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Honeysuckle Rose by SpellDust
Chapter 2 : The famous House of Black
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Chapter 2 - The Famous house of Black

Rose didn´t remember when she had fallen asleep but she must have, because when she woke up she was laying in a bed, in what she supposed to be her new room. Is wasn´t as big as her room back home but it was just as beautiful with its white walls and red and black decorations. The bed she was sleeping in was big, probably the biggest her father could find; she had a soft spot for pillows.

She rose and walked up to the big white dresser at the other end of the room, the dresser had a mirror attached to it with lights all around the frame. It looked like something that a superstar would own. Rose smiled and silently wished that one day that would be exactly what she would be. She hoped that people would learn to me amazed by her abilities instead of being frightened.

“They aren´t that frightening, are they?” she asked her reflection in the mirror, it didn´t answer. “I´m not a freak” she turned to face the door. “I´m not… and I will show them that.”

Walking out the bedroom she felt the proud feeling she´d got in her room slightly fade and she became nervous. She stopped at the top of the stairs with her foot on the first step. “I can do this, new place and new faces.” She told herself loudly and took her first step down the stairs.
When she finally reached the bottom of the stairs she smiled broadly and felt proud of herself. She could smell food from her right and turned to walk into the large but slightly messy kitchen where her father was cooking what smelled like pancakes. He had his back to her but she knew that he noticed her entering.

“Good morning pumpkin” he said, but didn´t turn. Probably to concentrate on the food he was making.

“Good Morning dad” Rose took a better look at the big kitchen and found that she liked it instantly. It was big, bright and homey… and smelled like food and cupcakes. The table was round and was placed under the window, giving them a perfect view of the street bellow. When she took a look out the window she noticed that the other buildings looked exactly alike.  

“Where are we?” she asked, staring down on the people who were taking their morning routs in the park that was placed in the middle of their street.

“It´s London my dear! You always wanted to move here, right? The street is called Crimmauld Place and this is apartment nine. You do best to remember that. ”

“Oh,” was all she said, more interested in the two black haired young boys that walked past the window. They seemed to be talking eagerly and did not notice her. She was smiling like a moron; her father noticed and walked up to her. But the boys had already disappeared out of eye sight.

“What are you smiling about?” he asked.

“Nothing dad” she answered “I´m just happy to have a new start. Are we having pancakes for breakfast?” she interrupted “It smells wonderful.”

After breakfast Rose decided she wanted to take a look around the street, so she put on her jacket and opened the door. It was a cold day for summer and she shivered a little, but was way too anxious to care.

She started to walk down the street, peaking into windows as she passed. She silently wondered which of these apartments those two boys lived in, and if there were more kids living here. She hoped there was, but her surroundings told her otherwise. Maybe she missed something?
When she came to the part where the street split in two she turned around and walked to the small park, if it even could be called a park. There were a fountain, a bench and some trees. She began to feel like they shouldn´t have moved. At home she had a swing and a pool. This place had nothing.
She sat down on the bench that faced the fountain and watched the water splash and reflect so many colors’ it looked like a rainbow.

Growing tired of the fountain she took up a stick with a dead leaf on and stared at it, willing some of her life into it. The leaf began to change color from rotting brown the life full green. The dry branch became fresh again, just as fresh as it just had fallen from the tree above her.

“I never thought you would finish” Rose turned around, startled. She saw one of the boys she had seen earlier and he was smirking at her.

“Wha… what?” she stared at him in shock. Had he seen her? That wasn´t good. Now he would think she was a freak and she would have to move again.

“You branch, it took forever.” He´s smirk grew larger “Here I show you how it´s really done.” The boy took up a dead branch of his own and in a matter of second it was as fresh as hers.

“That´s how it´s done. Who are teaching you anyway, can´t be anyone good if you take so long for something as simple as this. I´m Sirius by the way. Sirius Black, but you´ve probably already heard of me.”

“No sorry, I haven´t” This boy could do the same thing as she could. He was like her. She felt joy pulsing trough her body, she wasn´t alone! She looked up at him and saw him frown.

“But you are a pureblood, right?” Rose stared at him. He seemed to take her stare as a yes because he then gave her a sparkling smile and said “Good, it gets so boring to only hang around my brother all the time. The only thing he can talk about is his new toy wand, is if I´d get jealous. I don´t need a toy wand to do magic tricks, he is weak but my mother is to kind to tell him that...” he paused for a second as if remembering something “what is your name anyway?”

“Rose Cleawater” Rose answered and smiled at him. She didn´t understand half of what this boy were talking about, a toy wand.

