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I'll Hold You Forever My Slytherin Princess by stagzpotterfan
Chapter 12 : Christmas at the Malfoys
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It had been a week since the reappearance of the shadowy figure and everything had gone back to normal along with a few wedding extras to fill Hermione’s days. She had returned to the florists to help up with the Christmas rush but had decided to freelance from her own home so that Draco didn’t have to keep taking Mia to work with him; especially now it was getting so busy with Christmas in two days’ time.

Hermione glanced over to the corner where Mia was playing ball with Ace, quite contently, while Hermione stripped ribbons and potted Christmas poinsettias. Working as a florist was something she had discovered while pregnant with Mia and when she needed some extra money to pay off the mortgage on the cottage. She had strolled into town once day and had seen the little corner shop looking all cheerful with its different colours and decided to check it out. It didn’t have a sign outside saying ‘help wanted’ but Hermione had felt drawn to it for some unknown reason. She now believed it was Mia’s love for flowers blossoming from the womb that had made Hermione ask if there were any vacancies.


Mrs Hopkins, the owner at the time, had eyed her with a knowing look and had hired her on the spot, without even asking for any recommendations. Mrs Hopkins had a no nonsense type of personality but she warmed to Hermione easily and the two became firm friends in the early days of Hermione’s pregnancy. It was when the old woman retired that she showed Hermione how much she meant to her by giving her the store.


 The brunette had been so surprised that she had burst into tears, which Mrs Hopkins had wiped away with a handkerchief with a small ‘now, now, none of that.’ To this day, Hermione still sent the old woman flowers every Christmas, birthday and mother’s day because she had been such a mother figure for Hermione when Mia was first born. The flowers would always contain Mrs Hopkins favourites and a special poem or saying, something the old woman herself used to do or say when she was working at the store.


When she had left, Hermione had decided to hire another person to help run the store as Mia grew, as she wanted to spend more time with her daughter, now couldn’t really just lay in her bassinette, while Hermione chopped at the stems of roses. Now, the Gryffindor Queen was more of a benefactor than a proper member of the store but she still did most of the flower arranging whenever possible, as it gave her a sense of joy and happiness whenever she completed a bouquet.


“Mummy, when’s Daddy coming home?”


Hermione turned to the clock and saw that it was almost five; closing time for the toy store.


“Soon angel, he’s got to go get Nan and Granddad first, before he comes home as they’re coming for Christmas.”


Mia sighed and continued to play with her puppy. Ace had grown twice the size he was when they had first bought him and Mia had to hug him around the neck whenever he stood up. He was still as friendly as ever though and even more protective of the family. It made Hermione safer knowing that he would always be near Mia even if Hermione herself wasn’t, especially with the ‘shadowy figure lurking around.’ It hadn’t attacked since the engagement party and Hermione had settled into a false sense of security with so much going on at the Cottage.


It had been a busy week preparing for the arrival of her parents and Draco’s. The cottage only had one spare bedroom and she knew that both sets of parents wouldn’t want to turn Hermione and Draco out of theirs but Hermione couldn’t justify either of them sleeping on the sofa either. So instead, Draco had decided to create a loft conversion. It had taken him a couple of days even with magic, but once the foundation’s and decorating had been done, Hermione had gone about her Christmas shopping to make sure that there would be enough food for the extra people she would have in her house, especially if they got snowed in which had happened a couple of years ago when Mia was four. They had ended up climbing out of the kitchen window so that Mia could go make snow angels on the ground.


They had laughed and played until Mia’s cheeks had become rosy red from the cold and the pair had clambered back inside the house and sipped at warm hot chocolate with tons of marshmallows. It was weird to think that this year would be so different; that it wouldn’t be just the two of them alone, while Mia opened up all her Christmas presents.


 “Mummy, I think Daddy and Nan and Granddad are here.”


