it still stung that they thought it was her fault as to why she and Ron had ended their relationship, saying that she worked too much, and patronized him too much. In reality it was because Ron was seeing someone else, and felt as though Hermione and him were better off as friends, and he felt as though Hermione was more of a nurturing figure to him than anything else. She had felt hurt and realized that they had thought it was her fault but felt it was better they thought of it that way. However she only loved him as a friend too.

But that was almost three years ago. Surely they would be surprised to know she was getting married.

She sighed loudly causing Adrian to glance up. “When is Teddy coming?”

“soon” Hermione said reassuringly shifting in her seat and glancing at the time on her watch. Harry and Ginny would be arriving in a few minutes along with Teddy.

She looked across the room at Adrian who was by the window seat trying to locate a switch that would make his train whistle. Blaise had apparently told him it was concealed, because it was also a secret compartment to store things away. She had fought the urge to roll her eyes as Adrian explained it to her. Honestly these Slytherins were so paranoid. “Did you find it yet?”

Adrian shook his head frustrated, “no, not yet”

“Well maybe Teddy can help you find it.” She chuckled as Adrian’s face brightened,

“yeah we’ll be Aurors solving a mystery.” He said excitedly.

She looked at him, surprised at his cleverness to turn his frustrations into a game. It was an exceptional strategy. Although she found it a bit ironic how he wanted to be an Auror, Malfoy probably would have a heart failure if he knew. She smiled at the thought and glanced at the fireplace just in time to see the flames change from a warming orange to an acid green. She got up excitedly as the flames died down and two disheveled Potters and young Teddy Lupine emerged from the fireplace. Teddy was enclosed in the confines of Harry’s muscular arms while Ginny came after wearing a sky blue knee-length dress combined with a pair of white gladiator sandals.

"Hermione you look lovely!" Ginny exclaimed as Hermione gave her a hug. “the colour really brings out the natural highlights in your hair.”

Hermione’s outfit consisted of a knee-length, toffee coloured dress with matching thick straps and belt. Her only accessory was a simple golden necklace that spelt her first name in Italic style writing.

Hermione flushed happily at the compliment. ‘‘Thanks Gin, I would’ve worn something simpler but I don’t know where my belongings went and I haven’t had time to ask Malfoy where they are. “

“I love it! So much better than the ‘uniform’ type look you always wear.”

“Uncle harry I’m a big boy now put me down!” Teddy demanded.

Harry rolled his eyes as Teddy tried to kick himself loose, “easy there teddy, I’m putting you down.”

Teddy smirked impishly. Ginny laughed, ‘make sure to brush the soot of your clothes.”

Teddy nodded ‘yes aunt Ginny.”

Hermione laughed “Nice to see you guys.”

Harry smiled as he set a squirming Teddy down.

“Auntie Mione, I missed you!” Teddy exclaimed as he ran over and hugged Hermione’s knee. She smiled as she bent down to pick him up,

“I missed you too, Teddy-bear,” she laughed as he made a face at his nickname and kissed him on his forehead.

He grinned up at her ‘Mummy and Daddy wanted to come too but they had to go to Nana ‘Meda’s house.’

Hermione smiled, “that’s alright Teddy, I’ll see them next time.” She laughed as Teddy stuck his tongue out at her.

“How is Tonks by the way?” She asked Ginny.

She smiled, “fine, acting like her same self moaning about when the baby will come.”

Hermione shook her head, “good old Tonks.” She turned towards Harry and over-dramatically scrutinized his black Ministry robes, black shirt, black trousers and dress shoes before laughing and giving him a hug in welcoming.

“A little… too much for a parlor, eh?” he asked Hermione, referring to the décor of the room.

Hermione nodded, “You have no idea. Just about everything is over-done,” she told him.

He scoffed as he glanced disdainfully around the room, “I should’ve expected it though. ‘

“Obviously,” Ginny said as she traced the gold accents carved in the mantle; it’s Malfoy. He is going to show-off his wealth, anyway he can.”

Teddy grinned as he noticed Adrian standing by the sofa almost hiding behind it watching them curiously. Finally there was someone he could play with! He walked over to him, and Adrian shrank back shyly,

“Hi! I’m Teddy!” His voice was loud causing all three adults to look up.

