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Such is Life by timeturner_4197
Chapter 5 : Forgive and...Forget?
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 I have always loved Christmas time. It's a time where no matter how bad things might get, there is always that happy ambiance to turn to. It's a welcoming, cozy holiday that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. I especially like Hogsmeade during Christmas. It's so beautiful with all of the snow, garland, and wreaths everywhere. Carolers surround the place, roasting chestnuts and everyone is frantically shopping for gifts for their loved ones. 

It's saturday morning and I'm getting ready to go out with Scorpius. I'm not gonna lie I'm a little nervous, but after studying together all week, I've become a lot more comfortable around him. I can actually carry a normal converstation with him, look him in the eye, and I barely even turn red! I don't know about you, but I consider that a big step...




"Oi, where are you going Rose?" Dom asks me when she walks into the bathroom and sees me getting ready.




"Just getting ready to go to Hogsmeade." I'm trying not to mention the fact that I'm going with Scorpius. It's not like it's an official date or anything but I know that Dom is into him so I don't want to get her upset.


"With who, Rosie?" asks a long, dark haired girl. Victoria comes in and joins our conversation.




"Oh. Just...uhm, a study group." Did I mention that I'm bad at lying?




Victoria furrows her eyebrows in confusion at my awkwardness."Yeah. Alright." she comments.




In an attempt to change the subject I decide to tell them about Caroline. "Okay guys I have to tell you something," My voice gets quiet and I go creep to see if Caroline is asleep then shut the bathroom door. "It's about Caroline."




"Yeah?" Dom asks, standing on the counter. Merlin help that girl.




"Oi! Well, tell us!" Victoria loves gossip.




"Okay," I know I shouldn't say anything. But I think they should know. "But you cannot tell anyone...Caroline's sneaking around with James."




Victoria's jaw looks like it could touch the floor and Dom is so shocked that she slipped off the counter. 




Maybe this was a bad idea...




"POTTER? As in your cousin? James Sirius Potter?!Wow, Eli's is going to flip..."




Yep. Bad idea.




"Sshh, yes. But I haven't asked her about it. I just heard them in the corridor so you have to promise you won't say anything!"




"We won't...but I thought she like Albus," Dom asks, confused.




"That's what I thought but she never admitted to it. He likes her and they're going to keep it a secret apparantly. But, I dont know. What do I say to her? I might just let it unfold by itself...But I think I might have said something to Scorpius when we were working on our project..."




"Rose Jean Weasley! What excactly did you say? You need to learn to keep your mouth shut," Dom gives out to me. You know you've hit rock botton when you're being lectured by Dominique. 




"Nothing really. I just mentioned that I caught her with a guy. I didn't mention anything about James..."




"That's not anything to worry about then," Victoria says, now curling my hair with her wand.




"Yeah but Victoria, him and Al are best friends. What if he says something?" 




"I think Al will be okay. Besides Scorpius is really trusting," Dom mentions. And this is why I don't like to mention Scorpius around her. She gets all gooey eyed and all of that stuff.




Victoria finishes with my hair and I get dressed. I give myself a glance in the mirror. I look pretty good. My hair actually managed to curl and not just frizz. Despite my unfortunate features (Mum's frizzy hair, Dad's nose) I'm not unattractive. I'm no Delacour-Weasley but I clean up pretty well. Guys are, for the most part, interested in me. But because of my awkward and intense personality (and the fact that I shoo them off because of my infatuation with Malfoy) they don't really like to get involved with me.




Caroline is still sleeping when I leave at eleven. I feel really bad not confronting her about James. I shouldn't even have been eavesdropping. But Caroline is my best friend and I don't want things to go bad for her. If she wants me to know, she will tell me. And I leave it at that.




I pass James, Eli, Fred, and Ryan Oliver on my way out of the common room.




Eli is putting the moves on some poor girl and James is trying to hex some third year. I'm so annoyed with him I yell something like "YOU ARE SUCH A PRAT JAMES SIRIUS! WHY? WHY ARE YOU SUCH A PRAT? DON'T ANSWER PLEASE. TEN POINTS FROM GRYFFINDOR." Yeah, I will take points away from my own house because I can do that.