Hermione turned her head to see where Mia was pointing out of the window. She was right as usual; it was like she was attuned to her father just as much as she was to her mother; even Hermione had begun to detect whenever her fiancé was near. They watched as Draco and her parents walked up the cobble path towards the front door. Ace bounded towards it and scratched, desperate for a pat from his master, while Mia tried to hold him back to stop him running outside.


Hermione positioned herself in front of the happy pup before opening the door to her family. She watched as her parents walked arm in arm along the path with massive smiles on their faces, while Draco followed with his arms full of suitcases. It was an unusual sight to see her parents in the forest; they had never visited the place before.




“Mum, Dad”


The three Grangers reached each other and exchanged kisses and hugs. Draco lumbered past them with the luggage, his face red from exhaustion. Hermione smirked at him from over her mother’s shoulder, making him roll his eyes at her before plonking the luggage just inside the cottage door.


Hermione ushered her parents in before closing the door firmly shut behind them, so as not to let in the cold. Mia jumped up and down to grab her grandparent’s attention, leaving Ace free to charge at Draco who was stretching his back near the sofa, completely unaware of the dog’s actions.


Hermione swished round, her eyes widened and yelled, “ACE NO!” But it was too late. The dog had managed to slam into his master with full force; knocking Draco down onto the floor by the fireplace leaving Draco’s face open to an enthusiastic lick.


Hermione bit her lip as Draco pushed the Alsatian off of him, a disgruntled look over his face.


 “He needs to learn boundaries.”


 Ace gazed up at his master, a look of pure innocence on his face, while his tail wagged furiously behind him, a sign that he was very pleased with himself. Mia jumped out of her grandparents arms and rushed to her puppy’s aid and pulled him to the side before Draco could shout at him.


“Come on Ace; let’s get you something to eat.”


Hermione let out a small giggle at the look of pure disbelief on Draco’s face before rushing to give him a quick kiss on his lips.


“Welcome home sweetie.”




“Hermione dear do you need any help?” Jane Granger looked at her daughter with slight exasperation; she was trying to cook the Christmas dinner all in one go without any help. Her hair was all out of place and she seemed slightly flushed from the cooker’s heat.


The brunette shook her head and replied, “Nope, I’m fine thanks mum, just got to remember to keep an eye on the time that’s all.”


Her mother didn’t seem very convinced by this and budged her daughter out of the way with her hip.


“Move over Poppet, you’re way over your head here and I’m fed up of putting my feet up while I watch you struggle. Now, hand me that spoon.”


Hermione sighed but a small smile was playing on her lips. She and her mother used to cook together all the time whenever she was at home and it was something that the Gryffindor Queen had missed dearly all those years she was away from her parents.


Draco’s mother and step-dad had arrived a day after Jane and Steven Granger and before the Jensen’s and Granger’s knew it was Christmas day.


They had awoken to the beautiful sight of six feet of snow on the ground; the sun shining through the crystallised branches of the forest trees. Mia had bounded into her parent’s bedroom, a massive grin across her face.


“Mummy, Daddy its CHRISTMAS!!”


The two, had crawled out of bed bleary eyed as they tried to follow down the stairs to where the presents were waiting.


“Santa’s been! He’s brought me another present Mummy!!”


Hermione grinned and patted her daughter on the head. It was something she had done since Mia had been able to understand the whole situation of Santa; she would place a ‘special’ present underneath the tree for her darling princess that would be labelled ‘from Santa’. She would also remove the carrots and place them back in the fridge and eat half the cookies that Mia would leave for the red suited man. Then, every Christmas morning, Mia would know that Santa had come and that she was still his special little Princess. The present always had a theme to yellow obviously and this year, Draco had the pleasure of help picking it out. He had been quite excited at the thought of his daughter opening her present and believing that Santa had visited; he was never allowed to believe in him because of his father and he was glad that he would have the chance to share the experience with his own child.


“It’s a yellow skipping rope! Wow!”


