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The Year You Stole My Heart by alicia and anne
Chapter 12 : Chapter 12
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A/N: I hope you all had a good holiday! Sorry it's not that long but I wanted to get a chapter out to you all. I'm planning on going back and editing some of the chapters, nothing major just editing it so it all flows a bit better.



“Last night was so much fun” James cried loudly as he seemed to bounce towards the Hogwarts express. It was the second of January and they were on their way back to school as the Christmas holidays had ended and their lessons were due to start the next morning.

“It would have been more fun if you weren’t trying to stick your tongue down my throat!” Adam cried, shoving James who was trying to hug him in his excitement at boarding the train. Amelia smiled as she shook her head at James’s behaviour. James laughed as he pushed Adam to get onto the train first.

Amelia and Adam’s parents had dropped them all off outside the barrier and had to shoot off quickly, her father having a prior engagement with a few people from his work, something about a promotion. Amelia’s mother was going to Diagon Alley, to begin shopping in the sales, promising to send Amelia and Adam up a few things to get them through their time at Hogwarts. Adam had already given her a list of potion ingredients he had run out of and needed for school.

“Don’t even pretend that you didn’t enjoy it Adam my man,” James said as he found an empty compartment for them to sit in, being one of the first few on the train had its benefits of getting a good compartment, although having a big family like James’s meant that it wouldn’t be long until everyone tried to fit in their compartment as every other one had been taken. At the moment none of his other family had arrived yet apart from his brother and sister, who were sitting with their own friends.

“I’m not pretending anything, it was disgusting,” Adam laughed.

“Did something happen when I went to bed?” Amelia asked them with a small frown and laugh. James and Adam had stayed up long after Amelia had gone to bed, neither of the two boys managing to get much sleep, they spent the whole of the day before sleeping because of that.

“Nah,” James said grabbing Adam in a headlock and rubbing his knuckles on his head, Adam let out a loud yell and shoved him off of him but still laughed as he flattened his hair down. “He’s just messing around.”

Amelia nodded her head but she didn’t seem to believe them at all, James and Adam had a very peculiar relationship with each other, and it wouldn’t have surprised her if James was indeed trying to kiss Adam.

“What would your girlfriend say, when I tell her that you prefer men?” Adam asked shaking his head at James.

“She probably wouldn’t be that surprised to find out that I’ve run off with you,” James said with a shrug and a smile before saying, “but we should probably not talk about it, she’ll only get upset.”

They dropped the subject and Adam and James were quick to start talking about other things, leaving Amelia to read the Daily Prophet that had been delivered before they left the house. Amelia wondered whether or not James was being serious about Sarah being upset, surely Sarah knew that Adam and James joked around a lot, didn’t she?

“Madam Anderson?” Amelia asked as she knocked on the open Hospital Wing doors, she had arrived back at Hogwarts School about an hour ago, already having emptied her trunk and put away the contents before she walked down here. It was a few hours until dinner and she knew that the Healer would be here. She replaced the old Healer a few years ago after Madam Pomfrey had gone into retirement.
Madam Anderson rushed over to Amelia as she walked into the room, her wand at the ready to fix any ailments or wounds that Amelia would no doubt have on her.

“What is it dear? Do you feel ill? Have you injured yourself?” her eyes were scanning over Amelia checking for any injuries.

“No, no it’s nothing like that Miss,” Amelia said holding up her hands to stop her, “I just wondered if I could talk to you and ask you something.”

Madam Anderson gave her another once over before she put her wand away, and motioned for Amelia to follow her into her office. Once they entered she took a seat and indicated for Amelia to take the seat opposite.

“so what can I do for you?” she asked placing her hands intertwined with each other, in front of her on the desk as she addressed Amelia, who was sitting up straight her hands in her lap.

“Well I’m extremely interested in becoming a Healer after I finish studying here,” Amelia started, Madam Anderson’s face lit up at her words.

“Oh, really?” she asked with a smile, “and how long have you wanted to be a Healer?”

“For as long as I can remember,” Amelia told her with a smile on her face as she reminisced about when she was younger, pretending to be a Healer to her teddies, waving her ‘wand’ around which was just a stick she had found in the garden, and curing their ailments and injuries. Regularly she could be found wrapping bandages around her parents or Adam’s arms, legs or heads, yelling about how they needed bed rest. “It’s my dream to become one.”

Madam Anderson nodded as she listened to her, “and what is it that I can do for you...” she paused not knowing Amelia’s name.

“Amelia Campbell Price, Miss,” Amelia told her, “Well I’m in my sixth year at the moment, and my brother and his good friend told me that now would be a good time to get some experience in something that’s what you want to do.”

“Your brother?” she questioned as she looked deep in thought, “are you related to Adam?”

Amelia nodded at her, “Yeah, Adam is my brother.”

“He’s a very intelligent boy. He quite regularly makes me potions for the hospital wing when the potions teacher is unable to.”

“Yeah that sounds like something Adam would do,” Amelia said with a small roll of her eyes at her brother’s obsession with Potions, but still feeling proud of him.

“So you were thinking of helping out here a few hours?” Madam Anderson asked. Amelia nodded.

“If it wasn’t too much trouble at all, even if it was just me following you around for a few minutes. I want to learn everything I can about Healing and unfortunately there’s only so much I can learn from the books in the library.”

“You’d need proper Healer books for that.”

“I know, I would buy them now but they could change by the time I go to Healer school, after my seventh year next year. If I get in that is.”

“Just study hard and get your application in nice and early, that’s what I done. Now which area do you want to specialise in? Or do you not mind what field you work in?”
Amelia thought back to what James had said to her about working in the burns ward, ever since he had said that she had been unable to get his words out of her head. “I was thinking the burns ward?”

“That’s a very specialised area Amelia. Not many people go for that ward; it can get quite busy at times.”

“I don’t mind at all, it’s where I want to be, If I can’t get in there I don’t mind which area I specialise in,” Amelia said with a small shrug.

“You could always come here, there’s lots of room for another Healer here. There are enough sick students to keep me running off of my feet most days.”

“Maybe I’ll think about doing that,”

Madam Anderson gave a chuckle, “so what other activities do you partake in outside of your lessons?” she asked.

“Only my prefect duties and studying really,” Amelia said with a small shrug, she didn’t really have any hobbies.

“Will you be able to start coming here say every Monday for an hour and possibly Saturday for two hours? If that’s too much then I will quite happily cut it down, I don’t want this to affect your school work in any way.”

“That is perfect!” Amelia cried happily standing up and holding her hand out for Madam Anderson to shake; she did so with a laugh as she too stood up. “Thank you so much, I can’t wait until Monday.”

“You’re very welcome, anything to help out a soon to be fellow Healer. Now you best make your way back to your dormitory so you can get ready for dinner.”

Amelia began walking out of the office and Hospital Wing, Madam Anderson following her.

“Once again thank you so much.” she told her, before she rushed out of the room giddy with happiness as she couldn’t wait to tell James, Adam and Kelly that she was one step closer to her dream of becoming a Healer.




A/N: I promise there will be more in the next chapter, this is just a kind of filler at the moment.


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