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When Life Takes Over. by carellio
Chapter 10 : x.
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Author Note: Hello! I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas and a very happy new year!!

I am writing this author note to apologise in advance for this chapter. I pretty much just booted this out in about 20 minutes. So I know it’s going to be rough. I do hope you can enjoy it though and would be kind enough to review :)


“Where are you heading off to so fast?” Rose questioned as I hurried around the dorm, trying to find a pair of shoes that would match my outfit.


“I’m meeting up with Albus.” I explain as I quickly duck my head under my bed, “Have you seen my Converse’s?”


Rose pulls her hair into a tight ponytail and looks at me through the mirror, “You checked your trunk?”


“Ah, you lifesaver!” I exclaim as I open it up and find my shoes.


I stumble as I pull them on, losing my balance and falling on my bed. Rose sniggers at me. “What’s the special occasion then?” She questions.


I smile slightly, “It’s our one month anniversary.”


Rose looks startled, “Really?” I nod, “Huh, time really does fly.” She mumbled to herself, suddenly lost in her thoughts.


If a month ago someone had told me I would be dating Albus Potter, I would have told them they were bonkers.


A lot of things had changed in a month mind you. I had became Albus’s girlfriend (well obviously, but I just liked saying it), Rose and Matt had started officially dating and the rumours and mean comments that followed them had started to die down. However there were still a few people that held grudges against Rose.

Like Scorpius for example. He had returned from ‘a last minute organisational trip with his family.’ No one believed that was the deal (well no one that was close to him anyway), we knew he had just run away. He never dealt with controversy, so he ran from it. But no one wanted to bring up the ‘Rose thing’ because he looked happy. Well, on the outside atleast, I could tell it was all on act. Rose had destroyed Scorpius and I don’t think he will ever forgive her.


Aiden had also stopped talking to me. Again.

It was honestly becoming annoying. One minute we were fine and the next he was ignoring me and my attempts to make conversation. Eventually I just gave up. If he wasn’t going to make the effort, then why should I?

I saw him regularly around the school but the only acknowledgment he gave me was a brief glance with his emotionless eyes.


“Where is Albus taking you?” She stood up to get dressed now. She obviously wasn’t in as much of a rush as I was. Besides, she could have five minutes to get ready and still look like a movie star.


I stood up from the bed to brush my hair, now that Rose and moved away from the mirror. “I don’t know.” I tell her honestly. “Albus wants it to be a surprise.”


“That’s cute.”


And it was. In principle.

But I don’t really like surprises, they kind of annoy me. I hate not knowing something. The mystery makes me edgy.



“Okay, I’m going now,” I announce as I finish creating soft curls in my hair with my wand.


“Have fun!” Rose yells as I leave the room. I only just catch her last statement before I descend the stairs, “Use protection!”


I roll my eyes and scowl at some scandalized looking first years as I head down the stairs. I check my watch. I’m ten minutes late. Bleh, I’m gonna have to practically run to the Great Hall.




“We’re almost there.” He promises, but I was still beginning to feel nervous.


“Albus, this is ridiculous.”


When I had reached the Great Hall, a steady 15 minutes later than the meeting time we’d made, Albus had hugged, kissed and blinded me.




Everything went black, I couldn’t see a thing. He’d put some kind of advanced spell on me so I couldn’t see. One that his dad had taught him apparently.


“Okay,” His guiding hands squeeze my shoulders, “we’re here.”


He lifts the spell from me but I’m suddenly blinded again. By the light. My eyes weren’t use to the brightness yet and I staggered around while making idiotic facial expressions. Albus laughs, “Sorry.”


“It’s okay.” Then I realise where we are, the seventh floor corridor. I was confused, “You brought me to a wall.”


Albus only laughs again and begins pacing. “Um...Are you okay?”


He doesn’t have time to respond as on his third time walking passed the wall, it begins to transform.


I gasp, as I large door appears in front of us.


What is this?


Albus takes my hand and leads me inside. He smiles smugly at my astonishment.


“What is this?” I say amazed. Was Albus more advanced in magic than I realised?


“This,” he gestures with his arm around the room, which was arranged with candles and flowers that made my nose scrunch up. It was the thought that counted I suppose, “is the Room of Requirement, or, as some call it, The Come and Go Room.”