The parents laughed at their daughter’s delight and Draco swept her into his arms to give her a big kiss.


“Santa certainly knows how to treat you doesn’t he.” She nodded in agreement before squirming out of his embrace.


“I want to try it.”


With that, she shuffled over to the only open space in the living room and held the two handles in each hand. With a big swing, she lifted the yellow rope from behind and brought it forward, where she did a small jump into the air. Unfortunately, she judged the jump too soon and the rope landed in front of her, leaving a sad look on the angel’s face.


“Why didn’t it work?”


“You have to jump at the right time sweetie, look, give it to Mummy and I’ll show you.”


Mia handed the rope to her mother with a small look of defiance, her arms crossed. Hermione rolled her eyes, sighing before positioning her in the right place to start jumping. Within seconds she had lifted the yellow rope round to the front and jumped expertly at the right time and began the rhythmic skipping that her daughter so wanted. Mia’s eyes widened in surprise at her mother’s talent before clapping her on until Hermione finally stopped, a little out of breath.


Draco had watched with a stunned expression; Hermione was a woman of many talents obviously. The brunette in question blushed slightly as she recognised how impressed he was with her, before handing the skipping rope back to her daughter.


“See, it’s not so difficult, you just need to make sure you jump at the right time. Now, that’s enough of that why don’t you go sit up at the table and I’ll bring you some juice and some shortbread? How does that sound?”


The blonde, curly haired beauty nodded vigorously in agreement before running to the table.




Draco eyed his fiancé with a confused expression. “Why shortbread?” Hermione smirked Draco’s trademark before answering, “Tradition. Every Christmas day we have shortbread for breakfast. I used to do it with my family all the time.”


He shrugged; it was something he’d never heard of before but was unwilling to question it. It was his daughter’s tradition and it would soon be his. Although he still had one question.


“What is shortbread?”


Hermione laughed aloud and handed him a white, sugar coated biscuit. She fed it to him and watched as it melted in his mouth; he obviously liked it. He licked his lips to taste the sugar and Hermione couldn’t help but giggle; he’d caused a moustache of sugar across the top of his lip. He pouted at her mocking before grinning evilly.


“How about a kiss?!”


Before she could protest or run away, he grabbed her by the waist before planting a sugary kiss on her lips. She licked her own, enjoying the taste before kissing him back lightly and whispering,


“Merry Christmas Draco.”


“Merry Christmas Hermione.”


He stroked her cheek and Hermione felt the sudden yearning to be alone with him again, to be in his arms and to be kissing him all over. It was the first Christmas they had together and Hermione wanted it to be perfect. Draco had told her the different Christmas’s he’d had as a child and Hermione had listened with a sense of shock. He hadn’t been allowed to play games or believe in Santa Claus or even eat with his parents at the dinner time. He was never invited to any of the parties they used to hold and he was only allowed to play with his toys away from the eyes of his father. His mother used to slip into his bedroom that used to be size of the Cottage’s living room and kitchen combined and would spend about an hour with him until his father would drag her out to perform her duty as the good hostess.


He had gone quiet as they spoke, his eyes growing distant as if he was thinking back to a time that still haunted him in his dreams. Hermione had stroked his cheek to bring him back to her but he caught it and kissed all her fingers and said,


“I will promise that will never be us; we will never treat our children like that and I will never force you to be something that you don’t want to be.”


She had hushed him but had secretly made a promise of her own that she would make their first Christmas together the best one he ever had.


He kissed her again, more intimately this time; his hand wandering across her back, lower to her grab her buttocks but was interrupted by the sound of,


“Hey, enough of that there’s a child in the room.”


The pair turned to see both of their parents descending the stairs, a smug look of Narcissa’s face. Hermione blushed before moving to give her mum and Narcissa a hug. Draco clapped arms with Colin and Alexander before ushering them to the sofa.


“Merry Christmas everyone, anyone for shortbread?”


