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The Detention Club by EstrellaBella
Chapter 1 : You are not permitted to use magic, move, talk, speak, sleep OR turn your fellow detention mates into ferrets
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It was an unusually quiet day at Hogwarts. All that could be heard throughout the many rooms of the ancient castle was the rhythmic splatter against the window panes as the dismal thunder storm continued to maintain its ever-depressing presence in the summer July air. It was on this day that students had either decided to brave the weather and visit Hogsmeade for one last time that year, or otherwise resign themselves to their common rooms to pack their trunks for the summer holidays. Johanna had of course packed weeks ago; having endured yet another year of being treated like she didn’t exist, she couldn’t wait to leave.

In fact, she anticipated nothing with more enthusiasm than this day next year when she would finally be able to leave Hogwarts for good. Her grades were less than average and her social skills wore exceedingly limited but as long as she was able to get a job that paid enough to live on she decided that she wouldn’t complain. It would mean that she would have enough money to leave home and never have to endure the sight of her impassive, un-loving parents again. Nor would she have to worry about her four sisters stealing her books and hiding them in all sorts of humiliating places (such as their next door neighbour’s underwear draw or the local baker’s gigantic rubbish bins). It would be peace at least; nothing glamorous or special. She wasn’t going to fool herself into believing that any man would ever be interested in marrying a dull, ugly drip like her. She had always known that she would grow up to become a spinster – perhaps with only a cat for company. A greedy, lazy, boring cat that would sleep throughout the day but be smart enough to figure out where she would hide all of the biscuits so that there would never be any left for her. Yes, that was the life she would end up leading.

Unlike the rest of the school, Johanna was permitted to be roaming about the corridors at eight o’clock in the morning as it was completely necessary if she wished to arrive to her detention on time. Of course, any idiot would accept this...any idiot except Filch that was. He had caught her walking down the Charms corridor only ten minutes ago, pointing and shrieking at her as though he had just witnessed her murdering his cat. From what Johanna had heard, there was an existing Hogwarts tradition that involved several students pulling some form of a prank on the last day of term, especially the seventh years who would be leaving the day after and so wouldn’t have to deal with any form of punishment that Filch wanted to dish out, and so therefore the caretaker was known for being especially ratty on this day. It had taken her a while to convince him that in fact she wasn’t planning on blowing the school up before the mistrustful caretaker grudgingly permitted her to leave, which meant that she was now alarmingly late and in great danger of Professor McGonagall transforming her into a flobberworm if she didn’t get to room 84B soon – although where that was, she could only guess. She had never been this high up in the castle before; what with her common room being situated on the first floor and her Astronomy classes in Greenhouse five where a clear view of the stars could be seen at night. Wheezing slightly from having run up thirty six flights of stair, Johanna finally paused to catch her breath.

“Why...what on earth have you been doing Miss Macmillan?” came the astonished voice of Professor Dumbledore as he surveyed her from behind his half-moon spectacles. Johanna nearly jumped, completely taken by surprise by the headmaster’s sudden appearance. Looking around hurriedly she realised that they were stood just outside his office. The stone gargoyles that usually stood to attention by the entrance were now snickering at her seemingly comical reaction. Blushing a bright red Johanna averted her gaze from the Head Master and stared in discomfort at the floor. “Ah, I see we are still very reluctant to speak today. It’s such a shame; I was looking ever so forward to asking you about the book I saw you reading in the Great Hall yesterday. I’ve been reading it also and I have to say it really is a fascinating story. Whoever would have thought that lions could talk and centaurs could be so friendly?”

“I-I finished it last night.” Johanna whispered timidly in response.

Professor Dumbledore beamed at her, “Really? Well you mustn’t tell me how it ends. I look very forward to discussing it with you next September."

Johanna shuffled uncomfortably on the spot as she would do in any other social situation; particularly one that involved Albus Dumbledore.

