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Summer's Where It Began by Ms_D_Longbottom
Chapter 1 : Chapter One
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July 1977

(James point of view)

“Padfoot! We have a problem!” I yelled from the side car; over the roar of the motorbike.

“What’s that prongs?” Sirius yelled back.

“We have company... in the form of the bloody muggle authorities!”

“Aww shit! Hang on prongs.” The engine revved and the bike sped up drastically.

“You can cast a disillusionment charm right?” Sirius yelled.

“Now’s not the time to be questioning my charms ability! Of course I can!” I replied.

“Cast it when we turn this corner. With any luck they’ll think we’ve turned down an alley way.”

“Great idea Padfoot!” I cast the charm just as we turned the corner and sure enough, as Sirius had predicted the muggle police car turned into the nearest alleyway. “That was close! Where are we now anyway?” I said taking in our surroundings. There was nothing in sight but empty and abandoned looking buildings.

“Umm... Some place called Cokeworth... I think. That’s what the last sign said. Or at least that’s what I think it said; it was kinda faded.” Sirius replied pulling up next to one of the buildings.

“Do you recon the muggles use any of these? It all looks pretty run down.”

“Doubt it mate. Place looks deserted. Come on we can stash the bike here and walk and see if we can find somewhere to camp out for the night.”

“Why did I let you talk me into this tour around England anyway?”

“Because I got left with a shit load of gold so I bought a bike and this way my way of dealing with my grief. As my friend it is your job to look after me.” He replied. It was true, Sirius had been a little shaken at first by the loss of his Uncle Alphard, but he seemed fine now; or maybe that was just the distraction.

We followed pulled our gear from the bike and followed the road. All we saw for a long time was more abandoned factories and dilapidated houses. The majority of the streets lights were broken or dim.

“Looks like a light up ahead Prongs. What do you recon?”

“I say we take a look, if it’s nothing we go back to the bike and keep going.”

The light turned out to be a small motel. The word ‘VACANCY’ stuck out clearly, we’d found our place for the next night or so.

It was... cosy inside. That’s the only way I can think of putting it I suppose. Wooden floor and faded red drapes. I walked up to the counter and rang the little bell on the desk.

An elder woman I a dressing gown and fuzzy slippers came out from the door behind it, she seemed startled.

“Can I help you boys?”

“We certainly hope so. We’ve been travelling all day and need a place to spend the night. Could we have a room please?” The woman raised her eye brows in surprise.

“We got quite a few truckers in tonight but room 3, 6, 10 and 15 are available. All of them have showers and 15 has a bath. Which do you prefer?”

“15 please. How much for the night?” I asked pulling out my wallet.

“£100 for one night, any other nights you stay only £50.” I pulled out two £100 notes and handed them to her.

“We’ll have 3 nights for now thanks.”

She handed us our room key and a small carton of milk and pointed in the direction of our room.

The decor was much like the reception; wooden floor on the kitchenette and bathroom and faded red carpet everywhere else that matched the drapes. There were two bedrooms; the main one in the same room as the kitchenette had a queen bed and a tiny bedside table. The smaller bedroom had two single beds and a mirror. There wasn’t much to it.

“I’ll take a single, you take the queen. You bought the room, I’ll get breakfast tomorrow.” Sirius yawned throwing his back to the bottom of his bed and laying on it. He didn’t even bother to change out of his clothes and was snoring softly in no time.

Too tired to complain or argue with him I changed into my flannel PJ pants and clambered into bed myself. Sleep overcame me quickly; I was out like a light.


“Right Prongs, I asked the old woman downstairs and she recon there’s a nice little bakery down the street. Fancy going there for breakfast?”

“Sure, I don’t really care” My stomach growled. “I’m just hungry”

“Alright let’s go.”

The bakery was small; it looked like it could only hold about 5 or six people. We were the only ones there and the old man behind the counter seemed thrilled.

“Welcome lads what can I get ya?”

“My buddy here will have the bacon and egg pie and I’ll have 2 sausage rolls, a donut and a caramel slice please” Sirius ordered, his mouth watering. ‘Pig’ I chuckled under my breath, he just pulled his tongue out at me.


(Lily’s Point of view)

I groaned as I leant out of bed and looked at my alarm clock, 7:15am on a Saturday. I stretched and got my lazy but out of bed and headed for the shower. I was showered, breakfast and dressed by 8am.

“Morning Lily dear. Work today?” My mother asked putting on the kettle. I nodded. “How busy?”

“Same as usual, not very. We got a couple of truckers in; I’ll be home by 11.30 latest.”

“At least it’s something love. At least you get all your afternoons off.”

“I guess but we could do with the extra money” I replied glumly. I didn’t know how we were going to afford my stuff for Hogwarts this year; it was tough times at the moment when it came to the money side of things. Especially with Petunia only flicking back and forth from London a couple of times.

“Don’t worry yourself about money poppet, we’ll manage. We always do.” My dad said kissing my cheek.

I still couldn’t help but worry. If had got laid off again... we were fucked. I said good bye and left for work. I was hoping Mary would be in a relatively pleasant mood, even if it was wishful thinking. I arrived at the motel a good ten minutes early and got my uniform on.

“Moring Lily.” Mary called.

“Morning Mary. Where am I starting?”

“1, 2, 4, 5 and 7 have left. 11, 12, 14 and 15 are services. Two boys off the street last night; don’t seem much older than you. Back packers by the look of them. They’re in 15, they’re staying 3 nights.”

“Wow 3!?”

“Yup. They didn’t have a car or anything so it looks like they’ve either been walking or hitch hiking.”

“Well that’s good for us then, see you later” I tried to get away before she leapt into one of her lectures but I was too slow.

“Make sure all the cables are tucked nicely under the bed!”

It would never matter how good a job I did, the old bat would always find something to criticise about. I moved through the cleans in no time. Truckers never made much mess; they just slept and left again, didn’t even use the shower. Which I suppose was gross but it meant less hard scrubbing work for me to do so in that respect I was happy.

The services were just as easy. Even room 15 which was surprising since two teenage boys were staying. The beds were made; although not perfectly and they’d showered. Other than that the room was spotless. I made their beds neatly and replaced the towels.

“How bad were the boys?” Mary asked when I finished at 11am.

“Surprisingly good actually.” I replied.

“Alright, see you tomorrow Lily. 8.30 start again okay?”

“Sure thing, see you.”



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Summer's Where It Began: Chapter One


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