Hermione smiled as she walked over to them and gently took Adrian’s hand and held out her other hand to Teddy and gently brought him closer to her, “Teddy I want you to meet Adrian, and Adrian I want you to meet Teddy, remember my godson the one I told you about when we first met?” She momentarily held her breath, awaiting a reaction from either child.

She let out her breath when Adrian nodded, “I remember!” he exclaimed happily beaming at Teddy who grinned back equally as happy.

Hermione ruffled his hair, “Do you also remember my friend?” She pointed at Harry who waved at them.

Adrian looked at Harry and Ginny shyly and slowly walked over to them.

“Guys this is Adrian, and Adrian these are my friends, Ginny and Harry Potter.” Hermione said quickly from behind him.

Harry crouched down so he was the same level as Adrian, “hello Adrian, remember me?”

‘I know you!” he exclaimed at Harry who looked taken aback at the sudden excitement of Adrian’s tone.

“You do,” he asked half-jokingly-half intrigued.

Adrian nodded vigorously, “I saw you when daddy and me came to get Mione. Daddy told me that, “you’re the bravest person ever.”

Harry, Hermione and Ginny stared at Adrian in shock. Hermione couldn’t believe it. Malfoy actually said that.

Harry looked at Adrian “Mal- I mean your dad actually said that.”

Adrian nodded looking puzzled and little frightened by their reaction. “Is that bad?” he asked in a small voice, and Hermione smiled at the innocence of him. However it was Ginny who spoke “it was very kind of your daddy to say that.’

Adrian smiled shyly and stared at the ground “you’re pretty just like Mione.”

Ginny blushed, “aww thank you Adrian, you’re very sweet.” She crouched down so she could be eye level with him, “how old are you?”

Adrian smiled “I’m four.” he said smiling proudly.

“I’m six.” Teddy interrupted with a proud smirk “I’m bigger than you”

“Teddy that’s not a nice thing to say” Harry reprimanded him, and Teddy glanced at the floor embarrassed,

“I’m sorry Adrian.”

Adrian grinned shyly, “That’s ok. Do you want to play with my train set Teddy?”

“Oh boy, you have a real train set, cool, does it have a whistle?”

Hermione smiled as the duo rushed over to the window to play.

“Adrian’s so adorable, it’s hard to believe he’s Malfoy’s son!’ Ginny gushed as she sat down on the leather recliner.

“I know, I’m just glad he and Teddy were alright with each other”

Harry chuckled from his place next to her. “That was our worry too but it looks like they’ll be fine, and by the way, you do look really nice Hermione.”

Hermione smiled, “Thanks Harry. So do you, but,” she grinned at Ginny “Ministry robes, really”

Ginny laughed, “I know, I told him he was being absurd.”

Harry shrugged “it doesn’t hurt to be prepared,”

Hermione chuckled, “for what, dueling?”

“he just wants to feel superior to Malfoy that’s why.” Ginny said.

Hermione rolled her eyes good-naturally, “Honestly Harry, how can you not tolerate Malfoy by now? You always see him at the Ministry meetings.

“They’re business meetings. It’s for business, not to sit around and have a spot of tea. Besides the only reason why I see him at the meetings in the first place is because Kingsley makes me go. Believe me if it were up to me I wouldn’t even cross Malfoy’s path willingly.

Ginny looked at them curiously. “What do they even talk about in the meetings?”

Harry shook his head, “not much, everyone just submits reports of their department or company revenues, and how much interest rate or taxes they owe the Ministry or vice- versa. The Ministry then reports its own expenditures and how much they need for upcoming taxes to use for the community and upcoming projects. Legal matters and things like that.”

“Sounds boring.” Ginny said as she poured tea into three cups.

Harry nodded, “It is. An absolute waste of my four hours.” he said as he picked up a cup and passed it to her.

“how many sugar cubes do you want Hermione?” Ginny asked as Hermione sat across from her on the armchair.

“Two please.’ Hermione said holding out her cup and the tea sloshed as Ginny dropped in two small sugar cubes. “So when exactly is Ron coming back,’ she asked blowing over the rim of her cup.

Ginny took a sip and swallowed before speaking, “well he wasn’t specific in his letter that he sent to us at the burrow,” she dropped in one more cube into her cup and stirred,
“But he told Fred and George he’s coming on the 27 and that he’s bringing Sasha along.” She made a face as thought she tasted something unpleasant and take another sip of her tea.