“Very well then, I shan’t keep you any longer, and if I do not see you again before tomorrow then I wish you a very enjoyable summer break.”

“Thankyou, and the same to you Professor.” Johanna responded in a voice that was barely audible. Dumbledore nodded kindly at her and disappeared behind the doorway to his office.

“This one doesn’t say much,” one of the gargoyles said, chuckling along with his counterpart. Glaring at them both reproachfully Johanna was about to take off before she remembered that she had no idea where she was going. Turning to face the Gargoyles, she opened her mouth to speak. Of course, quite predictably, no words came out. This was the norm for her; she just wasn’t a very confident speaker; in fact, the only time she ever said anything was when it was absolutely necessary.

“Erm - do you know where 84B is?”She murmured stupidly in a barely audible tone.

“Well how the devil would we know child?” the gargoyle nearest to her grumbled “It’s not as though we make a habit of roaming about the school at night; unless you haven’t noticed, we’re ever so slightly attached to this wall.”
“Quite literally attached.” The second one added.


Humiliated, Johanna turned away from the sarcastic statues and was just about to climb another flight of stairs when a hand reached out and grabbed her. She turned around to face a very pretty red-haired girl who she recognised from her own year. At this moment in time she appeared to be completely out of breath.

“Sorry,” she gasped, kneeling over slightly to take in large gulps of air “I got held up by Peeves so I was in a rush - those stairs are absolute murder!”

Johanna gulped; this was exactly the type of social situation she was generally accustomed to avoiding. People were happy to go along with this and kept away from her at all costs. Nobody sat with her at dinner, nobody wanted to pair up with her during lessons and four times a year her compartment would remain empty as she travelled either to or from Hogwarts on the school train. Those were the unspoken rules regarding Johanna Macmillian and nobody ever dared to break them.  She was the freaky Hufflepuff sixth year who read thick fantasy books and didn’t have any friends. The girl who was only worthy of strange and suspicious looks as people whispered about her behind her back and plotted the best ways to humiliate her every other week. She wasn’t the type of girl who other pretty girls such as this one approached and addressed as though she was a normal human being and she certainly wasn’t the type of girl who knew how to respond to such addresses. Clearly, this read-head was insane!

“I heard you asking about the room number.” The girl continued, straightening up now that she had completely caught her breath in order to beam at Johanna with a scarily genuine-looking smile. But this had to be some kind of a joke. “I’m in detention too. I’m a prefect so naturally I’m quite upset with myself about landing it in the first place but it was all Potter and Black’s fault really.”

Johanna blinked at the girl as though she thought her to be completely mental. The girl, eventually realising this quickly held out her hand.

“Sorry, I haven’t introduced myself properly. My name’s Lily Evans; I think I’ve seen you around here before with...uhm – I mean, you’re the girl who reads books right?” She held out her hand awkwardly in what may have been a friendly gesture.

Johanna blinked. Is that what they called her? ‘The girl who reads books’? Surely not. Clearly this girl was extremely naive...either that or just very kind. Or, her instincts were correct and this Lily girl was about to play a severely cruel joke on her.

“Are you playing a trick on me.” Johanna found herself blurting out before she slapped a palm over her mouth.

It was the girls turn to blink this time. “Of course not, I’d never play a trick on anyone.” She said, sounding slightly hurt by this. Johanna watched as the girl let her hand drop, unsure of what to make of it all. All she really knew was that this conversation had now become very awkward. “Well, it’s this way to the classroom.” The girl called Lily mumbled, avoiding Johanna’s eye and gesturing for her to follow. Johanna remained frozen for a second, before warily deciding to take Lily’s path down the right-hand corridor. She hoped that this wasn’t indeed some kind of horrible joke, where a bunch of Gryffindors would be waiting around the corner, ready to throw tins of paint all over her again. She shuddered at the mere memory of it and then, acting on sudden inspiration, she quickly drew her wand out from the pocket of her school robes.

