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Family Encounters by PrincessMalfoy
Chapter 12 : Hearts
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 Hermione's POV

My daughter my beautiful daughter wasn't crying in my arms or her fathers or even her cousin’s arms. No, she was crying in Scorpius Malfoy's arms. Her face was buried in his chest and he had his arms around my baby girl. Seeing them together brought back memories of Draco and me when we were just a few years older than them. I couldn't help but wonder if she loved him like I loved Draco or like I loved her father.

"Rosie?" A husky voice broke my train of thought. Calling out to my Rosie was Zabini Jr. He looked just like his father had at that age or possibly even better looking.

My question was answered the moment my little girl ran in to his arms and hugged him tightly almost afraid to lose him if she let go of him. He enveloped her in a tight embrace and murmured something in her ear that I assumed were words of comfort. He shifted to look in to her eyes, his eyes were full of love and even through her tear filled eyes I could see the love in hers as well. I didn't even have to look at them to know that she would give her life for him I could feel it the love that the radiated was strong. This was her Ron, was it possible that she knew how much she loved him or was she still torn between him and Scorpius like I once was with Draco and Ron?

Giving them their privacy I turned my attention to the broken hearted boy sitting across from me breaking my own heart a bit because as hard as I try I couldn't help but see Draco in him. I could see the tears threatening to spill as the girl he loved was in someone else's arms. I looked around Ron & Harry were back at the auror department going over Isabella's case, Isabella's parents along with Dudley were inside with Alex and Isabella, Rose was now laying down with her head in Zabini's lap while he played with her hair, Al was falling asleep in the chair next to Scorpius who was trying to pretend not to care about Rose. Taking a deep breath I walked over to Scorpius and whispered so only he could hear.

"I'm sorry she does love you though I can tell she does... It's like seeing me all those years ago with your father. Rose thinks I just had a crush on him but it was more than that for a while after the war... Sadly my heart always belonged to her father. Maybe if things had been different I would have ended up with your father instead but it didn't happen. As much as it broke my heart to leave your father I knew it was the right choice. I'm not sure if in the end she will make the right choice but if it's meant to happen it will." I got up to say goodbye to my baby girl, but before leaving I told Scorpius one last thing. "Tell your father that I hope he is doing well and that I... I'm sorry."

If Scorpius hadn't been paying close attention to Hermione he might not have seen the single tear she wiped away before leaving to say goodbye to Rose and then most likely heading home. He ran through his head everything that she had said and not clear on what she meant by all of it he did make up his mind to be happy for Rose just like his dad was happy for Hermione. Maybe the Malfoy men were just to suffer when it came to love he decided. 

Week later

Alex was going crazy looking for Isabella all over the school it was as if she disappeared. Yesterday both of them had arrived to Hogwarts leaning on each other for support and now that he needed her as much as he knew she needed him, he wasn't able to find her. It was almost dinner time and there was still no sign of her nobody had seen her either. Alex was just about to give up and wait for her to come find him when he remembered about the map. He ran into the Great Hall and towards the table where Al was sitting with Scorp and Rose.

"Al I need the map!" He whispered loud enough where Al could hear him. Al saw the desperation in his face and without questions he took the map out of his jeans and handed it to Alex. Before Alex could run out Isabella's owl landed on the table in front of him sticking its leg out with a letter attached. Alex took the letter and sank into the empty sit next to Al fear took over him as he slowly opened the letter.

"Dear Alex,

                I don't know what to say or do anymore. After what happened I just feel so lost and confused but as I laid in bed last night I realized one thing that I was sure about... I don't love you. At first I blamed it on what happened thinking that it was just a stupid thought but it's not as much as I hate to say it I don't love you. Well at least not the type of love that last forever I love you as a friend and my time with you was great. Alex by the time you receive this letter I'll be long gone I can't tell you where I'm going only my parents know but they are with me right now. Don't look for me it'll be useless. I'm sorry Alex. Hate me if you must but now we're free to live our lives the way they were meant to be lived. Now don't think I'm happy because i'm not i'm hurting but that child would have come into a loveless house hold   because we wouldn't have lasted long together.


