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Hoqwarts according to Florrie. by Dragonbogies45
Chapter 9 : Twas the week before christmas...
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The next few weeks were, as always mental and weird. We had our game against Ravenclaw last Saturday and we beat them pretty soundly 180 to 40 if you really must know. George wasn’t pleased he nearly took Dermot Flannigan’s (who was sat in the stands) head off with the Quaffle on one occasion. Alice hit a bludger at him and caught him across the shoulder. It was lucky he was holding the Quaffle at the time otherwise we would have got a penalty against us. James caught the snitch right under Sam Dashworth’s nose, he got quite abit of abuse from Persy. The point’s difference will probably mean that Dom will never live this down. Next we are playing Hufflepuff and that means we are playing my cousin Izzy and Alistair’s sister Nell (short for Helen) who I have met on several occasions and like immensely. Poor Nell is the youngest of five and has three brothers, she and Jennifer (Alistair’s other sister.) have had to become quite tough. I've only got two but being sat on by Alex makes you wary of whose seat you’re sat in.


It being nearly Christmas our teachers are starting to let up on homework. Well, apart from Spira who has no sense of Christmas cheer, or any kind of cheer for that matter. Speaking of professor Spira, only he would set us a four foot essay on shrinking spells and their uses due in for the day before the ball. Ah the ball the day before we go back to civilisation(well as close as I can get with my family) mum sent me a letter last night telling me that if I wanted to bring home any friends for Christmas I should tell her now. So I asked my friends and praise merlin Bella’s parents are in Italy visiting her sister Giovanna without her (not sure why)so she can come. “You can experience a mcfarlen family Christmas first hand “ I said brightly. “Bring a helmet.” Morag said helping herself to pie. I glared at her “That was once.” I said pointing an accusing forkfull of potato at Morag “and I tripped over the rug holding a plate of roast potatoes. “ I said to Bella who looked frightened. “It’s not that bad I promise.” Luke said sitting down next to Morag and giving Bella a warm smile “I've survived it twice.” James said sitting down next to me and giving me a kiss on the cheek. “Thank you. I think.” I said. James grinned at me and helped himself to macaroni cheese. After a while Alistair appeared closely followed by Al looking cold and a bit damp. “What happened to you?” Bella asked. Alistair sat down and put some pie onto a plate “we were following jenny, I saw her with a boy.” Bella. Morag and I all rolled our eyes at the same time. James and Luke laughed “ I don’t know what you’re laughing at, you two both do that.” They looked outraged but Bella threatened to go and ask lily and Laura and they shut up.

“Poor jenny, did she catch you?” Bella asked. “I think so.” Said Al “Alice tripped over a tree and swore really loudly.” Morag looked slightly amused “that’ll teach you.” she smirked “ Does Chris know about Iona and Hugo yet?” I asked Morag shook her head “no but they broke up a few days ago.” She went back to her food and decided it was more interesting than me. “ Alistair. I think Jenny did see you.” I said “why’s that?” he asked taking a bite of carrot. “because.” I said looking behind me. “There is a very angry looking fifth year coming towards us, who looks strikingly like Jenny.” I said brightly Alistair looked behind him and blanched. Al made to move but Grace appeared behind him out of nowhere “oh no you don’t Al, jenny told me what you two did and you’re not going anywhere.” I grinned at her as she sat down “you will make a great mum.” She grinned back at me and blushed slightly “ I have two brothers, I know how to deal with idiots.” Al looked affronted but Grace ignored him and started to serve herself.

As jenny approached I could practically see smoke coming out of her ears I saw Alistair shrinking in his seat as she approached. I bit back a laugh and became very interested in my food. I looked up just in time to see Jenny hit Alistair very hard over the head with her charms book. There was a collective wince as the book made contact. “Ow. Bloody hell Jen what was that for”. Oh dear. I covered my face with my hand as Jenny pulled herself up to her full height, her blue eyes had suddenly become a shade darker and so had her expression. “What did you do? What did you – I’ll tell you what you did Alistair! You invaded my privacy and you frightened off a boy who actually showed the faintest interest in me!” jenny was almost screaming now her voice becoming higher by the second. “Oh that.” Alistair said meekly looking up at his sister in fear. Jenny exploded, emotionally not physically; she let out a high pitched scream and swung the book down again. Luckily someone grabbed her arm and stopped the book before it made contact with his face. I looked up to see Maggie stood behind jenny her hand wrapped firmly around her wrist trying to wrestle the book from her grasp. “Jenny I know you want to but hitting him isn’t going to help. as fun as it is .” Maggie said breathlessly her face oddly flushed. I could see Johnnie standing at the other end of the hall looking incredibly confused and a little annoyed as Maggie checked to see if Alistair was alright. He’s fine, abit dazed but fine.