Her parents nodded vigorously, happy that the tradition was being carried on and Alexander heartily agreed; they were his favourite. Narcissa eyed the biscuits suspiciously before nibbling the end of one, and like her son, she relished the taste.


Draco boiled the kettle and made cups of tea and coffee while they all seated themselves around the overflowing presents beneath the Christmas tree; Mia holding Ace back with one hand while she polished off her shortbread. The Slytherin Prince handed out the steaming mugs before settling himself between Hermione’s legs on the floor as they watched Mia position herself in front of the tree, ready to give out the presents.


Colin and Jane had bought their daughter a limited edition collection of books based of Egyptian Mythology while they gave Mia a handcrafted pad that she could write all her stories in (it was her new hobby). It was lined with a gold stitching and Mia squealed in delight saying ‘it’s so pretty’. Jane kissed her daughter lightly when Mia handed a small box to the Brunette and whispered in her daughter’s ear,


“For your wedding.”


When Hermione opened the package, she found two sparkling white gold sapphire ear rings that matched her engagement ring perfectly.


“Oh mum they’re beautiful thank you!”


Mrs Granger grinned and replied, “They can be your something new.” Hermione hugged her mother firmly and eagerly put the earrings in.


Similarly, Colin Granger had given Draco silver cufflinks that were shaped into a knotted snake, knowing full well that had been Draco’s emblem for school. The blonde had gruffly thanked his future father in law before pulling him into a slight bear hug. Mia was also given a small charm bracelet set with sapphire stones that was similar to the necklace that Draco had bought her for her birthday a couple of months ago. She showed her Hermione in delight,


“Mummy look we’re the same.”


Hermione kissed the top of Mia’s blonde curls, “Yep that’s because our birthdays are so close together we get to share the same stone.”


Narcissa and Alexander had given Hermione some new dresses with an ivory compact mirror and some Italian truffles, while Draco was given a new tool kit to replace his old one with some cologne that they had found in France. Mia was given a hair accessory set for her Ellie Doll and matching outfits for herself and the doll. Alexander had given her a snow globe that held a snowy forest scene inside, similar to the one outside the window and Narcissa had charmed to make it move inside whenever the handle was turned.


Hermione and Draco had given the Granger’s a silver photo-frame with a matching mirror, while Narcissa and Alexander were given first edition mosaic painting by a famous Italian renaissance artist with a box of chocolates.


Mia was given a variety of gift from her parents; some new toys to fill her toy box, a couple of yellow dresses, some daffodil shaped tea lights to put up in her bedroom, a photo of her, Draco and Hermione in a lemon frame saying ‘family’ and a few charms to add to her new charm bracelet. Hermione had picked out a few more books to add to her daughter’s already growing collection, while Draco had given his daughter her own tiny yellow tool box for his store whenever she wanted to come in and help out.


Mia had left Hermione’s homemade jewellery box until last and when she handed it to her mother, Hermione’s eyes widen in surprise at the gift tag ‘To Mummy, Merry Christmas lots and lots of love Mia. The brunette eyed her fiancé who was smirking beside her, his eyes alight with happiness. Hermione peeled the wrapping paper off to see the rectangular box that Mia had constructed in her father’s workshop, with its glitter rose and tiny pink hearts dotted round the rim. She could feel her eyes watering; it was the most perfect gift in the whole world and her daughter had made it for her.


 “Oh Mia it’s gorgeous, just like you! Thank you so much; Mummy’s going to be using this for all her jewellery!”


Mia jumped up into her mother’s lap to receive a big kiss on the cheek. The rest of the family laughed happily at the angel’s attitude; she had that infectious happiness that no one could resist; she just made the room light up. Draco watched as everyone gazed at his beautiful daughter and he couldn’t help but smile. Even though he had missed her first five years of her life, he knew that he could make up for it for the rest of his; she was his angel and he wasn’t going to let anyone take her away from him again or Hermione for that matter. This was his family…and maybe one day him and Hermione could add to it.




