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Pranksters world by TheOneWhoRightsTheWrong
Chapter 19 : Whats Happening?
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"WHAT!?" Hermione and Fred said in unison. Freds loud and outright, Hermione's quiet and urgent.

"A....a Date?" Fred repeated as Hermione leaned against the shelf hidden from view. Berry nodded like the request didnt sound insane. Hermione stood as still as she could, she was shocked...and confused...and afraid of what Fred was going to say next.

"Why?" he said in a shocked manor.

"Because its my birthday and...." Berry began as George walked into the room.

"I like you!" she said overly loud before swiftly leaning over and kissing him. Hermione turned to look as it went silent only to have what felt like a big punch to the throat as she witnessed their kiss. Fred stood in shock. Berrys eyes appeared closed. and George looked between them and noticed Hermione standing a few feet away in what could only be described as the saddest most heartwrenching way. Fred looked down into Berry's eyes and understood completely.

After pulling away slowly. Fred slowly took in a breath and smiled at Berry .

"Sure...I'll Go on a date with you!" George, Berry and Hermione Stared at Fred. George became pissed off, Berry shocked, and Hermione hurt.

"uh...Great see you later then" Berry said processing his response before leaving. Hermione quickly ducked back between the aisles.

"Fred?" George said angrily.

"Yes?" he said calmly.

"Can I talk to you...NOW!?" George said before grabbing his brother roughly and pulling him to the back of the store. There wasnt very many customers in the store so George decided to take his time.

Hermione in a state of worry,hurt and confusion knelt down and tried to think this through.

"What just happened?" Hermione searched through her brain for a reasonable answer. Needless to say she couldnt find one. Sure she was new to the relationship thing but she was anything but stupid and she was positive you dont kiss other members of the opposite sex when your in a relationship nor do you go out on dates with the. Did she judge Fred wrong? was he the type who openly dated multiple girls?

Hermione wasnt sure but she knew she wanted to cry. She wanted to get out of there...NOW! and with that last thought she apparated without Freds or Georges knowledge.

"WHAT THE BLOODY HELL WAS THAT?" George asked shaking his brother.

"What?" Fred said innocently. George glared eyes burning bright red with anger.

"DONT YOU BLOODY WHAT ME!? YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT!" he finished letting his stupid brother go and turning away from him.

"Oh with Berry? well Im going on a Date with her what else is there?" he said shrugging

"What else is there!? well how about HERMIONE YOUR GIRLFRIEND for one. yea you imbecile you were so busy kissing my....i mean Berry that you didnt even notice Hermione not even five feet from you two with the look of utter desolation on her face!" George yelled turning back to his brother. Fred's eyes grew wide.


"OF COURSE SHE SAW! SHE WORKS WITH US!" George yelled. Fred stared at the ground. He never meant for her to see that. He didnt want to hurt her. sure he knew he was doing something that needed to be done...but would Hermione understand? Shes been hurt one too many times he wanted to be the last thing that ever hurt her. he Never wanted to see that beautiful girl cry again....and definetly didnt want to be the cause.

"ARE YOU LISTENING!?" George yelled. Fred's head shot up.

"I'll be right back!" Fred said pushing past his brother. George was angry but he let him pass. Why was he so angry anyways? George knew if he was completely honest it wasnt only because of Hermione. but he didnt want to admit or even think about anything right now.

Fred rushed out and looked to where he thought he saw Hermione last finding her not there he checked the entire shop over twice.

"HERMIONE!?" he called out but there was no response. Fred felt this sickening pain in his stomache...Where was she?

Fred quickly grabbed a letter telling Berry to meet him in the shop at eight and to go to the back door. then he went back into the back and gave it to his owl.

"Im leaving George watch the shop."

"..." George remained silent as his brother left.

Fred quickly flooed back to the apartment to see if she was there finding nothing he went to the burrow next. But he was an idiot for showing up there.

"Have you seen Hermione?" he quickly asked his mother as he checked most of the house for Hermione.

"No dear is something wrong? Is Hermione Missing!?" Molly nearly yelled.

"Hermione's missing?" Harry came running into the kitchen upon hearing this. Followed by Ron and Ginny.

"Fred! What happened who has Hermione!?" they asked urgently.

"No NO ONE! something happened she ran out! I have to find her I have to explain!" that was enough for Harry to grab him rather forcefully.