The first thing she saw when she entered the classroom that the girl named Lily had disappeared in was a cat perched on a teacher’s desk, and her immediate instinct told her to hex it. As she raised her wand to do just that the cat suddenly shot up several feet and a second later McGonagall stood in front of her, an expression of mild alarm on her face.

Miss Macmilian” she snapped, staring at her in disbelief “put that away this instant before I have it snapped in half.”

“S-sorry Professor,” Johanna stuttered in horror, shoving her wand back inside the pocket of her robes urgently. “I-I forgot you were an amagus – I mean – an animogi – an – an –“

“I think the word you’re looking for is ‘animagus’” said a slightly amused voice. Instinctively, Johanna’s head snapped around to locate the speaker and her eyes instantly fell on a smug looking boy with untidy bronze hair and glasses who was slouched in his chair behind the classroom’s left-hand front row desk. Of course, she recognised him straight away. He was an incredibly popular Gryffindor Quidditch player –  definitely a seeker she quickly concluded as she took in his build with her highly observant eyes -  and although she didn’t make a habit of watching the school games she’d often sighted him both before and after matches in the Great Hall being smothered by masses of his adoring fans – yes, literally smothered.

“I know what the word is,” she eventually found the courage to hiss at him. She was almost positive that her face had turned into its usual, unflattering shade of red. Of course, it was nothing more than she had expected of someone who Johanna guessed – going by the usual stereotype – was an egotistical, bullying, self-righteous pig.

The boy whistled “Ooooh, what’s got your knickers in a twist frizzy?”

Johanna nearly belched. Frizzy? What the hell was ‘Frizzy’ supposed to mean? A boy sitting next to him roared with laughter. She desperately wanted to say something back to him but she wasn’t sure she knew how or even what to say in response.

“Potter, Black, that will be enough from the pair of you.” Professor McGonagall barked before turning to face Johanna once more.

‘Ah,' Johanna quickly thought to herself ‘So these were the two boys that the weirdly-friendly and most probably insane girl Lily had been referring to.’

“If I were you Miss Macmillian I’d take a seat and I’d do it quickly.” McGonagall stated in one of her most reprimanding tones. This confirmed Johanna’s fears that the deputy Head Mistress was sporting an exceedingly short temper this morning.

Nodding in embarrassment, Johanna quickly seated herself behind the only vacant desk that was still available. This unfortunately happened to be positioned right behind the two boys whose names were Potter and Black. Sighing quietly, Johanna resigned herself to her favourite activity of analysing everything around her. It was not surprising that she excelled in this; she was of course a friendless teenager who payed little to no attention in class. It wasn’t as though she had anything better to do with her time. Automatically, she judged by the thick sheets of dust resting undisturbed on the large cabinets at the front of the room that this place had not been used for teaching in quite some time. As the rain outside continued to thunder on she made additional note of the gloomy light supplied by the overcast sky from outside and how well it reflected her current mood right now. She also couldn’t help but wonder why such a large and spacious classroom only had six desks in total which were lined up in two sets of rows that were in a very close proximity with each other. Was it McGonagall’s intention to force them all together like this?

Johanna eventually turned her attention to the other students in the room and discovered that she recognised most of them. Lily sat facing forward at the very front on the right hand side of the classroom in what could only be described as a very formal posture. It was quite obvious that the Gryffindor prefect - whose friendliness towards her still left Johanna pleasantly shocked – was extremely eager to demonstrate to McGonagall her practice of being the perfect, loyal and well-behaved student that she as a prefect was expected to be - even in detention. Behind the pretty read-head sat a young, blonde-haired Ravenclaw boy who in Johanna’s opinion appeared to be even more out of his natural habitat right now than Lily was. Sporting an anxious, timid expression that only a fourteen year old boy who aced all of his studies could possess, Johanna was certain that detention was not a regular appointment for him. Sat behind this boy was another who this time Johanna recognised due to his non-replicable thick curtains of greasy black hair, his sallow skin and his long, hooked nose. She had sighted this boy many times in the Great Hall. He belonged to Slytherin house and like her was avoided by most students at all cost. Johanna quickly decided that out of everyone she would like him the best. The only person in the room who she had not yet identified sat behind her but she was far too timid to turn around in her seat and look at them.