“For sure on the 27th” Hermione asked as she furrowed her brows trying to keep a calm composure.

Ginny nodded, “Yeah you should’ve seen Mum yesterday during dinner, she’s going absolutely mental cleaning the house and getting things ready.’ She shook her head, ‘Why do you ask?”

“Well Malfoy wanted to hold an ‘official’ - Hermione air quoted it as Ginny and Harry both rolled their eyes at Malfoy’s need to show off- “ball to announce our engagement so I didn’t want the dates to overlap.”

“oh, so then when is the ball” Ginny asked.

“next Saturday, he’s having Pansy plan it out and stuff.”

“The 30th then-”

Ginny broke off as Harry interrupted, “Pansy? As in Pansy Parkinson, The Pug Face?”

Hermione looked at him, “Well it’s Pansy Zabini now, Harry, and she’s changed a lot.”

“Since when did she marry Zabini.”? Ginny cut in curiously.

Hermione shrugged, “I don’t really know exactly, a couple of years I guess.”

“Strange it was never mentioned in the ‘prophet.’

“Maybe they wanted privacy,’ Hermione said as she took a sip of her tea.

“Maybe,” Ginny said and Hermione nodded along absentmindedly as she thought about Ron.

They had a very strained friendship now. They were civil to the point of being overly polite, and hardly spoke to each other at Harry and Ginny’s wedding, which was the last time that she had seen him. They had exchanged letters briefly for a while but that soon stopped after the Auror department transferred Ron to their embassy in Los Angeles. Despite everything she did miss him, he was her best friend before he was her boyfriend after all. She wasn’t sure what would happen when she would see him again, and tell him about her ‘engagement’ to Draco. It was hard to keep up the pretense, she wondered how Harry and Kinsley were doing it, Kingsley was lucky being Minister and Harry being Molly’s son in law to not get pestered by Molly’s questions but not her. Truth be told she adored Molly, being a mother to her when her own wasn’t but she didn’t know how she was going to answer all the questions.

She sighed loudly causing Harry and Ginny to glance at her

“What is it?” Ginny asked.

“You’re parents? “ Hermione moaned in despair. “How’d they take it? They’ll hate me! I…’ she trailed off and buried her face into her hands.

“Hermione, you need to relax, all this stress isn’t good for you okay? And as far as Mum and Dad and the others are concerned, Harry and me already told them. Well more like Harry lectured them about it being official Ministry Business and that if Malfoy and Hermione love each other, so be it, and all that so relax okay.” Ginny said soothingly as se patted Hermione’s hand.

Harry nodded in agreement, “Gin’s right Hermione, you need to relax.”

“and besides, it’s Ron we have to worry about, like what were going to tell him when he comes.”

Hermione groaned, “How am I supposed to ‘relax’ with the engagement, the ball, and now Ron coming back!” She waved her arms around for emphasis.

”Don’t worry, I’ll take care of him.” said Harry.

The girls stared at him, “Are you sure you know what you’re doing?” Hermione asked.

Harry nodded, “Don’t worry”

“alright then,” Hermione said shaking her head as Ginny glanced at her suddenly.

“Hermione?” she asked.


“What’s the surprise that you wanted to show us?”


Ginny nodded, “In the letter remember?”

“Oh! Yeah. it’s this.” Ginny stepped back baffled, as Hermione lifted her hand up for her to see.

“What are you… OH!” Her eyes widened and she grabbed Hermione’s hand and looked at her ring. “Hermione it’s gorgeous! Malfoy certainly has good taste. It’s beautiful!”

“It is isn’t it, It was really surprising” She glanced at Harry.

“Malfoy gave that to you? Wow! That’s shocking?” he said surprised as he examined the ring. “It doesn’t look cursed, so you should be ok” he said smiling at her as Ginny wacked him on the shoulder. “Harry!” but his eyes held her hers for a brief second before turning away and Hermione knew that he would discuss it with her later when Ginny wasn’t around.

She smiled at them, “I know I thought he’d give me some old family heirloom or something, anything but this,” she held up her ring finger where the diamond sparkled in the light.

“It’s smaller than mine.” Ginny said surprised, as she looked at her own cushion-cut diamond ring. “I guess the rose-cut makes it look bigger than it really is.”

“I guess so” Hermione said taking a sip of tea.

“so when are you going to give us a tour of this place?”

She smiled, “how about now?”