"Merlin Weasley, what got into you?"




I meet Scorpius in the Great Hall around half noon. We greet and head towards Hogsmeade. At first I'm kind of short with him because all I can think about is him and Dom. But I remind myself that they aren't officially together.




"So you wanna stop by The Three Broomsticks to grab some lunch?" he asks.




"Yeah that sounds good. I'd kill for a butterbeer."




We arrive at the pub and grab a table. As usual, there are a lot of Hogwarts students there. We get some looks of suprise because Malfoy and I are actually being civilized towards eachother. We are there for about an hour just making small talk until we remember we have to work on our project.




I sit, writting my paper, while Malfoy just sits there with his chin on a stack of books.




"You look nice today Rose."




"Thanks," I say not looking up from my paper.




"Are you excited for the match next week? Slytherin's looking really good."




I make 'psh' noise and I make an attempt at a sarcastic laugh. Weird.




"Alright, Malfoy, whatever you say. But Gryffindor is clearly going to wipe the dust off your pretty little brooms," I say in retaliation.




"I don't know, Weasley. You're looking at the best keeper to play at Hogwarts since your Uncle Harry."




"First, my Uncle Harry wasn't even that good. And second, you're looking at Hogwart's best chaser since...well ever."




This is how our afternoon has been going all day. As simplistic as it is, it's kind of nice. It seems like Malfoy is actually trying to make advances towards me. And I, being the Gryffindor that I am, try to do the same.. After this day, I sort of think that it is me that he likes. We have been spending a lot of time together. And not even when we're studying. We eat together, sit next to eachother in class, and even meet up with eachother on free hours. But then again, I could be going crazy.




"Hey, Rose listen," he states. I stop to listen because he sounds serious. 




"Remember when I told you I liked someone?" he grabs my hand across the table.




"Yeah?" I try to answer casually. Of course, my attempts at acting normal fail and I start to turn red and a little shaky.




"Well... I-,"




"Rose could I please talk to you?!"




Great. Malfoy's...maybe confession of love for me is rudely interrupted by Caroline's sudden appearance. Thank you King for picking the worst moment ever to interrupt.




"Sorry to interrupt but it's urgent," she claims, tapping her finger on the table.


"Uh, yeah. Do you mind?" I ask Scorpius.




"No, I'm actually meeting someone in about fifeteen minutes. So I'll see you around, yeah?"




"Sure. See you later."




Caroline takes Scorpius' seat and casts the Muffliato charm.




"Caroline what's going on, is everything okay?" I ask worriedly.




"You know about me and James?" She states it as bluntly as anyone could have said it.




Shit. Merlin, Fuck. This might be the worst moment in history. I would rather be hanging out with Molly and her cat right now. 




Whew, it's really hot. Is that my heart making that beating noise?


"I will take your silence as a yes-"




"How do you know I know?!" I'm really confused at this point. Is she mad? Happy? She'going to kill me. I know it. How could I be so stupid?!




"I heard you talking to Dom and Vic about it in the bathroom."




Oh. And I'm supposed to be the brains of this family?




"Look, I'm not mad that you know. You shouldn't have told anyone...but I'll forgive and forget. Rose, you have to promise me you won't tell anyone else!"




"Caroline, I'm so confused. You and James?! Do you know how much of a mess this will be?! Especially if you keep this a secret. You should te-,"




"NO! No no no no no. I can't tell anyone and you have to promise not to tell," she pleads.




"Fine," I promise.I lean back in my seat. " can't say I didn't warn you, Carol." I raise my eyebrows at her and she shudders. She hates when I call her that.




"Thank you, Rosie. And I'm sorry I interrupted...whatever that was with you and Malfoy." She winks and I turn red. 




Oh, Carol.






I walk back to Hogwarts by myself as Caroline has promised to meet James at Hog's Head. Despite the fact that it is only December third, I am already up to my knees in snow. I get back to the common room as soon as possible and run to the fire to dry off. When I approach the fireplace, I see that it is already occupied. I see my little cousin getting warm next to a boy with jet-black hair.




"Hey Lils. Hey Ethan," I greet.




"Oh, hey Rose," they both mumble as they separate. 




