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Hogwarts Ex-Golden Girl by Raven claw witch
Chapter 23 : Chapter Twenty-Three
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“I’m dreaming, of a white Christmas!” Dom sung into a hairbrush and jumped up and down on my bed in my house in London. We had been there for one night, McGongall let us leave early for the wedding. Good thing too, wouldn’t want to miss my own wedding after all.

“Dom! Shut up already! It’s almost Easter, four freaking months after Christmas for Godric’s sake!”

“NEVER!” She shouted and jumped up and down.

All of a sudden the door burst open, “ASPEN, WILL YOU GET YOUR FRIEND TO SHUT UP?” Jason yelled. My jaw dropped.

“Jas!” I jumped out of my chair by the window and hugged my brother. “I missed you!”

He laughed, “I missed you too Assie. Am I the last one here? I saw Adam’s bags downstairs.”

“Nope. Kyle and Leah are here, so are Brandon and his new girlfriend, Bridget and Adam. Matt is getting here tomorrow night.” I let go of him and he slung his arm around my shoulders.

“Really? He’s getting here a little late right? I mean, the wedding is in two days.”

“I know, but he couldn’t get too many days off school. Said if I was mad I could call the dean of New York University.” I smiled.

“Ah, that’s our Matt, still an asshole.”

“Give him a break, Jas. He had to come all the way from the states.”

“Oi! So did I! Hello, Yale is in America!”

“Sorry. Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of you all.”

“Oh, shut it.” I laughed. “By the way, the Potters are all downstairs and dinner’s ready.”

“You heard him, Dom, Ally. Let’s go.” Ally walked out of the bathroom and Dom jumped off my bed.

We made our way down the three flights of stairs, passing many bedrooms along the way. My whole family was in the house for the wedding in two days. Grandma Kathleen and Grandpa Barry from my dad’s side of the family, then my Gran Sharon and Grandfather Edward from my mum’s side.

Then Auntie Susie with her husband Jonathan Morris, and their kids Courtney who is twenty and Sean who is twenty-five , Auntie Susie is my mum’s twin sister. Next was my dad’s triplet brothers. The first was Jacob, who was married to my Aunt Heather, they had one kid named Shelby who is twenty-two. Then my dad’s other brother was Samuel, married to Uncle Eric, they had an adopted baby girl from China named Holly and an African boy named Michael. So, all in all, there was my nine other immediate family members, plus fifteen other people. Freaking twenty five people in one house, two days before my wedding. Not exactly stress free.

“Aspen!” I looked down the stairs to see Ginny smiling up at me.

“Hi Ginny!” I walked down and kissed James on the cheek.

“Wow, Rachel, you sure have a lot of people here. Are you sure you want to cook for us too?”

My mum came out of the kitchen, wiping her hands on her apron, “Nonsense Ginny, after all, we will be family soon after all.”

“Do you need any help?”

“No, it’s fine.” That was my mum, she always thought she could do everything on her own. Most of the time, she could. Three quarters of the time, she raised my brothers and I as a single mother, as well as a job. She was wonder woman for Godric’s sake.

Half an hour later, after Harry had magically expanded the room and the table, all thirty of us sat around the table. James and I weren’t having a rehearsal dinner the next night, so this was it. “I’d like to propose a toast everyone, to James and Aspen, may your future together be bright.” My dad raised his glass, and so did the rest of us.

I grinned and squeezed James’s hand under the table, “This is really happening, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, you’re not getting cold feet, are you?”

I shook my head, “I’m a little nervous. But my mum told me she was the exact same way before her wedding.”

“So, Aspen, where are you two going for your honeymoon?” Uncle Eric asked.

“Italy, nice and warm.”

“Sounds lovely.” Aunt Susie chipped in. The rest of dinner was spent talking about the wedding, it’s all anyone can talk about anymore. It’s nice, I love wedding talk and everything, but it gets kind of boring after nearly two weeks. Yet, they asked questions from how many flowers I was going to have in my bouquet (I don’t freaking know!) to if the height of the flower girl and the ring barrier were even.

Later that night, James and I had volunteered to do the dishes to get some alone time, “Are you sick of all this wedding talk as much as I am?” James asked as he washed and I dried.

“Yeah, when I was little I never thought I would say that, but here I am. I’m getting sick of everyone asking the same questions over and over again.”

“Tell me about it. All I’ve talked about for the past week is flowers, and rings, and wedding food, and dresses and suits and it’s driving me nuts!” I laughed, oh James.

“It’ll all be worth it though, in two days, when I’ll walk down the aisle in a white dress and you’ll have a wear a suit, and everything will be just perfect.” He smiled and leaned over and kissed me.

