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The Ghost in the Attic by Cr00kshanks
Chapter 4 : A Meeting
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Disclaimer: I own nothing (besides the plot)! Anything you recognize belongs to J.K. Rowling!

When Scorpius awoke the first thing he noticed was that it was getting late. Then he noticed his pounding headache.

Slowly regaining consciousness, he made to move and realized he was bound to a chair by ropes. Immediately, he tried to free himself from the binds but to no avail.

“W-what are these?" Scorpius muttered, still only partially conscious.

“Devil Snare ropes,” a sharp, feminine voice called out. “Don’t bother struggling, it will only make them tighter.”

That comment woke him up. Scorpius snapped his head up and ignoring the scream of protest from his brain, looked around for the source of the voice. He squinted at the wooden ledges supporting the high ceilings of the attic and saw the faintest shape of a figure hiding in the shadows.

“Show yourself!” Scorpius commanded, focusing on keeping the nervousness out of his voice.

“You know, I was considering coming out but your lack of manners are really putting me off. That's not a very polite way of speaking to someone.”

“You appear to have a very warped sense of the word polite. Tying us up is not considered polite.”

“’Us’?” The voice asked, clearly mocking him. “Who is ‘us’?”

Scorpius’s eyes widened and he frantically looked around for his companion. “Where is he?”

“Who?” The figure asked innocently. It leapt off the ledge, and landed gracefully on the ground. “The curly hair boy? Oh I sent him on his way,” The smirk was evident in her voice. “He doesn’t remember a thing. That’ll happen to you too soon enough but first, I need to know who sent you." It's mocking tone was replaced by a much more serious one. The figure walked into the light and revealed a girl. She put her hands on her hips. “Think you can tell me?”

Scorpius stared at the girl. He was expecting a strong, rough girl, not this. This girl stood there; with perfect posture and her pointy, speckled nose pointed in the air. Her red hair glittered in the sunlight, reaching just before her slim waist where her pale hands were placed. Her blue eyes stared harshly at him as she pursed her lips and waited for him to reply.

He laughed. “And why would I tell a pixie like you?”

The girl scowled. “As a matter of fact, I am not a pixie. I am a witch, and a good one at that. I've been learning magic since I first showed signs of it. My mother says I will do great things.”

Scorpius was confused. “A witch? What are you 12 or 13? Shouldn’t you be at Hogwarts then?”

“Excuse me, but I happen to be 16 years old thank you very much! Mother says that Hogwarts is full of rude hooligans and that it’s dangerous to be out there.” She paused. “Of course, mother never thought that I might actually be able to take them on. How could a girl as little as me go outside and survive? It’s not like this is the 21st century or anything. I mean look at me; I’ve already made one boy lose his memory and tied the other one up. Yeah I’m totally unprepared for the outside world.” She finished bitterly.

Scorpius looked at the girl, and arched his eyebrow. “Well it seems as you have many unresolved issues with your mother which you should probably sort out, why don’t you just let me go on my way and we’ll never think about this again?” He asked hopefully.

The girl looked back up at Scorpius before demanding again that he tell her who sent him.

Scorpius still refused to answer, instead turning his head away from her.

She sighed. “Blondie, how about I make you a deal?” She walked slowly up to where Scorpius was sitting. “You seem like the age which goes to school. 16, 17? Well, in exchange for your freedom and memory you must take me with you.”

“What? Take you where?”

She rolled her eyes. “Merlin, must I explain everything to you? Me go to your magic school. Say I’m some long-lost cousin who was homeschooled and wanted to see what an actual school was like or something.”

Scorpius was shocked. “You mean, you want me to take you to school?" She nodded. " Why?” He couldn’t comprehend why anybody who clearly could do magic, would choose to go to school.

“Because I’ve been stuck in this house for as long as I can remember! I’ve never been outside and I have never met people my own age! Let me go with you.”

Scorpius shook his head. “No, you can’t do that. People will be able to figure it out the moment you step foot in the school. Just let me go back and we’ll forget this ever happened.”

Her eyes hardened, the begging look replaced with hard dislike. “Alright then please relax, this won’t hurt.” She paused before smirking. “Well, it won’t hurt much.”

“Wait!” Scorpius shouted frantically. “What are you going to do me?”

“Oh just a memory spell." she said nonchalantly. “I tailor it so that you only forget what’s happened these past few hours. Instead of being up here you’ll think that you were strolling innocently through town, looking at the shops and finding nothing that interests you.” She winked at him. “After all Blondie, we don’t want you losing any brain cells, you can't really afford to lose many more.” She saw the cynical look on his face and rolled her eyes. “Oh puh-lease. This is basic magic! You’re lucky I’m not going to…” Her eyes widened as she grinned, “hey there’s an idea.”

“What? What’s an idea?” Scorpius asked, slightly worried at what was going through this strange witch’s mind. If she thought memory spells were basic then it was clear she must have been quite skilled.