"I should probably go, Lily," Ethan says, standing up. Even though he is two years my junior, he is already quite taller than me. "I told Paul I would meet him at six."


Who Paul is, I don't know but they say their goodbyes and it's just me and Lily by the fire.




"So, you and Ethan," I say with a smile growing on my face. Her ears turn red.




"That?!" She says pointing towards the door. "That's nothing."




I pull my feet up to my chest. "Come on Lils, you obviously like eachother. And it's okay if you do,"




"I don't know. We're a thing, I guess," she confesses. "But nothings happened and I don't want to openly date someone. It will happen as it always does: James and Al will try to scare them off as usual and Ethan won't want to talk to me again."




It's true. James and Al think it's their duty to scare off every guy that Lily has ever liked and/or dated. Of course, I dont think James will say anything because that would make him a hypocrite. He's dating his best friend's little sister. He is in for his own beating. Of course, I don't tell Lily this. And Al...well he's not as tough as he thinks he is.




"And Ethan is one of my best friends and I don't wanna go mucking it all up."




Poor girl. I give her my best sympathies and tell her that everything will be alright. After enriching myself in fourth year drama, I head up to my dormitory.




Nobody's back from Hogsmeade yet, so I decide to cherish the quiet and grab a book. I flop on my bed but as soon as I do, I am interrupted by loud voices from downstairs.




I walk out of my dorm and out of the hallway. I stop at the balcony that looks over the common room. 


"LOOK WHAT WE GOT!!!" I look over to find James, Fred, and Eli doing a victory dance. There isn't anyone else in the common room besides Lily and a couple of second years who look scared and run away. Good for them. Get out while you can.




I'm not really sure I want to know why they're yelling but I ask anyway..because I'm being thick today.




"What is all this shouting?"




They look up at me proudly.




"Well, my dearest cousin, we just got our hands on a trunkfull of Firewhiskey! Not to mention we hit the jackpot at Uncle George's shop. 15 canary creams, 25 trick wands, three portable swamps, and one Weasley's wildfire Whiz-bangs."




I roll my eyes. I decide not to question where they got the firewhiskey or how and if they paid for all of the Wheeze's products.




"We're throwing a party. And of course we have one skilled caster of the muffliato charm," he says pointing at me. "You know so we don't bother Longbottom or the first years."




"Oh no, Potter. I'm not getting involved in your little party."




"Come on, Rose. We always have party's in here. And you always have fun. How is it different than any other weekend?"




"Fine. But please don't use the portable swamps. I hate that. Save it for the Room of Requirement or something."




I quickly cast the charm and run off to my dormitory.






Despite what I said to James, I am actually excited for tonight. Maybe Scorpius and I will have a chance to finish the conversation that we were having earlier. 




I take a quick shower then dress myself in dark jeans and a pretty lavender blouse. I put my make-up on more carefully than normal and do my hair. I going to look awfully good...just saying.




People start coming into the common room around nine and by ten, the party is in full swing. When I finally get downstairs, I am bombarded by an intoxicated Ryan Oliver.




"Weasley!" he breathes on me. He reeks of drink. "Here, have a firewhiskey!"




I shrug and take the drink. I lean back on a table and scan the scene around me, looking for Scorpius. It's getting pretty out of hand. There are people snogging in corners, playing with canary creams, and two Ravenclaws have started performing a strip tease. I see Victoria talking to her twin sister, Sarah. I see Caroline casually talking to Hufflepuff Gregory Macmillan and I see Al's eyes fill with jealousy. I give up on finding Scorpius when I see Dom talking to Fred. I walk over to her.




"Dominique!" I say in an annoying voice, hugging her from behind. We always greet eachother like this as a joke ever since third year...there was a group of annoying seventh year girls who would always do it.




"Rosie! You'll never guess!"




"Uh, you're really excited to see me?"




She laughs. "Yeah...but no. Keep guessing!"




"You got a tattoo in Hogsmeade today?"




"Rose, really..."




Hey, that was an actual guess. Whatever. Nothing can ruin my mood.




"What, my dearest cousin?"




"Scorpius and I are dating!"




Well...except that.

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