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Starting to late, Ending too soon by ShadowWolf 9182
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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This is my first attempt at wrighting a fanfic so please dont be to harsh :) reviews are welcome, well more like NEEDED...... i hope you like it, if it gets enough reviews i may carry it on, not to sure yet. and again PLEASE review xxx


Lilah and Ella Quinn were identical twins, but only in appearance. They both had golden blond hair that went to the bottom of their backs and wide midnight blue eyes, with flicks of ice blue scattered throughout. They were both average height, with curvy figures, and quite pretty faces.

However, were Lilah was the Queen of the girly girls, and had to have everything perfect. Perfect hair, perfect nails, perfect clothes, but not only hers, Ella’s too. Ella was the exact opposite, apart from the appearance she practically had forced upon her, she was basically a boy. Although, she didn’t mind looking the way she did, she had gotten used to it in the past years, and the best thing was, when they needed too, Ella and Lilah could take each other’s places, and pretend to be each other flawlessly.

They were 15 years old, and they were both about to start their first year at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Well, they were going to be starting their 5th year, but it was going to be their 1st year at the prestigious school.

They had been homeschooled for the past 4 years, but given the recent state of things due to the war, it had gotten so bad that their mother couldn’t bear to sit at home, when she could be out doing some good at her old job – a healer at St Mungo’s hospital for magical maladies and injuries – helping out the people who needed her the most. And although Lilah and Ella weren’t happy with the circumstances causing them to go, they were excited at the prospect of going to Hogwarts.

“I hope we both get in the same house” Lilah said, whilst packing her trunk for the 7 millionth time that day, clearly, she had more nerves than she was letting on.

“Of course we will, they couldn’t split us up! The only thing I’m worried about is which house we’re going to get put into; I hope to god it’s not Slytherin!” Ella said, lounging on her bed watching Lilah start on her trunk.

"Aren’t you worried about the sorting ceremony? Ella we have to stand with all the first years and sit on a stool in front of the whole school, and have a talking hat plonked our heads. I hope it doesn’t ruin our hair! And what if there are no nice people in our house, or any cute boys? Oh God! I hope we meet some nice people on the train tomorrow!” Lilah gushed.

“Calm down, Lilah! I’m sure that it won’t be that bad…… Anyway, I’m going to sleep, knowing you, you’re going to wake me up at 6 to start getting ready… turn off the light when you’re done will you?” And with that, Ella yawned, and within seconds, she fell asleep.
Grumbling to herself, Lilah got into bed as well.

“Lazy sod, and she whinges when I go to sleep early.” And, just as quickly as Ella had, she fell asleep as soon as her eyes shut, knowing that the next time they fall asleep, they’ll be in their new dorm at Hogwarts.


Ella woke with a start.
“WAKE UP, WAKE UP! WE’RE LATE!” Lilah screamed.

“What do you mean we’re late?” Ella complained groggily, turning over to look at the clock beside her bed “It’s 7 o’clock” she grunted and turned over pulling her covers up over her head to stop the day light blinding her.

“Yes, and we need showers, then do our hair, makeup, and get dressed. Then we have to get our trunks downstairs, you know that Dads not going to give us a hand.” Lilah said, irritated that her sister was still lying in bed,
“GET. UP.” she dragged Ella unceremoniously out of bed, and on to the floor.

“What the hell are you doing!? I was going to get up, but what’s the point? What am I supposed to do while you’re in the shower? I’ll tell you what I’m going to do, I’m going to sleep.” Ella huffed, as she untangled herself from her covers, and attempted to get back in bed, but Lilah was too quick for her, and stepped in front of her, shooting her daggers.

“No, you’re not, you’re going to check that everything you want, and need to take, is in your trunk, and then, you’re going downstairs and get breakfast for the both of us.”

“And if I don’t?”

“Then I’m going to unpack your trunk, and you can repack it all yourself.”
It took Ella a couple of minutes to figure out whether Lilah was being serious, when she didn’t stop glaring Ella realised she wasn’t going to budge

“Eurgh, fine!” And with that, Lilah was off again, getting her stuff and running down the hall to get in the shower.

“Bitch” Ella mumbles to herself as she grabed her broomstick from under her bed and threw it onto her trunk.


They stood in the shadow of the scarlet steam engine, Ella was looking out into the foggy haze trying to decipher weather any of the faces looked friendly – well that’s what she would say if any one asked, in actual fact she was looking at a tall shaggy haired boy just a little way down the platform wondering why he looked so glum- when her father broke her reverie by putting a hand on her shoulder, and turning her to look at her mother who was busying herself by straightening her  already perfectly pressed robes. ‘So that’s were Lilah gets it from’ thought Ella with an accompanying eye role. her mother took no notice.

“Have you got everything?”

“Yes mum.” the twins said in unison.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes mum.” they repeated, again in unison.

“Right, well you had better get on the train then, and you had both better write to me at least once a week, even you Ella.”

“Ok mum, we will, we promise.” Lilah said, kissing her mum before giving her dad a hug and jumping on to the train.

“See you at Christmas, I love you!” Their mum shouted behind her.

“Do I really have to write to you every week?”

“Yes Ella, you do, you can use your sister’s owl Athena, I’m sure she won’t mind. Now you had better jump on the train, I’ll see you at Christmas, remember to be nice, and don’t get in trouble. I love you.”

“Yeah, mum. I love you too.” Ella mumbled, while getting a sloppy kiss on the cheek.

“See you soon Dad, please stay safe.”

