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From Nightmares To Sweet Dreams by CadenceWeasley
Chapter 37 : The Plan
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The next day, Hermione was released from St. Mungo’s. She was advised to limit her activities and stay away from stressful situations. George had every intention of taking care of Hermione; he’d do anything to keep her and the babies healthy. They apparated back to the flat. George’s mind was racing a mile a minute, thinking of all the things he needed to do for his little family to insure their safety, but he was more than willing to do them all. But first, he had a personal errand to tend to. He tucked Hermione into bed, placed a glass of water on the nightstand, and a kiss on her cheek.

“Get some rest, love.” George said, placing some hair behind her ear. Hermione grinned up at him.

“Promise you won’t be long?” Hermione questioned.

“I promise to be back very soon.” George reassured her. He gave her a smile and kissed her slightly rounded stomach where his two children were growing.  He stood to leave and gave her a quick glance before we shut the door. She was even more beautiful carrying his children. He shut the door and went out into the world. It felt odd not having Hermione by his side. They had been glued at the hip for months and months now. The first stop was his shop. Ron and Ginny had been taking turns looking after the shop while George and Hermione tried to get things together. He was ever so grateful for them stepping in for him. He walked into the shop and instantly felt at home. There were traces of Fred everywhere, but instead of making George cringe, they made a small appear at the corner of his lips. George really felt okay being there; maybe he could take the shop over again soon. One step at a time. He greeted his younger at the counter.

“Ron, how are things?” George asked, slightly chipper.

“Great. How’s Hermione? I heard about the twins, congrats, mate. I’m so happy for you two.” Ron smiled. George smiled.

“Thank you. I’m really happy too. Things may not have happened in the order they should have, but I have her now and that’s all that matters.” George told him. Ron simply nodded in response.

“What brings you in today, besides this being your shop?” Ron asked. George leaned over the counter and whispered his plan into Ron’s ear. After a few moments of hushed explanation, George pulled away from his youngest brother.

“Can you do that for me?” George asked pleadingly. Ron didn’t even think on it for a second.

“Of course, I’ll get a few of the others to pitch in and help too.” Ron told him. George’s face lit up like a Christmas tree. He nearly jumped across the counter and hugged Ron tightly.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” George shouted, earning a few glares from the customers. George let Ron go and thanked him again and was turning to leave when Ron spoke again.

“Hey, George?” Ron’s voice called.


“It’s good to see you being your old self again. I’ve missed you.” Ron spoke endearingly.

“Me too, Ron, me too.” George said and pushed the door open and was out in the world again. He headed to a certain shop and entered it ready to make a decision. He walked around for at least 2 hours, looking and looking again at the beautiful items that lined the shop. He finally decided on one. He took it to the shop owner, asked him to have it ready by the end of the week and to take the money out of George’s account at Gringotts. George left the shop swiftly and had one more stop to make before going back home. He ran into the shop next door and quickly picked out exactly what he was looking for and headed home. He had only been away from Hermione for a few hours, but it felt like years and it made his body ache to be next to her, to hold her. He walked into the flat quietly, in case Hermione was sleeping. He headed back to their bedroom and paused at the door. He could hear her soft snores coming from the other side. As silently as he could, he opened the door and crossed the room and sat on the bed. She woke when his weight sank into the bed.

“Hello, love.” George smiled at her.

“What are those?” Hermione questioned, rubbing her eyes.

“Flowers, for you.” George said, handing her a bouquet of white tulips.

“They’re beautiful.” Hermione gushed, smelling them.

“Not as beautiful as you.” Hermione transfigured a pillow into a small vase with a bit of water for the flowers and placed them on the nightstand. George moved to lie next to Hermione, and instantly she turned to face him and his arms went around her growing waist.  

“I missed you.” George whispered into her ear.

“I missed you more.” Hermione snuggled into his shoulder. He wanted nothing more than to freeze that moment and live it over and over again forever.

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