“I’m just thinking,” she said slowly. “I might take some time to look through your brain. It’s not like you'll remember any of this after all, so I guess it wouldn’t hurt to get my answers.” She looked at Scorpius' white face. “ Relax, if you’re uptight it'll just make this all the more difficult for us both."

Scorpius sighed and closed his eyes. He had come to the conclusion that if he sat here quietly and let her poke through his mind, then he'd be able to leave with no real harm done.

He relaxed himself and felt a cool, fuzzy feeling envelope him.

“Relax boy, relax.” He heard an unfamiliar voice mutter. “This will be over soon.”

Scorpius tried to look back over the afternoons' events and found himself unable to remember any details. He hung on to the few things he could recall as he felt them being pulled from his mind.

“Brace yourself Blondie. This will hurt.” The voice came again, guiding him through the darkness.

A sharp pain struck Scorpius on the back of his head. He flinched at the sudden shot of pain. It felt like a hard bolt had shot right through him into his brain. Suddenly he could remember strolling through the familiar streets of Godric’s Hollow, browsing through stores. He remembered meeting with Albus as he walked, glancing through all of the local stores. He’d been there before, the objects weren’t a surprise to him.

" Almost finished.” The voice kept whispering. It was faint, as if disappearing.

Scorpius felt an unfamiliar weight in his brain which moved around his head. It travelled, sifting through thoughts and memories, examining each one intently. The weight disappeared as quickly as it had come, leaving him with broken images and scattered threads.

“Wake up Scorpius Malfoy.” A voice said, breaking through the silence. “Please leave downstairs and head back to Mr Potter’s estate. Thank you for visiting the store, unfortunately we are closing. Goodbye Mr Malfoy.”

Scorpius’ eyes snapped open and he robotically moved downstairs. His eyes stared straight ahead, looking but not seeing.

He soon found himself outside of the Potter estate, unsure of how he got there. Scorpius walked through the front door and headed towards the dining room where he could hear voices. He found Albus Potter sitting next to his dad; the famous Boy Who Lived (who looked more like the Man Who Lived).

“Scorpius! Where have you been?” Albus asked him, a look of concern donning his face.

“I-I” His voice caught in the back of his throat. “I was in town, just like you. I went to the stores. I wasn’t that surprised by what I saw, they looked exactly the same as they did last week.” His voice sounded unused and foreign, like he hadn’t spoken for weeks.

Albus’s father looked at Scorpius oddly, but Albus just nodded. “Right that makes sense. Let’s go to dinner. Dad where are we going?”

Harry looked at the two boys in turn, before replying.

“We'll head out to the local diner. They make some brilliant pastas. You like pasta don’t you Scorpius? You may have seen the store, Tangio’s?”

Scorpius nodded. Although he couldn’t remember it specifically, it sounded familiar.
“Oh! I love Tangios!” Albus exclaimed enthusiastically.

“Yes, I’m sure you do Al.” Harry replied, looking at his son.

Scorpius didn’t understand why the famous Harry Potter looked so put out. Was it because he was here? Yes, that must be it.

They walked to the centre of the town towards an abandoned building. However to both Scorpius and Albus it looked like what seemed to be Tangio’s. Harry muttered something incomprehensible whilst Albus and Scorpius walked in, only to find it locked.

“Dad Tangio’s is closed.” Albus complained.

“That’s a shame. I was looking forward to having pasta.” Scorpius stated.

“Ah yes, what a shame.” Harry said distractedly. “Let’s go to Aaron’s Restaurant. They might have some seats left.”

He lead the way to Aaron’s Restaurant, where there were indeed some seats left.

The company of three were seated in a secluded booth, sitting in plush red couches which were soft and comfortable. Albus sat next to his father and opposite them sat Scorpius. Between the two of them was the solid wooden table where a single candle stood, flickering softly and giving the area a soft glow. Harry looked solemnly at both his son and Scorpius.

“Scorpius and Albus, we need to plan how you're going to get into the house. Now Professor Higgins had written me a letter as well informing me of what you're expected to do. I'm aware you boys have a pack full of things which will be useful for your investigation. Did you guys leave that at home, or did you bring it with you?”

Scorpius and Albus looked at each other in confusion. What pack? All their memories included arriving home, settling in and then heading straight to town. No packs included. Albus voiced their thoughts.

“Dad, what are you talking about? We didn’t get any pack.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Harry shot to his feet and pointed his wand at the both of them.

“Get up and place your hands where I can see them! Both of you are under arrest for the kidnapping of Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy. You have the right to remain silent, anything you say or do may be held against you in a court of law."

A/N: Well you don't expect me to actually let them properly meet do you? XD Anyways happy New Years everyone! I hope you guys have an awesome year and thanks for picking my story to read! :D Erm... I'm sorry for taking so long to write the chapter expecially because I said you wouldn't have to wait as long... I guess there's not really an excuse apart from me being a world class procrastinator who's trying to get over it... :( Ah well, I know I've said this a lot but I promise you the next chapter will come a lot faster than this one. So yeah! Happy holidays and please review!


Edited 5/1/13: Weird Layout issues.

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The Ghost in the Attic: A Meeting


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