Professor McGonagall, who after scolding Johanna had busied herself with rummaging through the desk for a spare piece of parchment and a quill now called for their attention, in turn jerking the antisocial Hufflepuff out of her deep thoughts.

“Black, Sirius?”

“Professor,” the boy in front of me whose friend had called me ‘frizzy’ responded in an interrogative tone “How long are we going to be in here for?” Johanna noticed that he was slouched lazily in his seat and appeared as though he was ready to take a long and enjoyable nap.

Professor McGonagall sharply surveyed him from behind her spectacles, “Why are you asking me a question that you inevitably know the answer to already Mr Black? This must be the fiftieth time I have seen you and Mr Potter in this room.”

Johanna could not see the boys face, but felt certain that in response to this his mouth had dropped open in horror.

“But Professor,” he complained “this is the last day of term, the Gryffindors are having a party in the Common Room and James and I can’t miss –“

“Oh I assure you Mr Black,” Professor McGonagall cut in briskly, smiling at him in amusement “you both can miss it and you both will. It’s high time that you and Mr Potter learnt your lesson once and for all! This time next year you’ll be leaving Hogwarts for good and I’d like to think that my seven years-worth of disciplinary punishments haven’t been entirely wasted on you both, now I don’t want to hear another word about it from either of you. Is that understood?”

 To Johanna the boy named Sirius didn’t look like he understood at all or at least - the back of his head didn’t. She observed as Lily discretely turned her head in their direction for a split second in order to shoot them both a glare of pure loathing. At this the boy with the messy bronze hair who Johanna now had to conclude was called Potter let out a small chuckle that earned him another glare, this time from McGonagall herself.

“Quiet Potter.” She barked at him before calling out the next name of the register. Johanna noticed her face had turned slightly red in anger. Clearly, she wasn’t having a very good day today.

“Edgecombie, Ernie?”

The nervous looking fourth year sat behind Lily had to stutter his response. Potter and Black didn’t give him even the most remote sign of acknowledgement but Johanna noticed that every other pair of eyes in the room was trained on him, collectively thinking the same thing: How on earth did he get here? 

Evans, Lily?”

“Yes Professor,” Lily chimed in response, hurriedly spinning around in her seat to face McGonagall.


“Hawthorne, Bradley?”

“Here Professor.” A masculine voice said from behind Johanna, confirming that the unidentified student in the room was male and somebody that she knew very well. Bradley Hawthorne was the handsome Quidditch Captain from her own house who she had known for a total of six years but who she was certain still did not know her name. He belonged to the school’s elite group of students; a crowd where all of the most talented, good looking people were positioned at the top of the social hierarchy. It was people like him that Johanna had learnt to despise naturally and without provocation (not that a group such as these were ever lacking in that department).

“Macmillan Johanna?”

Blushing profusely at being addressed once more, Johanna quietly stuttered her own barely-audible response.

Professor McGonagall surveyed her suspiciously from behind her spectacle. “I notice that there are a lot of sixth years in this room today.”


At this both Potter and Black whipped around in their seats to gawp at Johanna in amusement.

“What? She’s in our year?” Potter spluttered in mock surprise “but look at the size of her, she’s tidgy.”

The boy named Black chortled in his approval of this comment.

At this Johanna was left fuming. This boy had called her ‘frizzy’ and ‘tidgy’ in the short space of five minutes and as much as he and his friend intimidated her, Johanna’s anger was strong enough to enable her to glare at them and hiss in her fiercest tone:

Shut up!”