Jenny, who was now being comforted by Bella, looked a little ashamed of herself as Bella sat her down and gave her a drink of water. “I don’t know what happened to me. I've never done that before.” She whispered. I put a hand onto her shoulder “its fine it happens to the best of us.”I gave her a reassuring smile. “Yeah. Florrie did that to Chris once and he ended up in the hospital wing for two days.” Luke said pointing a carrot in the vague direction of Chris. I rolled my eyes at him and went back to my food again. “Eric’s sister Julia did it as well once.” James said casually. I looked at him a little shocked “what? As in Julia Wood the nicest person I have ever met?” James nodded smiling slightly. I turned back to jenny “like I said happens to the best of us.” Jenny laughed a little and stole a chip off Alistair’s plate. He looked annoyed but didn’t protest and I honestly don’t blame him.

Jenny eventually wandered back to her friends and we went back to talking about Christmas. James, Al and Rose are going to the burrow for Christmas but we’ve been invited to the potter’s New Year’s Eve party so I’ll see them all then anyway. Grace is going to her grandma’s in Ireland and bitterly complains about the car journey with her brothers because her mum wont apparate. Scorpius is going to stay with his cousins in Kensington and Alistair is staying at home in Cornwall with his parents and siblings. And of course Bella is staying with me.

Speaking of Bella, she’s flirting with Luke, again. They’ve been doing this for the past two weeks and it has got to the point that Laura, Luke’s sister, has told Luke to “grow a pair and ask her out properly”. They are going to the ball together but they are not officially going out. In fact I can see Laura and molly Weasley doing sign language at Luke who is trying his best to ignore them. Poor sod. No wait not poor sod! I agree with Laura. I think I may get James to have words, he might listen to him. On the other hand I may just get Rose to use brute force.

Speaking of Rose I haven’t seen her since breakfast. Or Scorpius for that matter. Speak of the devil! Rose has just appeared at the end of the table looking tired, a huge pile of books balanced in her arms. As she approached I raised my eyebrows at her. She rolled her eyes at me and sat down. As she did so the leaning tower of literature wobbled dangerously and ‘a guide to cauldron care’ slid in the direction of a gravy boat. “Rose what’s with the books?” Al asked pushing it back onto the pile. Rose glared at him but before she could answer Bella put her hand up and put the other one onto her temple. “ I sense that young Rose has started her revision for months early” Rose glared at her but nodded all the same. Bella looked triumphant “who said divination is a load of crap?” she said folding her arms. There was a resounding “it is!” from around the table and Bella looked a little put out. “Fine but when I predict all your grisly demises, don’t come crying to Me.” Bella glared around at us and went back to her food.

he conversation then turned to Rose who was sat very quietly her eyes fixed on the other end of the hall. “Earth calling Rose” James said waving a hand in front of her face. She shook herself and attempted to look innocent. I raised an eyebrow at her. She gave me the ‘I’ll tell you later look’ I nodded, James looked confused and Rose looked sheepish. “What’s going –“James started but I stopped him with the single phrase that will make any bloke lose interest “girl stuff”. He nodded understandingly at me and started talking to Luke.

It was at that point that Scorpius appeared. Rose looked at him once and then stared fixedly at her pasta which by the way she was looking at it must have contained the most fascinating object known to mankind. I shot Scorpius a look but he refused to meet my gaze. “Girl stuff my arse Florence.” James whispered in my ear making me jump. I turned to face him “I do not know to what you are referring.” I said innocently. “And don’t call me Florence or I’ll be forced to hurt you.” I saw a flicker of amusement in his eyes for a second. “What’s going on?” he whispered. I glared at him “one, personally I don’t see how Rose’s love life is any of your business.” I hissed at him, James was about to protest when I spoke again “and two, James, it may have escaped your notice but she hasn’t told me yet so how the hell am I supposed to tell you!” my voice became slightly louder towards the end of that sentence, attracting Rose’s attention. I glared at James who looked slightly affronted. Git. “sorry.” He whispered. I rolled my eyes and turned my attention to pudding which had appeared directly in front of me. Two foot trifle here I come.

