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Beyond the Veil by Tazzi
Chapter 1 : Sirius Lee
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I never thought much about dying. I’ve done too many stupid or reckless things to care about that. But I’ve always been surrounded by death. The war that surrounded my generation didn’t stop, even after I was sent away to prison. Everyone thought that it was over; the Boy Who Lived became a legend. However, it didn’t take a genius to tell that it wasn’t over, because as long as there’s a spark, there’s going to be a fire and as long as there is a fire someone is going to get burned. Somehow, we had to stop the fire before it began.

That is just a dream though. There is nothing that I could have done to stop Voldemort from coming to power. I should have protected everyone better though. My best friends were taken and it was all my fault. The only way I can even begin to make up for it was by protecting their son. By protecting Harry.

But that was all over. As I entered the Ministry of Magic, I knew that my end was near. I would tango with the Death Eaters and do everything in my power to protect the kids that came here. The first thing I saw when I enter the room was Harry. The next part was all a blur to me, but before I knew it, I was falling. Falling through a veil, as Bellatrix rolled yet another curse off the tip of her tongue.

And that was that. I was dead. I failed at the last job James and Lily left to me. I could no longer protect Harry.

My name was Sirius Black.



“Oi! Mate, are you just going to remain there like a wounded Boggart?”

My head seemed to clear when the familiar voice rang through the air. My eyes opened wide and I shot up. At first I was confused to where I was, but then I recognized the sound of the carts moving of the tracks and the golden trim on the seats. I was on the Hogwarts Express and sitting across from me, with his messy hair and stupid “I’m up to no good,” grin was James Potter. Except, he wasn’t completely the way I remembered him. He was younger. A lot younger.

“James?” I asked, still not completely sure.

He rolled his eyes. “Of course, Padfoot. Who else is this good looking at this age?”

I felt a smile creep onto my face. A true smile, one that I had not worn in years.

“It’s good to see you Prongs, but do you mind if I ask a question.”

“Shoot.” He waved his hands and leaned back, like this was no big deal and we just saw one another yesterday.

I swallowed the lump that appeared in my throat as I tried not to choke over this next question. “Am…Am I dead?”

James laughed and winked at me. “What do you think?”

I groaned. “Well since you’re here, I’m assuming yes. Though I don’t know what’s so funny.”

I closed my eyes and put my head in my hands. Another thought came to my mind, “Why do you look like this anyways?”

James laughed. “Not sure mate.” There was a long pause and then he spoke again. “I think we look this way because it’s the age we first met and technically we are meeting again for the first time, just in a different life, the afterlife to be exact.”

“Aren’t we a philosophical one…Wait! What do you me we?” My head shot up and looked at him.

He grinned and pointed to the window. I looked and for the first since I woke in this crazy place, I saw my appearance. Even though there was nothing but white, outside the window I saw a clear picture of my face and I looked like I did when I first started Hogwarts. Long hair, for a boy, and dark eyes, my baby face not completely filled out.

I turned to James. “Why?”

He shrugged. “Maybe it’s to help you.”

“Help me how?” I looked down at my robes and noticed they were Hogwarts, with no house.

“To wherever you are going.” James said sadly.

I looked up.

James smiled with a somewhat sad look in his eyes, “You’re not dead, Sirius. In fact, you are actually far from it.”

“I don’t understand, I died. Bellatrix,” I said my cousin’s name like a swear word, “Killed me.”

“Not quite, mate.” James said matter-of-factly. “She would have if you didn’t fall into the veil. The veil saved you, but it doesn’t mean you can go back to your time.”

“My time?”

“Yes, we are either going backwards…or forwards…It’s wherever your heart takes you.” James said.

“Then it has to be back, to when we first met! That’s why you’re here! That’s why we look like this.” I smiled at James. This was a chance to change everything that happened. James and Lily would never die and if I had my way, Peter would never know James, Remus and I.

James however, did not look as excited about this as me. “We’ll see.”

He looked out the window and appeared to be looking at something. I don’t know what. All I could see is white.

“It looks like we are here.” He stood up and turned to me. “Sirius, no matter what time we are in you must promise me something.”