The rest of the day went well; dinner was magnificent, especially when Alexander helped the Granger women (he had been a cook in his youth) and everyone sat at the magically extended table enjoying their food. Hermione watched as her future mother and father in law and her parents laughed with each other and the family ended up playing games such as magical Pictionary and Charades. It wasn’t until the early hours of the evening that they finally retired to the living room sofas where the fire was aglow, sending warm colours of orange around the room. After all the excitement and food everyone was feeling rather sleepy and sluggish; no one wanting to move from their comfy positions. Hermione waved her wand causing soothing Christmas music to fill the room which Draco hummed too, while Mia snuggled in the crook between her parent’s bodies.


Hermione smiled and began stroking the soft curls on top of her daughter’s head, until finally the little angel fell asleep from the warmth and soothing motion that her mother was making. The snow began to fall again outside; tiny snowflakes fluttering to meet their brothers and sisters on the ground.


“Well this certainly was the best Christmas I’ve ever had, what about you Mother?”


Narcissa raised her head from Alexander’s chest, her eyes heavy from the firelight and sparkling Christmas lights. “Definitely, hat’s off to you Hermione, you certainly know how to welcome people into your family.” The brunette blushed and replied,


“Well you are my family Narcissa; I want you to be happy here with us.” She absentmindedly stroked Mia’s cheek making the little princess murmur from her slumber. Everyone smiled at her sleeping form, Jane Granger ‘awing’ at her Granddaughter’s beauty.


“I’m so glad you finally came home to us, Mione but it’s so lovely to have a grandchild to add to that pleasure. Don’t ever leave us again.”


Hermione reached with her spare hand to grab her mother’s, “I won’t mum, I promise.”


“And I won’t allow her too; I’m never losing her again.” Hermione gazed down to see Draco looking up into her eyes, a sincere look of love etched across his strong features. She grasped his hand in hers and kissed it lightly, her eyes always on his. Narcissa watched the exchange between her son and her future daughter in law with a happy expression on her face. She was so thrilled that Draco was finally having the life that he wanted and that it with the person he so desperately wanted it to be with.


She could remember back to the day when he had entered her living room, a stricken look across his face. He’d described the loss he’d felt when he couldn’t find Hermione the brainiac he used to pick on at school; the girl that Narcissa herself had to watch be tortured on her old floor at the Manor.


He had moped about the house for weeks, constantly trying to find her, every time coming back with even less than when he left. As the trail of her disappearance ended, Narcissa watched her only son give up on love and possibility of a family for this one woman who was constantly on his mind. Now, here he was smiling up at that woman, irrevocable love in his eyes, not only for his future wife but for his only daughter. It made her feel good to know that her son wouldn’t be alone ever again.


Alex brushed at her greying hair, a grin plastered over his face. He knew how Narcissa felt; he considered Draco his son seen as he had no children of his own and it was very unlikely that they would have because of their age. They’d had the discussion ages ago and Alex had merely said at Narcissa’s worried expression;


“As long as I have a house full of wonderful grandchildren I have no complaints.”


It was something they both wanted and now that Draco was getting married, the pair both hoped that there would be a new baby around sometime soon.


“Well I think I’m going to take this little angel up to bed; she’s exhausted.” Hermione lifted herself off the sofa with expert grace before cradling her only daughter in her arms to take her up the stairs to her bedroom.


“I’ll come with you.” Said Hermione’s mother and the two Granger women trudged up the stairs to the yellow room where Mia usually slept. Hermione used her elbow to switch on the little flower lamp next to Mia’s bed, while Jane pulled back the duvet covered in lemons where the Princess was to lay.


“She’s a little darling Mione, a true beauty…just like you were.”


“I just can’t believe she’s six already. It seemed only yesterday I was holding her in my arms for the first time; it’s really an eye opener, you know.”


“Would you ever have another?”