“Don’t worry Ell-bell, I will.”

“Okay, well I’d better get going and try to find Lilah, bye guys.” Said Ella, jumping on the train after her sister. Ella struggled through the crowd of people pushing past her, she finally found her sister in a compartment near the end of the train.

“Finally!” Lilah huffed, “I thought you had got lost”

“Yeah, well I would have found you earlier if you would have waited.”

“Oh shush….. we’re finally here!” Lilah grinned, as the train set off towards their new lives.


A short while later Ella put the string she was using to tease her black cat Electra down announced she was going to the toilet and walked out of the compartment seconds after the door had closed the door of the compartment slid open again to reveal a handsome boy about the same age as the twins with untidy dirty brown hair and shabby clothes

"Do you mind, everywhere else is full?”

“No, not at all” Lilah said gesturing for him to sit next to her.

“Thanks” and as this stranger walked in, two boys followed him in to the compartment and sat down.

“What house are you in? I don’t think I have ever seen you before” the shabby boy asked Lilah

“we're not in a house yet, we're new this year” Lilah said with a smile

“you’re a first year? And what do you mean we're?” a bespectacled boy with hair that stuck out at odd ends asked the Lilah with a slightly confused look on his face

“no well yes ermm, this is our first year at the school but we are going into 5th year, and I mean me and my twin sister” and at that precise moment Ella walked back into the compartment rubbing her eyes

“you know I haven’t seen one good looking….. Ermm what have I missed?” said Ella turning to her sister after staring at the three boys in the compartment.

“no were else for them to sit so I said they could join us, sit down I was just explaining about us coming here for the first time this year” as Ella took her seat two things happened simultaneously, a large black cat with piercing blue eyes leapt into her arms and curled up on her knee and a small chubby boy with dry hair the colour of dying grass and watery eyes walked into the compartment and sat down next to her. A loud grumbling came from Ella’s knee as he sat down his arms laden with food

“Oh shut up Electra, they don’t mean any harm” at that moment, the large black cat pounced on the small chubby boy, a loud squeal escaped the boys mouth, and he bolted out of the compartment, food flying through the air, leaving a trail of blood that had issued from the deep cut that now ran up the length of his right arm.

The boys roared with laughter and only when they had calmed down could Lilah and Ella introduce themselves. However, before they had a chance, one of the boys, handsome, with broad shoulders, and shoulder length messy black hair, offered his hand to Ella

“Hi, I’m Sirius”

“Nice to meet you I’m Ella” but just before their hands touched, a jinx flew straight through the compartment, narrowly missing Ella’s hand

“Uh oh” Lilah mumbled as Ella straightened up, took out her wand, stood up, and turned to the group of girls that had congregated outside the door. Before anybody could move Ella had thrown herself at the girl with her wand out, and pinned her up against the window with her wand sticking in the side of the mystery girls neck

“WHAT THE HELL?? Why did you just try and jinx me?!"

“Be - because you were about to touch my boyfriend” she said in a shaky voice, a hint of arrogance clearly there, hidden by fear.

“Right, and?”

“And he’s mine. You can’t just go round touching him”

“I was introducing myself and went to shake his hand, I hardly think that is curse worthy?”

“Plus the fact that I’m not actually her boyfriend” Sirius interjects

Ella turns to look at this strange individual with loathing in her eyes “let me get this straight, you tried to jinx me because I was about to touch a person-who-you-say-is-your-boyfriend-but-he-wont-even-look-at-you’s hand”

“That’s about the size of it” the  mystery girl said a little unsure of herself

“IF.YOU.EVER  try to jinx me again for doing absolutely nothing, I will transfigure you in to a cockroach and flush you down the toilet, got it?”

“Well don’t touch Sirius again and I won’t have to”

“You’re not even worth my time, you jumped up stalker, walk away and don’t come back, you do, and I'll hex you into oblivion.” Ella finished with a smile, and just as the mystery girl started to walk away Ella sent a jelly-legs jinx straight at her

“Let's consider that a warning” she laughed, strolling back into the compartment while the girl struggled to walk down the passage way, and sat back down.

It was completely and utterly silent, all the boys were staring at her. The one called Sirius wore a slight smirk on his face.

“well you seem to be in a very loving relationship” Lilah said turning to look at Sirius with a grin and with that they all howled with laughter, it seemed that they needn’t have been worried about not making friends, or there not being any cute boys. This was going to be a very interesting year.

After a long while of talking and laughing Sirius and the bespectacled boy the twins now knew was called James, decided they were going to go and hunt down the small boy named peter that had been attacked by Ella’s cat, as they were less than 10 minutes away from Hogwarts. The shabby boy named Remus decided to join them so the twins could have so privacy getting into their school robes.

Almost as soon as they had got dressed and put their trunks back on the shelf it was time to get them down again. It took Ella and Lilah 10 minutes to manoeuvre themselves of the train and onto the platform were a giant of a man was shouting

“firs’-years over ‘ere…….firs’-years” the twins followed the voice toward the massive silhouette, once they had got close they could see his black beetley eyes smiling down at them “right best get goin, it’s four to a boat” then he looked down at the twins
“professor Dumbledore told me ‘bout you two, bes’ jus’ be you two in a boat cause your bigger than the res’ of um” he said as he watched all the first years getting into boats of their own.

“All right” Lilah said smiling up at the man while pulling Ella into the nearest boat.

Then the boats set of over the smooth expanse of the lake that was the only thing between them and Hogwarts.


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