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Bound to You by blandie
Chapter 13 : The Wedding
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Chapter image by rebel_heart@TDA! Sorry I haven’t updated in such a long time, I’ve been super busy with school! Please don’t stop reading my story and reviewing, I treasure every single one! J Song featured in this chapter(not a songfic!) is Hate and Love by Jack Savoretti & Sienna Miller. If you haven’t heard this song please go check it out, it’s my absolute favourite!


“RONALD BILLIUS WEASLEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! Hermione screamed at Ron and then knelt beside Draco, stroking his forehead lightly.


Ron was a quickly turning a dark colour of red as he yelled back “I could ask you the same question! I go away with Luna on vacation for a few weeks and I come back and my bestfriend is engaged to the ferret?!”


Hermione’s eyes filled with tears “Don’t you want me to be happy Ron?” she whispered. At this moment Draco finally gained his feet, glaring at Ron he then guided Hermione towards the door. Before leaving he turned to address all the guests “Thank you all for coming- the invitations for the wedding will be out soon!”


With that final address they exited the building and apparated back to their apartment. After getting into the apartment Hermione finally broke into tears, clinging to Draco tightly.


He swept her up into his arms bridal style and carried her into their bedroom. After carefully removing her shoes, Draco then pulled the blankets up before snuggling in beside her.  Stroking her hair Draco whispered “Everything will be alright love, Ron’ll come around.”


Hermione snuffled and nodded, tucking her head under Draco’s chin, she promptly fell asleep.


The next couple weeks seemed to fly by, between wedding plans, work and dealing with Hermione’s now high security, the couple were extremely busy. Before they knew it the day of the wedding was upon them.


Hermione took a very deep breath, today was her wedding day. Looking into the mirror she stared at her reflection, she hardly recognized herself. She was wearing a long ivory dress with a vintage lace top, her hair was braided into a complex design and her make up was stunning. Checking herself over one more time, Hermione emerged from the room that had been assigned for all the ladies to get ready. Standing in the hallway was her dad- taking his arm they made their way down the large staircase and out the back door. As they neared the aisle the orchestra began to play the iconic muggle wedding march. Looking down the aisle Hermione’s eyes fell the Draco. He looked marvelous, he had an all black tux on and was actually smiling. Hermione smiled nervously at him, and as they arrived next to him her father took Hermione’s hand and placed it in Draco’s.


“Do you, Hermione Jean take Draco Lucius  to be your husband for all the days to come?” asked the wedding official.


“I do” Hermione replied confidently, though her hands tightened on Draco’s.


“And do you, Draco Lucius take Hermione Jean to be your wife for all the days to come?”


“I do” Draco said huskily, his eyes never leaving Hermione’s.


“Then I declare you bound for life” the official finished, beaming. Many cheers went up and as Hermione surveyed the crowd she saw tears being shed by both her mother and Draco’s. She then lifted her eyes to meet Draco’s stare, standing on tip toes their lips met in a sweet kiss as the wedding guests whistled and cheered.




It was dusk in the back garden on Malfoy Manor. A large white tent was set up in the middle of the garden, a wooden dance floor covered from the middle of the tent out into the garden. Scattered all around the grounds were white candles, orchestral music floated out from the tent and people mingled, waiting for the bride and groom to reamerge. Harry, Ginny, Ron and Luna sat at a round white covered table, chatting and discussing the wedding. Well, everyone except for Ron, he sat moodily poking his wand at the enchanted red orchids in front of him. Luna suddenly gasped  and the other three brought their attention to the couple entering the door.


Hermione looked absolutely radiant as her and Draco stepped out from the double French doors of the manor and out into the garden. Draco wrapped an arm around her waist as they glided down the concrete steps and drifted to the dance floor. Hermione beamed up at him and wrapped her arms tenderly around his neck, pulling herself closer to Draco’s chest. As they melted into each others arms, Hermione’s favourite song began to play, Draco whispered a few lyrics softly into her ear. “Sunshine and rain make a beautiful thing, everything you are is everything I’m not, night and day, light and dark. Everything I need, is everything you’ve got, all your hate, all your love.” Hermione’s eyes started to tear up as she gazed into her new husband’s eyes, “you know my favourite song”.


The tears began to fall and Draco leaned forward to kiss the tears off her cheeks, finally ending with a deep kiss upon her red lips. “I know more about you than you think, I understand that this is going to be hard, I know that we’re only married out of necessity, but Hermione… Hermione I can’t imagine my life without you now. I want us to work. I want you.”


“I want you.” Hermione stated boldly, her still slightly tear filled eyes meeting his fierce grey ones. Running her fingers lithely through his light hair, Hermione pulled his lips down to meet hers in a hungry kiss. A very embarrassed sounding cough broke their moment of passion, twisting her face Hermione saw a very red Harry looking at her “may I cut in?” he asked.


Draco nodded, kissing Hermione lightly on the forehead and walking to greet his mother. Harry then pulled Hermione into his arms, spinning her ‘round the floor. “Are you really happy Hermione?” Harry asked, his eyebrows crinkled.


Hermione smiled “Yes Harry, I’ve never been happier.”


“I’m glad, I’ve actually come to like the new Draco, as does everyone else, well other than Ron that is” Harry replied.


It was now Hermione’s turn to frown, “I don’t understand, I always thought that you hated Draco way more than Ron…”


Harry shrugged “I think it has more to do with you than him, actually. He never quite got over you, I guess seeing you with someone else, especially Draco, would make him quite upset. Don’t worry about it tonight though, enjoy yourself!” Harry then swung her around to face Draco.


“Are you okay, love?” Draco asked as he drew her towards him and rested their foreheads together.


“I will be” Hermione sniffed, burying her head into Draco’s chest. She took his hands into hers and slowly entwined their fingers.


“Wanna get our of here Mrs.Malfoy?” Draco asked her with a cheeky smile, bringing their entwined fingers up to Hermione’s chin, tilting her face upwards.


Hermione beamed back “I do”.

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Bound to You: The Wedding


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