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Flashbacks *Part TWO in The Dream Series* by Magnolia
Chapter 6 : Chapter 6
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........................And on the other side of the world.........................
Elizabeth Windell was going through her attic, she was looking for something. She had received a letter from her daughter the day before. The letter mentioned one word that Elizabeth hadn't heard since before she had gotten divorced. Gabby never said it, Gabby knew better, and they had never told Ann the story. She could still picture the letter in her mind.

Dear Mommy and Aunt Gabby,
I love Hogwarts, it's just like I left it. Only this year there aren't any murderers running around! (Well, atleast not yet!) I'm SO happy! I made the Quidditch team! I'm Gryfinndor's new chaser! Although the captain, Harry Potter is kind of strange. He spaced out during tryouts. Everyone thinks he's something special. Something having to do with You-Know-Who, but know one wants to talk about it. What did he do?

Potter. No one had mentioned Lily, James, or Harry to Elizabeth since she had come back from St. Mungo's, and she had been grateful that they hadn't. Even the thought of them was painful, and right now she was experiencing complete and total pain. She searched through the attic until she found exactly what she was looking for. It was a box and on the top was written "L" When she opened it a 1000 memories came flooding back.

~~~~~~~~She had been at the house with Sirius, although you really couldn't call it a house anymore. She had been holding Harry, and then Hagrid came by to take him. Sirius had argued long and hard with Hagrid, but in the end he gave in. Elizabeth had been shocked when Sirius gave Hagrid the motorbike. He had loved that bike!. When Hagrid left they went through what was left of the house. It was almost completely destroyed, when she came across what she believe was her best friends dead body she fell on her knees and cried her eyes out. She only knew it was Lily because that was near where Harry was found, and on it was the silver heart necklace with the "L" engraved on it. Elizabeth picked up the necklace, and put it in her pocket. Then the ministry people had finally arrived. They took Lily's body and then went to find James's. Elizabeth headed to the closet to see if anything had been saved. Most of it was scorched then she came across a brown cardboard box with an "L" on it. It was unharmed! She looked inside and it was filled with things that had belonged to Layla. Like Lenny, Layla's journal (which they had never read.) and the photoalbum. She spent the rest of that day looking for anything meaningful that she would want to keep. She didn't find much.~~~~~~~~

Elizabeth was pulled Lenny out, and gave him a big squeeze! Tears were falling down her face. Then she looked at the photo album. Elizabeth had, had Gabby make copies of a few of the pictures to send to Hagrid. Hagrid had said he had wanted them for a friend. That friend had probably been Harry. Then she looked at Layla's journal. She had never opened it. Lily and her had planned to read it together but Lily died before they had ever had the chance. She opened to the last page and began to read.

December 22, 1978
Dear Diary,
Today I'm going home! I can't wait to see Bryan! Lily is staying here as usual, but I don't blame her. From what she's told me her sister is definitely not the greatest person in the world. Elizabeth is staying too. I wonder what they'll do without me. Is it just me, or are they closer to eachother than they are to me? I don't know. I just seem like a fifth wheel with James and Lily, and Elizabeth and Sirius. Whenever I hang around them I feel left out, just because I don't have a boyfriend. I'm being silly, Elizabeth and Lily like me just as much as they like each other!
What I really need is a boyfriend, I've never had one. But you know that. I like James! Lily is so lucky! I feel sorry for Elizabeth, there's something about Sirius that I just don't trust.

Layla was right, Layla was always right. Sirius wasn't to be trusted, and Elizabeth thought she was an idiot for ever loving him. Elizabeth rolled over on her back and began to cry. Next she came upon the necklace. A necklace she hadn't seen for many Years. It was the same necklace Lily had gotten for her birthday so many years ago. Then the thought of little Harry came into her mind. Maybe Harry would like this necklace. It caused her to much pain to even look at it, but it might bring him joy. She put the rest of the stuff away and went down stairs to wrap the necklace in a red box.

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