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For Hope by zipzin
Chapter 22 : Nice to See You Too
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Disclaimer: I am not J.K. Rowling and I am only borrowing from her world.

Chapter Twenty-Two: Nice to See You Too


Harry sipped the coffee nervously checking his watch.  He had promised Andromeda that he would pick up Teddy soon and he hoped that the meeting wouldn’t take too long.  He was grateful that he was in a muggle tea and coffee shop, no one knew who he was and no one was asking probing questions and no one was staring at him and whispering to their companions excitedly.  He checked his watch again hoping that they would show up sooner or later.  He wished that he could have gone to Privet Drive just so he could set the terms on when he was staying and leaving, but Uncle Vernon would not be too pleased to see him and it was decided that it would be best if they met in some third party location.  Aunt Petunia still wasn’t completely comfortable and Harry wasn’t sure he wanted to show her his house.  Harry sipped the watered down coffee that was quite repulsive just because he had nothing better to do.  The bells on the door rang, indicating that someone had arrived and he instantly sat up straighter.

Their voices rang out and Harry wanted to say something but he found that he couldn’t.  Not now.  They got their drinks and then sat down across from me.  They looked at him and Harry stared right back at them.  The silence was even more nerve wracking than when he had first put the Sorting Hat on.

“I am so glad that you are safe.” Aunt Petunia began and Harry nodded his head.  What was he supposed to say to that?  “And I must say that I am extremely sorry.  We treated you wrong and you didn’t deserve that.”

“It’s alright.” Harry said and Dudley happily snacked on some pastry.

“It is not alright.” Aunt Petunia said firmly and Harry’s jaw dropped.  “How we raised you was almost child abuse.”

“The past is in the past.” Harry muttered and Dudley looked at him.

“I don’t know why I did it all to you.” Dudley said.  “It just feels so wrong now.”

“We were young.” Harry said.

“Harry you really are trying to make excuses for us.” Aunt Petunia sighed.

“Well,” Harry started, “At least you have come and settled things with me.  At least we can all have a fresh start.”

“Yeah, I’d like that.” Dudley said.

“I would also.” Aunt Petunia said.

“Well it’s settled.  We don’t judge each other on what happened in the past, but what happens from now one.”  Harry took a look at his watch and sighed.  He really should be going to get Teddy soon. “I think I’ll have to go.”

“Well,” Aunt Petunia said, “Keep in touch.  I would love to see you again soon.”  Harry nodded and put his jacket on.  He waved at them as he exited the shop and went looking for an abandoned alley.

Finding one, he quickly apparated and then landed in front of Andromeda's house.  It was in a significant state of disrepair, not enough to be unsafe, but indicating that something was wrong with whoever was inside.  Harry felt his heart be ripped a new with the grief at the lose of Tonks and Lupin.  He headed up to the door and with a quick knock the door opened and she stood there, having a sad smile on her face.

“Hey.” Harry said.

“Hi dear.” She said and then stepped back, “Do come in.” He nodded and stepped into her house.  The house was clean, but there was an empty feeling about it.

“I hope he’s not being too hard.” Harry said picking his words carefully.

“Of course not.” She smiled at him but her face still reflected a deep sadness.  Harry wished he knew a way to comfort her.  “He’s a little angel.” Harry smiled and she handed him off to him.  Teddy’s hair began to get darker and darker as it changed to Harry’s jet black.  She handed him the diaper bag and tickled under Teddy’s chin causing the boy to squeal.  “Now I want him back here tomorrow.” She said, “And don’t spoil him too much.”  Harry nodded and they exchanged goodbyes and Harry talked to Teddy.

“I don’t know much about kids but after having you every now and then I think I’ve gotten better.” Harry said as Teddy gurgled.  “I’m going to make you the best flyer in the history of flyers.”  Teddy just smiled at him and Harry continued, “Okay maybe not that, but when you can stand up I’m getting you a broom.”  Teddy responded by trying to grab Harry’s glasses.  “No, don’t you do that there now.” Harry said laughing.

“Is he yours?” A voice came up from next to him and Harry turned around to see some a girl about two years older than him.

“Oh no.” Harry said trying to stop Teddy from trying to wrestle out of his arms.  “I’m his godfather.”

“He looks just like you.” The girl said and Harry just stood there awkwardly.  This comment always came when he was with Teddy.  “He’s very cute.” She said and then left.