The question that Hermione’s mother had asked, lingered in the air between the two women and Hermione thought of her answer carefully. It was true that she had thought about having another child recently, especially after the birth of Lily-Mae, but something was preventing her from broaching the subject to Draco.


There was something stopping her; a feeling that she couldn’t quite put her finger on. It felt like something was lurking around the corner, watching…waiting and she couldn’t tell whether it would be good or bad.


 She believed that it stemmed from the appearance of the ‘shadowy figure’ and Ginny’s dreams before she went into labour; the thing that would take Hermione away again. Neither of the women had spoken of the conversation since that day but it had played on the brunette’s mind ever since.


 Lately she too, was having dreams…they were always dark and she was always alone, except the sound of another’s heart beating. She would follow the sound but it was always faint and distant; she could never quite reach where it was coming from and then it would stop and she would be lost in the darkness, feeling bereft and desolate. There would be nothing but deafening silence that surrounded her until the sound of the breathing…heaving as if it was an effort to do so. It would move so close to her that she could smell the foul and stagnant breath and she would try to scream but she wasn’t allowed to make a sound in the silent darkness.


It was always the same, startling dream and she felt the connection with the one she had dreamt the night before Mia’s birthday, she just couldn’t make sense of it.




The brunette raised her head to see her mother peering at her with some concern, making her realise she had never answered the question.


“Oh sorry, went off in my own little world there. I have thought about it, I just haven’t really gotten round to discussing it with Draco. I’m fine with it just being us and Mia at the moment, I don’t really want to rush through this life we have together, I don’t want it to be a ‘make up for lost time’ relationship; I want it to be the life we would have had if I hadn’t left all those years ago.”


Jane nodded at her daughter’s wisdom before kissing her lightly on the head.


“Well, as long as you’re happy sweetheart then I’m happy for you. However, it would be nice to have a bundle of grandchildren running around my feet; you should talk to Draco about it when you get a chance; perhaps after the wedding.”


With that Hermione’s mother turned and headed back down the stairs to where the rest of the family still sat. Hermione was about to follow when she heard the same heavy tread of Draco’s footsteps coming up the stairs. He was headed for the bedroom and slightly frightened that the conversation downstairs may end up forcing her into having more children; she decided to follow her fiancé into the room that they shared.


He was putting away all the presents that he and Hermione had received from the family; finding the perfect places for every single gift they were given. She watched as he hummed a made up tune while he tided, and she couldn’t help but smile at his natural beauty. She could just make out his chiselled body through his shirt and his hair seemed floppier than usual today; he obviously hadn’t brushed it due to all the excitement of Christmas. As she watched him, she couldn’t quite believe that in two weeks that she was to be married to him. He was the boy that had tormented and bullied her, the boy that she had right hooked in the nose in their third year. The boy that she had detested yet always secretly admired his beauty…that boy that she sometimes used to dream about.


Back then, she had scolded herself every time she had awoken; she wasn’t allowed to think about Draco Malfoy like that; he was the enemy, the one who caused all the trouble. It made the brunette wonder if those dreams were a sign of the future that they were going to have; that one day they would share a beautiful daughter and would be getting married.


It was surreal to think about how much they despised each other and now they couldn’t be too far apart without feeling lost.


“You know, I think they say it’s rude to stare.”


He hadn’t turned around but Hermione could tell from the way his shoulders had lifted slightly that he was smirking his trademark. Rolling her eyes, she closed the door behind her and sauntered over to give him a hug.


“Yeah but you love the attention so I’m sure you don’t mind.”


“How could I seen as it’s from a girl as beautiful as you.” He winked down at her before pecking a kiss on her button nose.


“Did you have a good day today?”


She nodded, “You?”


As an answer he swooped her into his arms and kissed her passionately for a short while before placing the pair of them expertly on the bed.


“It was the best Christmas, I think I’ve ever had…actually I think it’s the only time I’ve actually enjoyed Christmas in all my years; thank you.”


