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Flashbacks *Part TWO in The Dream Series* by Magnolia
Chapter 5 : Chapter 5
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After a long Quidditch practice Harry hit the showers. When he was done he spotted Hermione in the common room, pouring over a book. What a surprise (Not!). Even less of a surprise, it was "Hogwarts a History". Probably Hermione's favorite book. Harry was almost positive she had it memorized. He walked over.

"Let me see." He said

She scooted over and made room for him on the couch.

"What's that?" Harry gazed at a long page, that was broken into columns. One column for each subject. In the columns were names of teachers in the order they taught, and how many years they taught. He looked at DADA.

....Randell Quirerll 1
Gilderoy Lockhart 1
Remus Lupin 1
Alastor Moody 1.......

Then Hermione pointed to the charms page.

"Hey I didn't know Flitwick took 2 years off." she said

As soon as she said that a new image flashed into his mind

*~"Hello Professor Evans."

"Sirius your not supposed to be here until tomorrow!" I growled

"Dumbledore said we could come early, plus I wanted to see what you're teaching."

Then he turned and walked to the back of the class room, and sat in the empty desk. After class he came up to my desk and said

"Lily Pad that's just as boring as it was the first time I learned it."

"Whatever Sirius, where's Elizabeth and James."

"Um Lizzy isn't coming till tomorrow and James stopped in to annoy Professor McGonagall a little." I

"James said he'd be here in time for you next class." Just as Sirius said that James walked in and greeted me the same why Sirius had.

"Hello Professor Evans." he kissed me and sat down in a desk in the front of the room.

"James trust me you don't want to sit through her class, it's just as boring as Flitwick's was."

"Thanks alot Sirius"

"Well it was!"

"I'll do something interesting for my next class I promise."

"Yeah sure, whatever Lily Pad~*

"I did" he said he looked down at the book

Adrian Flitwick 25
Lily Evans 2
Adrian Flitwick 16

"You did? Really? Do you know who Lily Evans is?"

"Yeah I do."

"Who is she?"

Harry looked deep into her eyes and said

"She's my mother"

A look of shock passed over her face.

"Harry, how did you know that? I thought you didn't know much about her I thought..."

"I didn't."

"You mean you know now, but how?"

"nevermind, you'll think I'm nuts if I tell you."

"but Harry I...."


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