I nodded.

James smiled. “Don’t dwell in the past too much. You can’t change the future, you can just live.”

I raised my eyebrows, I figured it would be something else. “Sure mate.”

I reached for the door and we walked down the train to the exit. Before I stepped out I realized that he stopped behind me.


He shook his head.

“Aren’t you coming?”

James looked up and I saw a tear stream down his face. “No Sirius, this time you must begin your new adventure without me.”

I took a step forward towards him starting to protest what he just said. At the same time he took a step forward too, with his hands out he made contact with my chest and I fell backwards through the door of the train. Trying to grab on to anything to stop myself I heard James’ final words as he disappeared into a bright blinding light.

“Goodbye, best mate.”

Those were the last words I heard James Potter say to me as I fell once more.



Chapter 1: Sirius Lee

(Sirius POV)

I woke up for the second time, with a pounding headache. As I got up I vaguely realized that something moved from underneath me.

I’m going to kill you James Potter.

I swear it.

I’m going to kill myself, then come and kill you.

My vision was slightly blurry after hitting my head on what I could only assume was the Platform to Hogwarts. I was blinking several times when I heard a voice from under me.

“Hey! Do you mind?”

“Sorry,” I said somewhat irked. Whoever this was had an arrogant tone and I could tell that even if I didn’t fall on him, from being pushed by my best mate, mind you, we wouldn’t have liked one another anyways. That or we would be best friends. “I just got pushed off of the train.”

“Well you could at least get off of me.” The boy said. It had to be a boy. No girl could sound this way, hopefully. “Who pushed you anyways? I don’t see anyone up there.”

I regained my eyesight finally and looked around. It was true that no one was up in the train now. In fact, the train looked like people had just started getting on it. Wait…getting on?

I took a look around and noticed that this was not the Platform at Hogwarts, but the Platform to Hogwarts. This was Platform 9 ¾. Why was I here? I looked to the boy I landed on for answers when I nearly choked on air.

In front of me was James Potter, except not because he was different.

He had the same face that James had except he had brown hair instead of black and no glasses, but similar brown eyes. He also sported newer, more modern clothes than James had, or at least I suppose they were modern – I had never seen casual Muggle clothes quite like these.

“JAMES! What do you think you’re doing?”

We both jumped as a red-haired lady approached up swiftly. The boy, I mean the boy that looked like James, who was also called James, shot up. As the women reached us he already started talking.

“I didn’t do anything Mum. This boy landed on me! I swear, please don’t take my broom away.”

The women looked from me to him. She had red-hair and freckles all over her face, clearly not my best mate’s mother, but this imposter James’ mother. She had a threatening air about her and seemed to have the fear of Merlin struck in her son. As I looked at her brown eyes I was reminded of someone and it wasn’t the first red-head I normally think of.

“Ginny Weasley?” I said out loud.

She turned back to me and glared. I suppose I guessed wrong. I swallowed the new lump in my throat.

“It’s actually Potter now. Ginny Potter, if you don’t mind and Mrs. Potter to a boy like you.” As she spoke it seemed like she didn’t mean to come across harsh, although she did.

My head was spinning.

If this was Ginny Weasley, now Potter, then she must have married Harry. If Ginny and Harry got married and the boy in front of me named James, then he was probably their son. And if I’m in front of the new James Potter and Ginny Potter, then that must mean…I’m in the future?

As my head continued to try and wrap itself around this new piece of information, Ginny turned back to her son.

“Now James, I want you to remember our little talk that we had on our ride over here.”

“Yes, Mum.”

“No funny business and don’t think that you are out of trouble just because you are heading off to school. We’ll continue this discussion later, now help that boy and get on the train.”

James offered me a hand and I took it. Only half registering that I did so. I followed him onto the train and by this time I heard the sounding of the whistle for departure. James loaded his trunk on after us and then leaned out the train to close the door. His mother, Ginny Potter, said one last threatening goodbye before he did.

“Remember, just because I’m not at Hogwarts doesn’t mean that our friends won’t tell us if you’re up to something.”

Ginny sent a final glare at James. He nodded. Not saying another word.