This is the end to our chapter Alex."

He handed the letter to someone he didn't know who but he didn't care. He knew it was useless but he opened the map and searched for the name he knew he wouldn't find. He heard Rose gasp and he could hear his mates trying to make him feel better but his mind was somewhere else he just wanted to get away.

"I'm not going to the dance I'll be leaving the day before, but let’s spend the break together I don't want... I don't trust myself to be alone." He stood and left the Great Hall needing to be alone for right now.

Scorp looked at Alex as he walked out before turning to face his friends. None of them could know how hurt Alex was right now they didn't know what pain he was going through all they knew was that their friend was far past heartbroken and that he needed them but for today they understood he needed to be alone. The food appeared along with Vanessa, Blaise and Emma, Scorp knew they could tell something was wrong and he was thankful that they didn't ask them at least not right now. Scorp looked at Rose and Blaise they looked happy together then he looked at Emma and Al who were hand in hand Emma whispered something to Al then kissed him on the cheek causing Al to smile. Both couples were happy together even a blind person could see that their relationships were going to last.

    He wondered about his own relationship he turned to look at Vanessa who must have got the hint that he wasn't in the mood to talk because she was reading a book and eating cookie, Scrop looked at her trying to find that spark that he saw when he first met her. Her almost black hair shined beautifully in the light, her eyes widen in amazement or her lips would pout in dislike of whatever it was she was reading and her golden brown skin looked so soft that he couldn't help but to touch her arm which caused her to jump in her seat. She turned and gave him a questioning smile he smiled back and shrugged his shoulders; Vanessa just faked frowned and hit him gently on his arm. She closed her book and placed it inside her bag then she took his hand and her bag motioning for him to follow her. Scorp stood and walked out the Great Hall hand in hand with a girl he could learn to love if he just gave it a chance.

"So V where are you taking me?" He asked but she just smiled and kept walking alongside him. After walking in silence for a while he noticed they were heading for the astronomy tower. Once they reached the top she let go of his hand and walked to the other side she placed her hands on the ledge and just stood there looking up at the starry night sky. He stood there where she left him just looking at how beautiful she looked in the moons light.

"Scorp?" Her voice was quite almost as she was afraid to talk.  "Do you want to be with me? I see the way you look at her... I just want to know if i'm wasting my time trying and hoping that you'll move on or if what we have is something worth trying."

He moved closer to her not know yet what to say. He knew she was taking a risk in getting her heart broken by staying with him but he knew that that she deserved the truth. He placed his hand on her shoulders and turned her to face him her eyes searched his face trying to find any hint of what he was thinking.

"I can't promise you anything. You're right about her I do like her a lot but I know I need to move on I just don't know how. A part of me really wants to be with you but another part knows it's not fair for you to risk getting hurt by me." She looked away Scorp wondered how this would end. "V this is your choice do you want to stay with me knowing that maybe just maybe things will end badly?"

"I don't know Scorp..." She sighed and leaned into him her head buried in his chest he wrapped his arms around her holding her close.

"If you decide to stay I promise I will really give it a try and do my best not to hurt you V."  He gently pulled her away so he could look her in the eyes then he slowly leaned in to kiss her. When they broke away Vanessa gave him a smile then shook her head slightly.

"Scorpius Malfoy I swear if you hurt me I will hex your ass so bad that you'll always remember me!" She laughed and gave him another kiss.

"Nessa" Scrop said breaking away from the kiss. "One more thing I know the dance is just a few weeks away and I should have asked sooner but will you go with me?" Scorp wasn't sure if he had to ask her or if it was already understood that they would go together but he decided to ask her just in case she was waiting for him to ask.  She nodded then went back to snogging the breath out of him.

By the end of the night Scorp had sworn to himself to give this relationship his best to make it work after all it was the least he could do for Vanessa.

OK well I'm sorry it took so long for this chapter! I had writers block >__< anyways next Chapther is going to take place at the dance!

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Family Encounters : Hearts


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