“I never heard of your family. Are you from England?”

“Yes I am.” Good another easy question.

“Odd… I didn´t think there were a family in England I´ve never met.”  

“You can´t have met every family in England, can you?”

“Yes of course I have. I´m the heir of Black, it´s my duty” he smiled proudly.

Heir of Black? What does that mean?”

“I´m the oldest brother and the one that will inherit everything when my parents die. I´m going to be Lord Black” The last he said with a important voice, as if he was something extraordinary, someone superior.

“What about your brother?”

“What about my brother?” he asked, seemingly surprised by her question.

“Won´t he get anything?”

“Well, sure he will. He will get enough to live a healthy life without ever having to work. But that´s about it, the rest is mine.”

“That sounds mean.” She sad and shook her head in disgust.

“That´s how it is, that´s how it´s always been. Ah… speaking of... There is Narcissa. NARCISSA!” His face lit up in a big grin as a girl walked up to them. She seemed older than them, but not much, maybe eleven or twelve.

“Sirius there you are. Mother is searching for you.” Sirius frowned. The girl, Narcissa, didn´t even acknowledges Rose.

“I´m coming” Sirius turned to Rose “see you around” and then rose from his seat and walked away with the girl.
Rose stared after them and when they disappeared she decided it was best to go home. She didn´t want to worry her father too much: He should be a little worried, picking a boring place like this. At least she seemed to have gained a friend, Sirius Black.

As she walked her thought was on the boy with the black hair en grey eyes, the boy that was like her. She wasn´t alone to be like this after all, he had said that both he and his brother were like her. What it there were more with this kind of ability. What if he could introduce her to them?

She opened the door to the apartment and was met by her father who were about to put his jacket on.
There you are Rose, I was getting worried about you” he gave her a hug before starting to remove his jacket again.

“I met someone who is like me” she couldn’t wait. She had to say it. Her father stared at her in surprise.

You did?”

“Yes, his name is Sirius and he can do stuff, like me. He made a branch come alive in seconds and he has a little brother that also can do stuff. But Sirius said that he´s not as good as Sirius… and, he told me that he is the heir of Black… or something…”

“Wow, someone like you. How old is he?” he looked suspicious, Rose didn´t understand why.

“My age… I think. He looked like it anyway. I can´t wait to meet him again. What if he can learn me about this… magic… that what he said it was. I believe him. He seemed kind, a little big headed.” She could barely stand still and her father laughed at her.

“That’s great pumpkin, I´d like to meet him someday. Are you hungry?” Rose nodded and wondered to herself why he wasn´t as excited about Sirius as she was.

The next morning after breakfast she walked out to the park again. Hoping to meet Sirius and ask him about this magic. Maybe he could show her more and teach her something. He seemed to know a lot. She wanted her father to meet him; maybe he would get more excited when he understood that Sirius really existed. She remember having told him he saw people doing what she could before, but he never saw it and finally said that it must be her imagination.

When she finally reached the bench it was already occupied by the blonde girl that had picked up Sirius yesterday. She turned her head to in Rose´s way when she heard her. A slow smirk was creeping up on her face as she stood. She was somewhat taller than Rose; this made Rose take a step back. There was something about this girl that she didn´t like. Narcissa snorted and stared at her with hatred in her eyes.

“You´re not afraid are you? Ha, you should be. Lying to my brother about who you are. What did you hope to achieve? Well, whatever it was you failed. He told mother about you last night and there is NO pureblood family with your family name. No half blood family either.” She paused” You´ll stay away from my brother or you´ll regret it. Mudblood.” Rose stood like frozen to the ground with fear.

“I- I´m sorry, I…” she shuttered but the blonde girl didn´t listen. She glared at Rose with steal grey eyes for a second before she turned on her heel and walked away with long gracious steps. She saw a shadow step up beside her and she turned, just to come face to face with Sirius.

“You’re disgusting.” He said and turned around, ready to leave. Rose became angry. Who was he to judge her?

“At least I´m not a judging idiot! Who are you to tell me what I am?” He stopped and turned around to face her.

“I´m Sirius Black.” He glared at her.

“What if you were born after your brother, do you think they would love you as much then?” His eyes narrowed.

“You aren´t worthy of my time.” He turned to follow his sister.


Thank you for reading this chapter. All credits to J.K.Rowling for making Sirius Black and his sister. I hope I did them justise. 

Hope you´ve had a good first week of the new year. 

Thank you for me and I´ll post next chapter when this one is validated. :)

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