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Harry Potter and The Inevitable by GinnyPotter0116
Chapter 1 : Chapter One: His Bloody Scar
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 Harry sighed and set the 'Evening Prophet' back on the counter. He had been searching the papers for any news on Voldemort or any sudden deaths and disappearances since he had been cleared by the Ministry for under-age magic. Harry sat up off his chair and looked around the dirty room, surprised to find himself alone. He hadn't realized that Ron, Hermione, and Ginny left as he was reading the paper. 
Harry walked upstairs to his and Ron's room, which he found empty, and sat down on his bed. His mind wondered back to what Sirius had told him when he first got to Grimmauld Place, about what he said Voldemort was after. Some kind of weapon he didn't have the last time, but what could be worse than the 'Avada Kedavra'? Harry kept thinking, but nothing worse came to mind.


Harry heard the front door open downstairs, and figured another member from the Order arrived. Order member's had been coming more often after the hearing, and Harry couldn't understand why. He jumped when he suddenly heard Mrs. Weasley shouting furiously, something about finding another Extendable Ear in the twin's bedroom. Harry chuckled as he imagined Fred and George cowering under their mothers glare.

He also heard people moving down the stairs and to the landing, and sighed to himself. Harry wanted to join them right now, but he also wanted to be left alone. He had been like this since he got back from the hearing, and it seemed only Sirius and Remus had noticed. Everyone else in the house was busying cleaning and trying to make the house suitable to have people in, so his friends always had their minds somewhere else, which didn't bother him much.

"Harry!" Mrs. Weasley called, bringing him out of his thoughts, "Dinner's ready!"

Harry considered for a moment staying in his room for the rest of the night, but decided against it, knowing Mrs. Weasley and most likely Remus would scold him for hardly eating and locking himself inside his room. He got off the bed and made his way down the stairs, and entered the dining room. Harry was surprised to see so many people. Remus, Tonk's, Mad-Eye Moody, and even Snape were sitting down with the rest of the family.

Harry scar gave a sudden sharp pain, but he was used to it by now, and knew how to hide the fact that he was hurting easy from his friends, who seemed to watched him like a hawk these days. But as he found a seat in between Sirius and Remus, he saw that they were looking at him with concern. They never missed a trick, and it amazed Harry how easily they could tell if you were faking. 

"What is it?" Sirius asked in a hushed voice as Harry sat in his seat.
"Nothing, it's fine." Harry told him quickly.

"Harry-" Started Sirius, but Remus cut him off.
"If he said's its fine, Sirius, leave it." Remus told him.

Harry looked at Remus, who was giving him a disapproving look, and stared guilty down at his plate. He picked out his food while chatter ran down the table, and listened while picking at his food. As dessert was served, Harry felt a pair of eyes on him, and pain suddenly started in his scar. The pain was worse then he had ever felt it before, and tried to rub at his scar nonchalantly as he held in a yell of pain to avoid attention. His cool fingers soothed the pain little, and when he pulled his hand away it had a small amount of blood on it. Harry stared at it in shock, his scar had never bled before. 
He felt a drop of blood fall off his head and hit the table, and covered his scar with his hand again, he could feel the small blood flow under his fingertips. Harry was grateful that no one was aware of what was going on yet, and tried to cover his scar with his bangs as much as possible. Harry then sat up and left the table quickly, avoiding the looks Sirius, Remus, and Mrs. Weasley gave him, and hurried into the bathroom on the next floor.

"What was that about?" Sirius asked his friend.
"I don't kn-" Remus was saying, until he looked over at Harry's untouched plate.

Remus' face paled as he saw the few drops of blood on the plate, and looked wide-eyed at his friend.
"What's wrong, Moony?" Sirius asked, his eyebrows creased together.

Instead of answering, Remus pointed to the plate, and watched Sirius choke on his wine as he saw it. Remus was aware that most of the table was looking in their direction.
"Go check on him." Sirius said urgently.

Remus nodded and left the table, hurrying up the stairs to the next floor and to the only door that wasn't open. He knocked and heard something drop in the bathroom.
"Harry, let me in." He said sternly.

"Hold on, I'm almost done." Harry replied quickly, his voice sounding off.
"Harry, open the door now." Remus said forcefully.

Harry didn't answer him, but continued on what he was doing inside the locked room. Remus gave a frustrated sigh, and drew out his wand.
"Alohomora." He whispered, pointing his wand at the lock on the doorknob.

Remus grabbed the knob and yanked it open, and heard a yelp of surprise. Harry was in the middle of the bathroom, with a bloody cloth in hand, and his hand covered in some blood over his scar.
"What happened?" Remus asked, staring in shock.

"I don't know! My scar just starting hurting, then it started bleeding. Remus, it won't stop!" Harry told him, a hint of desperation in his voice.
Remus hurried over and starting muttering some Healing Charms onto the scar, but nothing worked. The only thing Remus could of was to put a bandage of the scar, and did so. 

"Go downstairs and into the sitting room, I'll get Molly." Remus told Harry.
Harry nodded, looking pale and pained. He walked out of the room and hurried into the sitting room, hoping no one would see him.

Remus sighed and looked down at his hands, which had some of Harry's blood drying on them. He didn't care, all he cared about was getting Molly and helping Harry. Remus hurried down the stairs and walked back into the kitchen. He almost walked into Snape, who was leaving. Remus muttered an apology and hurried into the dining room.
No one was eating anymore, but just sitting and talking amongst each other. Sirius was staring at him, a look of worry etched on his face. Remus walked right passed him, and continued walking until he got to were Molly was sitting.

"I need your help, Harry's scar is bleeding and it won't stop." He whispered urgently in her ear.
Molly's eyes widened, but she nodded and got out of her chair quickly. Sirius stood up and started to walk over towards them, when everyone heard a thump, a yelp of surprise, and a muffled cry from the other room. The whole room hurried out of their seat, and followed Remus and Sirius, who had ran out of the room before them.

The first thing everyone saw was the unconscious body of Snape, who was lying in the doorway. Then they saw Remus and Sirius, starring at something in front of them in fear. All heads turn that way and fear petrified everyone in the room. Harry was in the middle of the room, struggling and trying to escape the hands of none other then Lord Voldemort.

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Harry Potter and The Inevitable: Chapter One: His Bloody Scar


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