By the time pudding was over I was feeling incredibly sleepy but that may have been due to the amount of sherry that was in the trifle. Rose is starting to look shifty and as though she might make a run for it. I raised an eyebrow at Bella who appeared to understand, but that is no guarantee as past experience has taught me. “Well I’m off to bed” Rose said stretching and yawning a little too widely. Bella looked at me ‘wait five minutes’ I mouthed at her. Rose nearly caught the end of our silent conversation and gave us weird looks. We tried our best to look innocent. She eventually wandered off and Bella and I got up from the table to follow her. I gave James a kiss on the cheek as I got up “I’ll see you later we’re off to do some meddling.” James made a rather attractive grunting noise and waved at me. Charming. Luke opened his mouth to say something but decided against it.

As we wandered up to the common room I looked sideways at Bella “so... you and Luke?” Bella turned scarlet. “” I bit back a laugh. “Has he asked you out properly let?” I asked Bella’s face has now turned the colour of lily potter’s hair. “no he hasn’t.” Bella said flatly. “Do you want him to?” I asked nudging her in the ribs slightly. Bella nodded and grinned at me. I laughed a little “right then, operation Christmas romance is a go.” Bella laughed at me and we spent the rest of the journey to the common room singing Christmas carols at the tops of our voices and very out of tune. “I didn’t know eighteenth century monks knew words that rude.” Bella said as we wandered through the halls. “You should hear the nun  on the third floor. She uses some very unholy words.” I said trying to forget the rude version of ‘we three kings’ said monks had been singing. Bella laughed again but stopped suddenly as we came to the foot off the stairs leading to Gryffindor tower.

Two figures were embracing tightly, so tightly in fact it was hard to tell were one ended and the other began. “Ahem!” I cleared my throat and made my prefect badge clear on my robes. The two snoggers jumped apart. I nearly laughed out loud. “Alistair didn’t frighten him off then?” I asked. Jenny’s face turned a deep red colour. Bella giggled “are you going to introduce us jenny?” Jenny looked sheepish. “Florrie, Bella this is Marv. He’s in my year, Hufflepuff.” Marv smiled sheepishly at us. He was fairly good looking. He had curly auburn hair and hazel eyes. He could have passed as one of my cousins. “Nice to meet you.” I said brightly. “Don’t worry we’ll let you tell Alistair.” Bella said gently. Jenny looked very relieved and beamed at us. As we walked past them Bella turned to them and said “for future reference don’t snog in the third floor charms classrooms, Alistair uses those.” Jenny nodded and we wandered towards the common room.

By the time we got to our dormitory Rose had pulled her curtains closed and was clearly pretending to be asleep. As we approached her bed there was no noise at all. Rose snores. I pulled her curtains open and Rose hid under the covers. We sat on either side of the bed and pulled off the duvet. Rose looked up at us and tried to look innocent. I raised an eyebrow at her “spill Weasley.”

Maggie came up to bed after a while. It took us ages to get the truth out of Rose.  Many chocolate bicys later, we got through. “Rose will you please tell us otherwise we will not leave you alone. And that includes going to the toilet.” Bella said. Rose grimaced. I just looked at her. “Bit far Bells.” Maggie said shaking her head. Bella shrugged and turned to Rose. “Rose we’re your friends you can tell us.” Maggie said giving her hand a squeeze. Suddenly, and without warning Rose burst into tears. Bella jumped backwards off the bed in alarm. I tried hard not to laugh at this. I wrapped my arms around Rose and rubbed her back comfortingly.” Rose what’s going on?” Rose sobbed into my shoulder. Bella had returned to the bed again and was holding out the emergency tissues. Rose eventually surfaced and took one. After blowing her nose, she smiled weakly at us. “I’m sorry it’s just I think I may actually become a nun. That way I won’t have to deal with boys.” Bella laughed. “I think mad old cat lady suits you better personally.” Rose glared at her.