"what. did. you. do?" was all he said and yet the entire room had gone dead silent and freezing in less then ten seconds.

"I know your pissed but you have to understand that now is NOT the time to be threatening me!" Fred said pulling his courage up and pushing Harry away. Harry let go easily but then swung forward and punched Fred in the face knocking him down.

"FInd her. " was all he said before grabbing Ginny and Ron and walking away.  Fred rubbed his cheek.


Hermione sat alone. She was so confused. maybe she was being dramatic but right now she was hurt she didnt care.

"how could he..." 

Fred felt the pain in his stomach grow. but he had to keep pushing himself he had to find her. Fred check everywhere he thought she would be until it hit him. He knew where she was. he was about to apparat himself when the pain knocked the breath out of him. the longer the time grew on the weeker he felt. he check his watch. 7:59pm.

"they should be together. " He whispered before he collapsed on the ground. Rain started dripping down as his breath got shallower and shallower. People gather around him trying to wake him.

Hermione sat in the garden near the burrow. it was her favorite place to be.

"I wonder what Freds doing....probably out with Berry." She said as a tear and a raindrop mixed. Hermione stood up looking up at the sky.

"Rain..." she simply said. the pain in her stomach she had been feeling increasing.

something felt off.

Meanwhile. George was about to turn off the lights in the shop when he noticed something moving. George jumped in fear.

"Holy bloody Merlin you scared the shit out of me!" George said anger in his voice as he saw Berry standing a few feet away from him. 

"What are you doing here? Should you be out with Fred?" he asked tightening his fist.

"He said to meet him here but maybe you sent the letter." Berry said smirking as George walked up to her.

"Why would I send you a letter?" he asked angrily.

"Right you only know how to hurt people." Berry said anger rising in her two.

"What are you talking about if anything your the one always hurting people. thinking you can have what ever you want!" Georges voice rose.

"ME! Your the one that hurt me!" Berry said as she raised her voice.

"How could I hurt you when your kissing my brother...not once but TWICE for hell's sake!" he argued.

"Twice? That was my first time kissing Fred!" Berry said confused.

"your going to play dumb now? you kissed him in elementary! remember!" He yelled.

Berry backed down in confusion.

"no I kissed you in elementary and you said ....well you know what you said!" anger coming back along with hurt.

"what I said? i didnt say anything I saw you and Fred kissing in the forest that was it." He said confusion hitting him too.

"you didnt say those things to me? it was all Fred?" Berry whispered

"what are you talking about?

"you sent me a letter telling me to meet you out in the forest. when I got there you kissed me ....or rather that was all Fred and then you pushed me down and said no one could ever like and ugly girl like me." she explained.

"No I liked you I would never have said that to you." George said his voice grower softer. Berry looked up at him.

"I ...I never knew." Berry said.

"Me either..guess Fred got us huh?" he said as awkward tense atmosphere began to grow between them.

"Hey george ...Im sorry.." Berry said blushing. george relaxed and smiled mischieviously.

"I understand." he said and leaned down and kissed her cheek. Berry blushed scarlet.

'I owe you Fred' George thought .

Fred smiled as he felt himself drifting as a few officers from the ministry got him ready for apparation. He remembered earlier when Berry had kissed him. he looked down at her eyes to find them starring slightly at George....he understood.

' sorry i didnt make it to you to explain....sorry i hurt you.' was his last thought.

Hermione felt it...she heard it...Freds voice apologizing. she jumped up it sounded so week. the pain increased and she doubled over.

"I ..Have to go..." she said before using her last energy to apparate.

George was just about to lean in and kiss Berry when something apparated into the store and fell to the ground with a loud bang.

"What the hell was that!?" Berry said as they cautiously walked to the door.

"Hermione!" George fell to his knees as Hermione's pained body shivered on  the floor soaked and unconcious.

"Hermione whats wrong!?" He urged her.

"Berry saty with her ill get someone." George said as he was about to grab his wand it vibrated. geroge flicked his wand. and a voice rang through.

"Is this George Weasley?" the authoritive voice asked.

"Uh Yes?" he said confused

"we have Fred Weasley here at st. Mungo's hospital. we need you here right away."

"what happened.?" George asked his voice shaking. Berry looked over Hermione's head in her lap.

"He collasped, and he isnt breathing or responding to treatment. "

George dropped his wand, Picked up Hermione and grabbed Berry and apparated as fast as he could to the hospital.

"Whats Happening?"

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