His lips crashed into mine and he wrapped his arms around my torso and pulled me forward. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he hoisted me up onto the counter and he let out a small growl and gripped my waist tighter. I grabbed hold of his hair and pulled him towards me. I deepened the kiss and melted into him.

“Damn guys, just get a room already.” We broke apart to see Adam looking at us.

“Okay, why don’t we use your’s?” I hopped off the counter, grabbed James’s hand and ran out of the kitchen.

“NOT COOL ASSIE!” He called after me.


Someone is shaking me. It is the morning. People try not to wake me up in the morning because they know they’ll most likely lose a limb. “Aspen, you have to wake up.”

“No.” I moaned into my pillow.

“Come on, Aspen.”

“Why?!” I asked, still refusing to move.

“Because it’s your wedding day darling.” I shot up in bed, and looked at my mum. She smiled and pointed towards my wardrobe. My perfect white dress hung on the open door.

I smiled, today was the day. I was going to get married in a few hours. It was so surreal. “Everyone is having breakfast downstairs, and the makeup and hair people will be here in two hours. Your Aunt Susan, Dominique, Alice and I will help you with your dress. Then at two we will go to the church. Oh, and remember that your brothers, your uncles, and your dad are all at the Burrow with James. So Mrs. Weasley, Ginny, Hermione, Angelina, Fleur, Victorie, Rose, Molly, Lucy, Lily, Roxanne and Megan are all downstairs.”

“Thanks mum, I’ll be down in a minute.” She nodded and left the room. I was left staring at my dress. I still couldn’t believe it. I was scared as hell, I was bloody eighteen and getting married. Yet, I knew it was the right thing. After all, how could something that felt so amazing and good and pure, be bad?

A few minutes later, I came downstairs. “Megan! Roxy!” I cried and pulled my friends into a hug. “I missed you guys so much!”

“Aw! We’ve missed you too, little A!” Megan smiled, “Look at you! You’re about to married!”

I grinned, “I know. It’s insane, right?” Roxy nodded.

“How’s Salem?” I asked as I sat down at the table, serving myself some waffles.

Roxy sighed, “Would you hate me if I said amazing?”

“Not at all.”

“Well, it is. The people are really nice, and there is this sport called quodpot, and it’s really fun. Not as fun as quidditch, but it’s really popular in the states. The classes are pretty nice, and the teachers are helpful. I miss Hogwarts, but I’m glad I’m spending my last term at Salem. It’s nice.” Roxy smiled and Megan smiled.

“Good, I’m glad. We all really miss you back here.”

“Well, today isn’t about us. It’s about you and James. You ready for this?”

I nodded, “I think so. I’m nervous as hell, but I’m also really excited.” I grinned. Seems like I was doing a hell of a lot of that today.

“You’re gonna look so beautiful. Merlin, I’m so excited!”

I laughed, “Me too.” We all finished breakfast, and before I knew it I was standing in my wedding dress, with my hair was up in a bun, with two flowers tucked in, one pink lily and one light blue hydrangea, too match all the other flowers around the church and reception.

My green eyes stared back me, I had a small amount of makeup on. A little powder, some eyeliner, faint purple eyeshadow and light pink lipstick. Nothing major, but still nice looking.

I was alone in a room at the back of the church, right across the hallway, James was getting ready in the next room. I hadn’t seen him all day, neither James nor I was exactly superstitious. But our families were traditional that way.

“Wow.” I turned to see Dom, Ally, Lily, Rose, Roxy and Megan looking at me. “You look amazing, Aspen.”

I smiled, and looked down at my feet. “Thank you.” I turned back to the mirror. I hate to brag, but I did look pretty good. I felt amazing. My dress fell to the ground, it was a sweetheart neckline with cap style sleeves. It was tight at the top and flowed down about my waist. Right under the bust there was a simple lack work that was about two inches long. Simple, but elegant.

I saw the girls behind me in the mirror. They all looked fantastic. The dresses I had chosen were short crinkle chiffon style dresses, with a front cascade. It was a light pink color. It seems like it would clash terribly with all the ginger hair in the Weasley family. But it wasn’t the case, it actually looked pretty nice.

“Girls, it’s time.” My Aunt Heather said.

“Thanks Auntie Heather.” I smiled.

Immediately, the girls started straightening my dress and handing me my bouquet. We stepped out of the room and stood in front of the closed double doors. My Aunts were busy getting everyone in order, first Hollie as the flower girl, than Michael as the ring boy, than Lily, Rose, Megan, Roxy, Ally and finally Dom as my maid of honor.