Ginny beamed, “that’d be great, I can’t wait to see the rest of this place!”

“Neither can I, you spoke so highly of it in your letter, how it’s changed and all.” Harry said as he placed his cup back on the table and stood up.

“alright then.” Hermione smiled and called over to the boys, “Adrian. Teddy. Were going on a tour of the manor would you like to come too?”

“YES!!!” Both the boys shouted in unison and ran over to her.

“Can I show Teddy my room?” Adrian asked tugging on her dress.

“of course you can.” Hermione said lightly as she tousled his hair. “and you can help me show them around too.”

Adrian nodded, “I’ll be the leader.” He declared then smiled at Ginny, “You can be the leader with me too.”

“hey! What about me?” Teddy demanded.

Adrian frowned and the three adults shared small smiles, “how about we all be the leader?” Ginny suggested.

“Three leaders?” Teddy asked skeptically.

“yes, why not?” Ginny asked.


“It’s Perfect!” Adrian cut in and he looked pleadingly at Teddy.

“Fine.” He huffed and Adrian smiled as he took Teddy’s hand in one and Ginny’s in the other. “Let’s go,” he said and Adrian led them all out the room narrating as he went, while Harry and Hermione followed behind them.

Teddy, Harry and Ginny gaped at the portraits, walls, chandeliers, and marbled floors, much in the same way Hermione had when she first arrived. Ginny had loved the chintz in the drawing room the best, especially the vintage rug that was placed by the hearth. Hermione had only stared in awe, like the others this was her first time viewing the rest of the manor. She had only seen two parlours, the dining room, her corridor, the gardens, and glimpses of other corridors.

This room was simply beautiful just like the others, it had light cream walls with a hint of rose-gold accents, cream sofas, and crystal lamps through the rooms with red roses placed in them, and at the corner of the room was a large bookshelf of which each shelf had tiny mirrored bookends lined with Swarovski crystals, and to the side of the shelf was a large bay window.

As they rounded off into another corridor Harry gently grabbed Hermione’s arm and she slowed down her pace to match his. “Did you find out anything?” he whispered.

Hermione shook her head, “not much. Just been getting used to my surroundings.”

“that’s probably best, never know what you can find here, best be on guard. Remember-“

“-Constant vigilance. I know Harry.” she said smiling at him warmly.

He nodded sheepishly, “right. Well just as long as you take care of yourself.” He trailed off a bit before swallowing and turning back towards her. “Kingsley wanted me to tell you that we found some information about Malfoy, more specifically about his company.”

“What sort of information?” asked Hermione as Adrian finished showing them the remaining rooms.

‘well you know how he has his own company- well enterprise right?”

“yeah.” She said slowly, wondering what he had to say.

Harry nodded, “okay, so the ministry requires that if any business is exporting or importing products outside Wizarding UK then they have to fill out a transaction sheet and enclose it with their monthly reports. So far Malfoy has been trading for the last four years and it seemed as though he had written down everything, but when we looked at his company records, they didn’t match. The records from the December of 1999-to the November of 2000 are missing.”

“So what does that have to do with the case?” asked Hermione

“those missing months are around the same time Astoria was pregnant with Adrian.” Harry explained.

“I still don’t get it Harry. What does any of that have to do with this case?”

Harry sighed, “because Hermione, I think that something happened in these few months, something that had to do with Astoria’s pregnancy and the trading, and I think that they’re both connected. Why else wouldn’t Malfoy include it in the records?”

“maybe because he was about to become a father and he was only 19!” Hermione whispered fiercely, “Harry, this is ridicules, It doesn’t even make sense! There’s a logical explanation, what you just said doesn’t even sound close to being logical!”

“It probably doesn’t to you, but it did to us, even Neville agreed.”

“Neville agrees to anything you say Harry, that doesn’t say anything about-.” She broke off as Harry interrupted.

“Look Hermione, just trust me on this alright, anything you can find out about those months can help us tie in with the other information we found out…”

“what other information?” she asked wearily.

Harry scratched the back of his neck, “err…well yesterday morning two shipments arrived for Malfoy, and one of them didn’t have a tracing charm on it.“

“but, that’s against the law.” said Hermione, “If he doesn’t have tracking charms on all his products, the Ministry can seize it without warrant.”

