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Ugly by FaerieTales
Chapter 1 : Yes, It Did Still Hurt
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U g l y

Chapter One - Yes, It Did Still Hurt


Once upon a time there lived a beautiful young girl, her skin was of ivory and her hair cascaded down her back in dark chocolate ringlets. Everyone loved her and princes from all over the land gathered in flocks to beg for her hand each one bringing heroic tales of their endurances to find her. Her name was Rose ...

Yeah right. Lets just get one thing straight, right here, right now, before you start believing in all that happy ending shit. Fairy Tales?  Hate to break it to you sweetheart, they just aren’t real. No such thing as prince charming, wishing on stars’ll do you a fat load of good and as for fairy godmothers? Well Honey, you are just going to have to buy your own damn dress. 

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to come off as a cynical bitch. There is just no point getting hurt believing in things that just don’t exist. Trust me, I have been there, done that. I have waited for that sodding white horse to gallop to my rescue and guess what? He never showed. Too damn busy shagging my cousin to care for little old me. 

Well that didn’t make me sound bitter at all. Maybe I should strike that out. I am really not bitter as much as I sound it. I guess I am just pissed off they did it behind my back, even after all these years. It isn’t that I want him back, it isn’t even that I just don’t want Dominique to have him. I guess I just want them to change the past. And impossible feat. Not really fair of me to ask of it I suppose. 

I should start from the beginning. Right from the very start all the way up until right now, sat here in my tent, in the middle of a desert, holding the white ribboned invitation for me, plus one, to the wedding of the year. Then you can judge for yourself about all this happy endings crap.

The beginning I am referring to here was when I was eleven. Hundreds of eyes trained on me, amongst them eight cousins - all sorted into Gryffindor I might add - awaiting the announcement of some several hundred year old charmed hat. Damn that hat for starting all of this! 

I wondered briefly if the great hall had been so quiet in the past ten or so years as I hopped off the stool, my face redder than the Gryffindor banners and dropped into a seat and the very blue and bronze table that definitely didn’t have a lion as a mascot, definitely didn’t have all my family sitting at and most of all, definitely wouldn’t go down well with my father. 

Mum would deal with it well. She’d be proud that I was just as book smart as she, but my dad would think it something akin to me hitting a bludger at him then kicking him when he was down just for good measure. I can only thank merlin that I wasn’t a snake! 

I think Mum talked to him first though. He always acted like he was proud of me, that it didn’t matter. We were never as close after that though. I guess I wasn’t really close with any of the family after that. Was a bit of an oddball then. When Lily and Hugo were the last of the cousins to be sorted, each earning their shiny red robes, I kind of lost my last chance to really fit into the family. 

I know it sounds a bit overly dramatic. I probably was being overly dramatic at the time and it was probably that that caused the distancing, not what house I was in. I guess I just felt weird. Like I had let the whole family down or something. I was quiet at school and much too shy to make myself known to people. I only ended up making three friends. Though, they were the best friends a girl could ever have. Two of them still are!

Amy Jenkins, Toby Wood and Donny Finnigan. The four of us were as thick as thieves. Then I fell for Donny. Might I add that it was the most ungraceful and awkward falling for someone too! He teased me about it for a week before he told me he really liked me. He asked me to Hogsmeade and we ended up being together for six years. It was when I was twenty, failing at my medical training because I kept throwing up at the horrific states some people were brought in to me, that I caught them. 

I’d been sent home after emptying my stomach for the fourth time just looking at the state of one man. He had been brewing something illegal when the cauldron exploded. Part of his face was melting off, part of it had bits of the cauldron lodged right into the bone and the rest was all blood and puss. I had always planned on being a healer. It was the proper kind of job I was supposed to go into. I wasn’t too much interested in it,but, I did love the idea of helping people. In theory I can deal with it. Thinking abut it now doesn’t bother me in the slightest, but, up close and personal, with the person just lying there on the table screaming, or worse yet, in complete silence ... I just can’t do it. 

My boss had yelled at me until his voice had grown hoarse and told me that if I wasn’t going to take my apprenticeship seriously then I might as well not bother turning up the next morning. It wasn’t like I was doing it on purpose. I had worked my whole damn life to be a healer and now, all of a sudden, my walls were crumbling down on me and I didn’t know what to do. 

More than anything I had just wanted to collapse into Donny’s arms and cry. Never did get to do that though. Walked into the bedroom to find Dominique in all her beautiful blondness sprawled all over him, very naked and very happy with herself. Neither of their smiles lasted when they saw me though.

I didn’t yell or scream or slam the door. I don’t think that I even cried. I just walked straight out of the house, down a dark side alley and apparated straight to Toby’s. I knew Amy would be there already as she had been trying to help him study for his apprenticeship all month. Toby put me up for a while and Amy slept over almost every night. It was like being back at Hogwarts again. Kind of. Just very different and so much more serious. 

I packed it in at the hospital after that. Stayed as far away from Dominique and Donny as I could. I think I only had one run in thinking back and even then I had managed to excuse myself before they could even say hi or sorry. I applied to work with the curse breakers, old languages and ancient curses had always interested me. I had sat for hours when I was younger with my Uncle Bill as he talked me through some of the less gruesome but equally as interesting cases he have been assigned, he even taught me how to do a little translating. In a way I suppose I should be thankful to both Dominique and Donny. It gave me the opportunity to not do the proper thing for once in my life but something just completely and utterly for me.

They took me up almost immediately, impressed with my quick brain and eager temperament. I was only in london for about a month, in which time I managed to pay back Toby for looking after me. Not that he wanted me to but I had gotten a lot more persistent and forceful in those few short weeks, he didn’t stand a chance. When the notice was posted that they were looking for an apprentice to work out in egypt I jumped at the opportunity and haven’t looked back since. 

So there you have it. Seven years on I am still out here, egypt bound. No longer an apprentice and quite well regarded in the field. A point I am rather more proud of even if I have felt a little lonely out here. The next youngest in our group is still forty eight years my senior. I have learnt a lot from them, but, it isn’t like having Amy and Toby by my side. We write often enough and I have managed a few short holidays back to England and them to here, but, everyone is moving on I guess. Toby has a serious girlfriend, I point I was rather more than shocked to learn of, and Amy gave birth to a beautiful little girl three years ago so can’t travel as easily now. 

Donny and Dominique have written often. I can tell their handwriting by heart. I never opened even one of the letters. Just kept them in a box under my bed. I have never been particularly interested in hearing their apologies or explanations. I know they are still together and that it had been going together for a few months before I caught them. That is all I need to know. Then that sodding white owl tuned up. 

It was in Aunt Fleur’s hand so I just popped the envelope open without a thought. I genuinely had convinced myself it didn’t bother me anymore. But seeing it there, “You are invited to the wedding of Dominique Weasley and Donal Finnigan” written clear as day, I realised that no, I definitely hadn’t forgiven them. 

And more importantly, yes, it did still hurt. 

A/N: Thanks for reading guys!! I really hope you like this first chapter, I have more than enjoyed writing it. I know Scorpius hasn’t made an appearance as of yet, but I do intend to introduce you all to him in the next chapter!! 

I’d really love to hear what you guy think of it so far! :)


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