“Ooh, this one’s got a right tongue on her hasn’t she James?” Black said, staring at her with a mixture of both amusement and something else in his expression. Appreciation perhaps?


“Nah, she’s weird if you ask me.” Potter drawled, denouncing her dismissively.

“That’s enough!” McGonagall snapped glaring at the three of them furiously. “Potter, James?” She continued, practically spitting each syllable in fury.

“Here Professor.” Potter replied cheerfully, seemingly unaffected by his head of years dangerous temper. Johanna reminded herself that he and his friend were probably used to this routine by now.

“Snape, Severus.”

“Present, Professor.” The miserable looking Slytherin boy murmured from the back of the room.

“Present Professor? Should I do extra homework professor? Please, is there any chance I could lick your shoes clean Professor?”Potter mimicked in a ridiculously feminine tone.

Every student in the room suddenly held their breath.

Professor McGonagall glared at Potter with such intensity that Johanna was sure that she heard Black swallow hard. “Hawthorne. Up at the front next to Evans and you –“she spat the final word and jabbed her finger in Potter’s direction, “can take his place.”

Johanna groaned under her breath. Perfect, now she was stuck directly between the two people she had quickly learned to despise the most in this room. Even more so than Hawthorne with his stupidly perfect face and sparkling blue eyes. As Potter grudgingly took his seat behind Johanna, Hawthorne made his way up to the front and shot Lily a dazzling smile before taking a seat next to her. As Lily beamed back at him Johanna was certain that she could hear Potter groaning in misery behind her.

“Right.” A newly composed Professor McGonagall addressed them all with a stern look on her face. “It is now eight- fifteen. Seeing as your detention officially started fifteen minutes ago you all have precisely eleven hours and forty-five minutes left in this room. Within that time you are not permitted to use magic, move, talk, speak, sleep OR turn your fellow detention mates into ferrets.” She took a second to glare at both Black and Potter respectively before turning her attention back towards everyone else. “I will be sat in the classroom down the hall with my door open and if I hear so much as a peep out of any of you I can assure you all that the perpetrator will be escorted immediately to the Head Master’s office. Are we all clear about that?”

“Yes Professor.” Everyone in the room chimed.


Professor McGonagall flicked her wand briskly and five severed pieces of parchment materialised in front of each student – one with three lines of writing on, the other four completely blank.

“In front of you there are three questions that I want to be answered by the end of the day. I expect every single inch of parchment to be completely covered in ink, every question should be answered in full and if any of you so much as dare to repeat the same word, sentence or paragraph more than once or even attempt to make a mockery out of this exercise with childish drawings and rude jokes then you may as well sign yourself up for a months-worth of detentions starting next September. Do I make myself clear?”

“Crystal Professor.” Sirius responded cheerfully.

“Good.” Professor McGonagall said, “In that case, you may begin now.”

Authors Note: This is my first time I’ve ever attempted to write a Marauders story. Usually it’s an era that doesn’t appeal very much to me but after watching the shamazing film (eek – I done coinage) ‘The Breakfast Club’ I knew I had to write this. In case after you have read this you are left wondering whether or not Johanna is based on Alison my reply is: Yes, she is, but only loosely. At the beginning Hogwarts is like a dystopia for her and I wanted to write this from the point of view of a character that would probably benefit the most from this experience. In case any of you haven’t seen the film I would highly recommend you do. It’s such an interesting depiction of high school life in America in the 80s. You also may have noticed that the cast for this story are generally 80s figures but hey, this is set in the 70s so I’d say it’s pretty close to the original era. Also if any of you would be awesome enough to leave a review for this that would also be Jomazing (yay – I done it again)! PS: My grammar is actually not that bad, I assure you so please don’t click off of this page :p Enjoy! And double PS: Just to confirm in case anybody didn’t realise already, this story is based on the film ‘The Breakfast Club’ with the characters Johanna, Ernie and Bradley loosely possessing parallels to the characters Alison, Brian and Andy (In that order) ;)

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