“Exactly,” Harry nodded, “and why is he taking such a big risk? I’ll bet you anything, the box that has the trace is the only one Malfoy records in his reports, which is why I need you to find out where those other boxes are coming from, and who’s sending them, and why Malfoy doesn’t want to declare them at customs.”

“well if you put it that way then it does seem strange. I’ll look into it.“ Hermione promised.

“Great! And I’ll update you with anything else we find.” Harry said as Ginny’s voice called from the front.

“Alright you two, keep up!” She and Adrian led them upstairs and Harry and Hermione hurried forward. Adrian led them through multiple corridors and once more Teddy, Harry and Ginny found themselves gaping at the opulence of it all.

“It really does look different,” Harry said softly.

“I guess so.” Hermione whispered back, “to be honest I haven’t ventured to that part of the manor yet, I’m still exploring this wing.”

Harry stared at her, “wing? There’s more?”

Hermione grinned, “shocker isn’t it, there’s actually four.”

“four wings?” Harry mouthed in shock. “I can’t beli-“

“This is my room!” Adrian’s excited shout drowned out the rest of Harry’s sentence. Adrian ran over to his toy chest and Teddy’s eyes widened with excitement as he saw Adrian’s extensive toy collection and he ran over to open the black jack box. The adults chuckled lightly, and Hermione called out to Tonkin and asked him to watch the boys while she showed Harry and Ginny her room.

“wow, Hermione this is lovely.” Ginny said as she breathed in the scent of roses from the balcony. Harry came to stand beside her,

“Hey is it u shaped?” he questioned calling over to Hermione as he glanced at the identical balcony facing them.

“yeah.” She called back from her study, as she grabbed the Monocracy of theAristocrat Families of the Wizarding Worldbook off her desk while shoving her notebook underneath some papers. “Harry, come here a sec I want to show you guys something.”

“What is it,” Harry asked as he and Ginny walked over to her study.

“This,” Hermione said as she opened the bookmarked page and passed it along to him as Ginny peered over Harry’s arm, to see what he was reading.

The rise and fall of the Peverell family. Wow! Can I borrow this Hermione?” Harry asked holding it up. She nodded and he grinned
“Thanks, I’ll return it to you later-“ He broke of as Hermione waved her hand.

“It’s fine Harry, I read most of it anyway, and besides I want you guys to see the Quidditch Pitch.”

“The Quidditch Pitch?!” Ginny cut in excitedly, “There’s a Quidditch Pitch, and your telling us now!”

Hermione laughed knowingly at her reaction, it was the reason why she decided to show the Quidditch Pitch last. They went to get the boys, who excitedly ran all the way down to the double doors and onto the grounds.

The adults blinked at the sudden light but Adrian and Teddy continued to run down the gravel path onto the grounds. Hermione smiled as she saw the boys playing by the slide.

Harry and Ginny shielded their eyes from the sun as they gazed over at the large Quidditch posts that loomed in the distance.

“it’s huge!,” Harry exclaimed and Ginny nodded, “yeah, wish the burrow had posts like those.”

“I knew you guys would like it,” Hermione said smiling warmly at them,

Ginny smiled back at her and wrapped her arm around Harry’s waist, “Malfoy sure is lucky. The pitch is amazing!”

“not as amazing as you are,” Harry cut in teasingly as he kissed Ginny on the cheek. She blushed as Hermione laughed at them,

“Harry’s right Ginny, after all you are Mrs. Potter it can’t get anymore amazing than that!” she and Harry chuckled as Ginny held her left hand out and pouted, imitating a model’s pose.

After they had calmed down, Hermione showed them around while keeping an eye on the boys who were both swinging on the swings. As they all walked back down the gravel path to the boys, Ginny groaned loudly and Harry and Hermione glanced at her worriedly,

“Everything all right Ginny,” Hermione asked her concerned.

“I can’t believe I forget! We have to go to Andromeda’s for dinner tonight”

Harry put his hand to his forehead, “oh right! I forgot about that” He shook his head, “We have to go, sorry Hermione.”

“It’s fine.” She said as he went to fetch the boys, ”say hi to them for me.”

“we will” Ginny said as they all walked back to the parlor, she hugged Hermione, “Come over soon.”