My heart was nearly beating out of my chest, I didn’t know if it was from excitement or nervousness. Probably a mixture of both. “There’s my little girl.” I turned to see my father.

“Daddy.” I sighed. He smiled at me and linked our arms together.

“Are you ready for this sweetheart?”

I bit my lip, “Yes.” I said for the first time all day. “One hundred and fifty percent yes, I am defiantly ready for this.”

“You sure you want to do this?” He asked, “Because I have a getaway car with your name on it.”

I laughed, “I know that you don’t want to give up your little girl, but I know this is the right thing. I love him Daddy, I love him with all my heart and I don’t think there is anything that could make me not love him.”

“Good.” The doors opened, and everyone started walking. I saw the glow of the light coming in through the stain glass windows. Everyone in the church had turned and watched the girls and Michael walk.

Finally, the music started up. “Daddy?” I asked.


“If I trip, just make sure you catch me okay?”

“Aspen, I’ll always be there to catch you when you fall.” I smiled and gripped my flowers tighter. “Now, let’s go marry you off.” Slowly, we began walking. My white heels clicked against the stone floors, echoing throughout the church, along with the music.

Everyone was standing and smiling at me. I couldn’t see anyone else besides James though. It sounds like the cheesiest thing in the whole world. But it’s so true. For those few seconds when I was walking down, it was just him and I. He looked so handsome with his black tux on. He had a pink lily pinned to his chest.

Next to James was his best man, Albus, then his five groomsmen, Freddie, Louis, Danny, Bradley and Teddy. Luna Scamander stood center. “Who gives this woman to this man?” She asked in an airy voice. She may seem crazy, but James and I agreed that she would be perfect for our wedding. We didn’t want it any other way.

“I do.” My dad smiled and lifted the vail from over my face and helped me up the two steps to where Luna and James stood.

“Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the wedding of James Potter to Aspen Powells, we are all very happy you could make it. First, I would like to say a few words about James and Aspen’s relationship. As many of you know, these two met when they were five years old in London. They were best friends for many years. Than in their third year at Hogwarts, Aspen fell sick with a muggle disease called ‘cancer’. Luckily, she lived through it and came back to Hogwarts in her seventh year, this is when James and her started dating. Yet, this past Christmas, Aspen again got cancer, but again she beat it. Throughout all of this, James was by her side, refusing to leave when things got rough. Aspen and James’s love is rare. You don’t find it often. Because these two young people found love, they decided to share their love with you. Now, we have the reading of the vows. They have decided to write their own vows. James, you may go.”

James reached inside his jacket pocket and pulled out a crumpled piece of paper, “Aspen September Isabella Anneliese Madeline Powells, I love you with all of my heart. You have been in my life for longer than I can even remember, you were my first true love, and you will be my last. So, in our marriage I can’t promise that I’ll always agree with you, or that I’ll never be angry with you, or to never use your full name just to make you mad, because you would know I’m lying. Although I can promise to get things off of the top shelf for you, to put up with your crazy and to be at your side through anything life throws at us. Because Godric knows life has thrown us more than one curveball. Most of all, I promise to love you, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me, you make my life so much brighter. So now, with this ring, I thee wed.” I smiled and reached up to wipe the tears out of my eyes. James slipped my emerald engagement ring off and slipped on my wedding ring, it was a simple silver band with a small diamond.

“Now, for Aspen.”

“James Sirius Potter, I used to wake up most nights screaming. I was so afraid and depressed and in one of the worst states I could ever imagine being in. Finally, the cancer ended. But that state didn’t go away, until I saw you on the Hogwarts Express at the beginning of seventh year. You made everything better. You make me laugh when I don’t feel like it, and yet you hold me when I cry. James, you understand things about myself even I don’t understand, but I love it. Without you, my life could never be the same. You are my silver lining when everything seems dark. You are sunshine after two weeks of straight rain. You, James, are the reason I am alive. And I love you more than words can describe. So, with this ring, I thee wed.” I slipped the golden band onto James’s finger.

“I now pronounce you man and wife, James you may kiss the bride!” James pulled me towards him and kissed my softly on the lips. Freddie let out a wolf-whistle, which my brothers joined in on. Everything, was finally perfect.

Author’s Note:

Hello everybody! I just finished one of the most stressful weeks ever! SO glad it’s over. I’m really proud of this chapter and excited about it and I hope you guys like it! I would love some feedback. The truth is I've never actually been to a wedding, so I'm sorry if it's not great. What did you all think of their vows? Also, if you want anything in the next chapter, feel free to tell me and I may use it! Thanks so much guys, I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! I hope you all had great holidays!


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