Ginny now smiled. “Have a good year James and I’ll be expecting you on the holidays.”

“Yes, Mum.” With that James shut the door and the train started to move again.

He turned to me and gave me a worried look.

That’s when I cracked. It was too funny. I burst out laughing like a mad man. James the second, gave me a weird look.

“Umm…are you okay?”

“No…but it’s just so funny…” I continued to laugh.

“Well I don’t know if you noticed, but she’s kind of scary when she gets like that…” James the second said in his defense.

“No it’s not that…”

“Then what is it?” James the second huffed at me.

“It’ll take too long to explain.” I stopped laughing and grinned. “Plus you won’t believe me.”

James grinned back.

“Try me.” He dared and I was reminded of James, the first James. The pure innocents that we had when we first met. It brought upon an awful feeling. It was sadness and happiness at the same time. I was so confused.

“Umm…well I don’t know where to begin really…” I mumbled.

James appeared to be in thought for a moment and then spoke again. “Well why don’t we first sit down, if you don’t mind I would like to put my trunk somewhere.”

“Well, I already have a spot over here…I think…”

“You think?” James the second asked.

“Yeah, let’s go see if any prick took it.” I laughed. As I helped James the second, some concerns arose in my head.

If I was going to Hogwarts again, where was all my stuff? I already had the robes on and it appeared that my wand was in my pocket, but what about my trunk. The rest of my clothes, underwear and everything else I needed. Where would I stay for the holidays and who were my parents or guardians? Did I even have those in this weird messed up world?

Speaking of this world, what happened to Voldemort? Harry? Remus? Or even that bastard Peter for that matter. I don’t even know the year and if I ask that will raise questions in return which I currently am not capable of answering.

I could now understand why time turnings were so dangerous and how they had to be controlled. One wrong word and everything could become messed up. Not that it isn’t already.

About a million other questions popped into my head when we entered the compartment, luckily there was no one there except a trunk in the overhead compartment.

“Is this your bag?” James the second asked me.

That was a good question. “Umm…what does the name tag say?”

James dropped his end of the trunk on the floor, letting it land with a thud. “It say Lee, Sirius, is that you?”

I froze. So the full name was Sirius…Lee…Sirius Lee…good Merlin James, if this was your idea of a joke I am going to strangle your grandson. I swear…

“Yeah…” I said dully with a lack of humor dripping from my voice. “That’s me…”

James raised an eyebrow and burst out laughing. “So your name is Sirius Lee? Seriously?”

“My parents were assholes…” Apparently, my dead best mate was too. Well, at least death didn’t kill his sense of humor…or love of pranks…

“Sorry…” James said gasping for air. “If it makes you fill any better my middle name is Sirius.”

I froze. “What? Really?” A grin appeared on my face.

“Yeah, my dad wanted to name me after my grandfather and his godfather. He said that he hoped I would inherit their courage and talents, except for getting into trouble.” He smirked my favorite James Potter smirk.

“James Sirius Potter, huh?” I said out loud to myself. “Has a nice ring I suppose.”

“Better than Sirius Lee!” James smirk widen.

“Yeah, yeah shut up!” I smirked back at him.

I helped him lift his, rather heavy, trunk up next to mine. Then it dawned on me, I could get information from James this way. All I had to do was continue asking question about his family, right?

I sat down across from James and decide to start simple.

“So what’s it like having a famous father?” That should be easy enough, Harry would still be the infamous ‘Boy Who Lived,’ and anyone would know that. If Harry died, it might be a touchy topic but I needed to get information somehow and this was the most directly indirect way I could think of.

Fortunately James seemed to take it well. “He’s not that famous.” James rolled his eyes. It seemed like he was use to this question, just like Harry was use to being told he looked like his father, except the eyes. The response was automatic and light. But that told me nothing, I needed to push for details.

“The ‘Boy Who Lived’ is kind of famous.” I laughed.

James nodded. “Yeah, not once but twice, plus he’s getting a lot of publicity for becoming the new Head Auror. The Minster of Magic, Kingsley, told my brother and I that he would probably be his successor after his term.”