 “What’s happened?” Maggie asked an unusually determined look on her face, I honestly don’t blame her. Anyone who can make Rose cry has powers they should not take lightly. There’s old boots, then there’s Rose Weasley. “It’s scorpius.” Bella frowned but Maggie and I looked at each other warily. “I told him that I liked him, in that way.” Bella squealed but Maggie looked worried. I looked at Rose expectantly. Rose sighed and buried her face in her hands and sniffled slightly. “He kissed me.” Maggie and Bella squealed. I looked at Rose suspiciously “why do I get the feeling you’re not telling us everything.” Rose went pale. “Madam Pince caught us. Then he ran off.” Rose began to cry again.

I stood up abruptly, knocking one of Rose’s pillows onto the floor. I grabbed my copy of 1000 magical herbs and fungi and made for the door. “Florrie what are you doing.” Maggie asked slightly worried. I didn’t answer her as I stomped out of the room. To be honest I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do but it involves Scorpius’ face and the heavy book in my hand.

As I got to the bottom of the stairs I could see the back of Scorpius’ head silhouetted against the light from the fire. Grace saw me approaching and judging by the terrified look on Al’s face my hair had gone into full crazy mode. “scorpius.” I said fighting to keep my voice level. He turned around and paled considerably. “You are the biggest idiot I have ever met.” I shouted hitting him round the head with the book. He looked terrified. “what did I do?” I saw Grace burry her face in her hands. “what is it with boy’s and that question? If I’m hitting you it’s because you’ve done something and because I don’t normally hit you, you must have done something catastrophically stupid!” I hit him again around the head. Scorpius was clever enough to back away this time. “Oh mate. You offended Florrie after double charms, only people with a death wish do that!” Alistair said smirking slightly. “Not only has he done that he’s managed to upset Rose which is not easy.” I said glowering at Scorpius. Scorpius looked shocked “she’s upset?” I hit him with the book again. “Of course she’s upset! You snogged her and RAN OFF!” I yelled at him. By now we had attracted an audience including James and Hugo who looked murderous. I turned to see them getting closer to Scorpius. “Don’t you dare” I said dangerously. “We need him in one piece so he can apologise to Rose and to be honest his looks are half his charm.” I half smiled at Scorpius. “ I need her to know that I love her and I would never hurt her.”“Where is she?” He asked.

“Behind you” Scorpius wheeled round to see Rose stood on the stairs, face puffy a stony expression on her face. Even her rabbit slippers had frowns but I think that’s how they always look. “I’m so sorry Rose. I never meant to hurt you.” Scorpius said trying to take Rose’s hand. She pulled her hand away from him “well you did. And even if I don’t care about what my family think of whom I date.” Rose glared at Hugo who hid behind Eric. “You apparently do.” Scorpius tried to protest but Rose held up her hand. “To be honest I don’t really want to be with someone who says he loves me, but is ashamed to be seen with me in public.” Rose’s eyes had become slightly watery and she looked on the verge of tears. Scorpius took a step towards her. This, dear reader, is both a brave and stupid thing to do. Because as some of you may know the temper of a Weasley woman is one to be handled carefully. “Rose I’m sorry. I panicked.” Rose gave a noise somewhere between a derisive snort and a hiccup. “I really do love you and if my dad can’t accept the fact that you are the woman of my dreams then he can get his head out of his arse.” Rose looked up at Scorpius who had a hand on her shoulder. “You are and idiot.” Rose said and stood on her tiptoes and kissed Scorpius. Scorpius responded by lifting her off her feet. There was a yell of “finally!” and then an “Ow” as Maggie poked Bella in the ribs.

As I watched this scene unfold in front of me I felt James wrap his arms around my waist. “So are you going to tell me what’s going on?” he asked resting his chin on the top of my head. ”nope.” I said lacing my fingers through James’. “It’s a very long story.” I said kissing him lightly. “And I think you got the gist.” I kissed him again. “Does this mean Rose finally has a date to the dance?” Morag asked. “Really mo that’s what you’re focussing on?” I asked. Morag shrugged and wandered off to find lily and Iona.

 “I think that went fairly well, barring all the shouting and violence.” I said. James chuckled and kissed me again.



Hi guys! sorry this took so long i've had a butt load of homework recently and im revising for exams at the moment but i will attempt to get the christmas chapter up before the epiphany (fingers crossed). thankyou for sticking with me!


merry christmas lots of love Bogie X













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