“Huh,” I was perplexed. “The Come and Go Room...So it just appears at different times? Does it have a time schedule, is that how you knew it was going to be here?”


Albus chuckles at me, “No,” He takes my hand and leads me to a large white, leather lounge.  One that looks awfully hard at first but when you sit in it, it practically moulds around your body. It was freaking comfortable.


“The room is used to give a person what they desire, at the time.”


I mull it over in my head, “Right...”


“Once you have that request in your head, you simply walk past it three times, and the room appears. Fairly simple really.” He says matter of factly while popping a cherry into his mouth from a nearby table.


“Well this is pretty cool.” I say honestly. I wished I’d known about this room sooner, it could have come in handy. “When did you find this?” I ask as a pick up a chocolate coated biscuit and start nibbling on it.


“My dad told me about it before I left for my first year here. It took me almost the whole year to find the entry.” He laughed at the memory.


He spits out the seed of the cherry and discards it before turning back to me. His face is awfully serious, “You’re actually the first person I’ve ever told about this place.”


My cheeks burned and I felt flattered, “You told know one, not even Matt?”


“Especially not Matt. No offence or anything but Matt can’t really keep a secret...” He looked a little guilty at admitting this and trailed off from his sentence.


I laughed.


I was going to reply but I was suddenly caught up with the way his hand was skimming my thigh. I wasn’t really sure how I felt about that. I was about to tell him off for moving his hand higher when suddenly it shifted from my leg and gripped my waist.


He moved himself forward quickly and, before I even knew what was happening, my legs were wrapped around his waist. How the hell did that happen?


His hands still gripped my waist but one slowly worked its way down to rest on my hip, pulling me closer to him. His lips crashed onto mine, slowly at first but then suddenly faster and hungry. I had no choice but to kiss him back. My hands ran shyly through his smooth hair.

His lips forced mine open as he slid his tongue into my mouth. His hands were everywhere; digging into my back, grazing my thigh and stomach and running through my hair. I couldn’t keep up.

He moaned against my mouth and lowered me back against the couch. He was lying on top of me now, holding his weight so he didn’t crush me.

 I was a little immobilised and shocked at how fast this had happened.


Suddenly it felt like I had been hit by a brick. Did he think that I was going to have sex with him just because we had been dating for a month?


Oh no. Oh shit. I wasn’t ready for this! I wasn’t ready for any of this!


His hands started unbuttoning my shirt, while his lips worked a line down my neck and stopped at my collarbone. His breathe was heavy and warm against my neck as he managed to undo all the buttons, spreading it away so I was basically just wearing my bra.


Oh shit, I need to stop this.


“Albus!” I gasp, shoving him slightly. He barely moved, taking my movement as some kind of turn on, he kissed me roughly on my mouth again.

I shoved him harder this time, and he sat up with a slight look of annoyance, “Albus stop.”


He understood what was happening and ran a hand through his hair. His face was expressionless.


“I’m not having sex with you okay? I’m not ready for that.” I don’t know why, but saying that made me incredibly embarrassed and self-conscious. I crossed my arms over my chest and timidly put my shirt back on.


Knowing that Albus had had plenty of girlfriends before me and would obviously not be a virgin suddenly made me feel like a little kid. I felt stupid and small.


Albus runs a hand through his hair again, “I’m sorry, okay? I shouldn’t have just assumed that you wanted to...You know.” He ran a hand through his hair again, not looking at me.


I nod my head, “I know, I’m sorry, I should have said something sooner... or you know done something about...that.” My cheeks flushed, I was so embarrassed.


When he doesn’t say anything, I feel like I’m going to die, “Look, I’m just gonna go.” I start to stand up.


“Wait!” He grabs my hand before I can get very far, “Don’t go. Please? I’m sorry I ruined our day but – “


“Albus. I’m fine. You didn’t ruin the day. And I have to find Rose anyway.” I lie easily.

I give him a quick, shy kiss and flee the room.


I run all the way back to the dorm and flounce myself onto the bed, thankful that Rose or the other girls aren’t here, and bury my face into the comfort of my pillow. Tears that had began to fall as soon as I left the Room of Requirement, seize my body, staining my face and blurring my vision.


What the hell was wrong with me?

A/N: Thankyou for reading, and please review. It would mean the world to me :)

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