It took me a moment to process everything that he just said. Harry was alive? This was too good to be true! Not only that but he defeated Voldemort, I’m assuming at least. I didn’t quite understand the ‘twice’ thing James, was referring to, but this was all good news. I wanted to jump out of my seat and give James a hug. I made side notes about Harry’s job and that fact that Kingsley was the current Minister.

“Well that’s something that’s quite exciting.” I said, hardly able to control the excitement in my voice. “Umm, is your brother older or younger?”

“Which one?” James asked.

“You have two?” I was really excited now.

“Kind of.” James shrugged. “I’m technically the oldest if you are counting only blood relatives, but Teddy is pretty much family. I mean he’s over at our house almost every day and pretty much lives in my room, Albus’ or the guest room. My two siblings Albus and Lily are younger. Albus by one year and Lily by three. Teddy though is my dad’s godson, and he’s a seventh year now.”

James seemed excited when he talked about his family. I was too. Harry and Ginny had three children. I kind of wondered about the name Albus though. It’s true that Harry always looked up to him, but they never really had that much time together. Harry did make Dumbledore’s Army, but that was against the old hag Umbridge. I kind of wondered what happened though. I can understand James and Lily and even to an extension my own name, but does that mean Dumbledore died?

Dumbledore wasn’t young by any means however; it was just odd to imagine a world without him. This also worried me a bit, because if Dumbledore was gone who was I going to turn to when I get to Hogwarts? I was hoping that I could divulge my secret to someone there, but with Dumbledore gone the question was who could I trust?

I would have to ask questions about Dumbledore later. Those would draw attention to how little I knew about this time period. Dumbledore was one of the better known wizards and most would know about his death. Especially, if he was gone a while.

I instead drew my attention to this Teddy, who was almost a part of the Potter family. Right as I was about to ask an older student opened the doors to our compartment and grinned at us.

He was certainly odd. Even for the Wizarding World. He had bright blue hair with a bit of pink. I was at once reminded of my dear cousin, Nymphadora Tonks. However, I wasn’t sure that this was her child. It’s very rare to pass on her special trait of being a metamorphmagus. Not impossible of course, but unlikely. Plus when I last saw her she was pining over a certain werewolf who was too self- involved to even try dating Tonks. Although, I on more than one occasion insisted that she would be good for him.

He was already wearing his robes and pinned upon his robes next to his Gryffindor emblem was a Head Boy badge. I was torn between if I liked him already or not. He was a Gryffindor, but he was the Head Boy. This could be good or bad.

“Already making friends James?” The older boy asked.

“Is that so hard to believe?” James grinned at him.

“Considering that you and Albus are practically inseparable half the time, I figured I would have found you smuggling him in your trunk.” The boy smirked.

Thus far I liked him, he apparently knew the Potter family and was not afraid to tease James.

“Shut up Teddy.” James pouted.

Ah! So this was Teddy. Then that means he is Harry’s godson. But who were his parents? Tonks and Remus had to be out of the question. His hair could just be dyed or enchanted.

Teddy sat down next to James and nodded toward me with a smile. “Hello, are you a first year?”

“Yes.” I said.

“I look forward to seeing you in Gryffindor then.” He winked.

James then turned and interrupted us. “You didn’t go to the Prefect meeting looking like that did you?”

Teddy grinned. “Of course! How else would I go? McGonagall picked me and knows how I am. She wouldn’t love me any other way. Amber, the Head Girl, looked like she was about to strangle me though. I don’t think she was expecting me to get Head Boy.”

Teddy and James laughed.

I picked up on McGonagall’s name, but I was more interested in Teddy at the moment. Teddy looked back to me.

“I’m sorry, what was your name?” He asked.

“I’m Sirius.” I said.

“It’s nice to meet you Sirius, and I hope that you would look after our little Jamie-boy here.” Teddy said ruffling James’ hair. He then extended his other hand. “I’m Teddy by the way, Teddy Lupin.”

My eyes about exploded from their sockets.

This was Remus Lupin’s son. It had to be. He had Tonk’s hair. This was their child. There was no other explanation. Well, there was, but that involved this all being a dream.

