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Accepting Secrets by swatton42
Chapter 8 : Indescribable Perfection
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Thanks to everyone who has read so far, enjoy!


Waiting for the carriages to Hogsmeade, I was beginning to get nervous. Very nervous. Not because of what the others in school would think about my going on a date with a slytherin, we had that part figured out. If anyone questioned it we were using the House Unity Challenge as an excuse to go together, we'd made sure that we carried on 'hating each other' at meal times and lessons so no one would be any the wiser. Hermione had even offered to ask Malfoy to do the same and we could go as a group of four. That was until I conveniently reminded her about the essay for charms so she was staying in the library today. No, I was nervous because of Draco's reaction to me going on a date with his sister. His expression and body language when she hugged me in the tower had made his opinion crystal clear. For safety's sake I had kept well away from him since that little incident. I had tried to speak to Lex about it in private but she just said his reaction would be the same regardless of who she was going on a date with, apparently he was just overprotective. When I explained to her that didn't make me feel any better, she just told me to stop being a prat. Malfoy wouldn't willingly do anything to upset her and that included trying to stop her dating whoever she wanted to. Hmm, I still wasn't convinced.

I was also nervous because I was going on a date with Lex and really didn't want to mess up. I know it's normal to get nervous before a first date but when the girl you're going with has undiagnosed social issues the chance of doing something wrong increased dramatically, taking the nerves along with it.

Typical for any member of the Malfoy family she arrived exactly on time. I couldn't help but wonder if they sat in the mansion during the holidays practicing perfection and etiquette. It wouldn't surprise me. She stomped to a halt in front of me with her hands rammed tightly in her pockets and an angry scowl plastered across her face. Good start.

'You OK?' I asked hesitantly, the answer was obvious but I was trying to be polite. By way of response she jerked her head back towards the direction she had just come from. Trailing along the path behind her were the rest of the slytherins, all looking rather worse for wear.

'I'm expecting to find Slughorn or McGonagall waiting for me later telling me I have detention.'

'What happened?' I was worried but at the same time curious. If she was expecting detention it must have been something big.

'The rest of the girls in my dorm spent most of yesterday taking the piss because I'm going to Hogsmeade with you. It carried on this morning and I sort of lost my temper in the common room. Draco managed to drag me out and into one of the dungeon chambers eventually, but it was quite a struggle in the chaos.' Her scowl was gradually turning to a sheepish smile while shuffling her shoe around in the dirt at our feet.

'Carry on...' I couldn't keep the amusement out of my voice; there was something interesting she wasn't telling me. When she hadn't spoken for a few moments I poked her in the side and all the Malfoy grandeur and finesse dispersed into a massive case of the giggles. In between laughing spasms she gasped out the rest of the story.

'Well...umm...I happened to be holding my wand...when I started getting wound up...umm...I may have...just slightly...aggravated the fireplace in the common room... There was so much smoke the whole house had to be evacuated. No-one really noticed the rest of my ranting because the smoke was so thick. Like I said, I think I might be getting detention.' I managed to hold it together long enough to get inside the next available carriage before I lost control of myself, it shouldn't have been so funny but her laugh was infectious. Somehow we had both missed the seats in the carriage and were collapsed in a heap on the floor.

'Well this is elegant...' With that she was gone again. This time I didn't join in with the hysterics, her hand was clutching my shirt for support and I could feel her breath caressing my cheek and ear. I was too busy trying to control other urges to laugh.


We had managed to find a small table booth in the back of The Three Broomsticks pub for a couple of butter beers before exploring Hogsmeade.

'OK Harry, how are we going to dress for the dance? I am after all a Malfoy, I expect nothing less than perfection so please don't suggest anything stupid.' She spoke with a tone suggesting she was serious, but held an expression of mild hilarity.

'Well I was thinking that maybe we should follow the House Unity theme and go with the house colours.'

'Like red and green?'

'Yes Lexis those are the Gryffindor and Slytherin house colours.' I stated sarcastically, she gave me a look of mockingly deep thought in return.

'So let me get this right. You think we should go to the Halloween dance dressed in red and green. You think I will consider going to a school dance closely resembling a Christmas elf?' Anyone close enough to our table got liberally sprayed with the butter beer I was choking on, somehow Lex didn't strike me as the Christmas elf type.

