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As The Days Grow Dark by Alwayswriting7
Chapter 2 : Not an Accident
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Chapter 2

A young woman walked into what appeared to be a deserted warehouse, the sound of her heels breaking the dead silence. The place had been shut down for years, and most people thought it was too dangerous to enter. For this young woman, though, it was a perfect place to meet her partner without having to worry about aurors becoming suspicious.

“Good afternoon, Raven,” a young man said approaching the woman.

The young man knew that Raven wasn’t really the woman’s name. In fact, he actually knew what her real name was. However, they had both decided it would be far safer if they had code names. They didn’t want to risk the possibility of someone overhearing their discussion and figuring out their true identities; they would be in a lot of trouble if someone did figure it out. She was now Raven while he was Viper.

“Stage one of our plan has been successful,” Raven stated, a sly smile appearing on her face.

“Who knew that all we had to do was disarm Weasley and the dragon would just kill him?” Viper asked, smiling as well, “I don’t believe Weasley knew what was coming before he was mauled to death.”

“It was quite pleasant to watch.”

Raven smiled at the memories. She had been hiding in nearby bushes when Charlie Weasley was mauled to death by the dragon. Most people would have found the murder a gruesome thing to watch. However, she now thought of herself on the same level as the dragon. It had killed Charlie Weasley, and she was planning on killing some people.

“So what’s stage two? Kill Potter?”

Raven slyly smiled at Viper, rolling her eyes. He was trying to get things done the easy way that took less time. That was not what Raven had in mind; doing things the easy way was not her style. She had an ax to grind with several members of that family, and she wanted to watch Harry Potter suffer before she finally got rid of him as well.

“There are several Potters, Viper,” Raven pointed out, acting as if she didn’t know which one he was referring to, “Which one are you talking about?”

“Harry, of course!” Viper exclaimed, “Even though I wouldn’t mind killing James or that bitch he married either.”

A smile appeared on Raven’s face when Viper called Kristen Potter a bitch. She felt the same way about her. Kristen was one of those people who could cause so much damage without knowing she had caused any.

“All in good time,” Raven replied, “They will all die in good time.”

Raven used her wand to create a chair before sitting down. She gestured to her partner to do the same thing. Not wanting to insult Raven and end up like Charlie Weasley, he quickly did what she asked him.

“Out of all the Potters and Weasleys you have problems with, why did you choose to kill Charlie?” Viper asked her, “You didn’t even know him!”

“Viper, what you must realize, is that I want Harry Potter and his family to suffer as much as possible before I kill them,” Raven said calmly.

Viper thought about what Raven said for a couple seconds before replying.

“That makes senses. I can’t believe I went to school with you for seven years and never realized you were such a vicious person.”

Raven smiled again.

“The people we’re around change us,” she said, “Being around the Potters, Weasleys, and their friends who follow them around like puppy dogs made me realize how unfair the world is. How it would be so much better if we could get rid of that filth.”

Viper grinned widely. He agreed with Raven completely on this matter. He had never been too big of fan of the Weasleys, especially since the members of the family who were in his year tended to flaunt it in everyone’s face. By the time he graduated, he out right hated them. If Raven’s plans succeeded and everyone in that awful family died, it would be for the better.

“So who are we going to kill next?” Viper asked enthusiastically.

“Hannah Longbottom and Rolf Scamander,” Raven replied.

Why would Raven want to go after them? They were married to good friends of the Weasleys, but he didn’t think that their deaths would drive the Weasleys mad. It wouldn’t cause the immense suffering they both hoped to cause.

“You’re wondering why I am choosing to kill them next and not their spouses,” Raven noticed, “I would really like seeing friends of that filth suffer as well. Wouldn’t you like to see Professor Longbottom, one of the many professors who never seemed to care about us but absolutely adored the Weasleys, suffer?”

She was right. Viper would love to see his Herbology professor suffer. He had always showed special treatment to those Potter and Weasley brats. This would show him not to play favorites.

“When do we kill them?” Viper asked, standing up, ready to kill.




***I hope you enjoyed that chapter :) Any guesses on who Raven and Viper are? Well, you have plenty of time to guess! As always, I hope you continue to read and review :D ***

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