Hermione nodded, “I will don’t worry,” she watched Adrian gave Teddy the blue caboose from his train, and smiled when Teddy grinned excitedly before running over to her and hugging her,

“Bye Aunt Mione, I had fun”

Hermione laughed, “I’m glad.” She kissed his head and he ran over to Ginny who picked him up and rested him on her hip, and kissed Adrian goodbye. Harry smiled and ruffled Adrian’s hair before hugging Hermione. He then scooped up some floo powder from the pouch next to the fireplace and went to stand next to Ginny. They waved at Hermione and Adrian as Ginny called out Andromeda’s house and they disappeared in a whirl of orangish-yellow flames.

Hermione sighed happily and put her arm around Adrian’s shoulder, “did you have fun with Teddy?”

Adrian nodded, “Yeah! Can he come over again?” he asked grinning up at her.

“of course. Maybe next time we can go over there instead.” She suggested, “Would you like that?”

“yes! yes! ” Adrian bobbed up and down excitedly

Hermione laughed, “I thought so. But let’s get dressed for dinner, you’re daddy’s going to be home soon.”

“yay daddy’s coming! I can tell him about all the fun I had!” said Adrian, his words tumbling out in his excited state.

Hermione marveled again, at how positively energetic he was for a four year old, it never ceased to amaze her, she knew without a doubt that Draco deserved full credit. She smiled softly as Adrian headed to his bedroom and nodded as Tonkin assured her that he would get him dressed.

She then walked back to her room and picked out a knee-length, light green and pink colour block dress from Twilfitt and Tatting's latest collection. She paired it with nude pumps and did her hair up into a ponytail and was about to put on a touch of lip-gloss when a knock sounded on the door. She walked over to it and opened it, surprised to see Draco standing there.

“Hi.” He said nodding at her. “I thought, I’d be easier if I tell Adrian about….” He trailed off awkwardly.

“Oh yeah that’s fine.” She said quickly, and he simply raised an eyebrow at her and they both walked over to Adrian’s room and Draco smiled softly as Adrian ran to hug him, and he kissed his forehead.

Hermione smiled as they walked down to the dining room, she watched Adrian tell Draco about his day and how Draco commented in the right places and smiled down at him. He pulled out a chair for Hermione and another one for Adrian who sat next to him.
They eat quietly until dessert, when Draco glanced at Hermione and cleared his throat.

“Adrian, there’s something ah, Hermione and I want to tell you.”

Adrian glanced up curiously from his apple pie and swallowed before speaking, “what daddy?”

Draco took a deep breath, “you know how Hermione is going to be your…err… Mummy right?’ he asked gently

Adrian nodded.

“Well, I gave Hermione an engagement ring. Do you know what that is?”

Adrian shook his head, “no daddy.”

“that means that, since I gave Hermione a ring everyone knows that were going to get married.”

“Everyone?” Adrian asked in awe.

Draco let out a stiff chuckle and Hermione giggled softly, “yes everyone, so that means that you can call her-“

“Mummy!” Adrian screamed in delight and Draco jumped slightly at the sound. However Hermione laughed,

“yes Adrian you can” she said as Adrian got down from his chair to hug her, she hugged him back tightly as her eyes watered, she blinked to clear them when she noticed Draco’s gazing at them his own eyes full of an emotion she couldn’t decipher.

She pulled back gently and kissed Adrian on the cheek and gently placed him on her lap and he leaned his head against her shoulder.

Draco cleared his throat again and they looked at him, “ I also picked up Invitations for the ball and the list of names, I’ve already addressed some, and Pansy said she’ll help you to address the rest.” He said glancing at Hermione who nodded. “But,” he continued, “I have a meeting tomorrow at the office and I wanted you to come with me so that I can show you around, and at the same time we could deliver the invites.”

“ I can sit in the rolly chair again,” Adrian said smiling at them sleepily as Draco laughed quietly.

Hermione smiled down at him and turned to face Draco, “So when do we leave?”

“Around 9:00 am.”

“Ok that’s fine. Is Adrian coming too?” she asked glancing down at the almost asleep child in her arms.

Draco nodded, “yeah.” He got up and took Adrian out of her arms and they walked upstairs.

“Alright then. I’ll see you guys in the morning.” She said and bent down to kiss Adrian’s forehead, and went to her room, changed into her nightgown and fell asleep.

AN: Whew. Well that’s that- I hope you all liked it & don’t worry I’ll fix up the mistakes soon, and remember constructive criticism is most welcome! I really need to hear your thoughts guys :)

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