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My Name Is Juliet Black by Juliet Black
Chapter 1 : My First Year
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AU: Thank you for reading my first story, I've been planning it for quite some time, and I thought it was about time I shared it with everyone. I feel like I should explain why I wrote this story. About a year ago I started come up with this character, and a few other original characters, that could fit into the world of Harry Potter, and Juliet was the first that popped into my head, except that when I first came up with her, she was almost completely different, and she slowly evolved into this story. So this is my 'what if' story, 'What if Juliet Black had been born?". It is my first story, I plan on continuing it for quite some time. It will also feature a few other original characters, such as some of Juliets family. Please leave a review, because constructive critisism always helps!

P.S.- If I made any spelling mistakes please let me know :)

P.S.S.- Sorry that it is so short, her first year is rather uneventful




My name is Juliet Black.
And this was my first year at Hogwarts

I had gotten my acceptance letter like everyone else; I’m a pureblood you see, so it was kind of expected, although blood-status has never mattered to me, as long as you’re nice and not a death-eater or anything then I don’t care who your family is or anything like that. Although most people don’t feel the same about me, the name ‘Black’ usually discourages people, but honestly, we’re not all bad, I have a distant Aunt name Andromeda, she married a muggle-born, and she’s Bellatrix Lestrange’s sister. Everyone expects us to be death-eaters and they think we’re all evil and we’ll all end up in Azkaban like Sirius Black and Bellatrix Lestrange.

I think my name is probably one of the reasons why Fred and George Weasley have made me their main target for their pranks. During the sorting, when they heard my last name the immediately made a bet over what house I would be in. Fred bet 5 sickles that I would be in Slytherin. I have never been like most of my family, and I have never had the slightest desire to be in Slytherin, considering it’s just been me and my mum my whole life, and I’m a Black on my father’s side, whom I’ve never met because he went to Azkaban for attempted murder (he’s completely innocent, so don’t listen to Fred and George if they say otherwise). And neither of my parents were in Slytherin anyways, my dad was a Gryffindor, and my mum was a Ravenclaw.

I know you’re probably going to ask how I could possibly know they made that bet; well I happen to be a Seer, so I basically can see the future, and occasionally the past and present. Well the Sorting hat could not figure out exactly which house I would do the best in, I was one of the first Hat-Stall’s in years. So he let me choose, he said that Ravenclaw would be a good choice for ne, but I showed qualities that would fit for any house, but I would never choose Ravenclaw, it’s not like I don’t like the house, it’s because that would be another thing people would say I got from my mother, me and her don’t exactly get along very well, we have a very complicated relationship you see. I hate that I’m basically a clone of her, we look far to similar, but I’m also a metamorphamagus, so that easily solves that problem, except for the fact that she is also a metamorphamagus, but I also have a cousin on my dad’s side, her name is Nymphadora Tonks, Andromeda’s daughter, and she’s a metamorphamagus as well, so there’s a possibility that I got it from my dad’s side.

Well I seriously considered choosing Hufflepuff, just so I could break family tradition even more, not to mention Nymphadora was a seventh year in Hufflepuff, but I had never actually met her before, so it would probably be very strange to choose Hufflepuff just because she was in Hufflepuff. So I chose Gryffindor. Too bad the Weasley twins also got into Gryffindor. I swear they’ll be the death of me.

Classes went very well that year, although Fred and George ruined that for me when during potions they slipped some of the candies they invented into the shrinking potion we were assigned, and it exploded. Snape took away 50 points from Gryffindor for each of us, and we got detention with Filtch every Saturday for the rest of the year. But they ended up getting bored in his office and rummaged through his drawer of things he has confiscated over the years. And that was the year that we discovered it. They thought it was just a dumb old piece of parchment; they had almost thrown it in the rubbish bin when I stopped them. That was the year that Fred, George and I discovered The Marauders Map. It was also the first time anyone had called me ‘brilliant’.


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