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Remembered by megthechef43
Chapter 1 : Remembered
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A/N: This was written for Toonling's Cursed Challenge.


My name is Ariel Simpson. You won’t remember my name but I was in the same year as Harry at Hogwarts. I was even a Gryffindor but again you won’t remember my name because you can’t. When I was a baby my father was not the most fateful husband to my mother and one of the women got jealous that he could not forget me and leave my mother. This witch decided to take it upon herself to make him forget forever and she cursed me to be the forgotten one. Luckily, my father loved me enough that he could never forget me and I wish the same could be said for my mother. She left him shortly after because she didn’t believe him that I was her child. Though this is not a story where you should pity me but this is the story of how I was remembered.


The Final Battle


Ariel stood at the entrance to Hogwarts. All the younger students had been evacuated but she decided to stay and fight for what was right and good and even though no one would remember her she was raised to do the right thing. She watched as Professor McGonagall cast a spell on the stone Guardians of the school and they came to life. She turned and looked over her shoulder briefly and glanced at Ariel.


“Girl, come here.” McGonagall clipped at the student. Ariel was unsure if McGonagall was talking to her or not. Even after all these years the head of her house still could not remember her. Ariel had done plenty of things during her school years to get in trouble and she had been given detention by this woman many times and still she could not remember her.


“Hurry up girl.” McGonagall motioned with her hands for Ariel to come and stand in front of her. Ariel quickly made her way to the woman. “Are you a student of this school? I don’t remember seeing you around.” McGonagall questioned her.


“Yes Ma’am. I am a seventh year.” she replied to the older woman.

“Very well indeed, I need you to relay a message for me to Remus Lupin up in the astronomy tower.” McGonagall told her and when Ariel nodded that she understood then the woman passed her a slip of parchment. Ariel quickly took the piece of paper and took off for the towers. It didn’t take her long to reach the astronomy tower and find Professor Lupin. She tapped him on the shoulder and when he turned and looked at her she pushed the piece of paper in his hand.


“This is from Professor McGonagall” she informed him. He then gave her a stern nod which she took to mean she was dismissed. She decided to make her way back down to the ground floor where most of the battle would take place. Hopefully she could do some good.


By the time she had made it back down to the ground floor the protective shield had been broken and Deatheaters were storming the grounds. She stood in front of the Great Hall doors as the first death eater made his way into the school. Ariel took out her wand and began fighting along with the rest of the students and Order of the Phoenix members.


It had been nearly an hour and Ariel was physically and mentally tired from the battle and out of the corner of her eye she saw him. It was Harry Potter, the prophecy savior of the magical world from evil. And out of the other corner eye she saw her, Bellatrix Lestrange with an evil smile twisted on her face. She watched as the woman raised her wand and directed it at Harry. Ariel couldn’t let this happen if her father had any chance of coming out of hiding. Harry Potter was the key. Ariel took two steps forward into the path of the spell and the green jet hit her in the chest. Ariel was unsure what happened next but before she knew it she was staring down at her own body. She looked to see Harry, Hermione, and Ron safely make it up the stairs and out of sight. She turned as Bellatrix screamed. 


“Stupid girl! Death serves you right!” then Bellatrix was gone and Ariel looked back down at her body and realized what she had just done.


Ariel knew there was nothing more she could do so she floated around and watched the scene unfold before her and soon she heard his voice as the Dark Lord told his men to retreat so they could gather their dead.  She made her way back to her body to see if anyone had moved her body. She saw her opaque hands and knew that she must be a ghost but she thought she had a decision, a choice whether she wanted to stay in this world and move on. She wanted to move on she did not want to be stuck in the school for the rest of eternity.

She watched as two of her classmates moved her body into the Great Hall with the rest of the dead. She saw an old man come around with a clipboard writing down names of the dead. She saw that she would be next and she cringed because no one would know her name. McGonagall was walking by when the old man turned to her and asked her if she knew this student. McGonagall looked at her body for a few long seconds and with the confused look she replied.


“I believe her name was Ariel.” Than the old man nodded at her and McGonagall moved on. Ariel was baffled and confused no one had ever remember her name and she figured it would have been the same and death. She wasn’t sure what broke the curse but it had been broken. Either it had been broken in death or she had finally done something that was truly memorable. 


“Excuse me sir.” A younger girl said trying to get the attention of the man taking down names. “If you can make a note, she jumped in front of a death curse that was aimed at Harry Potter. She saved his life.” Ariel’s heart soared as the young girl walked away and she felt herself moving through time and space and then she knew she could go on and she wasn’t stuck anymore.

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