“It’s nice to meet you too.” I said, shaking his hand and trying to keep my voice even.

Why was I being so stupid? It was all there. He had Remus’ face and Tonks’ eyes and…well…hair. He was outgoing like his mother, but a little more refined and responsible like his father. I felt like hugging the boy – hell, I would even kiss him I was so happy.

This was so crazy and insane. I shook my head and tried to collect my thoughts.

Teddy got up and I kind of wanted to yell at him and force him to sit back down. I knew that probably wouldn’t be too wise though. I was trying not to raise suspicion and bombarding him with questions about his mother and father would probably not help my case. My thoughts fell on Remus. I wondered if they had more children? This also gave me the perfect person to talk to about my current situation. I grinned to myself. I was already imagining the look on Remus’ face if I popped up on his door step.

“Well Jamie, I’m off, Fred was looking for you earlier by the way. If I see him again I’ll point him in your direction.”  Teddy turned to me. “It was nice to meet you.”

“Likewise.” I said grinning at the new ideas coming into my head.

“Where are you off to?” James asked.

“I’m going to go see Vicky for a bit before my rounds.” Teddy saluted James as he opened the compartment.

James smirked. “Going to go snog her, Teddy?”

Teddy’s face turned red. “No, James.” He said a bit too quickly. “We are just friends, besides I wouldn’t want your uncle breathing down my neck or anything if he thought I was dating his daughter…which I’m not!” He added a bit too defensively. I smirked to myself as he left.

I could tell that they were in fact, dating. Or he at the very least fancied her.

I turned to James. “So I take it he’s dating your cousin?”

I asked even though I was completely sure he was. It was probably a cousin on Ginny’s side of the family I’m guessing, one of her older brothers, Bill or Charlie perhaps?

James shook his head. “I like to tease him because they are really close friends. They aren’t dating though. Victoire and Teddy just spend a lot of time together.”

“Are you sure?” I doubted that was all.

James nodded. “Like he said, he doesn’t want my uncle Bill breathing down his neck. He’s protective of his daughters.”

“Maybe that’s why they are keeping it a secret.” I told him.

James just shook his head.

I frowned.

I didn’t think I was wrong. Maybe James was just too young to see it. I was sure though. He acted just like Remus did when he was trying to hide something and when he liked a girl. I would bet money that they were secretly dating behind their families’ backs. I could understand, I guess Teddy was close to the family and probably didn’t want any trouble while they were still in school.

I grinned. “Want to make a bet on it?”

James raised an eyebrow. “On if they are dating?”


James raise an eyebrow. “And what are you betting on?”

“That they are secretly dating right now. It’ll probably be revealed when they are out of school, but the main point is they are dating.” I told James.

“And how will we confirm this?” James asked, but he looked interested at least.

“It’ll eventually come out when one of them graduates, or around that time. If not then we’ll ask them directly again around that time.” I informed him. “We’ll just have to wait and see.”

“Sounds good. What will we wager?”

“Hmm…how about the loser has to do whatever the winner says for a day?”

James thought about this. I made it easy sense we were young, or he was at least. I would work up to bigger bets when we got to know one another a bit more. Hopefully, by then I will know this time period a bit better too.

“Deal!” James finally said and he reached out his hand.

I grabbed it and we shook on it. This reminded me of the first bet I made with the other James. Same wager, different girl and guy. James bet he would end up with Lily. I bet against it. This brought another smile to my face.

Once again the compartment slide open and I looked to see who it was. A young boy, first year from the look of his unmarked robes, came in. He had darker skin and dark hair with a red streak on one side. He closed the compartment quickly and looked at me.

With a smile he took my hand. “Fred Weasley,” he said quickly. “And the pleasure is all yours. Now I know what you’re thinking.” He said as he sat down next to me. “‘How in the world can I convince this gorgeous young man into giving me free Weasley Wizard Whizz merchandise?’ Well, you can’t, but you can help me improve the ones I nicked off my dad just this very morning as we left the shop for the Platform, minus the fireworks I just used on the group of Slytherins a few moments ago.” 