She smiled and kissed him lightly on the cheek before turning on her side to face him. He turned and did the same and the pair just laid there like that; staring deeply into each other’s eyes without saying a word. They heard both of their parents go up to bed but none came in to say goodnight; they probably thought the couple were asleep.


It wasn’t until they heard Ace trot up the stairs to position himself in front of Mia’s bedroom door did Hermione speak. She rolled onto her other side so that her back was to him, allowing the blonde to snuggle into her.






“I was just wondering…do you think that we’re rushing into it.”


“Into what?”


She went silent again, unsure how to carry on. She didn’t want to hurt his feelings, but the conversation with her mother a little while ago had made her start to think about her previous conversation with Ginny just after Draco had dropped the bomb about meeting his mother.


Even though she couldn’t possibly imagine living without him, they still only had been together for four months.


“Getting married.”


She had expected him to go rigid or push her out of his embrace but instead, he merely turned her back round to face him, his eyes searching hers.


“What do you mean? Do you not want to be married?”


“It’s not that I don’t want to be married, I’m just worried we’re rushing into it. We’ve not even been together a whole year and my parents are planning our second baby! I just want to be sure that you’re not going to run off after six months with some pretty Blonde Pureblood who catches your eye.”


He waited until she had finished her mini rant before gently brushing her brown wavy curls away from her face.


“First of all, I feel a bit insulted that you would even imply that I would run off with a blonde bimbo let alone actually think that it’s a possibility when I have the most beautiful woman in my arms right this minute. Secondly, I’m not sure you realise how much pain you caused me when you left me that night. I searched for you day after day for three months solid. Every time I came home I was even more saddened that I still hadn’t found you that I felt like a part of me had died inside. It wasn’t until I found out that even the amazing Harry Potter couldn’t find his best friend that I gave up trying.”


She was stunned into silence at the solemnity of Draco’s gaze; her eyes never straying from his as he carried on speaking.


“I never had a girlfriend throughout all those years that you were missing; I had dates but I couldn’t seem to get you out of my mind. You were the one girl that I couldn’t stop thinking about and I did everything I could to learn about you; your past, family, anything that you had done before Hogwarts. Now I know that may seem really stalker-ish, but I needed to sedate my need to have you close to me in some way. So yes, I think that now we have each other, we have rushed into quite a few things, but it’s not like we’re a normal couple. We have known each other pretty much in one way or another. We have bad history with each other as well as good and to be honest, I don’t care. I have loved you since the day you left me and I will until the day I die.”


The silent tears that strolled down Hermione’s face told Draco more about what she was feeling than words would have been able too. Taking her into his arms, he rocked her gently from side to side as she snuggled deeper into his chest.


“You never told me that before.”


“Well, I didn’t really think there would be a time to explain my ‘darker days of love’ as my mother used to call it. It used to kill her every time I came home and I had even less news than when I went out with. It was exhausting.”


Hermione raised her head to look into Draco’s grey stormy gaze.


“How comes?”


“Well it turns out that there were a lot of rumours about where you went and why you left and when you try and follow those rumours you find out that most of them are a load of dragon dung.”


Hermione giggled and wiped at her watery eyes.


“I’m sorry you had to go to all that trouble; I guess if I’d just stayed then things would have been a lot different for us as well as Mia. She would have had her father from the very beginning, and me and you would have had a lot of time to get to know one another.”


“I have the rest of my life to get to know you because I’m not losing you; never again. So, are you okay with getting married now?”


As an answer, Hermione planted her soft rosy lips against his firm ones and the two snuggled together in bed. They did not notice the breath on the window and the hand written ‘soon’.


A/N: Okay hoped you liked it; lost a little of the plot at the end so that’s why it’s a bit long winded. Again it’s a fill in chapter for the next big event THE WEDDING!. Please read and review


Stagzpotterfan x

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