Harry sighed glad that Teddy hadn’t taken that moment to change his hair color.  It had happened before and Harry had been forced to do a Confundus spell to make sure that they forgot.  It might had been a little strong because the man started muttering about being cousins.  Harry quickly found a spot he could apparate from and landed in the entryway of his home.  Thankfully, the lack of furniture enabled Teddy to be around and not worry about hitting anything.  Besides the kitchen, Harry’s bed and Teddy’s crib that Harry had gotten so when Teddy was at his house he could have a crib, where the only things that were in the house.  Teddy didn’t crawl much, but he had started to roll around and they would play with a variety of toys and Harry would read a book to him that was packed in his bag.  Teddy wasn’t a super baby, and based on what Andromeda and Mrs. Weasley had told him, he was developing at a fairly normal rate.  He hadn’t said a word yet, but Harry had assured Andromeda, and she him, that if he said anything that was obviously a word they would owl each other.

Harry sat down as Teddy started to smile at him and Harry took out the fluffy snitch and Teddy reached out to grab it.  “Look,” Harry said, “He’s going to be a seeker!  Ted Lupin is on the hunt to win the World Cup for England!  He has spotted the snitch!  He pulls into a steep dive!” Harry picked up Teddy and put him in on his shoulders supporting him with one hand while using the other to hold the snitch.  “Is he going to get there?”  Harry zoomed around the house until he got to the bed and then stopped.  Teddy was laughing at him and then Harry pulled him off his shoulders.  Auror training, if anything, made playing with Teddy much easier for he had gotten so much stronger in the past couple of months.  Teddy was to him like a five pound weight was with most people.  Harry put the Snitch in Teddy’s hands and then slowly dropped him on the bed.  The Snitch went flying somewhere, Teddy wasn’t quite the best at holding things yet, and then he smiled as Harry jumped on after him.

“Ted Lupin has won the cup!  Ted Lupin has won the cup!” Harry screamed and Teddy gurgled appreciatively.  Harry then held onto Teddy’s arms and smiled at him, “You know what that means?”  Teddy just continued to smile at him and Harry smiled.  “Time to tickle.”  He began to tickle him and Teddy laughed harder and harder until he was screaming and Harry finally stopped.  “Boy you haven’t gotten any better at this game.”  Harry knew that the boy didn’t understand him but had started to understand facial expressions and Harry frowned and Ted looked at him like he had just broken something.  Harry started laughing and Teddy looked at him all confused.

The day continued like this, until it was time to eat, at which Teddy had a bit from a bottle that Harry had warmed and then tested, and then Teddy just fell asleep.  While he napped, Harry took the peace and quiet to start looking into furniture and making sure that everything could be babyproofed.  From what he had heard, Teddy was bound to start crawling at any point and he didn’t want him falling down stairs or anything like that.  Of course, there was probably some sort of magic that could do this so he would have to ask Hermione that when he saw her next.  Or maybe Mrs. Weasley would know.

It wasn’t long before Teddy woke up and demanded more food and Harry smiled.  “A full moon is coming up little guy,” He said, “I hope you survive all right.”  He had heard from Andromeda that on the full moons he would be restless and pretty much cry all night which was truly a shame.  Other than that, he had shown not many wolfish symptoms but he was sure that it would get worse with age.  Bill had talked to Andromeda about it and said that he would serve as a teacher if they needed to know anything.  Harry was thankful, and a small part of him was glad that Remus was dead for he would feel such great pain about it.  Of course, he still wished that Remus was there but he knew that he must have gone through so much pain and grief and would probably beat himself up to no end about it.  Harry sighed, but then said, “You’re parents were great people.” He said, “And you will not live a day without knowing that.”  Teddy stared at him with unblinking eyes that slowly turned from brown to a gold.  Harry smiled and he read to Teddy a bit before his eyes started dropping again.  Harry smiled at him and then put him to bed hoping that Teddy would sleep soundly.

Lots of pain that was in the world was healing but for the next generation Voldemort’s evil would rip through them reminding people every day of the horrors that they did.  Children, including Teddy, would never see their parents, and brothers, like Dennis, would never get to see their brother again.  Harry looked back at Teddy who was now breathing softly and shrugged.  He just needed to remember why it happened and that it wasn’t his fault, just as everyone was saying.  His dreams were still plagued with nightmares but he felt himself slowly getting better.  Things were less vivid and he never had the urge to drink and was doing his best to stay away from alcohol completely.  He checked his watch and then collapsed on a chair.  Who knew that someone so small could take up so much energy?

A/N: I regret to inform you that I will be reworking the plot and going back over the chapters and editing them.  This means that new things will be added to chapters and new plot elements are going to be introduced.  I don't know how long this will take but I hope that it will be done before January ends.  I know that all of you kind readers should feel frustrated and I would too, so please don't leave a review saying how this is stupid.  I know it is, but I would never be able to finish this story if I didn't go back and add the new ideas I have.  So sorry.

All editing is done and I have began to work on the next chapter.  Yay!

Edited: 1/20/13

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