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Flashbacks *Part TWO in The Dream Series* by Magnolia
Chapter 4 : Chapter 4
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The next few weeks past quickly and before the Gryfinndors knew it Quidditch Try-outs were here. Wood had come back to play keeper, so Harry could test the Chaser candidates. He was full of Quidditch stories. Wood eat, sleeped and breathed quidditch, Harry loved Quidditch but Wood was obsessed with it.

The keeper was easy to pick, Tom London was by far the best there. He guarded all but 4 of the Quaffles Alicia and Katie threw. Everyone else was missing 10 and 20 of them, so he was doing very good.

The Chaser was harder to pick. Wood was guarding the polls, and ten Gryfinndors were up in the air flying, and trying to get the Quaffles through the hoops. They were all good, but none of them stood out. Then Fred showed Harry a girl. He told her that all the Quaffles he had seen her throw had gone threw. Harry watched her and, she was really, really good! She had short brown hair and looked like she was about a 2nd, maybe a 3rd year. The Gryfinndors landed and Harry stood up.

"You all did very well, but this year we only have 1 chaser spot open. I'm sorry I can't pick all of you, but we can only pick one. You come here."

He pointed to the back where the girl with the brown hair was.

"This is our new chaser!"

The team applauded and there were several groans from the turn downs. When they had left, Harry took the girl over to the team and said.

"You're really good! Where did you learn to fly like that!"

"Thanks! My mom says I take after my aunt, she was Ravenclaws captain along time ago."

"O.k. this is Fred, George, Alicia, Katie, I'm Harry and you are?"

"Oh sorry I forgot that part" she said "My name is Ann Windell"

Harry was dug deep into his thoughts. According to his dream Windell was Sirius's xFiance's last name. Then he looked at Ann, Ann looked similar to a girl, in a picture of his mom and her friends. Harry had never really paid much attention to the picture before, but.........

"Earth to Harry! Hello! Harry!" said George

"Oh sorry, well Tom, Ann, Welcome to the team." And with that said he left.

As he walked to the common room he was in a daze. Ann Windell, Elizabeth Windell, they looked fairly alike. Could they be mother and daughter? He pulled his album out of the trunk and looked at a picture of his Mom and her friends. Then he wondered about Sirius. Could they have really been engaged?

He woke up at around 4 in the morning, and decided to head to the library to see what he could find on this Elizabeth person. He had a picture of her. (Or atleast he thought it was apicture of her) It was a picture of his Mom and four of her friends The picture he had recognized Ann from. He had dug deep into his mind to find anything he could on Elizabeth. Then he remember a few small details, he remembered that she was a Gryfinndor, and she worked in the department of mysteries in the ministry. He looked but she was only mentioned once in "The Big book of the ministry" Her full name was Elizabeth Ann Windell, but that was all he could find in there. He started looking through a book of old daily prophet articles. Then he'd done it! He'd found something!

Sirius Black sent to Azkaban on wedding day

Sirius Black was sent to Azkaban last night after murdering what most thought was one of his closest friends. Peter Pettigrew was blasted into shreds by Black. Along with Peter, Black killed 12 others with the same curse. Among the crowd was Black's fiance' Ms. Elizabeth Windell. Today was going to be their wedding day, your reporter was supposed to be a bridesmaid, but as soon as Black blasted Pettigrew ministry officials were on him right away and they escorted him to Azkaban. For a short while we believed Ms. Windell would be number 14 killed but, she was thankfully only unconscious. When asked to comment on her experiences she burst into tears and shut the door, but can you blame her?

It went on for a little while calling Sirius a murderer (several times) then it ended like this

Mr. Barty Crouch believes that Ms. Windell may have known of Blacks attempts. Your reporter believes that Elizabeth was completely in the dark but that is for the ministry to decide.
~Joann Tucci

Joann Tucci, he had heard that name before, but where? Then it dawned on him that, that was one of his mothers friends. He looked at the picture of the five girls. The one in the middle was his mother, and next to her was Elizabeth. One of them must be Joann, but which one was she? He concentrated hard and tried to remember from the dream. Which one was she. Then a picture came into his mind. There were five girls in the room one was Elizabeth, one was his Mom. Which one was Joann, and who were the others?

*~"Lily! He likes you!" said ??????. "Really? No, I doubt it. Well, maybe. Which one?"


"No Sirius likes her" interrupted Elizabeth

"No it's James." Said ?????






"Both" everyone looked at Joann. Maybe she was right. I didn't say anything but they all agreed.

"How come Lily gets both of the cute ones?" Elizabeth complained.~*

That was her! That was Joann the one who said both. She had short brown hair, and was the shortest in the group. He matched the image in his mind to the picture. Joann was the one next to Elizabeth. Now there were only two more he needed to identify. He looked at the clock it was almost 5. Then he heard a noise.

"huh?"he said

"Mr. Potter, it's a little early to be working on assignment."

Harry looked up and smiled, Professor Dumbledore was looking straight at him.

"Professor I um er."

"Relax Mr. Potter. Lets see what have you got there. Oh my! I haven't seen this picture for quite sometime!"
He picked up the picture and then saw the article.

"Doing some research on your godfather Harry?"

"not exactly sir, on er Elizabeth."

"You know about Ms. Windell then?"

"Yes sir, was I not supposed to?"

"Well not technically, I was just surprised."

"Were she and Sirius really engaged?"

"Yes Harry they were, but I would mention it to him. It might break his heart."

"O.k. Professor, I won't. Who are the other girls in the picture??"

"Well lets see, that's Nicolle Venus, I they called her Nikki, that's Layla Dawn.........."

As soon ad he said Layla Dawn another image flashed in his head

*~Layla Dawn
April 16, 1963-
December 25, 1978
A loving daughter,
sister, and friend
May God welcome her with
open arms.~*

It was a tombstone inscription. Layla must be dead.

"..........That's your mother Lily Evans, then Elizabeth Windell, and Joann Tucci. They were your moms greatest friends Harry."

"Sir is Layla dead?"

"Harry, I don't know where you're getting all this information, but yes Layla died in her 5th year. She and her
family were one of Voldemort's um er earlier victims."


"Is there anything else you'd like to ask me Harry?"

"Yes, is Ann Windell Elizabeth's daughter?"

"Oh so you've met Ann? At Quidditch try-outs I presume? Her skills are even better than her Aunt Gabby's
were at Ann's age. Charming girl isn't she! I......."

"Is she her daughter?"

"Yes she is."

"She isn't Sirius's dau......"

"No Harry she's not. I'll let you continue your research. There are certain parts to this puzzle you need to figure out by yourself."

And with that said the old man left.

Harry continued looking. He found another article, this one was even more helpful than the first.

Ministry witch sent to St. Mungo's
May 20
Elizabeth Windell has had many hardships in her short life. Including the lost of her 2 best friends, her xFiance' being sent to Azkaban and now this. Elizabeth and her husband lived a happy life for a short while. Then Robert Grant became abusive, they divorced, and now Elizabeth is pregnant. Robert is forbidden to see the child when he/she is born, and will be spending several years at St. Mungo's to cure his abusive habits. Elizabeth has gone "temporarily insane" and I quote the doctors at St. Mungo's. She is to spend near 1 1/2 years there and when the doctors say she is ready she will be released. When the child is born it will be sent to live with it's aunt in America.
~Joann Tucci

Elizabeth had been in St. Mungo's? This was weird! She had gotten married! SO much for Sirius being the love of her life. He looked at his watch. It was almost 7am time for Quidditch practice.

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