'O now you're in trouble you dweeb, I have butter beer in places I really don't need butter beer!' My eyes automatically flicked down to her beer soaked top. Being the weekend she wasn't in the usual uniform shirt. There was a definite track line of drink slowly dripping down her chest before vanishing under the black fabric tank top. My eyes were drinking in her visible curves, while my imagination was filling in anything hidden from view. I was only vaguely aware of her fingers under my chin, lifting my face back up to look into hers.

'I'm up here Harry, anyway I was thinking more neutral, like black and white, so we can be dressed to match but we won't get whinged at by the others in our year. Can you imagine what Draco would say if I went dressed in Gryffindor colours? There's only so much I can do to stave off his wrath.' I nodded in silent agreement; my brain was still back at the butter beer trail on her chest.


It turned out Lexis was not only a typical Malfoy, but a typical woman. I had been following her around Hogsmeade shopping for several hours before she decided she had everything she needed. I already had suitable dress robes for what we had agreed on, so didn't buy anything - apart from lunch. Lex on the other hand had bought a new dress, new shoes, new jewellery and something new in a girly shop I wasn't allowed in. I know it wasn't a new bag as she had already explained in detail that she was not a bag type of person. She's clumsy and usually forgets to pick them up before leaving places. Even when she did have a bag all her money and important things were kept in her pockets, just in case she left her bag behind, so really there wasn't any point carrying a bag in the first place - or something to that affect anyway.

I had suggested we find somewhere secluded to hang out a little longer before heading back up to the castle. She had given me a sly smile in return and begun walking towards the shrieking shack. Ignoring all the warning signs around the grounds at the bottom of the hill, she kept going up the track until she reached the building itself.

'Why are we all the way up here?'

'It's the most haunted building in Britain. As far as I know I'm the only student at Hogwarts to have ignored the signposts and been up to visit it properly. Weirdly I find it quite peaceful up here, on busy Hogsmeade weekends I always end up sat up here on my own. I don't like being around the hustle and bustle of the village, but I feel quite content here. It's just me, you and the ghosts. You said you wanted secluded...' She added with a seductive layer in her tone and expression that caused below the belt tension to form. Thank god, I'm not wearing tight jeans!

Partly to look like a gentleman, and partly so I could bend over and make slight wardrobe adjustments before she noticed my problem I laid my coat out on the ground in a make-shift blanket. Sat with my back propped against the wall I smiled up at her and patted the spot next to me.

'Cheesy Harry, but OK.' My smile widened as she joined me on the floor, resting her neck against the arm I wrapped around her shoulders. A comfortable silence fell as I simply watched the girl next to me. Her eyes had fluttered shut and her head angled into my neck. I would have thought she was sleeping if it wasn't for the fact I could sense, more so than feel, her inhaling and getting lost in the scent of my cologne. Tentatively I used a single finger to lightly caress the back of her hand, after a few moments of receiving no protest I moved on to lacing my fingers with hers and continued rubbing with my thumb. We must have been sat like that for at least an hour before I dared to break the silence.

'Lexis, you know what you said about Draco and his wrath?' I could feel her give a small nod against my shoulder. 'I know you said it as a joke, but how angry would he be if this between me and you turned into something serious?' She said nothing so I just kept talking. 'What if your parents found out, it doesn't take an outstanding in divination to know that they wouldn't be happy?'

'Drake probably won't be thrilled about it, no, but like I said he won't do anything that will get in the way of what I want or need. As for my parents I have no intention of telling them, especially not anytime soon. Father doesn't take very kindly to anything that goes against Malfoy family values, and being in a relationship with you goes way beyond against the family values. Before you ask, no, Drake wouldn't say anything to them. Besides he's in a relationship that isn't exactly Malfoy-ish either, so he would be a bloody shite brother if he did go blabbing. Actually, now that I think of it, I don't know who they would find worse - you or his other half.'

'Who's he going out with then?' She paused for a long time before answering.

'I can't tell you. I made him a promise that I wouldn't tell anyone and I can't break that promise. Please don't push the matter because I don't think I could lie to you either.' As she spoke her eyes flicked open to meet mine, she was so close I could see every individual colour in them.

Breaking the gentle hold I had on her hand she draped her arm across my chest, delicately landing on my cheek. It was the only guidance I needed before closing the limited space between us. She tasted like everything I imagined a typical Malfoy woman would do. Indescribable perfection.

R & R xxx

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