Fred Weasley? I wondered. Wasn’t that the name of one of the twin? They were trying to start up a joke shop. I can only imagine the look on their mother’s face when they finally succeeded. It probably put her in an early grave…

“Fred, this is Sirius.” James introduced me. I was still taking in everything he said to me in a hurry. He talked fast like a salesman. Considering from what I gathered, his father was one of the twins and his personality fits perfectly.

“It’s nice to meet you, finally! I’ve heard very little about you from Teddy not two minutes ago and I must say, his five word sentence he gave me does not do you justice.” Fred put his arm around me. “‘James has a new friend.’ Teddy told me. I have to admit I was concerned at first, but now that I meet you I can say that you look like the type of guy that would be willing to jump off of the Gryffindor tower with me, as a seventh year prank, on our very last day. We’ll have to improve the rockets first of course, but by seventh year they should be perfect!”

This had to be one of the twins boys…If the name didn’t give it away then this certainly did…

James rolled his eyes at his cousin; I suppose this Fred Weasley would be his cousin if his mother was Ginny.

“That is…” Fred removed his arm from my shoulder and gave me a very grave look. “That is…if you are in Gryffindor…if not I have to take back every word I’ve ever said to you and shoot a firecracker in your face.”

I laughed. When I looked back at Fred his expression had not changed.

“I’m pretty sure I’m in Gryffindor. I don’t think they could put me anywhere else.” I’m pretty sure that if I was placed there the first time I would be placed there again.

Fred’s face lit up and I noticed that James’ did too for that matter.

“That’s perfect then!” Fred said, he then turned quickly to James. “Mum and dad say hi by the way.”

“Same from my mum and dad.” James replied casually.

“Dad also says good job on the toilet.” Fred continued like he was trying to go through a list he memorized. “He wanted to know how mad Aunt Ginny was.”

James’ face fell.

Fred seemed amused. “That bad?”

“I don’t want to talk about it…”

“What happened?” I asked Fred.

Fred placed his arm around my shoulder once again. “Well, Jamie here went and blew up the toilet at the Potter Manor.” Fred said in a sing-song voice. “My favorite part that I heard was how you tried to blame Lily’s cat.”

“It was!” James shouted at Fred.

“Really? Do tell.” Fred seemed eager for the whole story.

“Lily’s dumb cat got into my room and messed with the fireworks you sent me for my last birthday.” James explained. “I thought that if I thought if I gave it a warning it would stay out of my room…”

“Warning?” Fred and I asked at the same time.

James nodded and looked down. “I put a small firecracker on the cat’s tail…”

There was a pause followed by a fit of laughter from myself and Fred.

“Shut up! I only wanted to do it until I scared it a bit, but when the first part went off the dumb cat shoot up and out of my room, when I found it, the dumb thing didn’t have the firecracker on its tail anymore and the next thing I heard was the toilet blowing up along with half the sink.” James finished.

Fred and I continued laughing.

“You’re mum was probably having kittens by the time everything was sorted out.” Fred said after he stopped laughing.

James nodded.

“Well it could have been worst.” I told him.

“How?” James asked glaring at Fred who was still chuckling every now and then.

“You could be ten.” I said.

James raised an eyebrow.

“This happened recently right?” I asked him.

“This morning…” James said.

I suppressed a chuckle.

“Well, you at least get to go to school and hopefully by the time Christmas rolls around she would have cooled down.” I said.

James thought about this for a moment and then grinned.

“I would wait to go home until summer if I were you Jamie.” Fred said.

With that we all laughed.

The next few hours went by in a blur. I didn’t know I could have this much fun again. I felt like I was eleven again and on the Hogwarts Express for the first time with James, and for that most part this was all true. It might be a different James but it felt good to laugh and make new friends. Not worry about the woes of the Wizarding world and just have fun.

Deep down I was sad, because I lost a very dear friend. But that was fourteen years ago…no more than fourteen years ago now. Although I’m not sure how much. Even though I lost James and Lily I felt like I was getting it all back. Not the same as before, but not entirely different either. I lost a friend and I was gaining a new one. Not the same and not better or worst but different.

All that mattered right now was I was going back to Hogwarts. For better or worst would only tell with time.



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